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06 Extension of the zodiac: 1. The evolution of the zodiac, the zodiac we use now is not static. The bamboo tablets unearthed from the Qin tomb No. 11 in Yunmeng Sleeping Tiger Land, Hubei Province, have records of the twelve zodiac signs, one of which is a deer. The excerpt is as follows: "Zi, Rat Ye: Ugly, Niu Ye: Yin, Hu Ye: 卯, Rabbit Ye: Chen, (Original text leaked): Already, Worm Ye: Noon, Lu Ye: Wei, Ma Ye: Shen, Huan Ye: You, Water Ye: Shu, Lao Yang Ye: Hai, Pig Ye." "Son, rat also: ugly, cow also: thief big nose."
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Zodiac Story Series.
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