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The corresponding zodiac sign of the earth branch of Yin is the double claws or double tongue. For example, cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs have four paws, rabbits have two paws, and snakes have two tongues. For details, see Qing Dynasty Liang Zhangju's "Continuation of the Waves", he excerpted the Song Dynasty Hongxun's "Yanggu Manga", the original text is: "Zi, Yin, Chen, Wu, Shen, and Juyang, so take the odd number of names of the genus and think that rats, tigers, dragons, horses, monkeys, dogs have five fingers and horses have one hoof." Ugly, 卯, 巳, Wei, You, and Hai Juyin, so they take the name of the even number of the genus, and the ox, sheep, chicken, and pig all have four claws, rabbits have two claws, and snakes have two tongues. ”
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