Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection: Crystal Zodiac Series. The Chinese zodiac ranks one said.
Braised meatballs, old soy put more, a little inky black. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Spirit of Life, 88
The light in the water is reflected, and it looks good with the water ripples. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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Collection of Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum: Rosewood Zodiac Series. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection: Crystal Ball Zodiac Series. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection: Obsidian Zodiac Series. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection: Pocket Watch Zodiac Series. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection: (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Item) Gilded Zodiac, Author: Wang Dianxiang, National Master of Arts and Crafts, Director of China Arts and Crafts Association, Representative Inheritor of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project \"Gold and Silver Fine Craftsmanship\". Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection: Hetian Jade Zodiac Series. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection: (Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Project) Five Evergreen Ox Gourd, Author: Zheng Guohua, Provincial Master of Arts and Crafts, Chairman of the Five Ordinary Civic Craftsmen Association. Zodiac Story Series.
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Twin kittens.
It\'s late from work, the family makes up some burnt, dumplings stewed eggs, full of creativity, haven\'t eaten yet. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
The Spirit of Life, 87
\"Wait a minute\" lyrics: I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next See your dodging eyes I will not let tears of sadness fill your face I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next Being able to feel your heartache too That year I won\'t let the parting be forever I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next See your reluctant eyes I\'ll exchange a hug for your turn I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next If you really have heartache too I\'ll tell you my chest is still warm That year I won\'t let the parting be forever
Pig. Hua Cat said with annoyance: \"I told you again and again, why don\'t you call me?\" But the mouse snatched the white flower cat and said, \"I told you to go?\" You\'re probably going to steal my spot!\" When the cat heard this, it was so angry that its beard stood upside down, its apricot eyes were round, and it opened its sharp claws, and with an arrow it pounced, eating the mouse. Since then, cats and mice have been wronged for generations.
Dog. Cat and mouse hatred: The mouse returns home and happily dances with three and a half beards, waking up the sleeping flower cat. The flower cat asked, \"Isn\'t it time yet?\" The mouse said: \"It\'s long over, let\'s still compete for the first place!\" The rat bragged to the flower cat about his well-behavedness.
Chicken. The twelfth birthday list, and sent down an edict to make the meritorious Cao on duty to the world to issue. The unlucky pork chop selection has been decided, and the Jade Emperor is still angry, and he gave the pig a few words: \"Useless stupid talent, reverse black and white.\" Punishment to eat repeatedly, slaughter once a year.\" The black pig was degraded and suddenly got angry. It lies in its nest all day long, no longer bothering to be nosy. However, sometimes I still feel itchy in my heart, and I can\'t hold it back, arching this and that with my mouth, playing with right and wrong.
Monkey. The black pig was degraded: the pig\'s selfish heart gave the animals a seat, and the pig wrote himself at the front, saying in his heart: \"This time it is time for me to be promoted and rich, fame and fortune!\" \"The pig came to the Lingxiao Hall and met the Jade Emperor. The Jade Emperor took the seat table, glanced at it, and without saying a word, he ticked off the name of the black pig in front of him and filled it in at the end. Therefore, the Jade Emperor asked Taibai Jinxing to write according to the ground branch as Zi Mouse, Ugly Ox, Yin Hu, Buntu, Chenlong, Snake, Wuma, Weiyang, Shen Monkey, Youji, Dog, Hai Pig,
Sheep. When the performance came to the \"upside-down bamboo curtain\", the monkey rolled its tail tip on the branches, head down to do various thrilling movements, and suddenly heard someone shouting: \"Look! The monkey\'s butt eye is on fire! \"People burst out laughing. The monkey has always been short-sighted, it blushed and panicked, and hurriedly used its tail to cover its butt, only listening to the \"plop\", and its head fell all over its face. In this way, the green snake and the red horse came first, and the goat and monkey came behind.
Horse. So the monkey was not so enthusiastic about helping, the monkey wanted to make up for the defect of the bare body, and the goat begged for help: \"Brother Sheep, please cut me a little fluff and let me make up for the hind belly.\" The goat said unhappily, \"It\'s going to be cold, and you know that I am all in this treasure robe!\" \"The monkey couldn\'t help it, so he was still naked. On the day of the competition, the green snake was dressed in a dragon suit, coiled like a vine on the branches of a tree for a while, and glided like a shuttle on the water for a while. It raised its head and neck, landed on the ground with only the tip of its tail, and performed various acrobatics, and people cheered one after another.
Snake. The horse is a practical doer who helps others, and he silently makes a detouring dragon robe for the snake with thin skin, and the dragon coat is woven with a checkered pattern with the horse\'s hair, which is very good-looking. Ma Shuang scraped a layer of grease from under his abdomen and applied it to the dragon robe, making the dragon robe very smooth. The green snake put on a dragon robe, covered the clumsy legs, and replaced walking with a slide, which is both sensitive and beautiful. From then on, the snake had no feet and slid forward. Goats usually hate monkeys, think that they jump up and down all day, and trample on the grass,
Dragon. Acrobatic performance ranking: only monkeys, snakes, horses, sheep, and pigs are left unranked. The pig instigated it with ulterior motives: \"Brother Monkey is the king of jugglers on land, and Brother Snake is a swimmer in the water, which of you comes first?\" After some discussion, they decided to go back to the world for a folk quiz and acrobatic performance. The green snake invited the horse, and the monkey invited the goat, asking them to help make costume props. At that time, the snake had twelve legs under its belly, and it was stupid and slow to walk.
Rabbit. After that, he plunged to the bottom of the sea. The naรฏve rooster believed it, and it rose every day before dawn, hoping that the sun would come out of the western mountain, and from time to time it stretched its neck and called to the sea: \"Brother Long--brother!\" Horn - also - I...\". Since then, the rooster has lost two horns and is also ranked behind.
Tiger. Rooster loses double horns: After the dragon lost the competition, he often complained behind his back that the pair of chicken horns was tired of it, and the rooster heard it and regretted and was sad, and it came to the beach and said to the dragon: \"Brother Long, since these two horns are of no benefit to you, then please return them to me.\" The dragon said slyly: \"Although these two horns have harmed me, they can decorate my appearance, and it is not difficult for you to return, you have to wait for the sun to go out of the West Mountain and the moon to go down to the East Sea.\" โ€
Cattle. \"What\'s so difficult about this, I\'ll run first, if you can catch up with me, I\'ll ask you to gnaw the bones.\" With that, he ran triumphantly. The hound sharpened its paws and chased after it like an arrow. After a while, he caught the hare, and he bit the hare\'s neck with his mouth, and said as he ate: \"Okay, now it\'s time for me to gnaw the bones.\" \"For this matter, the dog was also punished and was ranked last. From then on, there was an inexplicable hatred between dogs and rabbits, and hunting dogs often helped people go up the mountain to catch hares.
Rat. Dog-rabbit battle: The dog went to congratulate the hare, and it sold it to the rabbit and said: \"If you don\'t choose such a runway and don\'t cut your tail, how can you win today.\" The hare was holding the thick tail and regretting, listening to the dog\'s words, and pouting the three-lobed mouth and saying: \"Hmph! I won by virtue of my book, and without you, I wouldn\'t have lost this beautiful tail! When the dog heard this, his eyes turned red, and he said: \"Since you have the ability, then let\'s go for a walk!\" Hare said arrogantly:
Pig. It chose a thorny track and secretly said to the rabbit: \"Your tail is too long, it will hinder the race, you must bear to cut your love.\" \"It cut off a large tail for the rabbit, leaving only a little tail root. The game began, the dragon soared through the fog, and in a moment flew to the front, but when he ran into the bushes, his horns were hung by vines, and he couldn\'t take them off. The hare jumped eighteen times and ran to the finish line in one go. Ignoring the opposition of all the animals, the black pig ranked the rabbit before the dragon and after the tiger.
Dog. At this time, an eventful hare jumped out, and it sneered and said: \"Hehe! In terms of appearance, I am similar to a mouse, in terms of height I am bigger than a mouse, I am the guardian of the mountain king, and I should be ranked ahead of the sea king. When Cang Long heard this, he was furious, and said, \"You have to mess around, if you are not convinced, we will try it out.\" When the black pig heard this, he hurriedly said: \"In a word, you can run compared to the game, and let the hunting dog be your referee.\" \"Dogs and chickens have never been at odds, and when he saw that chickens were fawning over dragons, he wanted to take the opportunity to tease them.
Chicken. Tiger King in the Mountains, Dragon King in the Sea: This annoyed the tiger and the dragon on the side, who made a loud noise and shook the animals. All the animals were busy paying homage to the dragon and tiger, and unanimously elected the tiger as the king of the mountains and the dragon as the king of the sea, ruling the world. The monkey wrote a gold plaque with the word \"king\" for the tiger, hung it on the tiger\'s forehead, and the rooster gave two horns to the dragon. Since then, the Azure Dragon has put on the laurels. The tiger and the dragon have the power of the world, and they are willing to live after the mouse and the old scalper.
Monkey. These twelve hours are: ่พฐ, ๅทณ, noon, wei, shin, you, ๆˆŒ, hai, zi, ugly, yin, and ๅฏ. It depends on the world, just send a member of the heavenly general at every moment. When the Jade Emperor heard this, he immediately shook his hand and said, \"No! No way! How can sending twelve to meet everyone\'s requirements? Besides, if this matter is not handled well, it will affect the stability of the entire Heavenly Palace! In this way, everyone\'s opinion of me is big!\"
Sheep. He said to him, \"This method is good and good, I am afraid that you will not make a decision!\" The Jade Emperor immediately said, \"As long as there is a way, then it is easy to decide!\" Don\'t sell me a pass! Hurry up!\" That star official immediately told the Jade Emperor his methods one by one. It turned out that he used his current time on earth to send people. He said: \"According to my understanding, the day on earth now is based on twelve hours.
Horse. So he told him his thoughts, \"Star Officer, how exactly should this matter be solved so that the entire Heavenly Soldier Heavenly General of the Heavenly Palace can be convinced?\" After thinking about it, the star official said, \"I have a way to solve this problem!\" As soon as the Jade Emperor heard that the Star Officer could solve this difficult problem for him, he became happy and said, \"Ai Qing, since you already have a way, come quickly!\" That star official immediately approached the Jade Emperor,
Snake. Just send some people down and take a look!\" When the Jade Emperor heard this, he became embarrassed and said, \"Who are the people who want to be sent?\" Just when the Jade Emperor and Niang Niang were in trouble, the star official in charge of the world day and night walked in. He thought that when he entered the door, he saw the Jade Emperor\'s troubled appearance, so he said to him: \"Your Majesty, what are you doing so for?\" The Jade Emperor saw the star official come in,
Dragon. If you let so many Heavenly Soldiers and Heavenly Generals go down this time, I don\'t know how much trouble it will be!\" As soon as the Jade Emperor heard Niangniang\'s words, he stood up and said to Niangniang: \"No! This cannot happen again! However, it is not a way to force everyone to go down and take a look!\" After thinking about it, Niangniang said to the Jade Emperor: \"Yes! It\'s not a way to force everyone to take a look, I see,
Rabbit. After thinking about it, she said to the Jade Emperor: \"Your Majesty, I don\'t think this is a good thing!\" Can\'t we let everyone go to earth! In the past, wasn\'t that the case with the cowherd and the weaver girl? That weaver girl, she went to the world to marry the cowherd, and gave birth to a child! We spent a lot of energy to punish that weaver girl! Now, this weaver girl is still meeting at the Magpie Bridge on the seventh day of July in the world!
Tiger. I was anxious. He knew that after everyone went, wouldn\'t his Heavenly Palace become an empty palace? So, I got anxious. After thinking about it, he told the queen mother about his worries. After listening to the words of the Jade Emperor, the empress concubine also became anxious in her heart. She was also afraid that once everyone arrived in the world, they would not be willing to return to the Heavenly Palace when they saw such a beautiful world, so that things in the Heavenly Palace would be troublesome.
Cattle. He didn\'t know how this Eastern Tang Dynasty could have such a change? He thought about it, so he decided to send his twelve heavenly generals to the world to see what happened. After the people in the palace knew that the Jade Emperor was going to send people to the Tang Dynasty to see what happened, everyone immediately became excited. The people in the Heavenly Palace were very interested in going to the world to see it. Especially the heavenly soldiers and generals in the Heavenly Palace are even more vying to go to the world to see. The Jade Emperor saw that everyone wanted to go to the world to see,
Rat. It is said that after King Pangu opened the heavens and the earth, he ushered in the prosperity of the entire human world. Especially in China\'s Tang Dynasty, it was a prosperous scene. His aides were delighted with the prosperity of humanity as a whole. However, at this time, it angered the Jade Emperor. He saw that the entire human world, especially the Tang Dynasty in the East, had actually become a yearning place for people of all races in the world. That prosperous Tang Dynasty was actually more prosperous than his Heavenly Palace.
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Pig. When it was flying leisurely, there happened to be an owl on the ground, and it had just caught a stinky mouse, and the owl thought that it was coming to snatch its own stinky mouse, so it roared angrily first! I said Huishi! You shouldn\'t use Wei Xiang to scream at me, right?\" After Zhuangzi finished speaking, he looked at Huishi with a smile. Huishi felt very ashamed and said to Zhuangzi embarrassedly: \"This... This is my gentleman\'s belly with the heart of a villain, let me make amends to you with a banquet!\"
Dog. So he sent many soldiers to various parts of the Wei kingdom to search Zhuangzi\'s residence. The soldiers searched for three days and nights but did not find Zhuangzi, but Zhuangzi personally visited Huishi on the morning of the fourth day. \"Old friend, did you know that there is a bird in the south? This is a very precious and exotic bird, it starts from the South China Sea and flies to the North Sea. On the way, if it were not for the plane tree, it would never stop to rest on it; It eats nothing but the fruit of the bamboo knot; Not sweet spring water, it does not drink.
Chicken. During the Warring States period, Zhuangzi and Huishi were good friends. The two often debate their views on anything together. At one point, Huishi became the prime minister of the Wei state. When Zhuangzi found out, he thought of Wei Guo to visit this old friend. Some villains in the Wei kingdom who love rumors said to Huishi: \"Zhuangzi may have other intentions when he comes to our Wei kingdom this time. Maybe it\'s to get your phase, but you must be careful!\" Well! They have a point. Huishi thought to himself.
Monkey. So they are very timid and suspicious. They fled without moving. In addition, their bodies are smart and difficult to catch. The survivability is very strong, you can eat anything, you can\'t fall to death if you fall at a height of tens of meters, in addition to living on land, you can also survive in the water. And mice have strong reproductive ability, a litter can give birth to up to 24, a female mouse can give birth to about 500 mice a year, is a symbol of tenacious vitality.
Sheep. Genius lit up, so the rat ranked first in the zodiac. The zodiac signs are not only the twelve animals in traditional Chinese culture, but they are also given the status of gods with different symbolic meanings. Rats have a habit of stealing food, and making rats at home means that hamsters have excess food, which is a symbol of wealthy families. Because rats know that the sound of Soso eating food is much like the sound of counting money, the rich rat is considered an auspicious sign. Rats have a sensitive sense of smell because they all steal to eat,
Horse. The minimum size of the mouse is the first place. What is the story? Here are all the stories we wrapped up about why zodiac rats come first and rats come first. Now let\'s see! Why are zodiac rats ranked first? Ancient Chinese scholars believed in the theory of yin and yang, which divided the 12 hours from day to night into yin and yang. The habit of rats is to haunt at night and not return to the nest until dawn. So there is a saying that the rat bites the sky, saying that it is because the mouse bites the gap in the night,
Snake. Speaking of the competition, the cat said worriedly: I like to sleep in, what if I can\'t get up? The mouse said: Don\'t worry, even though you slept well, call you when the time comes. The cat listened with pleasure. The day of the game is fast approaching. The buffalo rat, the first to come to the Tianhe River, followed closely behind. But the mouse forgot all the people who woke up the cat. The cat woke up too late. Since then, the cat has chased after the mouse when it sees it, and the mouse has to run. On campus, we are always taller than anyone, but in the zodiac,
Dragon. Let me ride around your neck and you will hear you. The cow said: good, good! \"After a while, the cow said: I was the first... Before the cow finished speaking, the mouse jumped in front of the cow, and from then on, the first place in the zodiac was the mouse. Three: A long time ago, in order to calculate the year, the Jade Emperor came up with a method: I asked animals to cross the Heavenly River. First, the animals on the opposite shore are ranked first, and 12 animals are discharged as year names in order. At that time, cats and mice had a good relationship, just like brothers.
Rabbit. In retaliation for the cat, the mouse did not wake up the cat, so he secretly set off. The rat met the old cow on the road. The cow is big and big. The rat is small in size and small in steps, and the mouse runs breathlessly and keeps up with the cow. The mouse thought to himself: the road is still far away, I can\'t run, what can I do? As soon as his brain moved, he came up with an idea and said to Niu: Brother Niu, let me sing to you. The cow said, \"Well, you sing itโ€”hey, why don\'t you sing it?\" The mouse said, \"I\'m singing, you didn\'t hear me.\"
Tiger. It was almost noon, and the cat lazily opened its eyes. It found that the small animal was missing, so it remembered the selection and hurried to the selection site. There is no place left on the site. The cat was angry and blamed the damn mouse. Since then, cats and mice have developed a deep hatred and will be caught wherever they encounter mice. So there are no cats in the zodiac. Two: The day before the zodiac registration, the cat asks the mouse to wake up on the morning of the registration day and go with the mouse.
Cattle. So he asked the rat to help and woke it up the next morning to join the audition, and the mouse quickly agreed. The next morning, the mouse went to the selection alone and did not wake up the cat. When the mouse arrived at the scene, he saw that the old cow had already stood in the first place, and he was very anxious. Suddenly, it came up with a good way, and it quickly climbed on the horns of the old cow so that it was in first place. At this time, animals such as little white rabbits, little flower dogs, and little pigs also came one after another, but there was no shadow of cats.
Rat. We all know that our annual auspicious animal is one of the twelve zodiac signs. We all know the zodiac, but do you know the story of the zodiac? Let\'s take a look at the 200-word story of the zodiac. One: It is said that a long time ago, people wanted to select twelve animals from the animal kingdom as the zodiac, and the animals were very happy to know it, and everyone wanted to be a part of it. Cats and mice are good friends, but cats have a bad habit of sleeping in,
Pig. He shouted happily: I am the first, I am the first! Before the cow could finish speaking, the mouse jumped from the cow\'s neck to the ground and squeaked to the cow. As a result, the mouse won the first place and the cow got the second place, so, in the zodiac, the little mouse came first. Summary: The ranking of genus phases needs to be understood from different aspects, and there are twelve stories of the zodiac waiting for us to discover.
Dog. Oh, my voice is so thin that you didn\'t hear it. In this way, let me ride around my neck and sing, and you will hear you. The cow said: Xingluo, Xingluo! The mouse has been climbing up the cow\'s neck along the leg and letting the cow carry it on its back, which is very comfortable. It shook its head and really sang: Brother Niu, brother Niu, cross the river, climb the hill, drive, drive, hurry up Luo! As soon as the cow heard this, he was happy, spread his four legs, and ran hard. He ran to the place where he signed up and saw that no one was coming.
Chicken. Mice get up early, cows get up early. They met on the road. The cow is tall and big, and the mouse is short and small. The rat ran out of breath and just kept up with the cow. The mouse thought to himself: The road is still far away, I can\'t run. What am I going to do? It used its brain, came up with an idea, and said to the cow: Brother Niu, Brother Niu, I\'ll sing you a song. The cow said: Well, you sing, hey, why don\'t you sing it? The mouse said: I\'m singing. Why didn\'t you hear?
Monkey. I can\'t even be number one in the zodiac! \"Quite the opposite!\" The Lion King said to the mouse, \"This number one position is yours!\" The eleven Xiao in the audience were stunned, and the Lion King said: I think the mouse is very sincere, he can know himself correctly, so I chose him as the first! Listening to the other eleven shaws, they bowed their heads in shame. So, the mouse sits at the first place in the zodiac. Toddler Story Mice Ranked First: Registration Day,
Sheep. Therefore, the cows, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, leather, monkeys, chickens, dogs, and pigs of the Chinese zodiac have all taken the stage to give speeches. But they only talk about their strengths and avoid their weaknesses. The rat was the last to come to power. He said sincerely: Although I also have advantages, there is still a big gap compared with you. When it comes to cultivated land, I can\'t compare to cattle; When it comes to janitors, I\'m no better than a dog; When it comes to running, I\'m no match for a horse. ...... So anyway,
Horse. Fables of the Zodiac: The First Rat Chop Story: The Lion King convenes a zodiac meeting to discuss seating arrangements. But who should come first? The Lion King was embarrassed. Because many zodiac signs demand themselves to be number one and argue about it. The Lion King had no choice but to say: Well, you all come up and talk about the reason why you want to be first, and whoever says the most reasonable, will be ranked first!
Snake. From then on, when the cats of the cat tribe saw the mouse, they swooped in and ate the mouse, and the mouse asked them: \"Why did you hurt our rat tribe?\" The cat of the cat tribe replied, \"Because this is the compensation of the Heavenly Emperor to us.\" \"And what about the rats? But they do petty theft all day, hiding in the shadows and not daring to come out, because there are cats guarding their holes all the time.
Dragon. Immediately after, the cow won the second place, and the tiger won the third place... When the pig reached the last place, the cat hurriedly arrived, and the Heavenly Emperor, seeing this, said to the cat: \"O cat! Twelve animals are complete, and although you are the thirteenth, the rats push you down the river. From now on, the cats of your cat tribe will eat the rats of the rat tribe when they see them! This is also compensation for your cat clan. After the Heavenly Emperor finished speaking, he left with twelve animals.
Rabbit. No, I\'m going to push it down the river. The cat vaguely heard something, so he asked the mouse: \"What were you talking about?\" The mouse did not answer, so he used all his strength to push the cat down the river, the cat was gradually swept away by the current, the mouse was very proud, it said happily: \"Great, I\'m the first.\" \"The cow carried the mouse to the opposite bank, and the mouse jumped off the back of the cow and ran towards the finish line like crazy, so the mouse won the first place.
Tiger. If you are not careful, you will die. Animals have crossed the river with their own specialties: dogs swim past, mice and cats cross the river on cows... The mouse and the cat are wronged, the mouse did not expect the cat to also come to participate in the animal ranking competition, the mouse whispered to himself: \"I and the cat are enemies, I and the cat to participate in the competition is not okay, what if it gets the first, so that it will bully us in the first ranking of the cat family.\"
Cattle. At the beginning of the race, the animals are comparable in strength, they have to pass three events: obstacle hurdles, 5 laps around the river, and the last obstacle is to cross the river, the water in the river is very urgent, if you are not careful, you will be swept into the vortex. In the face of many obstacles, the animals are more morale, the obstacles hurdle and running around the river 5 laps The animals have passed, the most difficult thing is to cross the river, because a day ago there was heavy rain, the river rolled up a whirlpool,
Rat. A long time ago, there were no zodiac signs. The Heavenly Emperor felt that the lack of animals was very bad. So he ordered the animals to hold a competition, and the twelve animals that arrived first could get the required ranking, which was scheduled three days later, by the creek. This news let the animals know, they went home to prepare for the competition for three days, the animals that came to participate in the competition are: rats, cows, tigers, cats, sheep, rabbits, dogs, horses, dragons, snakes, monkeys, chickens, pigs.
Pig. The mouse said: It was all wrapped around me, and the two brothers were full of wine and food, so they fell asleep in a dizzy way. At five o\'clock in the morning, the rat came out to relieve his hands, and just happened to meet the big yellow cow, and the yellow cow was about to leave the house, and the mouse asked: Brother Niu, where are you going? Niu: I will go to the Heavenly Court to choose the 12 zodiac signs, and I will go early if I go far away? I will carry you for a ride, the mouse listens, the road is far away, and I am not big, why not do a ride, so I jumped on the back of the ox and went with the big yellow cow to choose the 12 zodiac signs, and forget all about the cat brother.
Dog. The origin of the zodiac: A long time ago, cats and mice were still brothers who worshiped the handle, cats were brothers, mice were brothers, and usually the little brothers were willing to get together to drink some wine, which was very leisurely. On this day, news came from the Heavenly Court, informing all animals in the heavens and on earth to enter the Heavenly Court to select the 12 zodiac signs. Cats are lazy by nature, like to travel at night, and like to sleep lazy during the day, so they said to the mouse: Brother, tomorrow we will go together to choose the 12 zodiac signs, I am afraid that I will not wake up tomorrow morning, you get up early, remember to call me.
Chicken. Gotta think of a way? So the mouse flattered the old cow: \"Big brother Niu, you are not tired, it is better for me to sing a song to you to cheer up\", so he quickly jumped on the head of the cow, sang all the way to the old cow, and when he reached the end, the mouse jumped to the front in another step, preemptively registered, and became the first place. When the old cow reacted, he only glared at him. There are many legends and stories such as the zodiac, but I personally prefer the idea of totem belief.
Monkey. But there are so many animals in the world, who should I choose? Just let them compete fairly! After the news was released, the animal world exploded, and everyone wanted to be on the list. So the Jade Emperor set the rules and registered on a first-come, first-served basis. Those who are large, fast and agile, naturally dominate. The old cow worked the hardest and set off in the middle of the night. When the mouse meets the old cow, it looks like the person is big, runs fast, and works so hard, his own small man, small short legs, I am afraid that there is no drama, what to do?
Sheep. For example, at night (11:00-1:00), mice begin to move, and this is when they are most active. During the ugly period (1:00-3:00), cattle used to spit out and chew the grass that had not been digested during the day at night, and it was said that it could digest it better. However, people are also more willing to believe the legends of the Chinese zodiac, because these vivid stories are more impressive. Legend has it that the Jade Emperor chose twelve animals as representatives of the twelve earth branch hours to facilitate the people\'s memory of the year.
Horse. In order to facilitate understanding and memorization, twelve animals are used to represent the twelve earth branches. According to research, as early as the pre-Qin period, a complete zodiac chronological system had been formed. Why is Zi (Mouse), Ugly (Ox), Yin (Tiger), ๅฏ (Rabbit), Tatsu (Dragon), Shu (Snake), Noon (Ma), Wei (Sheep), Shen (Monkey), You(Chicken), Jun (Dog), Hai (Pig) so lined up like this? Scholars generally believe that this is related to the activity time and living habits of twelve animals.
Snake. How much do you know about the story of the zodiac? In China, the \"zodiac\", also known as \"genus phase\", is one of the traditional cultural symbols of China. The birth of the zodiac has a lot to do with the ancient dating method. In ancient China, the Tiangan Earth Branch chronology was adopted, and the ten Tiangan and the twelve Earth Branches were combined to form sixty basic units, which were reincarnated every 60 years, of which the Earth Branch would be reincarnated every 12 years.
Dragon. If you look at the word \"home\", the following \"pig\" represents a pig, so there is also a saying of living and working in peace. According to legend, in the Tang Dynasty, the Jin warriors met and if any of them would make a general in the future, they would ask the calligraphers of the same branch to inscribe the Big Wild Goose Pagoda with a zhushu (red pen). Later, people sent pig\'s trotters to relatives and friends who were rushing for the exam, which symbolized the good wishes of the title of the gold list.
Rabbit. Dogs are loyal, brave and intelligent, and have been loved by people since ancient times. The second day of the first lunar month is also known as \"Dog Day\", and the ancients believed that dogs represent wealth, and if dogs come to the house, it also indicates that wealth is coming. Therefore, on the second day of the Lunar New Year, the God of Wealth is often sacrificed. Twelfth, the pig. Pigs have fat heads and big ears, can eat and sleep, but in ancient times, they were symbols of wealth and blessing. In the folk, pigs are also called \"ugin\" and \"golden pigs\",
Tiger. I have heard the story of loyal dogs and righteous dogs in life. In the Qing Dynasty Pu Songling\'s \"Liaozhai Zhi Yi\" also recorded a story of the righteous dog savior, saying that a businessman rescued a big yellow dog ready to be slaughtered, brought it with him, when he was on the boat, the boat family had evil intentions, wanted to seek wealth and kill his life, and threw the merchant Wuhua tied up and threw it into the river, the big yellow dog bit the owner\'s rope and drifted to the shore with the owner, and finally called for help for the owner, bringing people to wake up the owner.
Cattle. The claws of the phoenix are powerful, but the chicken is never used to harm anything else. 3. \"Courage\". The rooster walks, majestic, vigorous, heroic and powerful, and the rooster is brave and aggressive, and also sees it as the embodiment of the brave. 4. \"Benevolence\". After the chicken gets food, it does not eat alone and knows how to share. 5. \"Faith\". The chicken cries every day and never loses its trust. Eleventh, the dog. Dogs have always been called friends of man,
Rat. Tenth, unitary chicken. In ancient times, chickens were called \"birds of the five virtues\", do you know which five virtues they are? 1. \"Wende\". The ancients attached great importance to the crown, which is the hat worn by adult men, which is a symbol of etiquette and status. Roosters are born with a red crown of flesh, giving a sense of generosity. 2. \"Wude\". The rooster\'s foot claw has a sharp claw behind its claws, and people call this claw \"Linjiao Phoenix Distance\", which means like the horn of a unicorn,
Pig. Therefore, humans have a special affinity for monkeys. For example, the Monkey King in \"Journey to the West\" makes people have a more sacred color for monkeys. The people usually use homophony to seek auspiciousness, such as \"marquis immediately\", \"marquis worships the prime minister\", \"macaques give life\", \"generations of marquises\", etc., symbolizing the meaning of blessing, auspiciousness, longevity, and wishful life.
Dog. In the main hall, there are also statues of the five immortals and five sheep. In \"Shuowen Jiezi\": \"sheep, auspicious\", has the meaning of auspicious and auspicious. Ninth, Shen Monkey. People often say: \"There is no tiger in the mountains, monkeys are called kings\", monkeys are very intelligent, in the zodiac, action is the most flexible, in nature is the closest to human animals. It is also said that humans evolved from monkeys.
Chicken. Since then, the wind and rain have been smooth every year, and the grains are abundant, and Guangzhou has also become a rich place in the Lingnan region. What does this have to do with sheep? Everyone doesn\'t know who the immortals are, but they remember that these five immortals all rode sheep. In honor of the five immortals and fairy sheep, Guangzhou is also called \"Yangcheng\" and \"Suicheng\". It is said that the Temple of the Five Immortals on Huifu West Road in Guangzhou today is the place where the Five Immortals descend, and the people of Guangzhou specially built the Temple of the Five Immortals here to commemorate the Five Immortals.
Monkey. Eighth, the sheep. The statue of five sheep in Yuexiu Park in Guangzhou today is also one of the representative symbols of Guangzhou. Legend has it that a long time ago, this area encountered a great drought, the bankers did not harvest, many people were hungry, and everyone had nothing to do, so they could only ask God. Later, five immortals finally came, gave people five ears of rice, and left. And then people planted these five ears of rice.
Sheep. Like today\'s cars, they are part of people\'s lives. The level of intimacy is estimated to be equivalent to today\'s \"wife and car are not borrowed\". And the horse is also graded, and the sweaty BMW at that time should be equivalent to our limited edition luxury car today. Of course, the spirit of the horse is also admired, and there is a folk proverb that says: \"The mane is flowing, and the four hooves are galloping.\" In the sky for the dragon, in the earth for the horse. Strong and loyal. Continual self-improvement. โ€
Horse. According to legend, Nuwa created people, mended the sky, controlled floods, and Fuxi painted gossip, netted fishing and hunting, and they were all the protectors of human beings. These myths and legends have preserved the shadow of the snake totem worship. Seventh, noon horse. In people\'s daily life, they should like horses very much, look at these words, such as \"horse to success\", \"sweat horse merit\", \"thousand horses\", \"dragon horse spirit\". In ancient times, horses were human vehicles, means of transport, and combat partners.
Snake. And the \"fetish\" that controls this is able to call the wind and rain, soar the clouds and drive the fog, this is the dragon. Therefore, every February 2 is also known as the \"dragon heads up\", the Dragon Boat Festival also has dragon boat races, and when the Spring Festival arrives, people will celebrate with dragon dances. Sixth, the serpent. It is estimated that there should not be many people who like snakes. But in ancient times, the snake was a symbol of the ancestral totem. In ancient mythology, Nuwa and Fuxi were both human heads and snakes.
Dragon. When there is a disease in the world, he will also give medicine to the \"rabbit master\". Therefore, there are also family members to eliminate diseases and drive away disasters. Fifth, Chenlong. Chinese, also known as the \"descendants of the dragon\", the dragon is the symbol of our Chinese nation. In traditional culture, it symbolizes strength and a good harvest. In ancient times, people could not explain some mysterious natural phenomena, such as rain and thunder, and always thought that there was a mysterious force manipulating.
Rabbit. When the common people saw that Sun Simiao and the tiger were getting along harmoniously, they decided that the tiger was his mount. Until now, in some Medicine King temples, this big tiger is still riding under the Medicine King. Therefore, the mount of the medicine king is naturally inseparable from the beautiful meaning of health and longevity. Fourth, the rabbit. Sister Chang\'e\'s little pet is a rabbit, and Sister Chang\'e lives in the moon with her little rabbit. The moon is a symbol of our Chinese members. According to legend, the little rabbit pounded medicine every day on the moon,
Tiger. Third, Yin Hu. The tiger has a big \"king\" character on its head, which is not written in vain, so the tiger is also known as the \"king of all beasts\". Therefore, people naturally have more awe for it in their hearts, and children\'s tiger head pillows and tiger head hats are used to scare away bad things. But there is another story here, which is about the medicine king Sun Simiao, simply put, the medicine king sacrificed his life to save a tiger, and this tiger has been following him since.
Cattle. The most beautiful and simple pursuit of ordinary people, but that, ranks first and deservedly deserved. Second, ugly cattle. In addition to Chinese simple belief in hard work, cattle also have ancient agricultural societies that attach importance to spring plowing. In the Zhou Dynasty, on the day of the beginning of spring, the Son of Heaven would take this civil and military official to whip cattle made of clay and pray for a good harvest that year. The people would collect the debris left over from the flogging of spring oxen and put it in their fields, symbolizing a good harvest.
Rat. First, sub-rats. Hurry up and drive the bad picture of rats stealing food out of your head, and look at its meaning in ancient Chinese culture, and you will understand. Rats have a strong reproductive ability, representing endless life and many children. Therefore, in ancient times, \"rat play grapes\" and \"rat stealing cabbage\" were commonly used, meaning \"son\" and \"wealth\". \"In ancient folk, living materials were not so rich, and there were mice at home, indicating that there was a lot of food, so \"rat\" was also a symbol of abundance.
Pig. He held a slingshot and aimed up at the sky, supposedly shooting Tengu. Herders worship the god of pigs and fences. The pig god is the toilet god, and the southern rural toilet and the pigsty are more combined into one, so the toilet god is mostly part-time circle god. The toilet god is the Zigu God, or the Western Han Lady Qi who died in the toilet. The pig pen god is Jiang Taigong, and when he was consecrated as a god, Jiang Taigong gave the Dongyue God reserved for himself to Huang Feihu and became the pig pen god himself. Yellow paper is often posted in pig pens in western Zhejiang, \"Jiang Taigong is here, there are no taboos.\"
Dog. Sun and moon, the sun belongs to the east, but the chicken is located in the west; The moon belongs to the west, but the rabbit lives in the east, because \"the sun and the moon, yin and yang hide each other\". In Li Bai\'s \"Sleepwalking in the Sky and Leaving Farewell\", he chanted: \"Half the wall sees the sea and the sun, and the sky smells the heavenly chicken.\" The ancients believed that solar and lunar eclipses were swallowed by tengu. There is a saying in Ningbo that \"Tengu eats the moon, and underground fires cannons\", and Huaihua people say that \"Tengu eats the moon, and the basin is missing\", trying to scare off Tengu with sound. Tengu also causes infertility in women. Women worship \"sending children Zhang Xian\",
Chicken. Mythology in the Chengdu area holds that Pangu opened the heavens and the earth, and the Fuxi Nuwa in the monkey herd reproduced humans. Ancient Tubo recorded in the \"Records of the Kings of Tibet\" that his ancestors were changed by the tamarin monkey. Qiang mythology \"Mu Jiezhu and Ran Biwa\", Ran Biwa burned the monkey hair all over her body with fire and became a beautiful man. The jade rabbit is often compared to the moon, and the golden crow is often compared to the sun. \"Huainanziยท Spirit\" says \"there is a kick in the sun\", that is, a three-legged crow: Riwu, Jinwu, and Golden Crow. Yang Shen\'s \"Art Forest Felling Mountains\" in the Ming Dynasty said that \"there is a golden rooster in the day\",
Monkey. The ancients regarded sheep as \"virtuous animals\", good flocks, good benevolence, death righteousness, and propriety. Good flock, sheep like to flock. Haoren means that the sheep are kind, horned but not aggressive. Death refers to the silence of sheep when they are slaughtered, and they regard death as if they were home, so there is a story of King Xuan\'s \"sheep for cattle\". Zhili refers to the sheep\'s knowledge of grace, and the lamb\'s kneeling milk symbolizes filial piety. There are many legends that \"monkeys are ancestors\". According to the \"Classic of Mountains and Seas\", \"its shape is like Yu and Wen\'s arm, the leopard tiger is good at throwing, and the name is called lifting the father\", which shows that the image of the father (that is, lifting the father) is actually a monkey.
Sheep. Below their waist is the body of a snake. Successive kings were proud to have horses. King Mu of Zhou embraced the eight juns. Emperor Wudi of Han made two expeditions to Dawan in order to obtain Dawan. Emperor Taizong of Tang loved the \"Six Juns\", and the shallots, fist hairs, qingqiao, shvarchi, telepyu, and white-hooved wu were engraved in the Zhaoling Tomb in recognition of their battle exploits. There are also Qin Shi Huang\'s \"Chasing the Wind\", \"White Rabbit\", Xiang Yu\'s \"Wu Qiao Horse\", Liu Bei\'s \"Lu\", Guan Yu\'s Red Rabbit, and so on.
Horse. The dragon and phoenix pattern is the most representative image symbol of the Chinese nation. The ancient Chinese mythology of Nuwa and Fuxi are both human heads and snake bodies, \"Lu Lingguang Hall Fu\" describes \"Fu Xian scale body, Nuwa snake body\", \"Emperor\'s Century\", \"Road History\", \"Gleaning Notes\", \"Shiji. The Three Emperors and Five Emperors are also recorded. Henan Nanyang Military Tent Camp Eastern Han early Han Dynasty tomb portrait stone, Fu contemptuous and obedient, Nuwa obeying the rules, upper clothes, lower snake tail, standing opposite each other. Fuxi Nuwa intersecting statue in the ancient tomb of the Tang Dynasty in Xinjiang,
Snake. The legend of Chang\'e running to the moon is derived from \"Huainanzi. Chang\'e is accompanied by jade rabbits in the moon. The rabbit is the symbol of the moon. \"Spring and Autumn Luck Doushu\" says: \"If you lose the light of Yao, the moon will rise rabbit\". The \"Le Fu Poems Collection\" has the verse \"The white rabbit often kneels and pounds the medicine shrimp and toad nine\", and Fu Xuan of the Jin Dynasty chanted in \"Quasi-Heavenly Question\": \"What is in the moon?\" White free of pounding. The dragon and phoenix Chengxiang pattern was widely spread after the Tang Dynasty, not only symbolizing the power of the emperor and empress, but also symbolizing the happy union of husband and wife, and also symbolizing the harmony of spirit and material yin and yang.
Dragon. The monarch cut the blood in the ear of the ox and smeared it in his mouth. The tiger is the king of a hundred beasts, Yin tiger matches, the oracle bone \"Yin\" character is like an arrow, \"Yin\" in the \"Shuowen\" means \"Yang qi rises, although there is frozen soil, it will break the soil\", which is in line with the fierce Yang qi of the tiger. If the Shang Dynasty bronze tiger cannibal reflects the ancients\' fear of the tiger, then the tiger imprint in the war represents the desire for conquest, marching to fight the white tiger banner, the brave are the \"tiger generals\", the tiger talisman is used to transfer troops, and the weapon has a tiger pattern.
Rabbit. The Chongming area, on the other hand, believes that this sound portends disaster. Because of the cow farming, Chinese gradually deepened his feelings for the cow, and attached excellent qualities such as being honest and hardworking and not asking for anything in return to the cow, Lu Xun said with the words of \"bowing down and being willing to be a cow for children\". \"Dai Li Ji Zeng Zi Tianyuan\": \"The sacrifice of the princes, the ox, the tai prison.\" \"Qing History Manuscript Lizhi I\": \"Tai Prison, Ox One, Sheep One, Pig One\", cows are the most noble sacrifices, and they are used by the Son of Heaven to sacrifice society and heaven and earth. The alliance of princes of the Spring and Autumn Warring States,
Tiger. Ranked first from the bottom of the penalty. There was a battle between snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, and chickens, and finally the pigs came to occupy the last seat. Rats steal food, proving that \"hamsters have surplus food\", indicating that this family is rich, and many rats in the family symbolize wealth. In the Qing Dynasty, Fang Yingyi\'s \"Dream Garden Cong Said\" recorded a \"money mouse\" toy in eastern Guangdong, and the sound was like counting money. Rats can make money-counting sounds. In the old days, Hubei and other places used this sound as an auspicious omen. The Zhejiang area believes that \"the Lord gains wealth in the first half of the night, and the Lord scatters wealth in the second half of the night\".
Cattle. Dynasties have left behind a large number of poems, spring couplings, paintings, calligraphy and paintings, and folk crafts depicting the image and symbolism of the zodiac. Emperor Xuanyuan Huangdi wanted to choose twelve animals to serve as palace guards, and the cat asked the mouse to sign up, but the mouse forgot, and since then the cat has sought revenge when it sees the mouse. Originally pushed the cow as the leader, the mouse secretly climbed on the back of the cow to take the lead. The tiger and the dragon were not convinced, and were named mountain gods and sea gods, ranking behind the ox. The rabbit is not convinced and wants to race with the dragon, and the rabbit runs in front of the dragon. The dog is not happy and bites the rabbit in a fit of anger,
Rat. The Chinese zodiac is the twelve animals in China that match the year of human birth with the 12 earth branches, including rats, cows, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs, and pigs. The origin of the zodiac is related to animal worship. Each zodiac sign has rich legends, and thus forms a conceptual interpretation system, which has become an image philosophy in folk culture, such as the genus on marriage matching, the natal year, etc. In modern times, more people use the zodiac as the mascot of the Spring Festival and become a symbol of entertainment and cultural activities.
The sun has set.
The Spirit of Life, 86
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\"Wait a minute\" lyrics: I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next See your dodging eyes I will not let tears of sadness fill your face I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next Being able to feel your heartache too That year I won\'t let the parting be forever I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next See your reluctant eyes I\'ll exchange a hug for your turn I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next If you really have heartache too I\'ll tell you my chest is still warm That year I won\'t let the parting be forever
\"Wait a minute\" lyrics: I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next See your dodging eyes I will not let tears of sadness fill your face I\'m waiting one minute, maybe the next Being able to feel your heartache too That year I won\'t let the parting be forever If life, there are no regrets No waves You will not, never Say goodbye to the day Maybe the young heart is too soft Can\'t stand the wind, can\'t stand the waves If only I could go back to yesterday today I will compromise with myself
Pig. So the pig was confused and became the last place in the zodiac. The game was over, and the wet cat was carried by the white goose, and it asked the Jade Emperor: \"How many places can I rank?\" When he heard that the game was over, the cat shouted, \"Dead mouse, I will not spare you.\" \"Then he pounced on the rat, and the rat fled in fear. Since then, cats catch mice when they see mice, and mice run away when they see cats, becoming wrongdoers for generations.
Dog. The playful dog was playing happily in the water, and when he saw the monkeys and chickens ashore from afar, he remembered the competition and quickly swam over, fortunately there were still places, ranking eleventh. There is only one place left, who will it be? Everyone stretched their necks and looked at the road, and the fat pig came panting: \"You are all here, there must be something delicious, quick, let me taste, I am starving.\" Everyone laughed and scolded: \"This stupid pig, you know how to eat.\" โ€
Chicken. After going around the river bank for most of the way, I rushed all the way. Why did the flying dragon come so late? It turned out that it went to the arid northwest to help with rainfall. The sound of horses\' hooves was getting closer and closer, dust was flying, and just when people thought that the horse was in sixth place, the snake suddenly jumped up from the grass and landed just on the finish line to become sixth. Sheep, monkeys, and chickens picked up a large thick log by the river, and the wise monkey suggested that everyone sit on the wood and row it together, ranking eighth, ninth and tenth in the order of landing.
Monkey. So from then on, the old cow\'s eyes were wide. After a tiger roar, the wet tiger came, and it asked the Jade Emperor: \"Am I the first place?\" \"No, rats and cows are ahead of you, you can only be third.\" The tiger suddenly looked like a deflated leather ball. At this time, the dragon fell from the sky, seeing that it was about to reach the end, but the rabbit suddenly rushed out, rushed to the finish line first, and grabbed the fourth place, and the rabbit who could not swim could only rely on his excellent long-distance running results,
Sheep. The mouse thought first, so when it was about to reach the riverbank, it took the opportunity to push the sleeping cat down the river, and climbed into the ear of the old cow and said to the old cow: \"Brother Niu, come on!\" We\'ll be there soon. The old cow climbed onto the opposite shore and happily rushed to the finish line. But at this moment, the mouse suddenly jumped out of the cow\'s ears and got the first, and the old cow, who had worked hard for half a day, got the second, and the old cow\'s eyes suddenly widened - stupid there.
Horse. All the animals were talking happily about the game. At that time, the cat and the mouse were good friends, and the mouse said, \"We can\'t swim, how can we cross the river?\" The cat said: \"Brother Niu has good water nature, find Brother Niu to help.\" So they went to the old cow. Old Niu agreed. On the day of the race, the rooster had not yet woken up, and the cow, mouse, and cat had already arrived at the river. The old cow let the mouse and the cat climb on its back, the cat usually loves to sleep, but today it is early in the morning, so it quickly falls asleep on the back of the cow.
Snake. Everyone must know the order of the zodiac, but do you know their origins? There\'s a very interesting story here! A long, long time ago, people always forgot when they were born and didn\'t know how old they were. The Jade Emperor thought of a good way and prepared to select twelve animals to represent the twelve years. He instructed the landlord to inform all the animals that tomorrow there would be a river crossing competition to determine the top twelve places.
Dragon. Tie the thread to your feet and walk upside down. As a result, the monkey scored the most points and became the champion. In the last game than swimming, whoever wins wins. Because hungry old cows are familiar with water, they have the upper hand. Old Niu said triumphantly; \"Haha, if you want to surpass me, there is no door.\" \"Go, just you? Let\'s practice for another ten years! The mouse retorted. As a result, the mouse pulled out his ancestral \"super surfboard\", rode the wind and waves, and won the championship. As a result, other animals were chosen, what about cats? Still complaining at home!
Rabbit. The rat complacently walked out of the house to participate in the competition. \"500 run, start!\" Goku said with a loudspeaker. The contestants sprint separately, so as not to be dragons at the front. Rabbit. Rats and dogs. The worst is the snake, he knows better than running! Goku saw the snake\'s miserable appearance and said: \"O(โˆฉ_โˆฉ)O haha~ laughed me to death!! The rabbit brought the first race to a perfect end with his unique stunt \"Rabbit Run\". The second race was more than kite flying. The kite movements of the animals are different, and the most interesting is the monkey.
Tiger. The Jade Emperor sent all victories over Buddha Sun Wukong and selected twelve animals as the twelve zodiac signs. Sun Wukong flew to the mortal world with a swish and selected the cat. Rat. Cattle. Tiger. Rabbit. Dragon. Snake. Horse. Sheep. Monkey. Chicken. Dog. Pig thirteen animals. The cat anxiously said to the mouse: \"I love to sleep, what if I don\'t have time to go to the selection conference?\" \"Don\'t be anxious.\" The mouse comforted the cat, \"I\'ll tell you to get up!\" \"Hmm! Thank you! Good partner. \"The cat seemed happy. Early the next morning,
Cattle. Twelve zodiac signs, twelve personalities, twelve postures, rat elves are eccentric, cows are thick and honest, tigers are majestic, rabbits are docile and cute, dragons are prosperous, snakes are flexible, horses are quick-thinking, sheep are gentle and cowardly, monkeys are smart and dexterous, chickens are frank and frank, dogs are naughty and clever, pigs are delicious and lazy.
Rat. The rat is the head, the cow is behind. Wild Tiger Rabbit Soaring Dragon. Snakes twist in the grass. Famous runners belong to Malaysia. Meek sheep do not give up. Monkeys climb trees. The rooster never stops, the yellow dog lies at the gate, and the fat pig loves to sleep in. The zodiac tells me that the time is like the twelfth autumn of the arrow, 009 belongs to the calf, followed by the Year of the Tiger.
Pig. The rat shouted happily. Other animals also shouted: \"Agreed.\" The dragon suggested, \"Should our zodiac also match the twelve hours?\" Let\'s guide people to cultivate and rest,\" the Jade Emperor said, \"This is really a good idea.\" From the hour of the child to the hour of the hour, it is arranged like this: rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog, pig. The Jade Emperor nodded approvingly. Since then, the Chinese zodiac has been passed down and has become a well-known \"animal star\".
Dog. But because of the punishment of dogs and pigs, he came in tenth place. The Jade Emperor announced: \"The first place in the zodiac is a rat, the second is an ox, the third is a tiger, the fourth is a rabbit, the fifth is a dragon, the sixth is a snake, the seventh is a horse, the eighth is a sheep, the ninth is a monkey, the tenth is a chicken, the eleventh is a dog, and the twelfth is a pig.\" Then this year is the Year of the Rat, next year is the Year of the Ox, and so on, every twelve years is a reincarnation. Does everyone agree? Agree, agree, firmly agree, absolutely no objection.
Chicken. Because it was very empty near the end and there were no vines, the monkey fell off guard and smashed on the sheep, the horse fell on the dragon after slipping because it stepped on small stone pieces, and the snake took the opportunity to surpass the four of them, rising four places in a row, although it was overtaken by the dragon again, but the ranking still rose a lot. Before the final line, the mouse jumped forward from the neck of the cow and got the first place, the cow ranked second, the tiger ranked third, the rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, and monkey ranked fourth to ninth, although the chicken was in the last,
Monkey. The mouse shook his head and really sang: \"The cow is good, the cow is good.\" \"The cow listened and was very comfortable. The Jade Emperor waved his hand, and the game began. The mouse sang again: \"Cows and cows run, cows and cows are sticks.\" Come on the cows, come on, come on the cows. Cross the river, climb the hill, drive, drive, hurry up! When the cow heard this, he was happy, and spread his four legs and ran hard, followed by rabbits, tigers, dragons, and horses, monkeys pulled vines and caught up, and chickens ran slowly at the end.
Sheep. So he said to Niu: \"Brother Niu, I\'ll sing you a song!\" The cow said, \"Well, you sing itโ€”โ€”โ€” why don\'t you sing it?\" \"The mouse said: I\'m singing, why didn\'t you hear? Oh, my voice is so thin that you didn\'t hear me. So let me ride around your neck and sing, and you will hear it. The cow said, \"Xingluo, Xingluo!\" \"The rat climbed along the leg all the way up the neck of the cow, and let the cow carry it, which was comfortable.
Horse. The Jade Emperor asked how the twelve zodiac signs were ranked. Monkeys suggest eating bananas, dragons suggesting rainfall, sheep suggesting shearing, rabbits suggesting race running, and pigs following blindly. The Jade Emperor was angry, so he punished the pig as the penultimate and took the rabbit\'s suggestion. The dog was not convinced, bit the rabbit, and was fined second to last. Before the race started, the mouse thought: With my ability, I am afraid that I will not get the first place, what should I do? It moves in its head and comes up with an idea.
Snake. The lion ran up and said, \"Elephant, I\'m really sorry, twelve animals are here, you can come next time.\" But the elephant saw neither the lion nor heard what the lion said, and trampled the lion into a meatloaf. Seeing the last place changed from a lion to an elephant, the dream of a mouse becoming a zodiac sign ignited a glimmer of hope. The rat got into the elephant\'s nose, frightening the elephant into fleeing, and he hitched a ride on the last train. At this time, the Jade Emperor also arrived on the colorful auspicious clouds, and the twelve zodiac signs were selected.
Dragon. The next day, the rats woke up early. He was very excited, went straight to Taihang Mountain, and forgot about the cat\'s request, so the cat did not catch up with the registration, and since then he and the mouse have become wrongdoers. When the rat arrived at Taihang Mountain, the rat found that twelve animals, tigers, sheep, horses, pigs, chickens, monkeys, dogs, rabbits, dragons, cows, snakes, and lions, had come together, and almost fainted. Just as he sighed, he only listened to a few \"boom, boom, boom, boom\", it turned out that the elephant came.
Rabbit. The day before registration, the cat who loves to sleep in found the mouse that is both a neighbor and a good friend, and said: \"Brother rat, we have to get up early in the morning to sign up and realize our dreams, but I have the habit of sleeping in, what should I do?\" The mouse said, \"Don\'t worry, don\'t worry, you can sleep your sleep, as soon as I wake up, I will call you, let\'s go together.\" The cat was very happy to hear this, and said, \"You are really my good friend, please.\" โ€
Tiger. The old cow agreed, and just like that, the mouse rode on the back of the old cow, and the mouse sang to the old cow all the way to the old heavenly court. Old Niu said: \"Great, I\'m number one.\" At this time, the mouse secretly walked out from the back of the old cow, and \"squeaked\" in front of the old cow, so that the little mouse was in the first place. The cat slept until noon and got up, missed the selection time, and since then the cat and mouse have formed a deep hatred, and the mouse can only keep hiding. Junior 3: Wang Jing.
Cattle. On the way, the rat saw the old cow. I was about to go to the Heavenly Court. The rat chased after him, and the way for the mouse to go to the heavenly court was still far away, so I would have no strength halfway down, and I had to think of a way. The mouse moved wisely and said to the old cow: \"Brother Niu, let me sing to you!\" Old Niu agreed. After a while, the old cow said, \"Why didn\'t you sing.\" The mouse said, \"I sang, but the voice is too small for you to hear!\" Or let me ride on your back.\" โ€
Rat. Will everyone wonder why there are no cats in the zodiac? Why are mice in first place? Cats and mice used to be good friends, and once, the Jade Emperor called on the animals to sign up in the Heavenly Court. It is stipulated that according to these 12 animals to be the human zodiac, the cat is worried that it will not get up the next day. Just say to the neighbor mouse: \"Brother rat, I\'m afraid I won\'t be able to get up, so you can call me tomorrow.\" The mouse agreed. The next day, the rat got up early in the morning and went to the heavenly court by himself without calling the cat.
Pig. The little bitter rat only went, and the little bitter rat exchanged his life for a full meal for other mice. In animals, we can also find the same human nature, and the same animals can also reflect the greedy desires and some beautiful characters in human nature. Animal novels reflect human society, and the unique way of life and philosophy of survival that animals possess should cause human beings with the same biological attributes to think and borrow.
Dog. I was deceived by the five little mice, and I also wrote from the side that the mice are tricky and cannot be easily believed. The little bitter rat can be used as a punching bag and a substitute for the dead ghost in the rat group... When the little bitter rat eats, the big mouse asks the little bitter mouse to go to the rat trap to take down the food on it, the big rat is undoubtedly bullying! Let the little bitter mouse be a test product, but the little bitter mouse also knows that it is a disabled rat, and the big mouse will definitely not let the mice with sound limbs die,
Chicken. Don\'t bother yourself, but others help you get it back, you can eat food without much effort, but the little bitter rat may starve every day and have to eat the leftovers of others. In the text, Kuwa found that he and the little bitter mouse are connected with the same fate, he often gives the little bitter mouse food, but at the beginning, there are five little mice pretending to be disabled to ask the bitter baby to eat, as soon as the bitter baby is thrown on the ground, the five little mice quickly snatched away the food, and the bitter baby only then understood,
Monkey. After reading this book, in my first article, the truth reflected in it made me feel that the behavior and basic reflection of humans and animals is the same as ours. In the article, I saw the joy, anger and joy, the little bitter rat in the rat group, can be said to be a mouse with the lowest identity, but also equal to the lowest level of our human beings, every time the little bitter mouse comes out to forage, it will be snatched away by two big rats, which is equivalent to the big rat is sitting on the fisherman\'s profit,
Sheep. At this time, the wet cat came, and he asked, \"What am my number?\" The Jade Emperor said, \"Thirteenth.\" Rising, he said, \"Abominable rat! I will not bypass you!\" After speaking, he swung his claws towards the mouse. The mouse squeaked in fright and drilled under the chair of the Jade Emperor, but was still slapped by the cat, and his teeth were knocked out. Although the mouse got the first place, he has been worried every day, afraid that the cat will seek revenge on him, until today, the mouse sees the shadow of the cat, and runs lifelessly, even hiding in the hole in the broad daylight and daring not come out.
Horse. The monkey sits on the wood for too long, his butt is red and swollen. The chicken originally had four feet, but when it came ashore, it crushed two off, so now there are only two feet left. The dog came, he was very playful, and when he crossed the river, he actually soaked in the river and played in the water, delayed. There is only one place left in the zodiac, and everyone stretches their necks and looks ahead. When the pig came, he was sweating profusely and kicking and said, \"I\'m starving to death, is there anything good to eat here?\" At the end of the competition, the Jade Emperor announced the ranking of the zodiac.
Snake. The sound of horses\' hooves came, and dust flew all over the sky. The horse ran in front and was about to rush to the finish line when the snake suddenly emerged from the grass. First to finish sixth. The snake originally had feet, this time it ran too hard, and the feet were broken, the horse was originally very brave, this time it was frightened by the snake, and since then it has become very timid and sheep, the monkey and the chicken picked up a log by the river, and everyone worked together to get eight, nine, ten. The sheep sat in front to show the way, because seeing too hard, it turned into a large myopia.
Dragon. The rat suddenly jumped out of the cow\'s ear and reached the finish line first, taking first place. Niu worked hard for a long time, only got second place, was very angry, and has been wide-eyed ever since. After a while, the drenched tiger came, and he roared confidently: \"I\'m number one, right?\" The Jade Emperor said, \'No, you have to be third. The Jade Emperor asked the dragon, \"Why did you arrive so late?\" It turned out that the dragon went to the distant South China Sea to preside over the rain ceremony, and it was too late to rush back.
Rabbit. The cow crouches down, lets the cat and mouse climb on his back, and begins to cross the river. Cats usually doze off, but today they got up too early, and soon fell asleep on the back of the cow. The mouse wanted to be the first place, and just as the cow was about to reach the riverbank, he suddenly pushed the cat into the water and burrowed into the cow\'s ear. The cow didn\'t know what was going on, only heard the mouse shouting in his ear: \"Big brother Niu, hurry!\" We\'re here. The cow climbed onto the opposite bank and happily rushed to the finish line.
Tiger. After the news was announced, all the animals were excited, and everyone was talking about the river crossing race. At that time, mice and cats were good friends, and they got together to discuss. The rat said, \"We can\'t swim. How do we cross the river?\" The cat said, \"We can work with the cow, we help him show the way, and he drives us across the river.\" \"The cat and mouse went to find the cow, and the cow immediately agreed to the day of the race. Early in the morning, the roosters had not yet woken up, and cows, cats and mice arrived at the river.
Cattle. Zi Mouse, Ugly Ox, Yin Hu, Buntu, Chenlong, Snake, Wuma, Weiyang, Shen Monkey, Youji, Dog, Hai Pig. One rat Two oxen Three tigers Four rabbits Five dragons Six snakes and seven horses Eight sheep Nine monkeys Ten chickens Eleven dogs The order of the twelve pigs and the twelve zodiac signs Many people will memorize, but do you know how this order came about? You know: how can a mouse that can\'t swim get first? Why are flying dragons ranked fifth? And also...... Who the hell was the hapless cat pushed into the river?
Rat. In China, almost every family with a baby has bought a wall chart of the Chinese zodiac, and the initial purpose is not to teach children the zodiac, but to let the children know animals. But as the child grew older, he already knew the twelve animals, and even closed his eyes to know their position in the picture. Some adults will read to the children with twelve earth branches:
Pig. Then let his corpse record end. At that time, Gensheng\'s tears melted into the molten iron, and the smoke emitted blurred the face of the bronze statue. Later, the bronze statue was made, and he handed over the bronze statue and also collected the body of the old blacksmith. When Gensheng\'s bronze statue was later taken by the emperor and became a model for other zodiac bronze statues, Gensheng went to the old blacksmith\'s grave and put a piece of incense. Some inheritances, which begin at the end and are passed down from generation to generation, also endure.
Chicken. But I don\'t know why the old blacksmith didn\'t hand over the bronze statue he made, but let Gensheng cast it. \"The meaning of that foreign devil is that let\'s get the model of the bronze statue out first and choose the best one.\" The old blacksmith\'s health gradually deteriorated, and he could no longer drink, so he took the dead grass outside the house and chewed it in his mouth. \"I\'m old, I can\'t hold the casting of twelve bronze statues, you have learned my skills almost as well,
Dog. Just cast one out and show it to the recruits. \"They were too late when Lao Tzu was alive, Lao Tzu died, and Lao Tzu\'s apprentices were also capable of crushing them.\" The pride and ambition of the old blacksmith was remembered by Gensheng, he put away the rat-headed figure cast by the old blacksmith, and he began to work day and night, during this period, the old blacksmith died, and before dying, he told Gensheng with all his strength, saying that since he had witnessed the beginning,
Monkey. I don\'t know if people are old, and people tend to think more. \"It\'s a pity, it\'s a pity.\" The old blacksmith hummed a little tune, poured sip after sip of spirits, laughed and watched the fire burst into the sky. Gensheng didn\'t know these things, he had begun to learn from the master after the year, and he was stunned to know that the old blacksmith was actually one of the masters of building the bronze statue of the zodiac sign in the summer palace, and that day he saw that the bronze statue of the rat-headed person was the masterpiece of the old blacksmith,
Sheep. \"His father and his mother are both unbending natures, the only time in my life to bow my head is to give birth to that kid, and I\'m also old... It is estimated that I will not see your present life. \"Gensheng\'s life is a strong fire, although this nature is softer, but I also know how bad it is.\" The old blacksmith leaned on the chair and watched the fire sway, he entered the court when he was young and made a name for himself by an ancestral craft, and he was born an apprentice in this life,
Horse. He breathed a sigh of relief and turned his head and ran. The old blacksmith saw that Gensheng didn\'t have the courage to run away and let out a turbid breath, picked up the wine on the table and poured it, and didn\'t know who to say, in short, the gods were strange and scary. \"Gensheng, this kid\'s temper is not with anyone.\" The old blacksmith is really old, he had a bad temper when he was young, he offended many people with his high craftsmanship, and finally encountered some things to understand.
Snake. For this reason, someone also found someone to tell his fortune and change his name. The old blacksmith has a bad temper, but he is not bad for Gensheng, although he has been letting him help with miscellaneous things during this time, but his craft is not hidden, and when he is interested, he will also say two words to Gensheng, and from time to time he will sigh. That day, Gensheng left what the old blacksmith asked for him and left, and before leaving, he subconsciously glanced at the casting furnace, and did not see the mouse head that was scary before,
Dragon. Didn\'t speak. The old blacksmith is the master of the old craft, and in the early years, he encountered some things and fell into what he is now, the current emperor said that he wanted to build the summer palace and recruited capable carpenters from all over the world, and the old blacksmith originally vomited and did not want to go, saying that he had never seen a foreign devil as the chief person in charge of living so big, saying that he was unwilling to go to anything, or later collected the root of this mouth. Gensheng\'s father went early, and before leaving, he begged the old blacksmith to harvest Gensheng,
Rabbit. Or the later blacksmith master came back from buying wine, and when he saw his apprentice standing there with promises, he couldn\'t get angry. \"His grandmother\'s foreign devil!\" Kicking down the stunned root, the old blacksmith blushed and took a bite. \"He dared to disobey the orders of the emperor Laozi, and he actually wanted to cast that shameless thing behind his mother\'s back, which is really stinky.\" Gensheng didn\'t understand what the old blacksmith was saying, he wiped his broken mouth,
Tiger. But the door of the house is unlocked, and it should be specially reserved for roots. After Gensheng entered the door, the snow on his body was quickly melted by the heat in the house, he put the things that the master asked for in the corner of the house, and the people came to the burning stove to keep warm, and Gensheng from a distance saw the huge iron block licked by the tongue of fire in the casting furnace, and under the bright light, Gensheng seemed to see the facial features of a person for a moment, and he was stunned in place for a long time without reacting.
Cattle. So he didn\'t dare to look at the snowy scenery outside, so he swallowed the rice cereal in the bowl and walked to the east of the city with Bian Dan and the things that the master wanted. Gensheng\'s master was an old blacksmith who had been ordered by the emperor to build objects on the summer palace side. Some time ago, when Gensheng brought food to his master, he heard his master cursing something grumpy, and Gensheng didn\'t dare to listen carefully at that time, and he left ashen after putting down the meal. When Gensheng arrived, the master blacksmith had already gone out,
Rat. That year, it snowed heavily in the capital, and everyone in the house burned hot charcoal. Gensheng sometimes envies those who can gather around the stove and chat about melon seeds, although they are more often behind the high-ranking family and look at Gensheng with their nostrils, but Gensheng has a good temper and never puts those things at ease. Today Gensheng is going to deliver to the master, he visited the iron shop master in the east of the city last year, and after a few months of miscellaneous, he also understood what his master was busy with during this time,
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\"Wait a Minute\" cover: Black Face Scholar, original singer: Xu Yuteng. Lyrics: If time, forget to turn Forgot what to take away Will you not, so far stop at The day you said you loved me And then in a corner of the world Had a home for us You say my chest will make you feel warm If life, there are no regrets No waves You will not, never Say goodbye to the day Maybe the young heart is too soft Can\'t stand the wind, can\'t stand the waves If only I could go back to yesterday today I will compromise with myself
Inscribed purple clay pot.
This pepper tree is so tall. ๐Ÿ˜€
This cloud is like a mountain in the distance.
What a beautiful sunset today. ๐Ÿ˜
Model 3 \"Star Wars Trilogy\" clearance save download, load instant save, the Death Star reactor is destroyed, the chain reaction blows up the entire Death Star, this game is too anti-human when fighting lightsaber. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Game model: SEGA Model 3 Using the emulator: SEGA-Model3-M3UI-V0.02-2020[Supermodel_0.2a_Win64] Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Wuxi Huishan Clay Man Zodiac Series. Author: Liu Chengyin, Chinese master of arts and crafts, researcher level senior arts and crafts artist. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Huaiyang Nini Dog Zodiac Series. Author: Ren Guolun, Chairman of Huaiyang Mud Dog Association, Historical and Cultural Heritage of Henan Province, Inheritor of Mud Dog. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection: Green sandalwood carving zodiac series. Wuxi Zhou Longhua donated. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection: Dehua White Porcelain Wine Glass Zodiac Series. Zodiac Story Series.
Guangfu Nature 8
Guangfu Natural Scenery 7
Guangfu Natural Scenery 6
Guangfu Natural Scenery 5
Guangfu Natural Scenery 4
Guangfu Nature 3
Guangfu Natural Scenery 2
Guangfu Natural Scenery 1
Suzhou embroidery, pure handmade, the mother-in-law is very old, still insisting.
This is the comb.
A string of red lanterns, hanging from vines.
Bright flowers.
I came across a small caterpillar on the road, and if I don\'t hurry, I will be dried by the sun. ๐Ÿ˜
Osmanthus Lane, West Bay.
Scouting professional training grounds, and such a specialty? ๐Ÿ˜‚
The red flowers on the other side, with flowers and no leaves, with leaves and without flowers, flowers and leaves will never meet.
Mural painting of the ancient town of Suzhou.
The little crazy team shuttles through the ancient village.
The uncle took a good picture, this should be an ornamental pomelo.
There are many artificially built rockeries for sale.
Situ Temple, Baiyin Fine House.
Huifeng and Chang: The light moon meteor adds interest, and the small bridge flows out of the book.
Stone bamboo garden attractions, strange in stone bamboo garden.
Panorama of Suzhou Guangfu Scenic Area. The Tongguanyin Temple concentrates the cultural relics and landscapes of the Liang, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties. The scenic area is surrounded by mountains and greenery all year round, and the largest inland fishing port in the scenic area, with 10,000 masts and thousands of sails, is a major beauty of the scenic spot. Thousands of acres of flower seedlings, full of flowers and fragrance all year round. There are plum blossom festivals, green plum picking festivals, wood lotus festivals, fishing festivals, osmanthus festivals and other tourist festivals in the scenic area. Throughout the ages, Guangfu Scenic Area has been an excellent tourist destination.
Entrance to Guangfu Scenic Area. Located in the west of Suzhou City, the shore of Taihu Lake, known as \"Lake and Mountain, Cave Heaven and Blessed Land\", is a national scenic spot of Taihu Lake. The scenic lake and bay linger, and the peaks and mountains are listed, showing the essence of the landscape of Taihu Lake. Successive generations of literati and celebrities have left countless cultural relics and beautiful poems. Situ Temple, Tongguanyin Temple and other temples are embedded in the lake and mountains. The famous plum viewing resort \"Xiangxuehai\" is one of the four major plum viewing resorts in the country, which is just like the god-made \"Qing, Wonder, Ancient and Strange\", which is known as a must in China, and is praised as the \"soul of the nation\" tree by Wu Guanzhong;
Fragrant snow sea.
The small bridge in the village flows water.
The little mad team enters the mountain dock.
The leaves of this plant grow like flowers.
It\'s also steep here, continue to pull rope descent.
It\'s steep and you need to go down with the help of a rope.
This is mountain climbing. ๐Ÿ˜
15 The tree looks old and has a special shape, with eight poles in a circle.
A short climb of the rock wall is more difficult to climb down than up.
Cliff stone carvings, stone wall inscriptions.
Inscription on the stone wall: Taihu Lake? Shoot?
The stone wall inscription: Guangfu? Border.
The stone wall inscription: The lake is like a mirror mountain, and the beauty is used.
The little mad team walks through the bushes.
A village in the mountains.
Stacked screens.
The little crazy team went down the mountain.
Winding mountain road for a while, this is the best road too.
This cloud is a bit like a wolf\'s head.
Blue sky and white clouds, dragonflies flying.
The little mad team travels through the jungle.
The five golden flowers of the little crazy team are bright and dazzling. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
The five kings of the little crazy team are fierce. ๐Ÿ˜„
Looking at the villages and towns of Suzhou below the mountain, they are all old-fashioned buildings with gray tile low walls.
There are other teams, and there are quite a few teams that go up the mountain on Sunday.
The Little Mad Team walks through the wild paths.
Everyone\'s expressions are very relaxed.
The little mad team headed to the top of the mountain.
Stone wall poetry.
Guangfu Climbing Trail Map, which is a tourist tour route. Deng Wei Mountain is located in Guangfu Town, Wuzhong District, and is named after the Eastern Han Dynasty imperial lieutenant Deng Yu who once lived in seclusion here. The forest trail is made of forest fire escapes combined with hiking trails, and has a total length of 12 kilometers. Along the trail, there are cultural resources such as cliff stone carvings, Deng Wei Xiaoxuan, Sheng\'en Temple, etc., and there are scenic spots such as Guandai Terrace and Wanghuxuan, and the scenery of Taihu Lake is in full view. The trail is rich in forest resources, excellent forest phase, and shows different charms with the change of seasons, and is integrated with the scenery of Taihu Lake.
The little mad team set off up the mountain.
Group photo of Suzhou Guangfu Little Five Tips Little Crazy Team on September 17, 2023. ๐Ÿ˜„
Pig. The 12 zodiac signs are located under the celestial phenomena, above the thunder gong, and seem to have a fairly high status. In the Sui and Tang tombs, the content of the 12 zodiac signs is richer, and the zodiac servants of the head of the beast appear. In literature, there is a lot about the zodiac. Han Yu, Su Shi, Zhu Xi and others have all written 12 zodiac poems. Therefore, the status of the 12 zodiac signs in the lives of the ancients should not be underestimated. In short, the legend of the Chinese zodiac reflects the imagination and creativity of the Chinese nation, is the precious cultural heritage of the Chinese nation, and carries our common cultural genes.
Dog. Xiao Ji of the Sui Dynasty asked in his \"Five Elements of Great Righteousness\": \"Why not choose the unicorn and the phoenix as the zodiac?\" Instead, choose snakes and rats, these little bugs? He also replied to himself, \"Because the Qilin and the Phoenix are rui beasts and belong to the five spirits.\" Then he asked himself: \"Dragons and tigers also belong to the five spirits, why can they be used as zodiac signs?\" Xiao Ji replied to himself: \"The dragon moves the clouds, the tiger roars and the wind rises, this is the yin and yang qi, so it must be taken.\" Although Lin and Feng are spiritual, they do nothing, so they are not reused. \"Archaeological findings found that there are 12 zodiac murals in the Taiyuan Northern Qi Lourui cemetery,
Chicken. The original excerpt is as follows: \"Yin, Muya, its fowl also; Shu, Tsuchiya, and its poultry dogs too. ...... Ugly birds and cattle, not poultry and sheep too. Mu Shengtu, so dogs and cattle and sheep are also served by tigers. Haishui also, its fowl also; Oh, fire also, its fowl serpent also; The son is also water, and its birds and rats are also. Noon is also fire, and its birds and horses are also. Water wins over fire, so it eats snakes; Fire is harmed by water, so horses eat rat poop and their stomachs are distended.\" Wang Chong also talked about the symbiosis of the zodiac, which became one of the sources of numerology for future generations. 2. Questions about the zodiac, questions about the zodiac have existed since ancient times.
Monkey. Among them, ๅทณ, noon, Shen, and You are different from the current 12 zodiac signs, and the correspondence with the 12 earth branches is also different. Some scholars have verified that the worm may be a snake, and the ancient pronunciation of \"ring\" is similar to \"ape\", which can be inferred to have a relationship with monkeys. The ancient pronunciation of water is similar to \"pheasant\" and can be regarded as chicken. Therefore, the biggest difference is the deer. Why deer became the zodiac, and why it subsequently evolved into dogs, also needs future archaeological support. In Wang Chong of the Eastern Han Dynasty\'s \"On Heng\", the dog has become the zodiac, and the correspondence with the twelve earth branches is consistent with the one we use now.
Sheep. 06 Extension of the zodiac: 1. The evolution of the zodiac, the zodiac we use now is not static. The bamboo tablets unearthed from the Qin tomb No. 11 in Yunmeng Sleeping Tiger Land, Hubei Province, have records of the twelve zodiac signs, one of which is a deer. The excerpt is as follows: \"Zi, Rat Ye: Ugly, Niu Ye: Yin, Hu Ye: ๅฏ, Rabbit Ye: Chen, (Original text leaked): Already, Worm Ye: Noon, Lu Ye: Wei, Ma Ye: Shen, Huan Ye: You, Water Ye: Shu, Lao Yang Ye: Hai, Pig Ye.\" \"Son, rat also: ugly, cow also: thief big nose.\"
Horse. The corresponding zodiac sign of the earth branch of Yin is the double claws or double tongue. For example, cows, sheep, chickens, and pigs have four paws, rabbits have two paws, and snakes have two tongues. For details, see Qing Dynasty Liang Zhangju\'s \"Continuation of the Waves\", he excerpted the Song Dynasty Hongxun\'s \"Yanggu Manga\", the original text is: \"Zi, Yin, Chen, Wu, Shen, and Juyang, so take the odd number of names of the genus and think that rats, tigers, dragons, horses, monkeys, dogs have five fingers and horses have one hoof.\" Ugly, ๅฏ, ๅทณ, Wei, You, and Hai Juyin, so they take the name of the even number of the genus, and the ox, sheep, chicken, and pig all have four claws, rabbits have two claws, and snakes have two tongues. โ€
Snake. This theory holds that the zodiac signs on earth correspond to the stars in the sky. For example, Xiao Ji of the Sui Dynasty quoted \"Spring and Autumn Luck Fighting Pivot\", believing that the zodiac signs are all heavenly stars, subordinate to the year. The original text is: \"Pivot stars scatter into dragons and horses, spiral stars scatter into tigers, machine stars scatter into dogs, [Quan] stars scatter into snakes, Yuheng scatter into chickens, rabbits, and rats, [open] Yang scatters into sheep and cows, and shake light scatters into monkeys and apes.\" \"05 Selected according to the yin and yang of the earth branch: the twelve earth branches, six yin and six yang, and the zodiac corresponding to the earth branch belonging to the yang is a single finger or a single hoof. For example, rats, tigers, dragons, horses, monkeys, and dogs are all five-fingered, and horses are single-hooves.
Dragon. There are also legends that the Chinese zodiac was timed by the Yellow Emperor with a famous beast and twelve hours. For example, Shu Majian of the Five Dynasties said in his \"Record of Continuation\": \"The Yellow Emperor established his son and ugly twelve days with a famous moon, and the famous beast with the twelve chens.\" \"In ancient China, there was a custom of using the \"Twelve Beast Calendar\" to mark the year, with the 12-year cycle going on and on. It is said that Yunnan\'s Ailao Mountain still uses the zodiac chronology, and on major festivals, people dress up the twelve beast gods and dance. 04 Determine according to the stars corresponding to the zodiac:
Rabbit. 02 The four heavenly kings recommend according to the practicality of animals: Legend has it that the Jade Emperor wants to choose the zodiac, so the four heavenly kings recommend to the Jade Emperor according to the practicality of animals: cats can chant, cows can plow fields, tigers, monkeys and mountains, rabbits worship the moon, dragons and snakes control water, horses drive cars, sheep and pigs can be sacrificed tributes, chickens report to the dawn, and dogs guard the door. According to the animal use, the zodiac signs are exactly rounded. Finally, combined with the previous story, the mouse snatched the cat first and squeezed its zodiac position.
Tiger. Story 1: The cat and the mouse meet to go together, but the mouse plays a careful eye and sneaks up and robs the cat first, causing the cat and the mouse to fight each other. Story 2: The Jade Emperor asked the twelve animals, which of you is the biggest? The rats volunteered that they were the biggest, and the other animals were not convinced. The mouse said, let\'s go to the mortal world. Twelve animals came to the mortal world, rats sneaked on the head of the bull, and people shouted, This mouse is so big! So, the rat came first.
Cattle. 01 The Animal Race held by the Jade Emperor: This legend is the most widespread. The Jade Emperor wanted to choose the 12 zodiac signs, so he ordered the animals to report to the South Heavenly Gate on the first day of the first lunar month, and selected 12 animals as the zodiac according to the order of the reports. In this legend, everyone seems to be worried about why the rat ranks first, and many small stories have been derived.
Rat. The legends about the 12 zodiac signs mainly include: 1. The animal race held by the Jade Emperor; Second, the four heavenly kings are recommended according to the practicality of animals; 3. Determine according to the active time of the animal; 4. Determine according to the stars corresponding to the zodiac; 5. Selected according to the yin and yang of the earth branch. Archaeological discoveries have found that the early deer is also one of the twelve zodiac signs.
Pigs, lucky pigs attract wealth. At midnight (21:00 to 23:00), the pigs have begun to snore.
Dogs, gods are psychic. At midnight (7 p.m. to 8 p.m.), the dog starts its vigil.
Chickens, roosters announce. At the end of the day (17:00 to 7:00), night falls and the chickens return to their homes.
Monkey? Monkeys welcome delivery. At Shen Shi (5 am to 5 pm), the monkeys become active.
Sheep, galloping streams. Late (13 to 15 o\'clock), a good time for sheep to graze.
Horse, horse to success. At noon (11 a.m. to 1 p.m.), the sky is empty.
Snakes, see snakes have joy. At the end of the day (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.), the snake becomes active.
Dragons, dragons soar. At dawn (7 a.m. to 9 a.m.), the dragon travels clouds and rains.
Rabbit, jade rabbit blessing. At midnight (5 a.m. to 7 a.m.), Jade Rabbit was busy pounding medicine.
Tiger, the wind of kings. During the hour (3 a.m. to 5 a.m.), the tiger is the most ferocious.
Ox, give cattle in good years. When it is ugly (1 a.m. to 3 a.m.), the cow is ruminating.
Rat, god rat Xiangrui. At the sub-hour (23 to 1 o\'clock), mice are most active.
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This table is okay and sells well. ๐Ÿ˜
Butterflies stop on stones.
The Spirit of Life, 85
Model3 \"Fantastic Hand Crank Adventure\" clearance save download, load instant save, the bad guy two brothers lost, overturned and fell on the rails, embarrassed. ๐Ÿ˜„ Game model: SEGA Model 3 Using the emulator: SEGA-Model3-M3UI-V0.02-2020[Supermodel_0.2a_Win64] Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Wuhu Iron Painting Zodiac Series. Ancient China used twelve hours to determine the zodiac sign with the activity of animals at different hours.
Wuxi clay man zodiac series. Donated by Zhao Jiangao of Wuxi. Zodiac Story Series.
Suzhou Guangfu Small Five Tips Loop Day Tour. Sightseeings: Moya Stone Carvings, Deng Wei Xiaoxuan, Sheng\'en Temple, Guandai Terrace, Wanghuxuan, Guangfu Scenic Area, Xiangxuehai, Qizai Shizhuyuan, Situ Temple, Tongguanyin Temple. ๐Ÿค—
Pig, all the best. From then on, when the cat saw a rat that did not talk about credit, he would catch it, and he also changed his snooze problem. This story tells people: we must be trustworthy in doing things, otherwise, we will be retaliated by others and life will not be peaceful. In the future, I will be an honest person and do things, and I will also talk about credit, and I will live up to my own promises in the future, and from tomorrow, I will never be like a rat and do not keep my promises.
Dog, perfect. Today I read the story of the zodiac and knew that the ranking of the zodiac is: rat, cow, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, pig, dog. The Jade Emperor wants to rank the little animals, they have spent a lot of effort in order to compete for the first place, the animals want to get the first place the next day, the cat let the mouse call it in the morning, and the mouse stole it himself, the mouse saw the humble old cow earlier than himself, and the clever mouse jumped on the horn of the old cow and snatched the first place.
Chicken, Jixing Gaozhao. Brother Niu, brother Niu, cross the river, climb the hill, drive, drive, hurry up! When the cow heard this, he was happy, spread his four legs and ran hard, ran to the registration place to see that no one came, and cried out with joy: \"I am the first, I am the first!\" Before the cow could finish speaking, the mouse jumped from the cow\'s neck, jumped to the ground, squeaked, and jumped in front of the cow. The result was that the mouse won the first place and the cow won the second place, so, in the zodiac, the little mouse was ranked first.
Monkey, marquis immediately. The cow said, \"Okay, you sing--- why don\'t you sing?\" The mouse said, \"I\'m singing, why didn\'t you hear me?\" Oh, my voice is so thin, you didn\'t hear me. So let me ride around your neck and sing, and you will hear it. The cow said, \"Xingluo, Xingluo!\" \"The rat climbed along the leg all the way up the neck of the cow, and let the cow carry it, which was comfortable. It shook its head and really sang:
Sheep, set sail. That\'s still the case. How do you get the little mouse in first place? There\'s a story here, too. On the day of registration, the rats got up early and the cows got up early. They bumped into each other on the road. The cow is big and has a big step, the mouse is small and the step is small, and the mouse runs breathlessly, and has just kept up with the cow. The mouse thought to himself: The road is still far away, I can\'t run, what can I do? As soon as its brain moved, it came up with an idea, and said to the cow: \"Brother Niu, brother Niu, I\'ll sing you a song.\" โ€
Horse, one horse Hirakawa. The cat was very happy to hear it and said, \"You are really a good friend of mine, thank you.\" By the morning of the registration, the mouse had already woken up, but it only thought about its own business and forgot about its good friend Cat. I signed up myself. As a result, the rats were chosen. What about cats? The cat woke up too late because of its slept, and by the time it arrived, twelve animals had been selected. The cat was not chosen, so it was angry with the mouse, and the blame mouse did not call it, and from then on, the cat saw the mouse and wanted to eat it, and the mouse had to run away desperately.
Snake, Serpentine Star. How many animals are there in the world? How to choose? In this way, set a day, on this day, the animals come to sign up, and choose the twelve animals that arrive first as the zodiac. Cat and mouse are neighbors and good friends, and they both want to sign up. The cat said: \"We have to get up early in the morning to sign up, but I love to sleep in, what should I do?\" The mouse said, \"Don\'t worry, don\'t worry, you can sleep your sleep, as soon as I wake up, I will call you, let\'s go together.\" โ€
Dragons, dragons travel the world. Do you know which zodiac signs? They are: rats, cows, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs, pigs. Do you know what you belong to? There are those belonging to small white rabbits, and some belonging to large tigers......... Are there cats? No, how can there be a mouse and not a cat? Here\'s a story. A long, long time ago, one day, people said, \"We are going to choose twelve animals as the human zodiac, one animal a year.\" โ€
Rabbit, Jade Rabbit Xiangrui. Suddenly, the rabbit rushed in and shouted: \"This is what you asked for, the villagers beat it!\" Hit hard! Let him steal again, this is retribution. At this time, Yin Hu also rushed in and was hitting Harry hard. Harry had to hear this sentence and quickly said: \"Big sisters, big brothers, spare me!\" I will never dare again. In the end, Harry had to be sentenced to life imprisonment by Officer Owls and Sheriff Black Cat. When the villagers found out, they jumped happily, and some shouted: \"Good! Good! Good! That\'s it! Let him steal again! Deserve! โ€
Tiger, tiger leaps into a new journey. Buntu replied: \"Second brother Yinhu, I am coming, it is a happy event, today we have finally caught the thief who stole your grain, and we are waiting for you to punish!\" Yin Hu was so happy to hear this, he jumped up, and almost hit his head on top of the door frame, and he asked happily: \"What kind of animal is the thief?\" What is your name? The rabbit replied, \"Fox! It\'s called Harid. Yin Hu rushed out, and when he arrived at the meeting house, Harry had to be screamed by the victims who punched him left and right!
Cow, turn things around. After a while, Changlong flew over and said, \"Little sister Rabbit, come here, I have something to tell you.\" The rabbit trembled and walked over, but who knew that Changlong said: \"Little sister rabbit, please don\'t stare at people in the future, okay?\" Please, please, that\'s rude. The rabbit replied happily: \"Good!\" Good! Good! Brother Changlong, I won\'t stare at people in the future, especially you. When Buntu was happily ready to rush out of Yin Hu\'s door, he was blocked by Yin Hu, who said, \"Little sister Buntu, what are you looking for me for?\" โ€
Rat, all the best. Once upon a time, there was a rabbit who met a long dragon in a test flight, and the rabbit glared at the long dragon fiercely, and then jumped away, all of which was seen by the long dragon who tested the flight. Therefore, they formed a small enemy, but the rabbit did not know that he had provoked Changlong, hummed a small song to find Brother Yinhu, and when he arrived at the door of Brother Yinhu\'s house, Juntu knocked on the door and shouted loudly: \"Second brother Yinhu, second brother Yinhu, open the door quickly, open the door quickly.\" The rabbit yelled several times. Yin Hu opened the door and said, \"Little sister Rabbit, you provoked the Elder Dragon, and I can\'t save your life!\" โ€
Pig, Fu. After returning, he moved his family to the earthen cave, where the hare still lives, but the rabbit will not learn his lesson. If you don\'t believe it, if you have another \"bull and rabbit race\" or \"tortoise and rabbit race\" today, the winner will definitely be the rabbit. At 5-7 o\'clock in the morning (that is, \"Midnight\"), the sun has not yet revealed its face, the brilliance of the moon has not completely receded, and the jade rabbit is the name of the moon, the only animal in the mythology of the Moon Palace, so that the time is paired with the rabbit.
Dog, Wang. A rush of footsteps woke up the rabbit, and when he opened his eyes, it turned out to be a tiger running over like a gust of wind, this time the rabbit was anxious, hurried to catch up, but unfortunately a step slower, always fell behind the tiger. Because there was also an opportunistic little mouse squatting between the two horns of the cow, the rabbit only ranked fourth, and the top three were rats, cows, tigers, and rabbits Although they became the zodiac, they finally felt that their faces were dull and lost to their ironic old cow.
Chicken. The chicken barked all over the place, and when the scalper got up, the rabbit had already run away alone. The rabbit ran for a while, and when he looked back, he couldn\'t see any animal shadows. The rabbit thought to himself, I got up the earliest today, and the fastest I ran was to get some sleep, and the number one name of this zodiac sign was none other than me. So, it fell asleep on the grass. Although the scalper lagged behind, it let its tenacious endurance and the iron feet it usually trained, and when the rabbit was still sleeping, it ran to the Heavenly Palace first.
Monkey, Shou Peach. Besides, if you run lightly and physically for a long time, I\'m afraid your thick body will never run fast. The scalper\'s heart was half cold to the rabbit, but his heart was not convinced. Since then, the scalper began to practice long-distance running, and with an indomitable bull strength, the scalper finally trained a pair of \"iron feet\". The tail is cocked, the four hooves are like the wind, and it is tireless for days and nights. When it came to the day when the Jade Emperor lined up the zodiac, according to the rules, whoever arrived first would be the zodiac. The scalper and the rabbit agreed that the chicken would get up all over the place and go straight to the Heavenly Palace to fight for the zodiac.
Sheep, Fu. Speaking of rabbits as a zodiac, there is an interesting legend of \"rabbit and cow race\". According to legend, the rabbit and the scalper were neighbors, and they got along well and called each other brothers. Scalpers live hard and hard, rabbits live by being smart and capable, and they all have a good life. One day, a rabbit who is good at long-distance running bragged in the face of the scalper: \"I am the long-distance running champion in the animal world, no one can outrun me!\" The scalper humbly asked to teach the tricks of long-distance running, but the rabbit shook his head proudly and said: \"Long-distance running champions have to rely on innate quality, and they can\'t learn it.\"
Horse. As a result, the mouse was chosen, but the cat got up too late because of the lazy sleep and was not selected. Later, the cat eats it when it sees the mouse. After reading this story, I think neither cat nor mouse is doing it right. Cats should not depend on others, sleep in, should do their own things. Rats should keep their promises and not just think about themselves.
Snake. Today, I read The Story of the Zodiac Rat. It is said that cats and mice participate in the selection of the zodiac, because cats love to sleep in, and the mouse promised to call the cat together in the morning, and by the next morning, the mouse had already woken up, but it only considered its own affairs, forgot about the good friend cat, and signed up by itself.
Dragon. (Show the small blackboard) 1. Warm up intellectually. Hua Hua was born in 20xx, the zodiac sign is monkey, the older brother is five years older than her, the older brother is born in the year, the zodiac is; The younger sister is two years younger than her, the younger sister is born young, and the zodiac sign is. 2. Intelligence breakthrough. Hua Hua is 12 years old, she belongs to a pig, and her mother is also a pig, please ask her mother to give birth to her. [ Note: Outward bound training breaks the boundaries between disciplines, fully integrates into students\' learning and life, and reflects the practical and comprehensive nature of language.] ]
Rabbit. 2. Whole class communication: guide students to understand the \"Chinese zodiac\" and its origin. (with board book design) The teacher uses stick figures to concisely and clearly indicate the order of the zodiac signs. [Note: In this teaching session, let the text story be more vivid, intuitively displayed in front of students\' eyes, and give students fresh feelings]. 3. Read the key sentences and understand the cause and effect of the story. Guided reading, focusing on the experience of the shrewdness and cunning of mice. 3. Outward bound training to deepen understanding.
Tiger. Let\'s study the 26th lesson \"The Story of the Zodiac\" and board the topic. [Note: In this teaching session, students are left with space to discover, experience in discovery, and feel in experience]. Second, cooperative learning and understanding content. 1. Communication reading within the group: Thinking: What kinds of animals are mainly written in the Chinese zodiac? [Note: Students have a certain learning foundation, allowing them to participate extensively in independent learning and cooperative inquiry, giving students the opportunity to experience and comprehend].
Cattle. 1. Show the word card and read: answer what is not asked, believe it to be true, old dragon clock, scramble, dejected, leisurely. 2. Read and memorize together. 3. Question the excitement and introduce the topic. Master (1) Talk about what your zodiac sign is? Do you still know other people\'s zodiac signs? (Expressing their own opinions). Teacher (2) Teacher comments, exciting introduction learning: why some life signs are the same in life. Why are some life signs different? Another very interesting story about the zodiac?
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Nanjing Gold Leaf Painting Zodiac Series. Author: Jiang Baoquan. Nanjing Jiangbaoquan donated. Zodiac Animal Teaching Goals: Curated copywriting and story series.
Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Wuhu Iron Painting Zodiac Series. Zodiac Story Series.
Rat. Teaching objectives: the story is vivid and interesting, the content is simple, through fluent reading of the text to understand the content of the text, stimulate students\' interest in Mingu culture, understand the order of the twelve zodiac signs, and know how to use the zodiac to remember people\'s birth years. Teaching focus: Understand the order of the zodiac signs and stimulate students\' interest in folk culture. Teaching aids: word cards, headdresses of zodiac animals, small blackboards, teaching aids for the Chinese zodiac and year dials. Teaching process: First, consolidate old knowledge and strengthen memory.
Model3 \"VR Warrior 3 Team Edition\" clearance archive archive.
Model3 \"VR Warrior 3 Team Edition\" clearance save download, load instant save, Chen Pei used his leg skill to kick the metal man. Game model: SEGA Model 3 Using the emulator: SEGA-Model3-M3UI-V0.02-2020[Supermodel_0.2a_Win64] Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
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It\'s raining, and the birds are eating bugs in the water.
In the distance, the mountains are cascading, dragonflies are flying freely, and the picture is beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜
The story of the Year of the Pig: Legend has it that the Jade Emperor planned to use twelve animals as zodiac signs in order to record the year. To be fair, the Jade Emperor stipulated that the twelve animals that first arrived at the Heavenly Palace within the confirmed time were the zodiac signs. The pig knew that his body was bulky and slow to walk, so he got up in the middle of the night to rush to the queue. Due to the long distance, and at the same time the Jade Emperor also set up many obstacles, the pig fought desperately to climb to the South Heavenly Gate for the twelfth, so that the Jade Emperor put the pig in the South Heavenly Gate and became the last zodiac.
The story of the Year of the Dog: Legend has it that the story of the Year of the Dog begins in a small village. The residents here live very weekdays, but they are very kind and help each other. A small dog appeared in the village, he wandered for a long time, but was always able to get help and love from the local residents. People appreciate this puppy\'s courage and perseverance so much that the dog is the next zodiac sign and a symbol of courage and loyalty.
The story of the Year of the Rooster: According to legend, the story of the Year of the Rooster originated in a mountainous area. The people in this ancient mountainous area are very hardworking, but the weekdays are full of quarrels and strife with each other. People prayed to the gods for guidance on the path of peace. The gods gave them an egg, and the egg hatched a chicken, and since then, peace in the region has been guaranteed for a long time. People therefore decided to make the chicken their next zodiac sign as a symbol of peace and friendship.
Story of the Year of the Monkey: It is said that the story of the Year of the Monkey begins in a small town. There is a smart monkey who likes to play a lot of little tricks and arouses the curiosity of the people in the town. This monkey is very good at imitating humans and is able to learn and process a wide variety of things. People are so amazed that they make it their next zodiac sign to recognize the tentacles of wisdom and wisdom.
The story of the Year of the Goat: According to legend, the story of the Year of the Goat began in a small mountain village. The inhabitants of the village are kind and enthusiastic people, but their lives are very difficult. One day, a mysterious angel appears in the village and offers everyone some food and other items. People are so grateful to this angel that the sheep is marked as the next zodiac sign as a sign of gratitude and love.
The Story of the Year of the Horse: According to legend, the story of the Year of the Horse began in a big city. The city is full of people and people like to step on the ground. One day, a monkey enters the city and plays out a very thrilling racing story. The story was very inspiring and inspired many people in the city. Since then, people have decided to use the horse as the next zodiac sign and see it as a symbol of charm, courage and luck.
The Story of the Year of the Snake: According to legend, the story of the Year of the Snake originated in a mountainous area. A very clever widow lives in this ancient mountainous area. It is said that the widow once engaged in a fierce fight with an evil wizard. In a duel, the widow kills the wizard with a snake and has been a hero ever since. People were so grateful for her courage and wisdom that they decided to make the snake their next zodiac sign.
The Story of the Year of the Dragon: It is said that the story of the Year of the Dragon began in ancient times. According to legend, a huge dragon appeared in a village. This dragon is very fierce and has been plague the villagers. One day, a warrior in the village defeated the dragon with something called \"Dragon Ball\", and the villagers found peace for a long time. It was decided to make the dragon one of the zodiac signs in recognition of the warrior\'s heroic deeds.
The story of the Year of the Rabbit: According to legend, the story of the Year of the Rabbit originated in a small village. The inhabitants of this small village have a very difficult livelihood due to some misfortunes. They prayed to the gods for a righteous verdict. The gods use the moon on the calendar to determine the date of the ruling. However, the people of this small village do not know how to see the moon, so they can only turn to the rabbit, an animal that knows how to see the moon, for help. The rabbit is very intelligent and successfully helps people, so it becomes the next zodiac sign and is seen as a symbol of the wise man.
The story of the Year of the Tiger: The story of the Year of the Tiger began thousands of years ago in an ancient empire. At that time, the empire was very powerful and the people were very subservient to the emperor. One day, a bold tiger entered the palace in desperation. However, it did not steal royal treasure and saved a small child. The story spread throughout the country and people decided to make the tiger the next zodiac sign and see it as a symbol of bravery.
Story of the Year of the Ox: It is said that in the Chinese zodiac, the cow is the second animal chosen as the zodiac. According to legend, there was a dispute between the emperor and the sun god at that time, and the sun god decided to go to the world to find an animal to stop the emperor\'s throne. At night, the sun god came to a forest and saw a cow. The cow is not only physically strong, but also very brave. The sun god decides to make the cow the next zodiac sign and uses the power of the cow to stop the emperor\'s misdeeds.
The Story of the Year of the Rat: Legend has it that the story of the Year of the Rat began in ancient times. It is said that the rat was chosen as the zodiac sign because it is very intelligent. The protagonist of the story is an ancient village where there is a particularly intelligent rat called \"Mouse\". The rat is very intelligent and it is always able to help the village solve some puzzles. One year during the Spring Festival, the rat helped the village solve a very big problem, and the people in the village were so grateful for it that they decided to make the rat the next zodiac sign and make it the object of sacrifice.
Pig. The snake lied to be the godson of the dragon and deceived the Jade Emperor\'s trust, so he became the queen of the dragon, and this kind of liar should be purged out. Not to be outdone, the little ant put on a momentum that can destroy the of a thousand miles, wanting to compete with all living beings. And the most concentrated opinion of the phoenix network is to determine the hero with beauty and strength, and ask the chicken that is not good-looking and cannot fly with wings to hide in the chicken nest, and do not occupy the magpie\'s nest. Director Rat was originally unwilling to be in the tail of the snake, and just used this as an excuse to put the sorting matter aground, and lay in the rat hole all day to receive delicious food from all kinds of rats and aliens.
Dog. Knock out the opportunistic rats and volunteer to fill the void. Thousands of wolves and foxes also reported and stamped their paws, calling for the replacement of the subservient watchdog and the sleepy pig. Objections from animal nets are stronger. Some propose to learn from the practice of ranking the seats of the good men of Liangshan, and discharge 108 zodiac signs, so that all kinds of birds and beasts and aquatic animals have a place. Some propose that dragons are legendary animals, in name only, should not participate in the ranking, and can only hold honorary positions. Some have proposed,
Chicken. According to the opinions of the management committee, five members of the cow, horse, sheep, rabbit and chicken were elected to form a jury, and the voting and election were organized within a certain range of the animal world, the plant world and the character world, and the four gentlemen of the plant world Meilan Zhuju were specially invited to serve as scrutineers. After voting, the top of the list is the dragon, followed by tigers, cows, horses, sheep, monkeys, dogs, chickens, rabbits, pigs, snakes and rats. Just as the jury was preparing to announce the results, thousands of cats wrote a letter strongly calling for the implementation of the last-place elimination system based on the useful experience of human beings.
Monkey. This prevented the rats, who were appointed as directors of the animal management committee, to be unable to lead for a long time, resulting in the demise of the name. In response to the call for the protection of animals in the human world, Director Rat has repeatedly proposed to convene the management committee to study how to strengthen unity and take measures to change the situation of the law of the jungle in the animal world. Due to the lack of prestige it deserves, several meetings of the Governing Committee, which is in a fragmented situation, were aborted because only half of the members were present. Due to external and internal pressure, Director Rat had to put the issue of the ranking of the twelve members on the agenda and convene a special meeting to study it.
Sheep. Since the Jade Emperor ranked the twelve zodiac signs in the order of arrival at the Heavenly Palace based on the time he notified, the animal world has always thought that it is unfair, and many animals can\'t figure out why the nameless rats who deceived the old cow into trusting the unknown rat who jumped to the top on the back of the cow can actually sit on the top spot. The Chinese zodiac is also full of contradictions, except for the pig who eats all day long, other zodiac signs have different opinions, especially the cow and tiger are unwilling to succumb to the rat, and they are even more unwilling to accept the leadership of the rat.
Horse. On the one hand, stability, maintaining overall harmony and order, and on the other hand, being able to move forward in flexibility, this is the most fundamental point. Finally, dogs and pigs. The dog represents loyalty, and the pig represents easygoing. If a person is too loyal and does not know how to be easygoing, he will reject others. Conversely, if a person is too easy-going and has no loyalty, the person loses his principles. Whether it is loyalty to a nation or loyalty to one\'s own ideals, it must be closely combined with easy-going, so that it is easy to maintain the balance in the heart.
Snake. However, if a person patronizes Heshun, he may not even have a direction. Therefore, the courageous instincts must be closely combined with harmony, which is the fourth set of expectations of our ancestors. Then there are monkeys and chickens. The monkey represents flexibility, and the chicken cries regularly, representing constancy. Flexibility and constancy must go hand in hand. If you are flexible and not constant, even the best policies will not reap the benefits.
Dragon. The so-called rigid is easy to break, too rigid is easy to break, but if there is only a soft side, it is easy to lose opinion, so the combination of rigidity and softness is our ancestral motto. Next are the horse and the sheep, the horse represents courage to move forward, and the sheep represents harmony. If a person only cares about himself and goes straight to the goal, regardless of the surrounding environment, he will inevitably collide with the surroundings, and in the end may not be able to achieve the goal.
Rabbit. The tiger represents courage and the rabbit represents caution. Courage and prudence must be closely combined in order to be bold and careful. If courage leaves prudence, it becomes recklessness, and without courage, it becomes timidity. This group is also very important, so it is in the second position. Chinese these nobles, add that when we show caution, we must not think that Chinese do not have a brave side. Seeing everyone lost in thought, Chinese continued: The third group is dragons and snakes, dragons represent fierceness, and snakes represent flexibility.
Tiger. At this time, the atmosphere of the scene slowly quieted down, but the faces of the nobles still had a look of indifference. Chinese said: The first group is mice and cows. The mouse represents wisdom and the cow represents diligence. Wisdom and diligence must go hand in hand. If you are wise and not diligent, then you become clever; And just being diligent and not using your brains becomes stupidity. The two must be combined. This is what our ancestors expected and demanded of our first group, and the most important group. The second group is tigers and rabbits.
Cattle. I don\'t know what your ancestors thought! Everyone laughed and clinked glasses with each other, and the previous elegance was completely gone. It stands to reason that people are scolding your ancestors, even if you can\'t think of words to fight back, you can at least lift the table! However, all the Chinese present did not say anything, or they may not react. Chinese stood up and said in a calm tone: Yes Chinese ancestors are very real. Our zodiac signs are facing each other, and the six reincarnations reflect the expectations and requirements of our ancestors.
Rat. On one occasion, a Chinese attended a delegation of European nobles. Most of them are related to the royal family, very learned and cultivated, and polite to others, but behind their cultivation lies a kind of arrogance. On the last day of dinner, there may be too much alcohol, and the speech and behavior of these nobles became more spontaneous. During the banquet, a German nobleman stood up and said: What kind of pigs, dogs, and mice belong to you Chinese! Unlike us, all Taurus, Leo, Andromeda.
Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Lingbi Stone Zodiac Series. Produced in Lingbi County, Anhui Province, one of the four famous stones in China. Zodiac Story Series.
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Dehua White Porcelain (China Red) Zodiac Series. Author: Xu Ruifeng (Master of Arts and Crafts of Fujian Province). Zodiac folk tales.
Pig, founding emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin, Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty (927-976). 3. In the game activities, I think that although there are many body movements of children, but there are very few language expressions, the teacher talks a little more, and the children\'s thinking should follow the teacher, it seems that the children are more passive, this problem is what I should pay more attention to in the next class.
Dog, founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of Tang (566-635). 2. In the plot performance session, I only asked if the little mouse did it right, but neglected to continue asking, although the toddlers said that the little mouse did not do right. But young children should be made to think why the little mouse is not right? And the teacher concluded that it is not right to play fairly in the competition, and opportunistic behavior.... This kind of moral education is also essential in the language teaching of kindergarten classes.
Chicken: Yang Jian, founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Wen of Sui (541-604). The following points: 1. Although my story was told vividly during the event, when asking questions about the storyline. The children spoke very passively and not actively, and some children raised their hands to speak after I prompted and inspired. In this case, I think that teachers can repeat the key points of the story appropriately after telling the story, and give the children a minute to recall instead of asking questions right away.
Monkey, Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty, God of Wuzhou (624โ€“705). It not only allows children to concretize the zodiac sign, but also encourages children to boldly use language to communicate with others. 3. The curriculum is interconnected to ensure the natural and orderly conduct of activities. From greetings to zodiac stories to episodic performances, game interactions, and final activities, I cleverly designed the relevant details to ensure that the activities went smoothly without organizational classroom discipline. There are also many flaws in this section.
Yang, Tang Dynasty Emperor Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang (599-649). It also develops young children\'s ability to express and express boldly. 3. After the story ends, give children more opportunities to express themselves in a variety of ways. Questions deepen children\'s understanding of the story, discuss the plot so that children have more opportunities to communicate with each other, and the plot performance and game links make children have more cooperation and communication, and develop children\'s language and interpersonal intelligence. 4. End the activity and let the toddler and the guest teacher chat.
Ma, Qing Emperor Kangxi, Qing Shengzu (1654-1722). 2. In order to let the child have something to say at the beginning of the activity. I cleverly designed an introduction: there are many guests in the class today, teachers and children say hello to them! The child said, \"Hello guest teacher!\" After that, let the children introduce themselves to let the guest teacher get to know them. The children are very willing to introduce themselves, not only saying their names and ages in the introduction, but also preparing for the next step to introduce the genus (zodiac).
Snake, founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang, ancestor of Han Gaozu (256-195 BC). Make them feel the richness and beauty of the language, and help children deepen their experience and understanding of the works through a variety of activities. \"1. First of all, with a pre-class finger rhythm, I replaced the lyrics of \"Two Tigers\" with stones, scissors, and cloth, and turned into a variety of small animals. It not only enhances children\'s imagination and creativity, but also the rhythm of the song renders the atmosphere well, and also echoes the appearance of the zodiac.
Long, founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, Emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty (1328-1398). It improves children\'s ability to explore, analyze and reason. Second, create a relaxed language communication environment so that children are happy to perform. From the perspective of language activities, this lesson captures the focus of language. As the Outline states that \"it is necessary to create a free and relaxed language communication environment, support, encourage and attract children to talk with teachers, peers or others, and experience the fun of language communication; Guide young children to contact excellent children\'s literature.
Rabbit, Qianlong, fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty (1711-1799). Play the background music of \"Zodiac Song\" during the game, and the projector plays the sequence diagram of the zodiac sign, plus the headdress to wear. Children\'s senses such as sight, hearing and other senses are benignly stimulated, and they quickly grasp the content they have learned. 4. The reincarnation of the zodiac is the difficult point of this section, and it takes some trouble to design this link. Use the completed game formation to ask questions first, trigger children\'s strong desire to explore, and then visually display the reincarnation of the birth sign in the form of a circle.
Hu, founding emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang (259โ€“210 BC). During the explanation, not only the pictures attracted the attention of the children, but I also impressed these young listeners with various changing voices and rich expressions. 2. Before class, I posted \"Little River\" and \"Finish Line\" on the floor with sticky notes, which made the children more able to appreciate the situation in the story during the plot performance. 3. Develop children\'s intelligence using a variety of pedagogies. When teaching the zodiac order, I designed a game of \"zodiac lining\".
Niu, Western Han Emperor Liu Qi, Han Jing Emperor (188โ€“141 BC). A successful activity is inseparable from careful preparation and careful preparation before class, so I repeatedly revised the lesson plan and designed the activity before the class to summarize the successes: 1. Before the class, I made a beautiful PPT courseware based on the legends and stories of the zodiac, and made two sets of zodiac headdresses and a cat headdress. Thanks to the full preparation of the lesson and the close cooperation of the teachers, my story was very exciting.
Rat, Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhu Di, Ming Chengzu (1360-1424). Young children can play the zodiac signs autonomously during regional activities. Activity Reflection: This activity is based on the legend and story of the Chinese zodiac, and through a series of activities such as quizzes, plot performances, and games, children can understand the story and know the origin of the Chinese zodiac. Let children have a preliminary understanding of the order and reincarnation of the Chinese zodiac, and trigger children\'s desire to further explore the genus phase. I grasped the following aspects in the activity: First, prepare well before class.
Pig, founding emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty, Zhao Kuangyin, Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty (927-976). Use honorifics when asking, such as \"hello\" and \"excuse me\". After the chat, you can say goodbye to the guest teacher! (Encourage young children to boldly use language to interact with the guests and teachers around them). Activity extension: Drop the headdress of the zodiac sign into the corner of the music performance area.
Dog, founding emperor of the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan, Emperor Gaozu of Tang (566-635). 4. Interact with the guest teacher to end the activity. Teacher: Today\'s lesson is over here, in this class, the children\'s performance is very good, Teacher Ji rewarded the children can chat with the guest teacher at will, and ask their age and affiliation.
Chicken: Yang Jian, founding emperor of the Sui Dynasty, Emperor Wen of Sui (541-604). The Year of the Pig is followed by the Year of the Rat again, and the Chinese zodiac is a reincarnation every twelve years, and the same zodiac sign after twelve years. Third, summarize the content of this section and use courseware to review and consolidate the Chinese zodiac characters. Master: Today the children know the origin of the twelve zodiac signs and their order, and know that every twelve years is the same zodiac sign, now let\'s read the words of the zodiac aloud.
Monkey, Empress Wu Zetian of the Tang Dynasty, God of Wuzhou (624โ€“705). 4. Understand the reincarnation of the zodiac. Master: The children know the order of the zodiac signs, let\'s say them together! Hey? The last one is Piggy. So guess what zodiac sign the pig should be after? (Toddlers: rats/cows/tigers/rabbits...) Master: Did you guess right? Now please pull up the hands of the children in front of you and pull a small circle, (pigs and rats hold hands, so that the toddlers can say it themselves at a glance. Teacher: The children observed too carefully.
Yang, Tang Dynasty Emperor Li Shimin, Emperor Taizong of Tang (599-649). (Screen shows pictures of the order of the zodiac) Let the children talk first. Zodiac queuing game: \"In order to better remember the order of the zodiac, let\'s make a fun game, these children on the left are the first group, the right is the second group, the two groups of children go to me and Teacher Wei Wei to take the headdress, see which group is the champion after wearing and lining up the order first!\" (The background music \"Zodiac Song\" is played during the game)\" (The teacher summarizes the game).
Ma, Qing Emperor Kangxi, Qing Shengzu (1654-1722). 2. Character performance. Teacher: Many children think that the little mouse\'s approach is not right, and they have come up with many ways to become the first place. Now invite the children to pretend to be mice, cats and cows to act out your own ideas. In the performance, you must have what you want to say, not just do the action! (Find 2-3 groups of toddlers to perform). 3. Learn the zodiac order. Division: In what order do the animals reach the finish line except the first place?
Snake, founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang, ancestor of Han Gaozu (256-195 BC). 12 kinds of animals, in the form of river crossing races. (Remind toddlers to speak the whole story). 2) Division: Who is first in the zodiac? How did he get the first place? (Toddler: The mouse came first, and he jumped down to the finish line when he got into the cow\'s ear and was about to go ashore). 3) Division: Ask the children to discuss whether it is right for the mouse to do this, if you are a mouse, how will you get the first place? (Children discuss and report the results of the discussion, and the teacher summarizes them).
Long, founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang, Emperor Taizu of the Ming Dynasty (1328-1398). Ay? Did the children find out, they are different in age, why is that? What does genus have to do with age, and do you want to know the origin of the zodiac? Today, the teacher will tell you a story of the Chinese zodiac. Second, use courseware to tell stories. 1. Tell the story and ask questions about the storyline: 1) Division: How many animals did the Jade Emperor choose in the story to indicate the year? And in what way were these animals selected? Toddler:
Rabbit, Qianlong, fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty (1711-1799). Teacher: There are many guest teachers today, and the children say hello to them! (Hello teachers!) The greeting is over, but the teachers, I don\'t know you yet, during the introduction, you have to say your name and age. (Toddler: Hello everyone!) My name is so-and-so and so-and-so is 5 years old this year, hello everyone! My name is so-and-so, and I am 6 years old this year...) Master: You are 5 years old and he is 6 years old, what are you all about? (Toddler: I belong to dog, I belong to chicken) Division:
Rabbit, Qianlong, fourth emperor of the Qing Dynasty, Emperor Gaozong of the Qing Dynasty (1711-1799). Teacher: There are many guest teachers today, and the children say hello to them! (Hello teachers!) The greeting is over, but the teachers, I don\'t know you yet. During the introduction, you need to say your name, age. (Toddler: Hello everyone!) My name is so-and-so and so-and-so is 5 years old this year, hello everyone! My name is so-and-so, and I am 6 years old this year...) Master: You are 5 years old and he is 6 years old, what are you all about? (Toddler: I belong to dog, I belong to chicken) Division:
Niu, Western Han Emperor Liu Qi, Han Jing Emperor (188โ€“141 BC). I designed the event with a theme for December. Let children understand the 12 zodiac signs and their order, pay attention to the cultivation of children\'s language, and improve children\'s ability to communicate and cooperate. Activity objectives: 1. Understand the content of the story, be able to perform and discuss according to the storyline, and develop children\'s language expression skills. 2. Let young children have a preliminary understanding of the order of the Chinese zodiac. 3. Trigger children\'s desire to further explore genus. Highlights of the event:
Rat, Ming Dynasty Emperor Zhu Di, Ming Chengzu (1360-1424). Activity idea: In thousands of years of traditional Chinese culture, the zodiac is not only a vivid way to remember the year and month, but also has been combined with everyone, giving it a magical character. Animals have always been a topic of interest for children, especially in kindergarten children who have become interested in their genitive phase (zodiac) - in order to satisfy young children\'s desire to learn, so that children have a further understanding of the zodiac.
Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Twelve Emperors Zodiac Bottle Series. Inscription: General Xu Yongqing (former political commissar of the Armed Police Force). Author: Zhou Guozhen (Consultant of the Sculpture Professional Committee of the China Arts and Crafts Society, Director of the China Artists Association, Vice Chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Art Association, President of the Jiangxi Sculptors Association). Zodiac children\'s activity ideas planning copywriting.
Pig: Happiness, joy, resilience, symbolizing happiness and joy.
Dog: Honesty, willpower, courage, symbolizing honesty and bravery.
Chicken: Wisdom, justice, protection, symbolizing protection and bravery.
Monkey: Smart, cunning, symbolizing wisdom and alertness.
Sheep: Gentle, friendly, virtuous, symbolizing goodness and beauty.
Horse: Freedom, grace, energy, symbolizes freedom and adventure.
Snake: Intelligent, sharp, spiritual, symbolizing wit and wisdom.
Dragon: Mysterious, majestic, self-aware, symbolizing mystery and power.
Rabbit: Agile, flexible, friendly, symbolizing virtue and warmth.
Tiger: Strength, courage, ambition, symbolizing strength and excellence.
Niu: Industrious, endurance, practical, symbolizing hard work and affirmation.
Rat: Witty, intelligent, adaptable, symbolizing wisdom and agility.
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Clay Zodiac Series. Each zodiac sign has its own unique character, characteristics, and symbolism.
Pig. The big rooster, embarrassedly lowered his head and said: Don\'t thank me, if you want to thank the little monkey, it is it that urges me to crow, I just hit, at first I was not willing to. The little monkey also blushed and said: I must also learn from the big rooster in the future and beat the gong on time, otherwise everyone will not like me. Everyone laughed when they listened to the little monkey and the big rooster. And so, since then, every morning when the sun is about to come out, the big rooster will chirp to wake everyone up, and the little monkey will bang the gong to inform everyone that it is dark and it is time to sleep.
Dog. After saying that, he jumped onto the big rock and began to chirp. Everyone heard the crowing of the rooster, they all thought it was dawn, got up and looked: Huh? Why is it a little red today? Go out and see what\'s going on, and as soon as you go out, you hear the little monkeys and swallows shouting together: It\'s on fire, it\'s on fire, the forest is on fire, everyone run. Everyone quickly ran out of the forest and waited for the fire brigade to come and put out the fire. The fire brigade, which received an alarm call, drove the fire truck and came quickly. The fire brigade extinguished the forest fire, and everyone came to thank the big rooster for saving everyone by chirping in time.
Chicken. The little monkey scratched his head, there was a way, it quickly ran to wake up the big rooster, told the big rooster about the fire, and asked the big rooster to quickly chirp and call everyone to get up. However, the big rooster said: The sun is still coming out, I can\'t crow, I can only wait for the sun to come out to call everyone up. The little monkey hurriedly said: When the sun comes out, the fire will roast us into roast meat, and you will become roast chicken. When the big rooster heard this, he was frightened and said: Okay, okay, I\'ll go and bark, I don\'t want to be a roast chicken.
Monkey. The forest over there is on fire, and the fire is about to burn. The little monkey lay on the top of the tree and looked, wow, what a big fire, it was about to burn, the little monkey quickly picked up the gong, and the \"bang\" knocked up to wake everyone up and run. But when everyone heard the gong, they all thought that the little monkey was urging everyone to sleep, and no one got up, and they were still scolding the little monkey: the little monkey was lazy again, and it was so late to ring the gong and woke us up. The little monkey bangs the gong hard, bangs the gong hard, but everyone doesn\'t get up, what can I do?
Sheep. Everyone likes the big on time, and doesn\'t like the little monkey who is not on time. One night, the little monkey forgot to ring the gong again, and everyone was already asleep. Where does the little monkey go? Oh, it stayed by the lake, looking at the moon in the water, and was in a daze: how could the moon fall in the water. At this moment, a group of swallows hurriedly flew over, chirping and shouting: It\'s not good, it\'s not good, everyone run. The little monkey hurriedly asked: Little swallow, little swallow, what\'s wrong? What\'s wrong? Little Swallow replied:
Horse. As soon as everyone heard the rooster\'s crowing, they got out of their beds and got up to work. The little monkey, but not so obedient, sometimes the sun just set, it began to beat the gong, sometimes, it is anxious monkey, who calls it a little monkey, the sun has not yet set, it begins to beat the gong, but sometimes, it is too happy to play itself, it forgot to knock the gong, and when I remember, the sun has set early, everyone has fallen asleep, the little monkey bangs the gong again, and wakes everyone up again.
Snake. Well, the story begins: the zodiac signs live happily together in the forest, in order to make everyone have a regular life, specially arranged the big rooster to wake up every morning when the sun is about to come out, wait until the sun goes down, and arrange the little monkey to knock to tell everyone that it is time to sleep at night. The big rooster is very obedient, and every day when the sun is about to come out, the big rooster stands on a high stone and uses its loud voice to wake everyone up.
Dragon. Today we will talk about 2 more animals, which two animals, by the way, to the little monkey and the big rooster. The little monkey, who likes to be free, jumps up and down all day, jumps into the tree to pick bananas and apples, and then lies on the ground to watch the little ants move, and is very interested in everything, but after a while, it starts to be interested in new things. The big rooster, it\'s different, it\'s particularly well-behaved, it will do whatever it says, and it will do what it says, and it won\'t break the rules.
Rabbit. The aroma is invisible, how can it be expressed? The animals scratched their ears and cheeks one by one, there was no way to write, only the cow calmly sat there and painted, the picture was full of flowers and branches, flowers fell all over the ground, tourists rode horses galloping by, the front hooves of the horse landed on the ground, the back hooves flew up, a few butterflies chased the horse\'s hooves, isn\'t the horse\'s hooves fragrant? So the cow is again the first place. In four rounds, Mavericks won the first place indisputably by outcoming the other players with their superhuman strength. In 20xx, it brought other zodiac signs to work together!
Tiger. I learned all the skills of the teacher, and finally passed five levels and cut six generals, became the champion, and won the second game. The third competition is to write articles, Niu has been trained in writing, the article is particularly literate, it writes a lyrical composition on the theme of protecting the environment; Through animal dialogue, calling on everyone to protect the earth and protect our dependent homes, this round of nature is the cow that won the first place. The fourth scene is to make a painting, the title is \"Stepping on Flowers and Returning from Horseshoe Incense\", which can stump everyone.
Cattle. The final is divided into four levels, piano, chess, book and painting. The first game began, the tiger played the drum, the rabbit played a shaw, and the dragon played the guitar, each with its own merits. The last cow came to the stage with a song \"High Mountains and Flowing Water\", accompanied by a leisurely guzheng, everyone seemed to see the towering peak, heard the roar of the stormy waves crashing against the rocks, and played a song, touching the heartstrings. In the second game of chess, everyone came and went, and a fight was launched in the Chu River Han world, and Niu listened carefully to the lecture because of his usual class.
Rat. The students of Forest University are about to graduate, and the president elephant decides to hold a competition, one to test everyone\'s academic performance, and the other to select twelve capable students to serve as the annual zodiac officials. After hearing this news, everyone signed up one after another, all wanting to have their own place in these twelve official positions. After the preliminary round and the second round, twelve animals such as rats, cows, tigers, rabbits, dragons, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs and pigs entered the final finals competing for the rankings.
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Pig. But at this time, the mouse jumped from the back of the cow to the front and won the first place. The Jade Emperor also gave the rat a medal, and the mouse proudly went home with the medal. As soon as I arrived home, I saw fierce cats. Suddenly, the mouse remembered to ask the cat to go to the zodiac selection competition together. The cat said fiercely: I\'m going to eat you. The mouse ran and ran, and the cat kept saying angrily: I\'m going to eat you! I\'m going to eat you, and from then on I have the zodiac. Since then, cat and mouse have changed from good friends to current rivals.
Dog. The mouse said: Brother Niu, brother Niu, let me sing you a song. The cow said: Okay. The mouse only opened its mouth and did not make a sound, and the cow pricked up its ears and did not hear the song, and the cow said: You start singing. The mouse said: I started singing, maybe my voice is too thin, why don\'t I ride on your back and sing to your ears. The cow said: Come up. The rat climbed from the cow\'s leg to the cow\'s back and began to sing loudly, singing and singing and reaching the place. Niu said happily: I am number one.
Chicken. The next day, the mouse left at dawn, and he forgot to call the kitten. The rat ran up quickly, and a cow ran and said, \"Little mouse, where are you going?\" The little mouse thought: If I say I am going to choose the zodiac sign it will run faster, I can\'t say that. The little mouse in turn asked: Where are you going? The cow said: Don\'t you know about choosing the zodiac? After saying that, the cow ran. The cow is big, the step is big, the mouse is small, the step is small. It\'s far from the designated place, and the rats can\'t run.
Monkey. Do you know the zodiac? I\'m a little rabbit, so do you know the origin of the zodiac? Let me tell you that once upon a time, the Jade Emperor said: I will choose twelve animals to be people\'s zodiac signs, but they must be the top twelve animals. Mice and kittens have always been best friends. The kitten said: Brother Mouse, I fell asleep and couldn\'t wake up all of a sudden, what can I do? The mouse said: This is easy, I get up early, I can tell you to get up, and we will go together. The kitten said happily: Thank you, Brother Mouse.
Sheep. Later, the flying cat took them to the top of the mountain and told them that there was only one sun in this world, and the whole story was vivid and interesting, with beautiful pictures and fun. Through learning, the Chinese zodiac is composed of eleven animals derived from nature, namely rats, cows, tigers, rabbits, snakes, horses, sheep, monkeys, chickens, dogs, pigs and legendary dragons, which are used to keep the year, in the order of sub-mouse, ugly cow, Yin tiger, ๅฏrabbit, chenlong, shisnake, wumma, weiyang, shen monkey, unitary chicken, dog, and hai pig. It is widely used in many countries and nationalities. I memorized the order of the zodiac.
Horse. Mom said that \"The Story of the Zodiac\" is the same as the \"Three Character Sutra\", there are many versions, and the story of each version is quite different, I bought Yang Hongying\'s version of the zodiac, which is really different from what I used to see, it is about a sleepy kitten who chose the zodiac animal because of snooze. Later, the cat\'s offspring kittens plugged in their wings to become flying cats, went to play in various animal kingdoms, and saw that in the early morning, animal kings brought their own people to sacrifice the day, the zodiac animals had several suns for the day, and the debate over whose kingdom the sun was.
Snake. The rat and the cow ran, and the mouse ran, and the mouse said: I\'ll sing you a song. The cow said: Okay! The mouse moved its mouth without singing, and the cow said: Why don\'t you sing? The mouse said: My voice is too quiet. The rat asked to sit on the bull\'s head and sing, and the cow agreed. Singing and singing, it was almost to the place of registration, and the mouse quickly raised its legs and jumped over, so the mouse won the first place. Since then, the mouse has been ranked first in the zodiac and the smartest mouse.
Dragon. Along the way, the rat saw no one and thought it was the first to arrive, so the mouse walked slowly. Unexpectedly, the mouse heard a loud noise, the mouse looked up and saw that it was a cow, and the cow asked the mouse: Where are you going? The mouse thought about it, if he said to register for the zodiac, the cow would definitely rush in front of me. The mouse asked the cow rhetorically: Where have you been? The cow said: I will register for the zodiac race. After speaking, the cow rushed in front of the mouse.
Rabbit. Many long, long time ago, a forest on the mountain was inhabited by many animals. One day, the Jade Emperor said: Choose twelve animals from all the animals as the zodiac. The mouse and his good friend Cat heard what the Jade Emperor said and decided to campaign. But the cat loves to sleep lazy and can\'t get up the next day, so the mouse takes the initiative to wake up the cat tomorrow. By the next morning, the rat had forgotten all about what he had promised the cat yesterday, put on his clothes and ran away.
Tiger. The cat chased the mouse angrily, and the mouse hid in the hole when he saw the cat and did not dare to come out. This is the story of the cat and mouse in the zodiac, which, although mythical, tells us the fact that \"the cow\'s eyes are big and the mouse cat\". In addition, there is another popular science in this story. For example, two of the chicken\'s original four feet were crushed, the sheep were tired of seeing the road and their eyes became short-sighted, and the horse snake was scared and timid. There is no big or small story, just like it.
Cattle. On the morning of the race, before dawn, they got up and started crossing the river. When it was about to reach the surface, the mouse pushed the cat into the water. Cats can\'t swim and can only watch them go away. Near the end, the rat got into the cow and yelled, and then it jumped sharply to win the first place. So, the cow always stared because he was angry. And the cat finally ran and stunned too late, there was no ranking.
Rat. The 12 zodiac signs are mythical stories. People knew the year in ancient times, so they also knew their age. The Jade Emperor thought of a way to use animals to remember the year. The Jade Emperor sent the land master to post a notice in the world, allowing animals to sign up for the river crossing competition. Cat and mouse were good friends before, and when they saw the announcement, they also wanted to compete for a place. But they couldn\'t swim, so they went to the cow with gifts, and the cow agreed to help them cross the river.
A big bug, I don\'t know what it\'s called, lying on the railing of a bus stop.
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Dinner is cooked, tired, rest for a while, the three of them have eaten enough. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection: Jiangxi Ruichang Paper Cutting, Zodiac Series. National intangible cultural heritage items. Author: Liu Shiying (representative inheritor, master of arts and crafts in Jiangxi Province), donated by Liu Lingyun in Jiujiang, Jiangxi. Zodiac Story Series.
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The inscription at the gate of the Song Dynasty, this is the real lizi.
Hengyang pig killing powder, there is no the same model. ๐Ÿ˜†
I made my own yogurt wine, I don\'t know if it\'s good or not. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection: Shandong Gaomi Paper Cutting, Zodiac Series. National intangible cultural heritage items. Author: Fan Zuoxin (inheritor of high-density paper-cutting, master of arts and crafts in Shandong Province). Zodiac Story Series.
Five Tigers General Huang Zhong. ?-220, Zi Hansheng, a native of Nanyang. Originally a lieutenant general under Liu Bei, he later surrendered to Liu Bei and accompanied Liu Bei into Sichuan to fight. During the Battle of Hanzhong, Huang Zhong beheaded the famous Cao Wei general Xiahou Yuan at Dingjun Mountain. Jian\'an died in the twenty-fifth year (220). Liu Chan\'s era was posthumously known as \"Marquis of Gang\".
The Five Tigers will be the horse of Chao. 176-222, Zimengqi, Fufeng Maoling people. A descendant of the Han Fubo general Ma Yuan, Ma Teng\'s son, became famous as a teenager, and Cao Cao recruited Ma Chao into Beijing as an official many times, but Ma Chao refused. Then Ma Teng entered Beijing and was made a guard lieutenant, and Ma Chao commanded Ma Teng\'s troops. When Liu Bei attacked Liu Zhang, Ma Chao surrendered to Liu Bei and besieged Chengdu with Liu Bei\'s army, and after the Battle of Hanzhong, he jointly named Liu Bei as the king of Hanzhong. After the establishment of the Shu Han dynasty, Ma Chao became a hussar general and a marquis of Zhexiang.
Five Tigers General Zhao Yun. ?-229, Zilong, Tsunayama Zhendingren. He was the first general to follow Liu Bei after Guan Yu and Zhang Fei, following Gongsun Zan in the early days, and later joining Liu Bei, who was still attached to Yuan Shao at the time, in Yecheng. He twice rescued Liu Bei\'s son Liu Chan, calling him \"the savior of single riding\". During the Battle of Hanshui, Cao Army was repelled, and Liu Bei called him \"a gallant\", and the lieutenant generals called him \"General Huwei\". Zhao Yun died in the seventh year of Jianxing (229), and was posthumously named \"Marquis of Shunping\" during the Liu Chan era.
Five tigers will Zhang Fei. ?-221, Ziyide, a native of Youzhou Zhuo County. In the early days, he followed Liu Bei with Guan Yu. Liu Bei Changsaka Slope was defeated, and Zhang Fei only led twenty horses to break off, according to the water broken bridge, no one in the Cao army dared to approach; When he swept Xichuan with Zhuge Liang and Zhao Yun, he interpreted Yan Yan in Jiangzhou; During the Battle of Hanzhong, he defeated Zhang Hao in Dangqu and made great contributions to Shu Han, and was promoted to the rank of general of Che Cai and commander of the commander, and was named Marquis of Xixiang, and was later assassinated by Fan Qiang and Zhang Da. Liu Chan\'s posthumous title was \"Marquis of Huan\" during the Chan.
Five Tigers General Guan Yu. ?-220, Ziyun Chang, Hedong Jieliang people. In the early days, he followed Liu Bei around the world, but was captured by Cao Cao Sheng, and killed Yuan Shao\'s general Yan Liang in Baimapo, and was known as the enemy of all people together with Zhang Fei. Liu Bei claimed to be the queen of Hanzhong, Guan Yu led an army to surround Xiangfan, Cao Cao sent Yu Ban to come as reinforcements, Guan Yu captured Yu Ban, killed Pound, and threatened Huaxia, Cao Cao once wanted to move the capital to avoid Qirui. Later Cao Cao sent Xu Huang to come to reinforcements, and Lรผmeng of Eastern Wu attacked Jingzhou again, Guan Yu suffered from the enemy, and his soldiers were defeated and killed.
Overlord Farewell Concubine. Peking Opera traditional repertoire, which tells the story of the late Qin dynasty, the Chu and Han rivalries, Xiang Yu does not listen to advice, insists on sending troops. When he reached the vicinity of Jiuli Mountain, he was set up by Han Xin and trapped under the bow. Xiang Yu felt that the general trend had passed, so he returned to the account and drank with Yu Ji and sang sadly. Yu Ji danced relieved, and in order to relieve Xiang Yu\'s worries, he killed himself after dancing the sword. Xiang Yu broke through the siege and fled to Wujiang, feeling faceless to see Jiangdong\'s father and elder, and killed himself.
Li Huiniang. Yue opera repertoire, adapted from the legendary \"Red Plum Pavilion\" by Zhou Chaojun in the Ming Dynasty, the love story of Li Huiniang and Pei Yu has been performed by many plays and many troupes; Shaoxing Little Hundred Flowers Yue Troupe\'s \"Li Huiniang\" injects new vitality into this traditional famous drama. The play has a historical evolution.
Yu Xianglian: Over the years, he has devoted himself to research, gathered the strengths of each family, integrated and integrated, inherited and carried forward the local style of Huishan mud people, and restored historical works to achieve the state of [old as old] and [fake and real]. She has been working with Wang Nanxian for a long time, and 40 sets of hand-pinched opera texts have been collected by the National Art Museum of China, the China Arts and Crafts Museum, and the Nanjing Museum. Wang Nanxian: The depiction of the faces of the characters is very exquisite, focusing on conveying the spirit. Long-term cooperation with Yu Xianglian, one plastic and one color complement each other.
The concubine was drunk. One of the representative plays of the Mei Pai, the play describes Yang Yuhuan who is deeply favored by Tang Minghuang, originally about Tang Minghuang Hundred Flowers Pavilion to go to the banquet, but waited for a long time, and then knew that he had already transferred to the West Palace, so he was embarrassed and angry, and Wan Duan was sad and could not be discharged, so he ordered Colix and Pei Lux to add a cup to serve the cup, drink to get drunk, and then return to the palace abruptly.
Bridge. The Peking Opera repertoire is a fold in \"The Legend of the White Snake\". It is about Bai Suzhen who traveled to the West Lake Broken Bridge after the defeat of Jinshan Temple, and had abdominal pain. Just met Xu Xian, Xiaoqing hated Xu Xian and wanted to kill, Bai Li was relieved, personally blamed Xu Zhi for Bo Xing, Xu Xian made amends and made clear hearts, and the three of them reconciled and went to Hangzhou.
The mad monk sweeped Qin. Also known as \"Burning Qin Juniper\", the mad monk in the play is the rice monk of Lingyin Temple. The story is taken from \"The Complete Biography of Say Yue\", which is a famous passage shared by many dramas such as Beijing Opera and Yu Opera. After Yue Fei\'s Storm Pavilion was killed, the loyal soul alarmed the Jade Emperor, and he gave three divine fires to burn Qin Hui to cause illness. This incident was later called \"Mad Monk Sweeping Qin\". People admired the mad monk so much that they worshipped him as a bodhisattva and made a statue in the Arhat Hall in the West Garden for generations to admire.
Tianxian matched. Huangmei dramas, also known as \"Seven Fairies Under Fan\" and \"Dong Yong Selling Body\", is one of the \"thirty-six books\" accumulated in the early days of Huangmei opera, one of the reserved plays of Huangmei opera, and is the first Huangmei opera to appear in the form of film. The work tells the love story of the seven fairies who ignored the rules of heaven and privately married Dong Yong, longing for a better life, and finally being separated by the Jade Emperor.
Drunken hit the mountain gate. It is a fold in the legend of \"Tiger Bag Bomb\", also known as \"Mountain Pavilion\", \"Tiger Bag Bomb\" is based on \"Water Margin\", the first half says that Lu Zhishen killed the town of Guanxi for Jin Cuilian, in order to avoid disaster, he went to Wutai Mountain to shave as a monk, drunkenly hit the mountain gate, and beat Erlongshan with a Zen staff alone, and then returned to Liangshanbo. The second half writes that Zhao Yuanwai was betrayed by the enemy Hua Zizhi, sued the thief Lu Zhishen, and was imprisoned and sentenced. Kim sued for grievances in the Province of Seedling. Jing Liao ordered that anyone who complained of wrongs should first hang on the pole and receive a hundred bullets from the tiger bag. Kim was willing to be impeached, the complaint was granted, and the grievances were snowed.
Qiankun circle. In the Peking Opera repertoire, Nezha used a divine arrow to accidentally injure the female fairy transformed by the bluestone on Qianyuan Mountain, and the female fairy was originally a disciple of Shiji Niangniang. Shi Ji asked, Nezha did not submit, and fought, Nezha was invincible. His master, Tai Yi, came to help solve the peace, but Shi Ji did not listen to the advice, and Tai Yi used the divine fire cover to refine Shi Iso. For the story, see \"Romance of the Gods\", also known as \"Qianyuanshan\". Gai is called a masterpiece of heaven.
Two into the palace. It is one of the traditional Peking opera \"Dragon and Phoenix Pavilion\". There are also Sichuan opera of the same name, Hui opera, Han opera, Xiang opera, Yunnan opera, Hebei Bangzi, Jin opera, Qin cavity, Yu opera, Yue tune, qu opera, etc. It describes that after visiting the emperor\'s mausoleum, Xu Yanzhao (also known as: Xu Yanzhao) and Yang Bo (also known as: Yang Shilang) returned to the harem and played wholeheartedly. Empress Li knew that Xu and Yang were loyal and prestigious, enough to subdue the abbot. So he entrusted the young master to Xu and Yang to consolidate the household.
Three forks. The traditional Peking Opera repertoire, \"Sanchakou\" and \"Jiao Zan Fa Dui\", is based on the 27th to 28th episodes of \"The Romance of the Yang Family General\", which is a traditional Peking Opera short martial arts repertoire. The play tells the story of Ren Tanghui fighting with the shopkeeper Liu Lihua due to a misunderstanding when secretly protecting General Jiao Zan of Sanguan to stay overnight in Sanchakou.
Boar Forest. The traditional Peking opera \"Wild Boar Forest\" is based on the sixth to ninth editions of the literary masterpiece \"Water Margin\". The story is about Lin Chong being framed by Gao Lian to break his family and die, and finally being forced to go up Liangshan. The play originally premiered by Yang Xiaolou, and after adaptation, it became Li Shaochun\'s masterpiece. The play was made into a film in 1962.
Cymbals. Chen Yuxiu: In 1906, he went to Shanghai Puyi Civilian Art Institute to help teach, and in 1951, he entered the Huishan Clay Sculpture Creation Institute and cooperated with Jiang Zixian. He once summarized the Huishan clay sculpture painting process [five-step method]. Its painting style is elegant and exquisite, and the characters have a vivid appearance.
North-South Dipper. Jiang Zixian: He is good at hand-pinching opera, and the content of his works is mostly based on Peking Opera, and the shape is concise and summarized. The characters created are vivid and appropriate.
Little monsters. Different humanistic backgrounds and different social environments in various places make the clay sculpture art in various places bloom in a variety of flowers and compete with each other.
Big monsters. In addition, in places such as Shanxi and Fengyang, Anhui, clay sculpture art has a long history.
Little dolls. Huishan clay sculpture and Tianjin powder plastic have received direct exchanges, and the north and south are equally famous.
Little dolls. The disciples of the famous Tianjin color sculptor Pan Shuhua, Gao Biao, Zhou Zuorui, etc., and the re-transmission disciple Guan Lianxin and others successively opened art museums in Huishan.
Little called tiger. As early as the beginning of the Republic of China, Huishan mud painting artists went to Shanghai Puyi Art Institute to help teach, and the institute was a teacher.
Little called tiger. An overview of clay art elsewhere in China. Clay figures and clay sculpture art are not only in Wuxi, Jiangnan, but also exude the fragrance of clay art.
Little called tiger. This shows the prosperity of the Huishan mud people in the late Qing Dynasty. A hundred flowers bloom and are colorful.
Little called tiger. In order to coordinate the relationship between the various clay people\'s workshops, Huishan mud people workshops and shops also organized the guild of the clay people industry to organize the \"Goods Playing Office\".
Little called tiger. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Huishan mud people had gradually transitioned from seasonal workshop production to professional production. Before the Xinhai Revolution, there were more than 40 professional workshops.
Monster lions. At the same time, the clay man has also won the popularity of different levels of consumption.
Rabbit. This kind of \"hand clay figure\" tends to be round carved style, which is more three-dimensional, and at the same time, on the basis of maintaining traditional techniques, the clay sculpture figures are both god and spiritual, lifelike.
Rabbit. During the Tongzhi period, clay sculptures developed on the basis of the original craftsmanship to be completely kneaded by hand.
The girl congratulated the money string. and promote the perennial production of professional clay workshops. As a result, there are more and more clay workshops in Huishan, and the craftsmanship is becoming more and more exquisite.
Small to child. Wuxi rice merchants mostly use hand-pinched opera as gifts, which objectively helps to improve the artistic value and commodity value of Huishan mud people.
Small to child. At this stage, people not only have more and more requirements for the quantity of Huishan mud people, but also put forward higher requirements for the quality of art.
Small to child. Later, the opening of the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway and the establishment of a station in Wuxi in the early 20th century directly promoted the revival and commercial production of the Huishan mud people.
Small to child. In particular, with the location advantage of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal passing through Wuxi and the \"hometown of fish and rice\" in the south of the Jiangnan, Wuxi\'s \"rice market\" has become prosperous again.
Fisherman. Wuxi\'s county seat also changed hands twice, causing unprecedented disasters, and Wuxi\'s social economy began to gradually recover after five years of Tongzhi.
Fisherman. The revival of the Huishan mud people in the late Qing Dynasty. In the tenth year of Xianfeng of the Qing Dynasty (1860), the Qing army and the Taiping army fought fiercely in the area of Huishan.
Smokeman. Therefore, Huishan mud people are sold by merchants to various places, and the demand has increased, which has promoted the development of the industry.
Small board play. In addition, the Huishan Temple Festival and the Incense Festival are in Wuxi, and the historic sites of Huishan are also famous.
Thin head. In the sales of clay people, since the middle of the Qing Dynasty, Wuxi has gradually formed the prototype of rice market, cloth wharf and silk market.
Small board play. According to the word of mouth of old artists, during the Qianlong period, Huishan began to appear Yuan, Jiang, Zhu, Qian and other professional clay figure workshops engaged in seasonal production.
Small board play. At the latest in the early Qing Dynasty, the method of making Huishan clay people had been carving clay embryos with molds to make clay figures with goods, and hand-kneaded clay figures appeared.
Thin head. The early Huishan mud people, in addition to Da Fu and the God of Wealth, were mainly small flower chimneys, cats, chickens, spring oxes and other mud jugglers.
Small board play. Its \"Yugong Valley\" strip cloud: \"Wuxi to the north five miles for Xishan, near the bridge store on the shore, the shop is elegant, selling spring wine, water altars, clay people, etc.\"
Small board play. The earliest written record of the Huishan mud people is found in the late Ming Dynasty essayist Zhang Dai (1597-1679) \"Taoan Mengyi\".
Small board play. The clay sculpture is fragrant, and the divine work is natural. The development of the Huishan mud people in the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Small board play. Tricks: There are big Afu, leather tiger, small flower chimney, little flower cat, etc., the works are simple and simple, the lines are rough, and they are full of life interest.
Little Ruyi. Tricks: Those ancestral halls who watch the ancestral hall usually make a living by selling clay, and their main products are juggling goods.
Little Ruyi. Tricks: Huishan mud people start at the foot of Huishan Mountain, where ancestral halls gather, temple fairs are prosperous, and Huishan mud people are particularly popular as children\'s toys.
Little Ruyi. The most representative of the Huishan mud people is Dangtui \"Da Afu\". Full body, cute posture, holding exotic beasts, barefoot and cross-knees, giving people a feeling of health, beauty and happiness.
Gadgets. Highlight the momentary demeanor of the drama characters, the shape is vivid, the colors are bright and pleasing to the eye, the decoration is exquisite, and it is timeless.
Piles. Fine goods are mainly hand-pinched to create an artistic image. The content is mostly theatrical. Typical scenes of theatrical performances are reproduced.
Suzhou girl. The shape is exaggerated, the lines are simple, the overall is plump and fat, the painted pen is rough, and the color contrast is strong.
A ball of harmony. Rough goods are mainly for children to play, also known as juggling goods, mainly based on auspicious blessings as the theme, using mold printing blanks, hand-painted colors.
Sit beauty. Through the artistic practice of artists for generations, the world-renowned Huishan mud people have been created. Huishan mud people are divided into two categories: coarse goods and fine goods.
Sit beauty. Wuxi color sculpture, Huishan in Huishan mud people. Wuxi color sculpture has a history of 400 years.
Arcade \"Air Raid\" clearance archive archive
A female rider\'s 650r
Fried meat, fragrant don\'t drip, after eating and riding, I haven\'t moved for a long time. ๐Ÿ˜„
Wooden bead bracelet, handicrafts.
There are a lot of cycling on this side of Taihu Lake.
The arcade \"Air Raid\" cleared the save download, loaded the instant save, and exploded the final boss again, endlessly. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Game model: arcade substrate NMK16 Using the emulator: FB Alpha v0.2.97.43 Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
Wuxi Museum Collection: clay sculpture elegant rhyme, Huishan color plastic clay figure, folk children\'s juggling series.
Wuxi Museum Collection: Clay Sculpture Yayun, Huishan Color Clay Figure, Jiang Zixian, Chen Yuxiu Cooperation Series. Jiang Zixian (1884-1957): A native of Huishan in Wuxi, he studied under his predecessors Jiang Sanyuan and Du Jinfu in his early years, and was also carefully guided by Ding Ajin. Chen Yuxiu (1884-1970): A native of Huishan, Wuxi, he learned to make clay figures from his parents since he was a child, and specialized in clay figure painting techniques from the age of 15.
Wuxi Museum Collection: Clay Sculpture Yayun, Huishan Color Clay Figure, Yu Xianglian Sculpture, Wang Nanxian Painting Series. Yu Xianglian (1940-September 10, 2023): Chinese arts and crafts master, Wuxi, born into a clay family, is the great-granddaughter of the famous artist Jiang Sanyuan, graduated from the Huishan clay painting training class, learned art with the famous old artist Jiang Zixian, specializing in hand-pinched opera. Wang Nanxian (1941): Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts, a native of Wuxi, graduated from the Huishan Clay Sculpture Painting Training Class, and later studied painting with Chen Yuxiu.
Characters of the Three Kingdoms, author unknown. In the first year of the Yellow Dragon (229), Sun Quan officially became emperor and established the state name of the Sun regime, called Sun Wu because of his surname Sun, and also known as Eastern Wu because he controlled Yangzhou, Jiaozhou, Jingzhou and other Jiangdong regions.
Characters of the Three Kingdoms, author unknown. Shu Han was the weakest, and in the first year of Yanxing (263), Liu Chan surrendered to Deng Ai and reigned for 43 years.
Characters of the Three Kingdoms, author unknown. Because its control area was in Yizhou (Shudi), it was called Shu Han, Ji Han or simply Shu in later generations.
Characters of the Three Kingdoms, author unknown. In the first year of Zhang Wu (221), Liu Bei proclaimed himself emperor, and the name of the state continued to use Han to signify the legitimacy of his regime.
Characters of the Three Kingdoms, author unknown. By the second year of the Xianxi Dynasty (265), Cao Huanchan was in Sima Yan and ruled for 46 years, mainly controlling nine northern prefectures (north of the Yangtze River), and was the most powerful.
Characters of the Three Kingdoms, author unknown. In the first year of the early Huang Dynasty (220), Cao Pi proclaimed himself emperor, because of his surname Cao, later generations called him Cao Wei or the Cao Wei regime, and set his capital at Luoyang.
Three Kingdoms characters. The Three Kingdoms period is also called the Three Kingdoms period because the world was founded by the three forces of \"Wei, Shu (Han) and Wu\" at that time.
Zhuge Kongming. Zhuge Liang (181 โ€“ October 8, 234), courtesy name Kongming, Wolong, was a native of Yangdu, Langya (present-day Yinan County, Linyi City, Shandong Province), Prime Minister of the Shu Han Dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period, and an outstanding politician, military strategist, inventor and literary scholar in ancient times. Representative works of prose include \"The Table of Departures\" and \"The Book of Commandments\". He once invented wooden bull flowing horses, Kong Ming lanterns, etc., and transformed the crossbow, called Zhuge even crossbow, which can fire ten arrows in one crossbow. After a lifetime, he is a representative figure of \"loyal ministers\" and \"wise men\" in traditional Chinese culture.
Liu Xuande. Liu Bei (161 โ€“ June 10, 223), courtesy name Xuande, was a native of Zhuo County, Zhuo County (present-day Dashulou Sang Village, Zhuozhou City, Hebei Province), after Liu Sheng, King Jing of Zhongshan of the Western Han Dynasty, and the founding emperor of Shu Han (reigned May 15, 221 โ€“ June 10, 223) during the Three Kingdoms period. Historians often call him the ancestor.
Zhao Zilong. Zhao Yun (?-229), courtesy name Zilong, was a native of Changshan Zhending. Eight feet long and majestic, he was a famous general of the Shu Han dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period of the late Han Dynasty, and was called the \"Three Warriors of Yannan\" together with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei. In the chaotic battle between the warlords of the late Han Dynasty, Zhao Yun was recommended by this county and led the righteous congratulations to join Gongsun Zhan. During this period, he became acquainted with Liu Bei, the prince of the Han family, but soon after, Zhao Yun left because of the death of his brother. About seven years after Zhao Yun left Gongsun Zhan, he met Liu Bei in Yecheng and followed Liu Bei ever since.
Guan Yunchang. Guan Yu (?-220), courtesy name Yunchang, was a native of Xie County, Hedong County (present-day Xiezhou Town, Yanhu District, Yuncheng, Shanxi Province). A famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty. Loved \"Zuo Chuan\", died in Zhuo County because of the incident. Follow Liu Bei to suppress the Yellow Turban Uprising. After Liu Bei captured Xuzhou, he sent Pi Taishou. In the fifth year of Jian\'an (200), Cao Cao marched against Liu Bei, and Guan Yu\'s troops were defeated and captured, and he temporarily defected to Cao Cao. Participated in the Battle of Guandu, killed Yan Liang, relieved the siege of White Horse, and was made Marquis of Han Shouting. After learning of Liu Bei\'s whereabouts, he went to join and attached himself to Jingzhou Mu Liu Biao.
Zhang Yide. Zhang Fei (?-221), courtesy name Yide, was a native of Zhuo Commandery (ๆถฟ้ƒก), a famous general of the Shu Han dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period. Zhang Fei was brave and martial, and he was called the \"enemy of ten thousand people\" together with Guan Yu. Guan Yu is several years older, and Zhang Fei is a brother. In the first year of Zhongping (184), the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out, and Liu Bei organized a volunteer army in Zhuo County to participate in the war to extinguish the Yellow Turban Army, Zhang Fei joined with Guan Yu and traveled with Liu Bei. The three were brothers and shared a bed, and when Liu Bei attended various banquets, he and Guan Yu stood beside Liu Bei all day long.
Shatuo Country. The traditional Peking Opera repertoire depicts the Huangchao Uprising at the end of the Tang Dynasty, when Emperor Yuzong of Tang fled to the Meiliang River and ordered the minister Cheng Jingsi to carry jewelry and borrow troops from Shatuo Lik. Li Keyong refused to send troops because he had been belittled by Emperor Yuzong of Tang that year, Cheng Jingsi begged Li\'s son Heiyuan, and invited Li\'s two wives Liu Yinping and Cao Yu\'e to persuade, Li Keyong was afraid of his wife, and had no choice but to send troops. See Romance of the Five Dynasties of the Tang Dynasty.
Cosmic Front. Traditional repertoire, during the second Qin dynasty, Zhao Gao and Kuang Hong were ministers and were sons and daughters. Zhao Gao\'s dictatorship, Kuang Hong was dissatisfied. Zhao Gao sent people to steal the \"Cosmic Feng\" sword hidden by the Kuang family, and later stabbed the second emperor with the sword to blame the disaster. The second king was enraged and beheaded Kuangmen. Kuang Hongzi Kuang fled, and his wife Zhao Yanrong returned to Zhao\'s house to live alone. Hu Hai, the second emperor of Qin, saw his beautiful appearance and wanted to be made a concubine. Yanrong hated her father for framing the Kuang family, and hated the second life for being unscrupulous, and flatly refused. With the help of the handmaid dumb slave, Zhao Yanrong pretends to be crazy to resist rape.
Fengyi Pavilion. Works by Chen Suzhen, Empress of Yu Opera: At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Wen was killed by Dong Zhuo, and Zhang Zhige\'s prostitute Sable Cicada remained in his friend Wang Yun\'s mansion. The mink cicada worshipped the moon and wished to avenge Zhang, but was listened to by Wang Yun, and accepted her as a righteous daughter, and made a serial plan: first marry Lรผ Bu, and then sacrifice Dong Zhuo, so that the two killed each other, and Lรผ Bu stabbed Dong Zhuo to death in Fengyi Pavilion.
Nanpu. The Kunqu twists and turns based on the legend of the Ming and Qing dynasties are slightly different, it has less of the ethereal tactfulness of the Ming people, and there is a layer of embarrassing ancient bleakness immediately behind the Yuan Qu.
Thief Immortal Grass. The traditional repertoire is the plot of the Chinese folk love story \"The Legend of the White Snake\". The white snake essence that has been cultivated for thousands of years is named Bai Suzhen. Kind-hearted and pursue good love. Met Xu Xian in Hangzhou\'s West Lake, fell in love and became a couple. During the Dragon Boat Festival, drinking medicinal wine and showing the original form of a white snake frightened Xu Xian to death, she stole immortal grass to save him. The monk Fahai tricked Xu Xian into going to Jinshan, and she flooded Jinshan to save Xu Xian, and was placed under the Leifeng Pagoda by Fahai Town. Later, his son sacrificed the tower, Leifeng Pagoda collapsed, and was finally rescued.
Zhao Wuniang. Peking Opera \"Zhao Wuniang\" is a traditional Danjiao opera in Peking Opera.
Sanniang godson. Peking Opera repertoire, adapted from \"Silent Opera\" by late Ming and early Qing opera writer and novelist Li Yu.
Magu gives birthday. Peking Opera repertoire, singing: [Xipi 26] Yaochi received the Doctrine of Our Lady, turned around and took a bottle of wine. Before entering, he hurriedly poured the immortal aunt, and carefully poured the golden pot jade liquid. Drinking a cup can increase happiness, and drinking a cup can prolong life. May I wish the immortal master a long anniversary, and may the immortal master live better than that Antarctic star. In an instant, the jelly is drunk, and I hope that every year will be so immortal and eternal.
South Heavenly Gate. Peking Opera, Plot: In the Ming Dynasty, the official Shangshu Cao Zhengbang Pestle Wei Zhongxian was degraded. Returning with dependents; Wei\'s henchman Liu Siyu ambushed and killed Cao\'s entire family; Only her daughter Cao Yulian was able to escape under the cover of her old servant Cao Fu. Twice flee to join the family. As far as Guanghua Mountain, it was cold and snowy, the mountain road was difficult to travel, and there was a lack of clothing and food, Cao Fu took off his coat to protect Yuliang from the cold, and he died of freezing and starvation; Shida sent someone to pick it up, and Yulian was saved.
Moon worship pavilion. Northern Kunqu opera, the play tells the story of Rui Lan, daughter of Wang Shangshu, and her mother fled to escape from the army and lost each other, and as a result, Rui Lan met Jiang Shilong, worshiped as a brother and sister, walked together, and married in the hotel. Wang Shangshu passed by this, happened to meet Rui Lan, accused him of not keeping chastity, and forced him to go home. After Rui Lan returned home, he missed Shilong, prayed to the moon in court, and prayed for a reunion. Jiang Shilong went to apply for the exam, the champion and the first, Wang Shangshu recruited as a son-in-law, it turned out to be the person Ruilan missed day and night, and it ended happily.
Swing lake boats. Kunqu opera repertoire, the idle Li Junfu, took the boat lady\'s lake boat to Suzhou, singing and laughing with the boat lady along the way.
Qingding Pearl. Traditional plays, the work depicts Xiao En, a good man in Liangshan, who fished with his daughter Xiao Yuzhi (Xiao Guiying in Beijing Opera) after the failure of the uprising, and because he could not bear the oppression of the local tycoon Ding Zixie, he went to the official office to file a complaint, but was reprimanded. Xiao En was angry, so in the name of offering Qing Dingzhu to \"make amends\", he went to Ding Mansion with his daughter and killed Ding Zixie\'s family. After Shawn killed himself; Xiao Yuzhi lived in the rivers and lakes and met with her fiancรฉ Hua Fengchun when selling martial arts (this festival is called \"Double Selling Art\", which was often staged in the Qing Dynasty).
Dingjun Mountain. The traditional repertoire of Peking Opera tells the story of the Three Kingdoms period, when Wei and Shu were at war, Cao Cao sent the general Zhang Jaw to attack Gemeng Pass, and Zhang defeated Dingjun Mountain and defected to Xiahou Yuan. Zhuge Liang used the method of agitation to make Huang Zhong issue a military order, vowing to capture Dingjun Mountain within ten days. During the battle between the two armies, Huang Zhongsheng captured Xiahou Yuan\'s nephew Xiahou Shang and exchanged it for the general Chen Shi. On the occasion of the change of generals, Huang Zhong shot Xiahou Shang to death, provoked Xiahou Yuan to fight, and used a dragging knife trick to kill Xiahou Yuan and capture Dingjun Mountain.
Double Pearl Record. Kunqu opera, \"Double Pearl Record\" is a traditional Kunqu opera composed by Shen Whale in the Ming Dynasty. The play uses the gains and losses of Shuangzhu as a clue to describe the story of Wang Feng\'s family\'s joys and sorrows, a total of 46 plays.
Take Luoyang. In the Peking Opera repertoire, Liu Xiu attacked Luoyang, and Luoyang defender Su Xian was very guarded and had no gaps. Marshal Deng Yu took advantage of Ma Wu\'s feud with Cen Peng and pretended to reuse Cen Peng, and Ma Wu disobeyed the noise, so Deng ordered Ma Wu to have forty military clubs and drove him back to the mountain. On the way, Ma Wusi had a bitter plan, blackmailed Su Xian, and broke Luoyang.
Jiaxing Province. Yu opera repertoire, Yangzhou Luo Hongxun, in order to avenge his righteous brother Ren Zhengqian, accompanied Longtan hero Pu Tianpeng and others, to Jiaxing to assassinate Wang Lun who relied on his father\'s power and framed Ren Zhengqian\'s Wang Lun. Luo Hongxun heard people shouting at night, and inquired that it was Mei Tao who had filthed his aunt, that is, he hugged the unfairness and scolded Mei Tao. Mei Tao held a grudge against the officials, and Luo Hongxun was sent to court. Pu Tianpeng and others informed Bao Zi\'an, and Zi\'an led the crowd to rob the prison and return it.
Mount Wutai. (Yu opera repertoire) Qilang Yang Yansi was pushed off his horse by his father, crying on the side of the road, Bei dismounted Shalimu to inspect, Qilang drew his sword and stabbed Sha to death, ran back to Wutaishan on an enemy horse, and saw his father and King Song asking for merit. The Yang family will break out of Youzhou and travel to Wutai Mountain, Golang Yanzhao saw the tragic death of his brother, saw through the red dust, had no intention of protecting the country, and decided to become a monk, Emperor Taizong and his father repeatedly discouraged and did not listen, cut their hair into a monk, and then changed into a reduced form, revealing the body of Arhat. The King of Song was crowned by the Emperor.
Eight Immortals of He Immortal Gu. The immortal group, which is considered to bring merit, is the only woman in the group, and being able to be among the eight immortals must have its own unique charm. (Cheng Yanhan \"Ningbo University Foreign Chinese College\" comment)
Eight Immortals no Lu Dongbin. Born with gold-shaped wood, Dao bone fairy wind crane top turtle back, tiger body dragon cheeks and phoenix eyes facing the sky, eyebrows into the sideburns and neck trimmed cheeks, broad forehead and round body, Huang Liang straight face white and yellow left eyebrow corner a black son foot tattooed like a turtle, length of 8 feet 2 inches happy top Huayang towel.
Eight Immortals no Iron Crutch. One of the Eight Immortals of Chinese folk and the legendary medicine king figure, he is skilled in treating bruises and often favors the countryside. (Comments by Chen Cheng, Cheng Yongzhong, Cheng Hao, Wen Jianmin, Wangjing Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences)
Eight Immortals of Zhang Guo Lao. Folklore has it that he often carried a love tube, rode a white donkey upside down, traveled in all directions, sang about the Tao, and persuaded the world. The white donkey traveled thousands of miles every day, folded into paper at night, put it in a box, and became a donkey by day with water.
Uncle Cao of the Eight Immortals. He is kind, does not want the glory and wealth of the emperor\'s relatives and country, but loves indifference and indifference, treats people kindly and peacefully, and the people in the palace from the concubines to the servants are very respectful of him. (Comments by Chen Xiongqun)
Eight Immortals no Han Xiangzi. Later, Han Yu was demoted to Chaoyang because he welcomed the Buddha bones, and on the way to Languan encountered snow, Han Xiang braved the snow and said to him the verse on the flower: \"Where is the Yunheng Qinling family?\" The snow is blue and the horse is not moving forward.\" Legend has it that Han Xiang\'s attainment of becoming an immortal came from this. According to the art works related to the image of the eight immortals circulated among the people, the image of Han Xiangzi is the image of Sven Gongzi holding a flute and being personable.
The Bell of the Eight Immortals leaves the right. One of the Eight Immortals in Chinese folk and Taoist legend. Fu surname Zhongli, character ๅฏ‚้“, number cloud house, also known as Zhengyangzi, Eastern Han Xianyang people. As one of the Eight Immortals, his image is characterized by a hair combed bun, hair long over the abdomen, holding a fan in his hand, covering his chest and showing his breasts, and he looks bold and atmospheric.
The Blue of the Eight Immortals. He wears cotton clothes in the summer, lies in the snow in the winter, and is steaming, often holding a large record board more than three feet long, walking in the city and singing, with drunken stepping songs, as if crazy. One of the Eight Immortals in Chinese folk and Taoist legend. It was a person from the late Tang dynasty to the fifth dynasty.
He Xiangu. One of the Eight Immortals in folklore. According to the \"Journey to the East of the Eight Immortals\" written by Wu Yuantai in the Ming Dynasty, among the eight immortals, \"there is only one daughter, holding a lotus flower, and the dust is beautiful\", which is called an immortal aunt.
Lantsaihe. It is said that he was born barefoot Daxian, who was originally a wandering Taoist priest, often wearing tattered blue clothes, wearing a wooden belt more than three inches wide, wearing boots on one foot and walking barefoot on the other.
Han Xiangzi. One of the legendary Eight Immortals. Han Xiangzi character Beizhu, also known as Qingfu, is Han Yu\'s grandson, sexually alienated, does not like to read, once made peonies bloom several colors in early winter, and once covered with pots and soil, opened in an instant, with a flower piece with \"Where is the Yunheng Qinling family?\" Xue Fan Lan Guan Ma Qi\" was shown to Han Yue, who did not understand at that time.
Uncle Cao Guo. One of the Eight Immortals in Chinese folklore and Taoism, it is said to be the grandson of Cao Bin of the Song Dynasty and the brother of Empress Cao of Song Renzong. The image of Cao Guoun is wearing a gauze hat, wearing a red robe official uniform, and holding a yin and yang plate.
Iron crutch. He is the oldest immortal among the eight immortals of Taoism. Iron crutch Li Peng\'s head is hairy, giant eyes are frank and pacing, ugly appearance, golden hoop tied hair, iron crutch pacing, often carrying a medicine gourd, wandering the rivers and lakes, practicing healing and healing, and after completing his deeds, he was named an immortal by the Jade Emperor.
Zhang Guo Lao. One of the \"Eight Immortals\" of the Taoist immortals. Zhang Guo Lao was originally a Taoist priest of the Tang Dynasty, good at magic, often lived in seclusion in Zhongtiao Mountain in Hengzhou, between Fenjin and Jin, and the world said that he lived for hundreds of years, and was honored as Zhang Guo Lao.
The fourth hammer of the eight sledgehammers: Di Ray (Iron Hammer). Originally called Huazi, he later joined the army under Fu Guang, the commander-in-chief of Kinmen Town, and his martial arts were appreciated, and he was named a vanguard officer and went to Niutou Mountain to rescue him. Yue Fei defeats Jin Wushu in Niutou Mountain and meets Di Lei. Di Lei mistook Yue Jiajun for a golden soldier and beat him with a hammer, but later recognized Yue Fei, fearing that he would be held accountable, and fled in a hurry. The Jin Wushu soldiers invaded Zhuxian Zhen and held Yue Jiajun. When Di Lei heard the news, he rushed to Zhuxian Town with Guan Ling and Fan Cheng to help in the battle, and the three of them worked together to defeat Jin Wushu and break the Golden Dragon Array.
The third bronze hammer of the eight sledgehammers: Yan Chengfang (bronze bogua hammer). Yan Chengfang\'s father was Yan Qi, the general of Yang Qi, the Western Saint Marquis. He was only fourteen years old when he appeared. He is good at making a pair of eight-sided purple-gold hammers, and he is very brave. When Yue Fei was fighting Yang Mi, because his father was persuaded by Wang Zuo to surrender and wanted to return to Yue Fei, he was angry and refused to fight Yue Yun, and fought with Yue Yun for more than 80 years without winning or losing, and was finally defeated by Yue Yun\'s envoy Ji with a meteor to catch the moon, and later became a brother as Yue Fei\'s internal application.
The second silver hammer of the eight sledgehammers: He Yuanqing (eight-sided plum blossom bright silver hammer). He Yuanqing was originally a marshal under the Ru Nan thief Kou Cao Cheng, and was the only general under Cao Cheng who could fight in battle. Yue Fei attacked Cao Cheng, and He Yuanqing guarded Wushan. The last three times he was captured by Yue Fei and released three times. He Yuanqing came to the river, cornered, intending to kill himself, but was rescued by Tang Huai sent by Yue Fei, and gave him food and clothing. He Yuanqing was moved by Yue Fei\'s great benevolence and righteousness, and went back to surrender Yue Fei, Yue Fei was overjoyed, and he became a brother.
The first golden hammer of the eight sledgehammers: Yue Yun (ๆ“‚drum urn golden hammer). The word Yingxiang, the number of the secretary. He is Yue Fei\'s eldest son. In the 30th year of Shaoxing (1161), after Emperor Xiaozong of Song rehabilitated Yue Fei\'s father and son, Yue Yun was buried under the Qixia Ridge in Hangzhou, and today, Yue Yun\'s tomb is located in the Yue Wang Temple, accompanying his father Yue Fei\'s mausoleum. Later, Emperor Xiaozong of Song posthumously granted Yue Yun the posts of Chengxuan Envoy of the Anyuan Army, Jiedu Envoy of the Wukang Army, and General of Anbian, and posthumously honoured him as the Marquis of Jizhong. Wife Gong Shi, Lady of Feng Zhonglie, Yue Yun Feng Zuowu Dafu Anbian General Zhonglie Marquis.
Human-faced monkey. In reality, the monkeys closest to human appearance are gibbons, but their faces are still very different from those of humans.
Human-faced monkey. In Chinese legend, the human-faced monkey is described as a mythical creature with a human face, but this is only a legendary and fictional image.
Four are not like. It is a mysterious and unique existence in traditional Chinese culture. Although its image is similar to other animals, it does not exactly conform to the characteristics of any animal, hence the name \"Four Unlike\". It is precisely because of its special form and mysterious origin that the four statues play an important role in Chinese culture and become the object of amazement and exploration.
Mu Guiying. Legend has it that Lishan\'s mother taught the art of divine arrows and flying knives. Because he fought with Yang Zongbao before the battle and captured him, he became a relative to him and became one of the Yang family generals, and was an outstanding figure among the female generals of the Yang Gate. Mu Guiying and the Yang family will fight on the battlefield together and have repeatedly achieved battle merits. She Taijun was a hundred years old and led twelve widows to fight against Western Xia, Mu Guiying was still a pioneer in middle age, went deep into danger, fought hard and won a big victory, and then became a commander of Pingnan, which is a typical heroic image in Chinese popular literature.
God of Wealth. Or they were extremely rich before their deaths, or they were ordered to manage the wealth of the world and the titles of the world after ascending to the immortals. Most of them did not enter the Taoist theological system, and few were passed down through scriptures. Worshiping the God of Culture and Wealth entrusts the Chinese working people with a good wish to ward off evil spirits and eliminate disasters and welcome blessings.
God of Wealth. In China, it refers to many people, such as: Bigan, Fan Li, Caixing Xingjun Zengfu Xianggong Li Yuzu, Fulu Shou Three Stars and so on. Mostly found in folk sculptures and woodblock New Year paintings, mostly brocade clothes and jade belts, crowned boots, white face, smiling, suitable for the celebration of the New Year, the hall is hanging.
Wu Song. He once gathered with Lu Zhishen, Yang Zhi and others in Qingzhou Erlongshan, and returned to Liangshan when the three mountains were judged, one of the hundred single and eight generals, sitting on the fourteenth chair, one of the leaders of the ten major infantry armies, and wounded the stars in the sky, and then was recruited by the imperial court to follow Song Jiang to conquer the Liao State, Tian Hu, Wang Qing, and Fang La, and finally was injured by a throwing knife in the process of conquest of Fangla, lost his left arm, and was named the ancestor of Qing Zhong, and finally died of illness in Hangzhou Liuhe Temple, living to eighty.
Dao Wusong. Wu Song is a supporting actor in the classic masterpiece \"Water Margin\" written by Shi Nai-an, and also appeared in \"Jin Ping Mei\", because he ranked second in the family, also known as \"Wujiro\". After the blood splattered Mandarin Duck Tower, in order to avoid arrest by the government, he changed to a head to dress, and the people of Jianghu called him \"Wusong the Walker\". Wusong once killed a hanging white-fronted tiger with his bare hands on Jingyanggang, so the story of \"Wusong fighting tigers\" was widely spread in later generations.
Sparrow. Its young beak is yellow; The larynx is gray. Adult males have brownish-red shoulder feathers and adult females have olive-brown shoulder feathers. According to the \"Compendium\" cloud: \"Finch, short-tailed bird also, so the word from childhood, from the falcon\", because of its full body of numbness, hence the name.
Sparrow. It is a small songbird with a short and round body; mouth conical, black; forehead, top of head to back of neck chestnut-brown, side of head and side of neck white; chin and throat black, with a complete gray-white collar on the nape of the neck; upper body tan, black coarse longitudinal stripes on back and shoulders; plumage black-brown; Lower body skin yellowish-gray; tail blackish-brown with brown margins; The feet are pinkish-brown.
Maitreya Buddha. In Buddhist legend, Maitreya was recorded (prophesied) from the Buddha and became the future Buddha in order to inherit the position of Shakyamuni Buddha.
Scholar. It generally refers to readers, and in ancient times refers to the talents of feudal society, and it is also a metaphor for intellectuals who pay attention to book knowledge, do not pay attention to practice, and are divorced from reality.
Fortune boys. Symbolizes wealth and fortune. The Virtuous Child represents a meaning that involves wealth, blessings, wisdom, compassion and good deeds.
Fortune boys. The good fortune boy is a kind of deity image in Buddhism, also known as the wealth god boy, the wealth boy, etc. He is usually depicted as a young and lovely child, dressed in ornate costumes and holding pagodas or treasures.
Little silkworm cat. Whenever the saliva in the salivary glands collects a lot, it will spray out. The spewed saliva dries when it meets the wind; And like silk, local residents also use it to weave fishing nets.
Little silkworm cat. There is also a creature called the silkworm cat in the Indonesian archipelago, which looks like a domestic cat. It is that there is a gland called salivary glands in its throat, which has silk-like mucus.
Flower cat. Qing Ren Fan Zu described the \"Hang Customs and Customs\" recorded: \"The half-mountain produces mud cats, large and small statues are like life, and everyone who reaches the half-level mountain buys mud cats and returns, and \'the victory of the moment will also be also.\'\" โ€
Little silkworm cat. Every time before and after the Qingming Dynasty, silkworm women would go to the Niangniang Temple in Hangzhou to burn \"silkworm incense\", buy clay sculptures and painted silkworm cats at the incense market and put them in the silkworm house, or give gifts to relatives and friends.
Little silkworm cat. Most of the paper-cut silkworm cats are cut out by the silkworm women themselves with red paper and pasted on the flower windows, walls or silkworm plaques. Rural silkworm farmers love clay painted silkworm cats.
Little silkworm cat. Silkworm women not only use silkworm cats as a repellent to rats, but also as an ornamental traditional craft. The folk creation of silkworm cat styles include color painting, paper cutting, clay sculpture and so on.
Medium silkworm cat. The so-called \"silkworm cat\" is a symbol. Sericulture farmers hate rats to bite silkworm seed paper and silkworm cocoons, and have passed down a custom of using silkworm cats to avoid rat infestation for generations.
Medium silkworm cat. According to legend in Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum, the concubine of the Yellow Emperor of Xuanyuan, the first to teach the silkworm, cure the silk cocoon, and later generations worship the silkworm.
Medium silkworm cat. It almost runs for a day to spit out the silk. It spits silk thicker than silk, but is tough enough to weave into a strong and durable silk garment.
Big silkworm cat. It has a short temper and runs all day long, and the locals often tie it to a stick inserted into the ground, making it run wildly around the stick while spitting silk.
Big silkworm cat. The silkworm cat has two pairs of spitting holes in its mouth, and the holes store mucus. Silkworm cats spit silk twice a year, do not eat or drink for two weeks before spitting silk, and begin to spit silk when the silk hole is filled with mucus.
Big silkworm cat. In South America, there is a cat that looks very similar to a domestic cat, and because it can spit out silk like a silkworm, some people call it a silkworm cat.
Wealth. In addition, people believe in the gods of wealth such as the Five Saints, Chai Rong, Cai Gong Caimu, Hehe Two Immortals, Lishi Immortal Guan, Wenchang Emperor, Shen Wansan, the God of Living Wealth, etc., and their beliefs Chinese the God of Martial Wealth and the Five Saints are the most extensive.
Wealth. In Chinese folk customs, Chinese New Year\'s Eve is the most lively day of the Spring Festival, on the night of the Chinese New Year\'s Eve, people eat dumplings, stay up all night, waiting to receive the God of Wealth, some people also send the God of Wealth to the door, and in the second day of junior high school, they also sacrifice to the God of Wealth.
Wealth. He is the god who is in charge of the world\'s wealth. Now, welcoming the God of Wealth on the fifth day of the first lunar month is the most popular. The sacrificial gods of wealth are divided into the God of Wealth and the God of Martial Wealth, the gods of Wucai, Zhao Gongming, Guan Gong, etc.; The gods of wealth are Bigan, Fan Li and so on.
Water bucket. It is a fold in the whole \"Legend of the White Snake\": Bai Suzhen had no choice but to launch a flood, flooding the golden mountain, and the Fahai trial was higher than the sky. Seeing that he was about to win the battle against Fahai, how could Bai Suzhen be pregnant in July, and he was defeated by the heavenly general.
Water bucket. It is a fold in the whole \"Legend of the White Snake\": Fahai detained Xu Xian in Jinshan Temple, Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing crossed the river to find a husband, begging bitterly, Fahai not only refused to release people, but relied on Buddhism to capture Bai.
Bangs. He was a man of the fifth generation, his real name was Liu Cao, a sea toad, who lived until the end of the Northern Song Dynasty and died at the age of more than 100. Liu Hai was a re-disciple of Zhong Liquan, a personal disciple of Lรผ Dongbin, and together with Wang Xuanfu, Zhong Liquan, Lรผ Dongbin and Wang Chongyang, he was revered as the Northern Five Ancestors by the Taoist Quanzhen Dao School, and his preaching school was the Sea Toad School. Since ancient times, China has had legends such as \"bangs play golden toads, bangs scattering money\", and bangs are the gods of wealth and sending children in folklore.
Small flower. A quiet girl inside.
Small flower. Sit cross-legged and hold a Nian beast or other mascot in your arms.
Small flower. The styling has similarities to Afodor.
Small flower. Likable girls.
Small flower. It means a handsome and well-behaved girl.
Small flower. Wu dialect refers to girls.
Lion Play Ball. It is a traditional auspicious pattern. According to legend, the lion is the king of all beasts and is a symbol of power and majesty. Buddhist scriptures, highly regarded lions. \"Yuzhitang Talks\": \"The Shi Shi is a man of Manjushri Bodhisattva with the courage of his master (lion) son.\" \"The ornaments are generally composed of male lions, imposing and powerful, and some also constitute lion play balls, which are called \"lion rolling hydrangea\" or \"lion play balls\" by the people. Lion prints were popular during the Tang and Song dynasties.
Big Afu. Legend has it that five hundred years ago, a green lion appeared at the foot of Huishan Mountain to eat children, and the people worshiped the gods for peace and happiness, and the immortals turned into golden children and jade girls to cast spells and surrender. People named Afu and Axi in memory of the statues of the immortals, and experienced different forms of Afu created by famous artists. Ah Fu and Ah Xi are auspicious symbols of road peace and family happiness, they place people\'s good wishes, collect or give friends, will bring a peace blessing.
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The sunset is so beautiful
The Spirit of Life, 84
Flowers and butterflies
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Wuxi Museum Collection: Clay Sculpture Yayun, Huishan Color Plastic Clay Man Series.
Wuxi Museum Collection: Clay Sculpture Yayun, Huishan Color Sculpture Clay Man, Eight Immortals Series.
Wuxi Museum Collection: Clay Sculpture Yayun, Huishan Color Clay Figure, Drama Repertoire Series.
Wuxi Museum Collection: Clay Sculpture Yayun, Huishan Color Clay Figure, Ma Jingjuan, Cheng Jianzhong Cooperation Three Kingdoms Character Series.
Majiabang Culture: Waist Rim Cauldron.
Liangzhu culture: black leather ear clay pot.
Shang and Zhou Dynasty: Printed pottery.
Spring and Autumn period: Geometric printed clay pots.
Spring and Autumn Period: Water ripple printed hard clay pots.
Han Dynasty: Clay urn.
Eastern Jin Dynasty: Green glazed chicken head pot.
Southern and Northern Dynasties Period: Blue Glazed Figure Pen Insert.
Sui Dynasty: Green glazed porcelain beans.
Tang Dynasty: Blue glaze pile soul bottle.
Tang Dynasty: Celadon cup.
Song Dynasty: Four series of pottery vases.
Song Dynasty: Build a kiln rabbit milli lamp.
Northern Song Dynasty: Shadow Cucumber Prismatic Note.
Modern: Sixteen Bags High Rib Pattern Pot, by Zhu Aihua.
Modern: Bee Play Lotus Rib Pot, by Yang Huiying.
Modern: Muscular Ruyi Pot, author: Zheng Qiuxiang. Gu Jingzhou\'s works are mainly teapots, simple and elegant shapes, majestic and rigorous, smooth and harmonious lines, elegant and profound, exuding strong oriental art characteristics.
Modern: Colored Lantern Kettle, by Wu Zhenyu. Gu Jingzhou was born in 1915 in Shangyuan Village, Chuanbu Township, Yixing. The young man was determined to create purple clay pottery, learned art from his grandmother Shaw (Shao Daxiang\'s descendant), and at the age of 20 he was already among the famous purple clay artists.
Modern: Shengbai Jug, author: Yun Yiping. Color: In addition, it can also be mixed with different textures of purple mud to make it appear bronze, light ink and other colors.
Modern: Peach Pot, by Tang Jie. Color: if it can make azure mud dark liver color, honey mud light ochre color, stone yellow mud cinnabar color, pear skin mud frozen pear color, etc.;
Modern: Pomegranate Pog, by Wang Fenliang. Color: The color of purple clay tea sets can use the difference between purple clay mud and texture to make it appear different colors after \"clear\" and \"washed\".
Modern: Plum pot. History of purple clay pottery: In the seventh year of Qianlong, the court began to order purple clay tea sets directly from Yixing, and purple clay pots became precious imperial supplies.
Modern: Fish Dragon Kettle, by Chen Wumin. History of purple clay pottery: The Yongzheng Emperor ordered Jingdezhen to fire porcelain according to the style of Yixing pots.
Modern: Corner Stone Scoop Pot, by Jiang Yan. History of purple clay pottery: After the presentation, the craftsmen of the palace office painted enamel and fired it, or made into precious carved and lacquered famous pots.
Modern: auspicious pot, author: Jiang Xinwei. History of purple clay pottery: Beginning with the Kangxi Dynasty in the early Qing Dynasty, purple clay pots attracted great attention from the court, and purple clay pots began to be made by Yixing.
Now: Smell the Rooster and Dance the Pot, by Wu Zhen. History of purple clay pottery: In the Qing Dynasty, purple clay art entered its heyday, with pot-making masters and purple clay ware constantly innovating.
Modern: Ball Kettle, by Fan Liming. History of purple clay pottery: Yixing purple clay ware art developed by leaps and bounds, and from Wanli to the end of the Ming Dynasty, \"four famous families\" and \"three pot families\" appeared successively.
Modern: Autumn Leaf Pot, by Zhou Gengda. History of purple clay pottery: Purple clay tea sets began in the Song Dynasty. The Ming and Qing dynasties were accompanied by the prosperity of the porcelain industry.
Modern: Clay Painted Pot, by Xia Junwei. Shuchun changed the method of simple hand kneading in his predecessors, and changed to wooden planks to rotate mud with bamboo knives.
Modern: Acacia Jug, by Zhang Zhiqiang. The clay pot for spring firing is novel and elegant, thin and firm in texture, and is known as the pot for spring, which is as good as gold and jade.
Modern: Stone Scoop Pot, by Dong Jinhua. For spring to copy the tree galls to knead the tumor pot, the old monk was amazed, and then taught the skills of life.
Modern: Guding Fang Bell Pot, author: Shao Shunsheng. Gong Chun used to be a book portrait and accompanied him to Yixing Jinsha Temple, and often helped the old monks in the temple to hold billet pots in his spare time.
Modern: Square Brick Pot, by Xu Yihua. Offering Spring Lost Cover Tree Gall Pot: During the Ming Jiajing and Wanli years, an outstanding purple clay craft master Gong Chun (Offering Spring) appeared.
Modern: Sparrow Kettle, by Shi Xiaoma. Yixing purple sand has been appreciated for a long time, smooth and quaint, and has the praise of \"the world\'s tea ware is called the first\".
Modern: Ancient and Modern Rhyme Pot, Author: Gao Feng. Use a purple clay pot to make tea, without losing the original taste of tea, tea is not easy to cold in winter, summer is not hot.
Modern: Bafang Jug, by Pan Weiming. There are many varieties of purple clay pottery in Yixing, among which the purple clay teapot is the most famous.
Modern: Jinsha Baoding Pot, author: Jiang Yan. Yixing purple clay pottery is made of purple clay clay as raw material, and is made by beating clay sheets, flapping body cylinder (round ware), inlay body cylinder (square ware), or combining inlay and sculpture (flower ware), surface polishing, ceramic carving decoration and other steps.
Modern: Inclusion Pot, by Gu Peilun. Xiaoshi cold spring leaves early taste, purple mud new product spring bloom. --- Mei Yaochen of the Northern Song Dynasty, \"Yi Yun and Du Xianggong Xie Cai Junmo Send Tea\"
Modern: Nine-headed Lingfeng Festival Tea Set, by Fan Jianjun and Fei Yinyuan. Joy and joy Zi Ou groaned and drank, envious Jun dashing and affectionate. --- Ouyang Xiu
Modern: Lotus Pond Love Pot by Wu Shunhong. The physical objects and documentary records of archaeological excavations confirm each other, indicating that purple clay tea ware arose in the Northern Song Dynasty.
Modern: Zhu Fang Jug, by Zhuang Yulin. In 1976, a Song Dynasty dragon kiln site was excavated in Giejiaoshan Mountain, Dingshu Town, Yixing, and many purple clay pottery remnants were unearthed.
Modern: Handuo Jug, by Xu Xinmei. Judging from the poems of Mei Yaochen and Ouyang Xiu of the Northern Song Dynasty, purple clay tea sets are a new variety that emerged in the Northern Song Dynasty.
Modern: Dragon Chair Guan Gong Sculpture, author: Chen Chunsheng.
Modern: Sculpture of Happy Life, by Geng Chunhua.
Modern: Harvest Sculpture, by Yong Shuying.
Modern: Sculpture of the Turtle and Dragon of the Birthday Star, by Shentu Guohong.
Modern: \"Teaching\" sculpture, by Wang Guangyong.
Modern: Golden Toad Play Money Sculpture, by Ren Yinghui.
Modern: Maitreya Buddha sculpture, by Chen Xin.
Modern: Crab lotus leaf sculpture.
Modern: Zhuge Kongming sculpture, by Ma Yu.
Modern: Northern Shaanxi Style, by Chen Jianping.
Model 3 Los Angeles Heavy Clearance Archive Archive
New dynasty Wang Mang period: Daquan fifty copper coins. Archaeologists believe that the ancestors of Wuxi, who were adjacent to Caoshoe Mountain at the same time, also used this facility and method to grow rice.
New dynasty Wang Mang period: Daquan fifty copper coins. According to the excavation of rice fields during the Majiabang culture period in Caoshoe Mountain, Wu County, the rice fields at that time consisted of three parts: shallow pits, ponds or wells, and waterways.
New dynasty Wang Mang period: Daquan fifty copper coins. There is still a large missing link between the cultural connotation of Shecheng and the early Wu culture of the Western Zhou Dynasty, which should belong to the ancient Yue culture before the Taibo Ben Wu.
New dynasty Wang Mang period: Daquan fifty copper coins. The bronze smelting tools unearthed at the Shecheng site are bronze pottery spoons, and the Shecheng site dates from the late Shang Dynasty to the early Western Zhou Dynasty. The copper gongs, copper scythes and smelted bronze blocks unearthed at the site indicate that the Bronze Age was entered at that time.
Wang Mang period of the new dynasty: \"Daquan Fifty\" Qian Fan. The Huashan site is located in Huashan Village, Yunting Town, Jiangyin City, and its cultural connotation is the same as that of Shecheng and belongs to the same period.
Neolithic: Jade bracelet, unearthed in 1975 in Zhangwan, Dongfeng. The site of Shecheng is about 3,500 years old, and the relative height of the wall exposed to the ground is about 6 meters. The city site is about 800 meters long from north to south and about 500 meters wide from east to west, with a total area of nearly 400,000 square meters. There is a gap in the eastern city wall leading to the river, probably a water gate, and there is a river channel around the city.
Neolithic: Yuhuang, unearthed in 1975 in Zhangwan, Dongfeng. Judging from the artefacts unearthed at the Pengzudun site, the pottery, jade and house building techniques at that time had reached a considerable level.
Liangzhu culture: jade ornaments, unearthed at the site of Xianlidun in Wuxi in 1957. Located 3 kilometers northwest of Hongsheng Village, Hongshan Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Pengzudun Ruins is a highland surrounded by water on three sides, southeast and west, and the cultural connotation mainly belongs to the Majiabang culture, dating from 6000 to 7000 years ago.
Liangzhu culture: jade bracelet. Building foundation: People dig pillar holes around the house, and then erect wooden pillars as the frame of the house, between the wooden pillars with grass bundles as ribs, mud as walls, and then covered with grass bundles. The living surface of the house is grilled before construction to prevent moisture.
Liangzhu culture: jade bracelet. Housing foundation: The house is mainly built from the ground, rectangular and round, usually higher than the surrounding ground to facilitate the dispersion of water.
Liangzhu culture: jade bracelet. A new cultural type with a flat bottom as an important feature was found at the Camel Dun site and a large number of urn coffins from the Majiabang culture period, and a considerable amount of carbonized rice was screened.
Liangzhu culture: jade bracelet. The Camel Dun site is a large-scale settlement site from the Majiabang culture to the early Songze culture in the western part of Taihu Lake, representing the Neolithic archaeological culture in the transition zone from the mountains to the plains in the western part of Taihu Lake.
Liangzhu culture: jade bracelet. The ruins of Camel Dun are located in Tangnan Village, Yixing New Street. The main remains date from 7,000 to 5,000 years.
Liangzhu culture: jade axe, unearthed in 1958 in Xianlidun, Wuxi City. Sanshan Island, Taihu Lake: Human activities in the Taihu Lake area can be traced back to the Sanshan birds in the southern part of Taihu Lake. The ancient human stone tool processing site found here is about 10,000 years old.
Liangzhu culture: perforated stone axe, unearthed in 1958 in Xianlidun, Wuxi City. Yaowan Ruins: This bridges the gap between the remains of the Sanshan culture and the Majiabang culture that have been discovered for the first time.
Liangzhu culture: perforated stone axe, unearthed in 1958 in Xianlidun, Wuxi City. Yaowan Site: Some experts point out that if stone tools are predominantly made in the same silt layer, and there are no grinding stone tools, this can confirm that this is a late Paleolithic cultural site.
Neolithic: scraper, unearthed in 1981 in Huangxiang Township, Wuxi. Yaowan site: Archaeologists unearthed a batch of stone tools at the Yaowan site. Including millstones, stone gongs, stone rods, etc. Stone tools are a sign of the Paleolithic era.
Maqiao culture: perforated stone knife, unearthed in Xuxiang, Wuxi in 1960. Xuxiang Village Site: In the 60s of the 20th century, archaeologists discovered the Maqiao cultural site in Xuxiang Village, outside the south gate of Wuxi City. The site is a mound raised above the ground, 120 meters long from north to south and 76 meters wide from east to west. Stone tools such as axes, cymbals, knives, ge, and scythes were unearthed in the ruins, as well as argillaceous clay pots and duck-shaped pots. The era corresponds to the early Shang Dynasty in the Central Plains.
Maqiao culture: stone plow, unearthed in Xuxiang, Wuxi in 1960. Into the Bronze Age: Maqiao Culture: Representative Maqiao cultural sites have been found in the upper floors of the Yangjia Ruins and Hongkoudun Ruins in Wuxi, as well as the ruins of Xuxiang and Jiangyin Shecheng. Archaeological excavations have uncovered a number of bronze artifacts such as knives, chisels and sickles, marking that this area has moved from the Stone Age to the Early Bronze Age.
Maqiao culture: stone plow, unearthed in Xuxiang, Wuxi in 1960. Into the Bronze Age: Maqiao Culture: The Maqiao culture is named after the Maqiao site in Shanghai, which partially inherits the Liangzhu cultural factors, and combines Zhejiang printing pottery culture with Ningzhen Hushu culture, Shandong Yueshi culture, Central Plains Erlitou culture and other cultural factors.
Maqiao culture: gray pottery duck-shaped pot, unearthed in Xuxiang, Wuxi in 1960. Into the Bronze Age: Maqiao Culture: The Maqiao culture appeared after the Liangzhu culture in Taihu Liucheng, which was when the Central Plains entered the Xia Dynasty.
Liangzhu culture: Yuhuan. During the Majiabang culture period and the Songze culture period. Wuxi ancestors made small jade ornaments such as jade blocks, jade huang, and jade pendants. This kind of small jade jewelry is jade lustrous and soft, and beautifully made. It reflects the original aesthetic consciousness of the ancestors of Wuxi.
Maqiao culture: gray clay pot, unearthed in Xuxiang, Wuxi in 1960. Pottery: Painted black clay pots and pots unearthed in Xishan, Jiangyin and other places, painted with red leaf patterns, broadband patterns and cross stripes, beautiful decoration, is a daily handicraft at that time.
Liangzhu culture: painted ear-piercing clay pots. Pottery: The newly emerged wide-bagged foot beard with flowing mouth is a kind of wine warmer created by the ancestors.
Liangzhu culture: black leather ear pottery cup. Pottery: pottery in the Liangzhu culture period, pottery is prevalent in black pottery and gray tire skin pottery, generally made of fast wheels, regular shape, thin and light tires, and a variety of utensils.
Songze culture: earthbreaking vessel, unearthed in 1985 in the northwest of Chaqiao Roaring Mountain, Wuxi County. Agriculture: rice carbonization: and to a certain extent, it reflects the gradual differentiation of rice agriculture from indica to japonica rice in the Taihu Lake area.
Liangzhu culture: Shi sickle, unearthed in 1958 in the southern foothills of Xishan in Wuxi City. Agriculture: Rice Carbide: These carbonizations have been identified as including two varieties, (xian) indica rice and (jing) japonica rice, proving that indica and japonica rice from prehistoric rice in the Taihu Lake region were simultaneously mixed in the original cultivated rice group.
Majiabang culture: perforated stone axe, unearthed in Shujia Village, Wuxi County in 1984. Majiabang culture: This kind of early cultural remains, because they were first found in Majiabang in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, are called \"Majiabang culture\" in archaeology.
Majiabang culture: stone knife, unearthed in Shujia Village, Wuxi County in 1984. Majiabang Culture: Around 7,000 to 6,000 years ago, sporadic primitive settlements appeared in Wuxi, mostly scattered in the Huishan District and Binhu District west of today\'s Wuxi City.
Liangzhu culture: Shi Gong, unearthed at the east end of Houxixi in Wuxi in 1988. Agriculture: Stone farming tools: At that time, there was a shift from hoe farming to plough agriculture, and the advancement of production tools reflected the development of rice agriculture and promoted the separation of handicrafts from agriculture.
Liangzhu culture: Shi Gong, unearthed in 1958 in Xianlidun, Wuxi City. Agriculture: Stone farming tools: During the Liangzhu culture period, new agricultural tools such as large stone ploughs, earth breakers, field tools, and stone sickles have appeared, and exquisite antler agricultural tools have also been found in Jiangyin.
Modern: Purple Sand Linghua Pot, Author: Gu Xin. Qing Dynasty masterpieces: Feng Guilin, Yu Guoliang, Wu Yungen, Pei Shimin, Gu Jingzhou, Wang Yinchun, Cheng Shouzhen, Zhu Kexin, Jiang Rong, etc. are the most famous.
Modern: Purple Sand Bafang Pot, by Zhou Yijun. Qing Dynasty masterpieces: In the 20th century, self-operated small workshops sprang up, giving birth to a group of pot-making masters.
Modern: Purple Sand Zhongtian Liufang Pot, author: Zhang Hongtao. Qing Dynasty masterpiece: Huang Yulin\'s works have the simple and elegant style of the Ming Dynasty. Shao Tycoon won with simplicity and created the sneaky fish dragon pot.
Modern: Zisha Dabin Ruyi Pot, by Yang Guoqiang. Qing Dynasty masterpieces: Xianfeng and famous craftsmen at the end of the Guangxu period mainly include Huang Yulin and Shao Daheng.
Modern: Purple Sand Lotus Seed Pot, by Fan Hairong. Qing Dynasty masterpieces: The most famous of them is the Mansheng 18th style co-created by Chen Hongshou and Yixing Yang Pengnian, which created a new generation of purple clay pots.
Modern: Zisa Shou Peach Pot, by Hu Limin. Qing Dynasty masterpiece: from the late Qianlong period to the Jiajing and Daoguang periods, flowers and birds, landscapes and calligraphy were carved on purple clay pots, which became a unique decoration of purple clay craftsmanship.
Modern: Purple Sand Bagua A Bundle of Bamboo Pots, by Peng Yaonian. Qing Dynasty masterpiece: Chen Mingyuan\'s teapot, clear lines and obvious outlines.
Modern: Purple Sand Gourd Jug, by Shi Yuntang. Qing Dynasty masterpieces: Zisa mainly includes Chen Mingyuan, Shao Daheng and Qian Rong, Wang Nanlin, Shao Yuanxiang, Shao Xumao, Chen Guanhou and so on.
Modern: purple clay pistachio pot, by Zhu Qiu. Appreciation of Qing Dynasty Masterpieces: The Qing Dynasty was the heyday of purple clay art.
A busy week, flowers to finish, happy. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Chestnuts here, nine bucks a pound
After the big fish and meat are eaten, there is peanut rice left. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Wuxi Museum Collection: Modern Purple Clay Pots Series
Wuxi Museum Collection: Neolithic Age, Liangzhu Culture, Majiabang Culture, Songze Culture, Maqiao Culture, Stoneware, Jade, Pottery, Bronze Series from the Wang Mang Period of the New Dynasty.
Model 3 \"Los Angeles Machine Gunner\" clearance save download, load instant save, huge battleship, sink in the explosion, mission completed. Game model: SEGA Model 3 Using the emulator: SEGA-Model3-M3UI-V0.02-2020[Supermodel_0.2a_Win64] Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
Wuxi Museum Collection: Purple Jade Golden Sand, Modern Sculpture Series.
Wuxi Museum Collection: purple jade gold sand, modern purple clay pot series.
Wuxi Museum Collection: purple jade gold sand, ancient porcelain, pottery series.
Han Dynasty: amphora glazed clay pot
Han Dynasty: Animal ear string pattern blue-glazed terracotta urn
Eastern Han Dynasty: Four Gods Rule Pattern Bronze Mirror, unearthed in Torch Village, Yangshi Township, Wuxi County in 1987
Han Dynasty: \"Daji Sheep, King of Yihou\" inscription bronze mirror
Han Dynasty: Jade Sword Juan
Han Dynasty: Terracotta figurines with human heads
Han Dynasty: Animal ear glazed pottery
Wuxi Museum Collection: Han Dynasty porcelain, bronze, jade series
Warring States period: Geometric pattern primitive celadon sentence, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Mountain, Qiu Chengdun. The musician in the \"Bronze House of Tricks\": the two are bare-bodied, their hair is tied at the top, and their hands are intersected in their lower abdomen, which should be Rakushi; The other four are either playing the pipe, or playing the piano, or holding the mallet as the beating drum, or holding the stick as the percussion shape, and become the musicians.
Spring and Autumn period: bronze sword. The musicians in the \"Bronze House of Tricks\": The \"Bronze House of Tricks\" unearthed from Tomb 306 in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, provides us with a rare picture of the musical life of the Yue people, with six people kneeling in the house.
Spring and Autumn Period: Bronze sword. The unearthing of these musical instruments not only enriches our knowledge of the musical life of the ancient Yue people, but also provides an important physical basis for us to study the music history of the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods.
Warring States period: Geometric pattern primitive celadon sentence, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Mountain, Qiu Chengdun. A complete set of musical instruments made of primitive celadon and pottery was found in the tomb, including the three-legged silk, the yinyu, the dingning, the niuduo, the guyin, the button, the yong bell, the gong, the bell and the drum base.
Sengoku period: Bronze sword. More than 500 musical instruments have been unearthed in the Hongshan tomb complex, which can be called an unprecedented discovery in the history of Chinese music.
Spring and Autumn period: bronze sword. The tombs of Hongshan nobles, the Hongshan site has been built into the first batch of national archaeological site parks in the Warring States, and more than 130 mound remains have been found.
Warring States period: Lianbeaded original celadon clay, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Mountain. Hongshan noble tombs, and excavated seven of the early Warring States tombs, unearthed more than 2,300 burial objects that were the highest level at that time, including pottery musical instruments, celadon ritual vessels, jade ornaments and other daily necessities.
Warring States period: Geometric pattern primitive celadon sentence, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Mountain, Qiu Chengdun. The tomb of the Hongshan nobles, ruled the Wuxi region by the Yue State for more than a hundred years, and there are few historical records in the history books. In 2004, archaeologists discovered a large number of Wuyue aristocratic tombs of the Zhou Dynasty in the area of Hongshan in what is now Xinwu District.
Warring States period: Lianzhu pattern original celadon hanging ling, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Xishan District. According to the rank and size of the funeral goods, experts determined five more ranks of the Yue nobility. This is the first time in China to reveal the distribution of the tombs of the nobles of the Spring and Autumn Warring States in the same cemetery.
Warring States period: The original celadon was unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Hongshan in Wuxi Mountain. Archaeologists found 7 tombs of nobles from the early Warring States period in Hongshan. These seven tombs are divided into small, medium, large and extra-large tombs, and are distributed in a fan shape with the Qiuchengdun extra-large tomb as the axis.
Spring and Autumn Period: Bronze sword. In order to enhance the national strength, the country of Duck City and Elk City also vigorously developed animal husbandry in addition to agriculture. The southeast of present-day Wuxi was once the base for raising and dealing ducks and elk in the Kingdom of Yuwu.
Sengoku period: Bronze sword. The site of King Wu\'s summer palace, according to legend, King Wu Lu established a summer palace at the bottom of Neilu Bay, surrounded by the peaks of Wanfeng Village in Mashan. There used to be many buildings here, and now only one ancient well remains.
Spring and Autumn period: bronze sword. The king moved east to build the capital, and there was still a corner of the city. The mountain embraces the snake gate back to Zhenze, and the waves turn over the rhino armor and go Gusu. The peach dock is on the barren smoke, and the green fishing is lonely at sunset. Since ancient times, it has risen and fallen lonely, and the west wind has killed the night qiwu. (Qing) Yan Ropesun (้˜–้—พๅŸŽ)
Warring States period: Lianbeaded original celadon clay, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Mountain. This discovery was rated as one of the top ten new archaeological discoveries in China in 2008.
Warring States period: Geometric pattern primitive celadon sentence, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Mountain, Qiu Chengdun. In 2007, after 15 months of archaeological review, it was confirmed as the only Wu capital city site established by scientific archaeological exploration so far, and it is also the largest city site found in the Spring and Autumn period in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River.
Chinese period: Lianbead-patterned original celadon hanging ling, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Hongshan in Wuxi Mountain. The city is surrounded by a moat, consisting of the east city and the west city.
Warring States period: four-series water ripple three-legged original celadon plate, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Hongshan in Wuxi District. The city is about 1,300 meters long, 800 meters wide and 1.5 kilometers in circumference.
Warring States period: The original celadon was unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Hongshan in Wuxi Mountain. In 514 BC, in order to prevent Chu from encroaching on the border, Wu Zixu ordered Wu Zixu to build the city at the foot of Tianjing Mountain at the junction of Hudai and Wujin Xueyan Bridge in present-day Wuxi.
Spring and Autumn Period: Bronze sword. Lu City is another capital city of Wu State after Meili and Gusu.
Sengoku period: Bronze sword. Stone chamber mound tombs, which are mostly chosen on hillsides or hilly terrain on the top of hills, are built with natural stones into long strip-shaped stone chambers, covered with large stones, and then sealed on the ground.
Spring and Autumn period: bronze sword. The stone chamber mound tomb, the stone chamber mound tomb used by the ancient Yue people after their deaths, is very different from the rectangular vertical cave tomb in the Central Plains.
Spring and Autumn period: Bronze axe. Wuxi Huali Bay Western Zhou Tomb Site, these artifacts unearthed from Huali Bay West Zhou Tomb are equivalent to the early Western Zhou Dynasty of the Central Plains.
Spring and Autumn period: Original blue-glazed porcelain bowl. Wuxi Hualiwan Western Zhou Tomb Site, from the Western Zhou to the Spring and Autumn Warring States Period, the ancestors of Wuxi, like the ancient Yue people in other parts of the Taihu Lake Basin, popularized geometric printed hard pottery and primitive porcelain.
Spring and Autumn Period: Bronze Ge
Warring States period: Bronze spearhead
Warring States period: bronze sharpening
Warring States period: Lianbeaded original celadon clay, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Mountain
Warring States period: Yong bell with original celadon pattern, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Xishan District, Wuxi
Warring States period: Geometric pattern primitive celadon sentence, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Mountain, Qiu Chengdun
Warring States period: original celadon cymbal, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Hongshan in Wuxi Mountain
Warring States period: Lianzhu pattern original celadon hanging ling, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Xishan District
Warring States period: four-series water ripple three-legged original celadon plate, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Hongshan in Wuxi District
Water ripple original celadon deep belly bowl
Warring States period: The original celadon was unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Hongshan in Wuxi Mountain
Warring States period: String-patterned primitive celadon deep-bellied bowl, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Wuxi Xishan District, Qiu Chengdun
Warring States period: original celadon shallow belly bowl, unearthed in 2004 at the Hongshan site of Hongshan in Wuxi Mountain
Spring and Autumn period: bronze spearhead
Spring and Autumn period: bronze sharpening
Warring States period: Bronze Ge
Spring and Autumn period: bronze sword
Spring and Autumn period: bronze hoe
Spring and Autumn period: bronze plow
Sengoku period: Bronze sickle
Spring and Autumn period: Bronze shovel
Spring and Autumn Period: Bronze sword
Spring and Autumn period: Bronze axe
Spring and Autumn Period: Qi Dazai returns to his father
Spring and Autumn period: Three-legged beast-shaped bronze Qi
Spring and Autumn period: geometric amphora bronze guan
Spring and Autumn Warring States Period: Checkered clay pots, unearthed at the mouth of the Nanmen Canal in Wuxi
Spring and Autumn Period: Double series of mat printed hard clay pots
Spring and Autumn Period: Geometric printed clay pot, unearthed at the mouth of the Nanmen Canal in Wuxi
Spring and Autumn Period: Celadon beans
Sengoku period: Bronze sword
Spring and Autumn period: Original blue-glazed porcelain bowl
Western Zhou Dynasty: Original blue-glazed porcelain statue, unearthed in Huali Bay, Wuxi in 1958
Spring and Autumn period: Original celadon cartouche barrel, unearthed in Wuxi Wallgate Town
Spring and Autumn period: Biphyletic geometric pattern original celadon jar, unearthed in 1958 in Wuxi Xihui Road
Western Zhou Dynasty: Beast ear water rippled hard clay urn, unearthed in Huali Bay, Wuxi in 1958
Western Zhou Dynasty: Geometric printed animal ear clay urn, unearthed in Huali Bay, Wuxi in 1958
Little birthday It is generally used to describe underage children, and after the age of 18, it belongs to adults, and it is not suitable to be called a small birthday, and it can be called a birthday star when celebrating a birthday. According to Chinese tradition, birthdays before the age of fifty are mostly called \"birthdays\", and after the age of fifty is the justified \"birthday\".
Drumming and scolding Cao It is a traditional repertoire of Peking Opera veterans, based on the 23rd episode of \"Romance of the Three Kingdoms\", \"Mi Zhengping Yi Yi Scolds the Thief\", the story narrates that the famous scholar You Heng was recommended to Cao Cao by Kong Rong, who treated him lightly and humiliated him with a drummer. You Heng cursed Cao Cao in front of the Manchu Dynasty, and vented by beating drums. Later, after being persuaded by hundreds of officials, he reluctantly went to Liu Biao for Cao Xiashu. Fully demonstrate Your Heng\'s arrogant character, unyielding might, and scold Cao Cao. The singing and chanting in the play are all images of famous men in feudal society.
The concubine was drunk Also known as \"Hundred Flowers Pavilion\", is a single-fold play, based on the story of Yang Guifei, a historical figure of the Chinese Tang Dynasty, which is widely known through the creation and performance of Mr. Mei Lanfang, a famous Chinese Peking Opera performance artist, and is one of the representative plays of the Mei Pai. The play describes that Yang Yuhuan was deeply favored by Tang Minghuang, originally asked Tang Minghuang to go to the banquet at the Hundred Flowers Pavilion, but he waited for a long time, and then knew that he had already transferred to the West Palace, so he was embarrassed and angry, and Wan Duan was sad and could not be discharged, so he ordered Colix and Pei Lux to add a cup of service, drink a lot of alcohol, and then return to the palace abruptly.
Fengyi Pavilion Lรผ Bu took advantage of Dong Zhuo\'s dynasty to spy on the mink cicada, and invited the mink cicada to meet at the Fengyi Pavilion, and the mink cried to Lรผ Bu about the pain of being occupied by Dong Zhuo, and Lรผ Bu was very dissatisfied and resented Dong Zhuo. It happened that Dong Zhuo returned to the house, and seeing this situation, he snatched the halberd and threw it at Lรผ Bu, and Lรผ Bu fled. From then on, the two were suspicious of each other, Wang Yun said that Dong Zhuo should not occupy the mink cicada, Lรผ Bu and Wang Yun planned to get rid of Dong Zhuo together, and on the day Dong Zhuo was ready to usurp the throne, Lรผ suddenly defected and killed Dong Zhuo.
Evening lessons
Guilty of guilt Lian Po was dissatisfied because Lin Xiangru was on top. Later, after understanding Lin Xiangru\'s painstaking efforts, he came to the door with a thorn on his back to ask for sin, and the two formed a life-and-death relationship. This story fully shows that leaders should understand the big picture, consider the overall situation, and put the interests of the country first. \"Shame is almost courageous. Shame on the people, with what they gain is a sage, and if they lose, they are beasts. This is an important opportunity to change. It is also an important opportunity for the stability and peace of the country and the world. \"It is inevitable that ordinary people will make mistakes, it does not matter if they make mistakes, the most important thing is to have the courage and determination to know, admit and correct mistakes.
\"Three Monks\" is an animated short film based on a Chinese folk proverb produced by Shanghai Art Film Studio in 1981. The short film is directed by Xu Jingda and Mark Xuan, and Bao Lei is the screenwriter. Through the plot of three monks without water to eat, a temple fire, and three monks working together to put out the fire until the three people cooperate to hang water, the film not only criticizes the backward thinking in society such as \"three monks have no water to eat\", but also advocates a new social trend of \"people\'s hearts are united, Taishan moves\", which is closely linked with real life.
Guan Gong Zhou Cang on Spring and Autumn As an important member of Liu Bei\'s political clique, Guan Yu shouldered the historical mission of reviving the Han dynasty to unify the world, and was contaminated by social customs, and his familiarity with \"Spring and Autumn\" was an era and social necessity, but his motivation was to use the historical experience of \"Spring and Autumn\" to provide reference for real life, guide military activities and cultivate moral sentiments, rather than learning from \"Spring and Autumn\" itself. The night reading of \"Spring and Autumn\" in \"Romance of the Three Kingdoms\" is also to highlight the image of Guan Yu Zhongyi and both literary and martial arts.
Che Lao Man
Red Element
Republic of China: Che Zhang Xian Zhang Xian is a god revered by the people who can protect children and give people heirs. The work is molded and painted, because it is equipped with four wheels on the bottom plate, which can be pulled and played, so it is called \"Che Zhang Xian Sending Zi\". Zhang Xian was carrying a slingshot and holding his young son, majestic and full of warmth. The painting style of the work is very different from that of the Central Plains and the north, elegant and beautiful, revealing a faint Jiangnan style. This work is the work of Wuxi\'s outstanding folk sculpture artists Yu Xianglian and Wang Nanxian, and the two female artists have cooperated for decades, jointly pushing the art of Huishan clay people to the peak of the times.
Yue Fei (March 24, 1103 ~ January 27, 1142), male, character Pengju, from Tangyin, Xiangzhou (present-day Tangyin County, Henan). During the Southern Song Dynasty, he was a famous anti-gold general, military strategist, strategist, national hero, calligrapher, and poet, ranking first among the \"four generals of Zhongxing\" in the Southern Song Dynasty. Since the age of twenty, Yue Fei has served in the army four times. From the second year of Jianyan (1128) to the eleventh year of Shaoxing (1141), he participated in and commanded hundreds of large and small battles. When the Jin army attacked Jiangnan, it was unique and strongly advocated resisting Jin and recovering Jiankang.
Guan Gong reads Spring and Autumn Zhou Cang During the Three Kingdoms period in which Guan Gong lived, the world was in chaos, the heroes rose together, the Han dynasty declined, the world decayed, the program was often untidy, and the benevolent people were sad when they were sad, and from \"Spring and Autumn\" you can find an explanation of society and a value orientation in life. Guan Gongxi read \"Spring and Autumn\" and got a lot of inspiration and guidance from it. During the Three Kingdoms period at the end of the Han Dynasty, reading \"Spring and Autumn\" became popular. Many politicians and military strategists have applied Spring and Autumn to social-political, military and other fields.
Guan Gong reads Spring and Autumn Guan Ping Ban looked at the end and sighed: \"It\'s really heavenly!\" \"Almost killed Zhongliang by mistake!\" It is not explicitly said what books Guan Gong read. As for Huarong Dao: The eldest husband puts faith and righteousness first. The general knows \"Spring and Autumn\" well, don\'t you know about Yu Gongzhisi\'s pursuit of his son and son? The allusions spoken by Cao Cao show that Guan Yu is familiar with Spring and Autumn. Since the middle of the Eastern Han Dynasty, it has become an important channel for entering the imperial court by being recruited into the imperial court as an official, and the imperial court has also paid more and more attention to the origin of the family when selecting officials.
Guan Gong reads Spring and Autumn \"Romance of the Three Kingdoms\" does not directly write that Guan Yu is familiar with \"Spring and Autumn\", and the previous few times are all brushed off by reading a stroke to say Guan Yu\'s love: to mess with the etiquette of his princes and courtiers, so that Guan Gong and his second sister-in-law are in the same room. Guan Gong stood outdoors with candles, from night to night, without tire. After going to Xuchang, he allocated a mansion to live with Guan Gong. Xingyang Xingyang Taishou Wang Zhi ordered Hu Ban to burn Guan Gong to death, and Hu Ban sneaked to the front of the hall, saw Guan Gong\'s left hand and read a few books under the lamp.
Pick up jade bracelets In the Ming Dynasty, Sun Yujiao, a young girl from Sunjiazhuang, Shaanxi, was sitting in front of the door embroidering, and was seen by Fu Peng, the young hereditary commander. Fu Peng fell in love with Sun Yujiao, so he borrowed the name of buying chicken and talked to Sun Yujiao. Fu Peng\'s dashing and affectionate also touched Sun Yujiao\'s heart. Fu Peng deliberately dropped a jade bracelet in front of her door, so she picked it up shyly, expressing her willingness to accept Fu Peng\'s affection. The wishes of the two were seen by Liu Miao, and she came forward to match this good thing and completed this comedy.
Little birthday Referring to the old man star, the ancients used it as a symbol of longevity, painted as an old man with a bulging forehead. Also called \"birthday star Laoer\". The birthday of the person who is blessed with his birthday today is a birthday star
Xu Ce ran the city Xue Jiao, the adopted son of Xu Ce in the Tang Dynasty, took Xu Ce\'s letter to Hanshan and moved Xue Gang and Ji Luoying to Chang\'an. When Xu Ce heard the great news, regardless of his old age, he went to the city to watch, saw that the Xue family\'s soldiers were strong and strong, and he was happy, and flew into the dynasty to take his place. and forced the imperial court to kill Zhang Tai, the son of Zhang Tianzuo, who was unreasonable with Xue Gang during the Lantern Festival that year.
Small and combined
Three interesting During the heyday before the Second Sino-Japanese War, the Huishan mud people were exported to all parts of Nanyang and won awards at the Greek and Chicago Expositions.
Three interesting The subject matter of works in this period became more extensive, with portraits of century heirs and great figures of the country accounting for a large proportion.
Three interesting
Zhong Afu After 1930, Tianjin\'s plaster workers introduced plaster works to Huishan, and since then Huishan mud people have entered the \"plaster statue period\".
Zhong Afu The content of the opera is divided into two categories, one is the Kunqu opera opera, which was created by Ding Ajin around the sixth year of Xianfeng (1856); The second is Peking Opera opera, created by Zhou Asheng around the fourth year of Tongzhi (1865).
Mussel shell essence The artistic technique adopts the main methods of \"using virtual reality, replacing complexity with simplicity, and conveying love with God\". Hand pinch the play with two or three people per seat.
Mussel shell essence At the end of the Ming Dynasty and the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, Kunqu opera spread to Wuxi, and clay sculptors were influenced by it to create many clay sculpture works of Kunqu opera, and Huishan mud people entered the \"hand-pinched opera period\".
Qing Guangxu Zhou Asheng Sculpture, Chen Xingfang Cai Clay Sculpture: Peach Club. With a height of 85 cm, a width of 61 cm and a depth of 43 cm, it is a national second-class cultural relic of China. On the occasion of Empress Dowager Cixi\'s 50th birthday, Wuxi County Ling ingeniously presented the Empress Dowager with a Huishan clay sculpture called the Peach Club, and in order to prevent damage, two identical Peach Clubs were produced, and the one sent to Beijing was long gone, and the one that remained in Wuxi was transferred to the Wuxi Museum over the years.
Model3 \"Sea Hunter\" clearance archive archive
One meat and one vegetarian, not happy to burn more, burn can\'t move, knife beans stir-fry, cover for a while
Tired day to eat or to make drops, shrimp today oil. ๐Ÿ˜„
The king of hibiscus could not afford to smoke, smoked the acacia bird, six pieces, the more lying down, the more flat it became. ๐Ÿ˜‚
August melon. We have it in the mountains here, and it looks like abalone
Model3 \"Sea Hunter\" cleared the save download, loaded the instant save, and the huge, shining, two rows of sharp-toothed monsters were killed. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ Game model: SEGA Model 3 Using the emulator: SEGA-Model3-M3UI-V0.02-2020[Supermodel_0.2a_Win64] Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
Wuxi Museum Collection: Hand-pinched opera period, plaster statue period color plastic clay figure series
Wuxi Museum Collection: Ancient stoneware, porcelain, bronze and musical instruments unearthed during the Western Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods
Beautiful view of the ancient canal 9
Ancient canal view 8
Ancient canal view 7
Beautiful view of the ancient canal 6
Ancient canal view 5
Ancient canal view 4
Ancient canal view 3
Ancient canal view 2
Beautiful view of the ancient canal 1
South down pond, archway
Temple Bridge
Fire Rabbit, Peace and Peace, Mural Painting
Iron Tree Bridge
Bridge cave mural
Gangnam moonlight, mural
Daifuku Textile Company, stone door number
N1955 Park is located at the intersection of Xiangyang South Road, Taihu Avenue, Liangxi District, belonging to the Nanxiatang Area of Qingmingqiao Historic District, is the core area of the ancient canal scenic area, and is one of the few industrial heritage parks in Liangxi District, with a total area of 26,000 square meters and a construction area of 18,000 square meters.
Busy canal crossings
Big stage, there should be performances in the evening
Ancient buildings by the ancient canal
Recommended tour routes for scenic spots Conggui Liuxinfang โ†’ Nanchang Streetโ†’ China Silk Industry Museumโ†’ Kangong Rescue Societyโ†’ Qingming Bridgeโ†’ Bodu Bridgeโ†’ Wuxi Kiln Group Site Museumโ†’ Minxia Kilnโ†’ to Zhiyao โ†’ Laozhong Kiln โ†’ (turn back to Bodu Bridge) โ†’ Haining Rescue Association โ†’ Nanxiatang
Wuxi Jiangnan Ancient Canal, regional guide map
Kiln soldier anti-waku drawing, relief mural
There is also some kind of plant on the roof
Ancient street roof architectural style
Dayao Road pumping station
Ancient buildings on the side of the ancient street
Dayao Road Ancient Street
The red-collar post station is filled with caves
Ancient street mural
Cui Ji Stop [Ma Shu? ]
Tin steel bridge
South Narcissus Bridge
Narcissus Daoyuan, Cihang Pudu Yuantong is free in Tianzun
Sculpture of a fiberman drawn in an ancient canal
Two shaved dogs by the market, how can there be this? Is this a dog meat hot pot that you eat while listening to music at night? ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Music Market
This is a three-way fork in the waterway
Podu Bridge
Qingming Bridge
Grand Canal Qingming Bridgehead
Most of the ancient buildings in the scenic area are wooden structures, and full-time fire brigades and equipment are on standby at any time. ๐Ÿ‘
Ancient canal cruise terminal
On the ancient canal, small boats pass through
There are cruises on the ancient canals, which are charged. ๐Ÿ˜’
Dagong Bridge
Nanchang Street features a bridge cave with a painted roof and various goods on both sides
I knew you would come, so I was waiting for you at DQ South Long Street, 231 DQ South Long Street. Nowadays, this kind of literary street sign is popular. ๐Ÿ˜‚
South Long Street, an ancient street, is now full of commercial facades
Cross Pond Bridge
Ancient canals, lined with ancient buildings
The Historical Street starts here
Canal Guyi, archway
Qingming Bridge Core Exhibition Park deeply excavates the historical and cultural resources such as canal culture, ethnic culture, religious culture and ethnic industrial and commercial culture in Qingming Bridge Historic District, combines the ancient canal, Nanchan Temple, Nanxiatang and Qingming Bridge \"on both sides of the river\" historical building complex, ancient ruins, celebrity residences and other cultural heritage, opens up a number of boutique tourism routes, and initially extends to the ancient canal around the city, realizing the full connection of Wuxi ancient canal.
Qingming Bridge Core Exhibition Park as the core essence of the ancient canal, Bodu Port, ancient canal meeting here, canal people one after another, powder wall Dewa, lattice wooden windows, square brick paving, screen door partition, front shop back fang, \"lift your feet on the bridge, open the door to the river\", temples, towers, rivers, bridges, streets, kilns, fangs and many other landscapes constitute a characteristic environment, known as the \"essence of the essence\" of the ancient canal, enjoying the reputation of \"Jiangnan Water Alley, Canal Out-of-Print\".
Qingming Bridge Core Exhibition Park is one of the two core exhibition parks of the Grand Canal National Cultural Park Wuxi Construction Reserve. As the expansion project of Qingmingqiao Historical and Cultural District, Canal Ancient City Park currently covers an area of 2.03 square kilometers from Xiangyang Road and Tangnan Road in the east, Tongyang Road in the west, Jincheng Road in the south, and Jiefang South Road and Huaigu Branch Road in the north.
Residential shops stand along the river, factories and workshops are built along the water, especially Nanchang Street and Nanxiatang Street, which stretch for several miles opposite the river, presenting a rare \"water lane\" wonder. In 2010, it was listed as one of the top ten historical and cultural streets in China.
Illustration of the core exhibition park of Qingming Bridge
Wuxi Ancient Canal National Cultural Park, Qingming Bridge Historical and Cultural District Day Tour. ๐Ÿค— Qingmingqiao Historical and Cultural District is located on both sides of the ancient canal outside the south gate of Wuxi. From the Cross Tang Bridge in the north to the South Narcissus Temple in the south, the total length is 1,600 meters, the width is about 360 meters, and the heritage area covers an area of 18.78 hectares. The canal here was dug in the early spring and autumn and has a long history. The formation of the block began with the setting of Xishan Yi in the Song Dynasty, and since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a special pattern has been laid with the canal as the axis, the Qingming Bridge as the center, the river street parallel, and the street vertically and horizontally.
NO:WX-LX-120 10 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republican period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river, one into three bays, two stories high, traditional wooden structure, with a pier on the side facing the river. Small white and gray brick walls, small green tile roof, stacks and lintels with gray sculpture decoration, the first floor is a long window, the second floor is a half window. The building reflects the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, and has certain historical and cultural value.
Kiyonahashi Historic District: Historic Building No. 7 NO:WX-LX-116 54 South Lower Tang Street The building was built during the Republican period. Located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river street, two bays and two entrances, one floor higher along the street, one high floor along the river, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, grained head ridge, gray plastic decoration at the stack, doors and windows are long windows and half windows, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, and have certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-114 56-1 South Xiatang Street The building was built during the Republican period. Located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river street, two bays and one entrance. High two-storey, traditional wooden construction. White and gray brick walls, small blue tile roof, the second floor is made of wooden half windows. It reflects the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, and has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-113 76 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river street, one bay and one into two floors, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, wooden window sash, between the first and second floors. The gables on both sides are finished with Guanyin, which reflects the architectural characteristics and construction technology of traditional waterfront houses in Wuxi, and has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-112 87-1 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, two bays into two floors, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick walls, small green tile roof, hard peach head between the first and second floors, wooden window sash, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, and has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-111 89 Nanxiatang Street The building was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, two bays, two floors and one courtyard, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, hard protrusion between the first and second floors, wooden window sash, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, and has certain historical and cultural value.
Qingming Bridge Historic District: Historic Building No. 13 NO:WX-LX-110 88 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river, three bays and one into two floors, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, feeding chicken back, wooden window sash, single peak screen gable, stacked head, hard pick head carving and other exquisite details, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, with certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-109 92 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, riverside street, three-bay one into two floors, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, wooden window sash, stacked head carved and other exquisite details, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, with certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-106 126 Nanxia Tang Street This group of buildings was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, riverside street, two bays into three floors, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, wooden sash, grained head ridge, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, with certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-108 129-2 Nanxiatang Street The building was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, riverside street, three-bay one into two floors, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, wooden window sash, hard head carving and other details elite, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, with certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-105 Nanxiatang Street No. 135 Tieshubang Old House This group of buildings was built during the Republican period and is located on the bank of Tieshu Bridge. In the Ming Dynasty, Hua Linxiang built the Boguang Pavilion here to study. Hua Linxiang (1463-1562), also known as Shizhen (ๅญ—ๆ™‚็ฅฏ), was one of the three richest merchants in Wuxi in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, and in his spare time he liked to edit and print his collection of ancient books for his own amusement. Due to the age of the Wave Pavilion, the site was later built as a residence. The house has five bays and three entrances, 1-2 floors, and there is a garden between the second and third entrances, which reflects the layout characteristics of traditional courtyard-style houses and has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-104 136 South Xiatang Street The group of buildings was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river, the middle of the building three bays high two floors, both sides of each bay one floor high, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, two-story hard head balcony, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, with certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-141 156 South Xiatang Street This group of buildings was built during the Republican period. It is located on the east bank of the Guyuan River and faces the river. The two entrances are two stories high, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick walls, small green tile roof. The first entrance of the river is three bays wide, the first floor has an outer corridor, the second floor is a continuous book-strip type half window, the first entrance to the street is four rooms wide, and the two sides are single-peak screen gables, which reflect the architectural characteristics and construction technology of traditional houses in Wuxi, and have certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-143 The old residence of Teramae Hama, No. 155 Nanxiatang Street This group of buildings was built in the Republic of China period, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, grained head ridge, and courtyard in front, reflecting the architectural characteristics and construction technology of traditional houses in Wuxi, and has certain historical and cultural value.
Qingming Bridge Historic District: Historic Building No. 15 NO:WX-LX-142 162 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republican period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river street, one into two bays and one floor, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick walls, small green tile roof, front courtyard, rear pier. The entrance brick carved gatehouse is well preserved, the details are exquisite, there are Fulu Shou brick carvings, feeding chicken reputation, and there is a \"bottle rising three halberds\" gray sculpture pattern in the middle of the ridge, which means that the three levels of peace and the green clouds are flat. It has certain historical and cultural value.
The Peace Bookstore, originally located next to the Qingming Bridge Garden Lane, is said to have been established by the then owner in the early 40s of the 20th century to call for peace. In the 60s of the 20th century, after the cancellation of the Qingming Bridge Passenger Ferry Terminal, in order to meet the needs of the local people. The original dock waiting room was transformed into a peace bookstore that can accommodate more than 200 people, which was once known as the \"first pier in Jiangnan\" in Wuxi, with many storytelling places and a prosperous flow of passengers. Today, only the historic Peace Bookstore remains on the map of China\'s famous historical and cultural streets and plays an active role in the community.
NO:WX-LX-144 Peace Bookstore The building was built in the Republican period, with a brick structure, the main entrance is equipped with arches and columns, which is a typical modern combination of Chinese and Western architecture. The Peace Bookstore, formerly known as the Jixianshe Bookstore, which opened in Nanxia Tong in 1923, and the Rongfuyuan Bookstore, which opened in Bodu Port in 1932, were merged in 1938 and a new building was built near the shuttle ship waiting room in Dagongqiaowei, and was renamed Peace Bookstore. After the opening, many commentators came to perform here, and the bookstore became famous and enduring.
NO:WX-LX-145 204 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republican period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river street, two bays, two into two floors, with a narrow patio, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick walls, small green tile roof, and grained ridges. On both sides are Guanyin Pocket Gables, and there are phi houses along the river as soon as the water is entered, which reflects the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, and has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-147 206 South Lower Tang Street The building was built in the early days of liberation, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river street, three bays and two entrances, one to two floors high, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick walls, small green tile roof, grained head ridge, and a pier behind the house. It reflects the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, and has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-148 210-2 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the early days of liberation, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river, with a three-bay traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick walls, and a small green tile roof. There is a courtyard in front, the entrance is a brick carved gatehouse, the building is three stories high, the second and third floors along the river faรงade gradually retreat, the two sides are the five-mountain screen wall, the ridge is the ridge of the grained head, and there is a ruyi pattern in the middle, which reflects the architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional waterfront houses, and has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-150 216-3 Nanxiatang Street The building was built in the Republic of China period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river street, traditional wooden structure, two bays and two entrances, there is a roof platform on the waterfront, the second side of the gable wall out of Sanfengzhuang Guanyin Pocket, for the clear water brick wall faรงade, along the street there are stone Momen, the mountain has a Western-style arch gate, is a modern combination of Chinese and Western style houses, has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-152 260 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republican period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, facing the river, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick walls, small green tile roof. It reflects the traditional architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi region, and has certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-154 264 South Xiatang Street The building was built in the Republican period, located on the east bank of the ancient canal, single bay single entry, partial three-storey, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof. It reflects the traditional architectural characteristics and construction technology of Wuxi region, and has certain historical and cultural value.
558 South Long Street The hanging and falling parts under the corridor, railings, beams, door leaves and other parts are beautifully decorated, reflecting the traditional architectural characteristics and construction techniques of Wuxi region, and have certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-162 558 South Long Street The building was built in the Republican period, located on the west bank of the ancient canal, with a brick carved wall door behind the north entrance wall, a general gate at the south entrance, and a two-story traditional building in the courtyard, white and gray brick walls, and small green tile roofs.
Mo\'s House, 418 South Long Street The entrance is a full moon crypt, with curly grass ridges, a square pond in the courtyard, octagonal windows on the east and west gables on the second floor, and the upper part of the Sanfengzhuang Guanyin Pocket. The building pattern is regular and richly decorated, which reflects the layout characteristics, architectural shape and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional courtyard-style houses, and has high historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-138 Mo\'s House, 418 South Long Street The building was built in the Qing Dynasty, located on the west side of Nanchang Street, three bays and two entrances, traditional wooden structure, the first entrance is two floors high with a backyard, there are single boxes on the left and right, and the second building is a turntable building, and the first floor is enclosed into another courtyard.
NO:WX-LX-127 324 South Long Street The building was built in the Republic of China period, located on the west side of Nanchang Street, four bays and three entrances, traditional wooden structure, white and gray brick wall, small green tile roof, single peak screen gable, brick carved wall door, brick carved stack head and other details are exquisitely made, is a traditional courtyard residence in Jiangnan, with certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-133 230 South Long Street, Yu\'s Compound The building was built in the Qing Dynasty, located on the west side of Nanchang Street, originally the old Chinese medicine residence of Nanmen, and was purchased by the Nanmen rice merchant family in 1865. Three-bay two-entry with right courtyard, traditional wooden structure, retaining \"Yu Xiu Yude\" and \"Ji Shanqing Qing\" Two brick carved gatehouses, the building scale is large, the details are rich, reflecting the layout characteristics, architectural shape and construction technology of Wuxi\'s traditional courtyard-style houses, and have certain historical and cultural value.
NO:WX-LX-136 206 South Long Street The building was built in the Republican period, located on the west side of Nanchang Street, with three bays and one entrance, with courtyards in front and back, and traditional wooden structures. The entrance is a brick carved gatehouse of \"Shide Qichang\", carved with auspicious patterns such as weeping lotus pillars, cranes, bats, etc., and there are single-batch boxes on both sides of the front yard, and a two-story turntable building in the middle, feeding chicken backbones, and single-peak screen gables on both sides. In the backyard, there is a brick carved gatehouse of \"Hikari Qianyuhou\", carved with auspicious motifs such as Ganoderma lucidum and pomegranate, and traditional opera. It reflects the layout characteristics, architectural shape and construction technology of traditional courtyard-style houses in Wuxi.
Historical buildings in Wuxi: the ancient canal side of the South Long Street series, with certain or high historical and cultural value. Now many of them have been rented out by the relevant departments, changed their names and turned into various commercial facades. ๐Ÿ˜
Model3 \"Fighting Serpent 2\" Final Battle One save archive
The early morning of the Zhongyuan Festival is the time when the yin is heaviest, and the older generation has told you not to stop if someone beckons to you at the night of the Zhongyuan Festival. If you are forcibly stopped, they will definitely let you blow, don\'t blow, they are to collect your yang qi, if you want to blow, the soul will be gone!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
Look at the night view with girlfriends, it\'s pretty good, Huashi Village Pegasus Water City
The Spirit of Life, 83
Model3 \"Fighting Snake 2\" Final Battle Save download, after loading the instant save, the beauty knocked out the big opponent with a beautiful hind flip. ๐Ÿ˜Ž Game model: SEGA Model 3 Using the emulator: SEGA-Model3-M3UI-V0.02-2020[Supermodel_0.2a_Win64] Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
White bone top Species introduction: The body length is about 40cm, the head and neck are pure black, there are conspicuous white frontal armor and beak, and the body feathers are slate gray, slightly shining, widely distributed throughout China. Habitat habits: Inhabits large areas of still water or offshore waters with aquatic plants. Good swimmer, can dive for a long time in case of enemies. Omnivorous, mainly feeding on plants, but also preying on insects, molluscs, etc.
White bone top Common name: bone-top chicken Latin name: Fulica atra Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Passeriformes, Wagtails, Wagtails Endangered Grade (IUCN) : LC (Least Concern)
moorhen Species description: The feet are yellow-green with a bright red ring on the upper part of the feet. When swimming, the body is exposed to the water high, and the tail is upturned, revealing two white spots on the back of the tail. Habitat habits: inhabit freshwater wetlands, swamps, lakes, reservoirs and other areas rich in reeds and other emergent plants, and also appear in swampy areas in forest edges and roadside canals and sparse forests, good diving, mostly in pairs, feeding on aquatic plants, small fish and shrimp and aquatic insects.
moorhen Common name: red bone roof Latin name: Gallinula chloropus Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Cranes, Cyprinidae, Black Water Pheasant Endangered Grade (IUCN) : LC (Least Concern)
Ribbed duck Species description: The male duck has a chestnut crown on the top of the head, a green shining crown feathers on the side of the head that hang down to the neck, a white chin and throat, and a wavy stripe mixed with black and white. The female has black-brown upperparts covered with pale brownish-red U-shaped spots. The underparts are brownish-white with dark spots. Habitat habits: It prefers calm water surfaces in inland lakes, swamps, rivers, etc., and is less common in coastal areas.
Ribbed duck Common name: sickle duck Latin name: Anas falcata Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Geese, Ducks, Ducks Endangered Species (IUCN) : NT (Near Threatened)
Spot-billed duck Species introduction: body length 58-63cm, weight of about 1kg, male and female plumage similar. The mouth is black and yellow, and there is a black spot at the tip of the yellow mouth during the breeding season. Habitat habits: inhabit lakes, reservoirs, swamps, etc., and also occur in coastal and agricultural areas during migration and winter. Good swimmer and walking, often in pairs or scattered into small groups on the surface of the water. Omnivorous, mainly eating plant foods, but also preying on insects, molluscs and other animal foods.
Spot-billed duck Common name: fire duck Latin name: Anas poecilorhyncha Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Geese, Ducks, Ducks Endangered Grade (IUCN): LC (Least Concern)
common pochard Species introduction: round body, large head, male duck head is reddish-brown, chest and shoulders black, other parts are mostly light gray, female duck head, neck tan, back gray. Habitat habits: rarely chirping, deep-water birds, good at diving with wings folded. It mainly inhabits open lakes, reservoirs, ponds and other waters rich in aquatic plants. Omnivorous, feeding on aquatic plants and fish and shrimp.
common pochard Common name: red-headed duck Latin name: Aythya ferina Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Geese, Ducks, Ducks Endangered Grade (IUCN) : LC (Least Concern)
Xiao Qi Species introduction: The head and neck are black-brown, the face and neck are brownish-red, the corners of the mouth are yellow, and the iris of the eyes is yellow. The non-breeding period is lighter in color, and the brownish-red area of the head and neck turns light brown. Habitat habits: inhabits lakes, ponds, canals, ponds and swamps, but also in slow-flowing rivers and coastal reed swamps. It feeds on aquatic insects and their larvae, fish, shrimp, etc.
Xiao Qi(pi)๎กก(ti) Common names: water hyacinth, king eight duck Latin name: Tachybaptus ruficollis Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Nymphalidae, Cerambycidae, Lesser Chordates Endangered Grade (IUCN) : LC (Least Concern)
Crested Dragon Species introduction: It is a large one, elegant in appearance, slender neck, with obvious dark crowns, nearly white underparts, and pure gray-brown upperparts. During the breeding period, adults have chestnut necks and bristled feathers. Habitat habits: inhabits lakes, swamps, reservoirs, ponds, rivers and coasts with open water. Most of them are active alone or in pairs in freshwater waters rich in emergent plants, and will also gather into loose large groups during the breeding season and winter.
Crested Dragon (pi)๎กก(ti) Common name: Lang Li Bai Latin name: Podiceps cristatus Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Nymphalidae, Cyprinidae, Genus Endangered Grade (IUCN) : LC (Least Concern)
heron Species description: The male is white in the center and neck of the head, and the sides and occipital part of the head are black. The crown consists of 4 slender feathers, divided into two on the top of the head and on either side of the occipital, like a braid, and the color is black. Habitat habits: Moves in pairs and small groups, integrating large flocks during migration and winter, and sometimes mixing with egrets. It inhabits the shores of rivers, streams, lakes and other waters and their shallow waters.
heron Common name: long-necked old Latin name: Ardea cinerea Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Storks, Herons, Herons Endangered Grade (IUCN) : LC (Least Concern)
Water pheasant Habitat habits: It inhabits freshwater lakes, ponds and swamps rich in emergent and floating plants, feeding on small invertebrates and aquatic plants such as insects, shrimp, molluscs, crustaceans, etc. Species introduction: Common seasonal migratory birds, with slender paws, can walk lightly on floating leaf plants such as water lilies, lotuses, water chestnuts, and chia, with beautiful body shape, bright plumage, and are beautifully called \"water phoenixes\" and \"lingbo fairies\", and their calls are like cats\' \"meow\".
Water pheasant Common name: water phoenix Latin name: Hydrophasianus chirurgus Protection level: national second-class protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Plovers, Pheasants, Pheasants Endangered Grade (IUCN) : LC (Least Concern)
egret Species introduction: black mouth, black legs and feet and yellow-green toes, long neck, white whole body. During the breeding season, two narrow and soft spear-like feathers are born. Habitat habits: bold sex, like clusters, often in small groups of 3~5 or more than 10 animals active in shallow water near the water. Its natural habitats are plains, hills and low-altitude lakes and swampy flats. It feeds on fish, amphibians, reptiles and crustaceans.
egret Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Latin name: Egretta garzetta Endangered Grade (IUCN): LC (Not Concern) Chordates, Ornithischians, storks, Herons, egrets
Pond Heron Common name: red herons Latin name: Ardeola bacchus Protection level: national \"three haves\" protected animals Chordates, Ornithischia, Storks, Herons, Pond Herons Endangered Grade (IUCN): LC (Not Concern) Species description: Typical wading bird, about 47 cm long, white wings, brown longitudinal stripes on the body. Habitat habits: It inhabits waters such as rice paddies, ponds, lakes, reservoirs and swampy wetlands, and sometimes on bamboo groves and trees near waters. The diet is mainly fish, frogs and insects.
Model 3 \"Very Ambulance\" clearance archive archive
Beautiful view of Lake Taihu 6
Taihu Lake 5
Taihu Lake view 4
Taihu Lake view 3
Taihu Lake View 2
Beautiful view of Lake Taihu 1
Runqing Garden - Urban Wetland Park
Shangxian River Wetland Park
There are several sailboats on the lake in the distance
Yellow flowers blooming on the side of the road, I don\'t know what kind of flowers?
A yellow heart white lotus, green lotus leaves set off, beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜
The water quality is clear, the underwater forest can be seen clearly, and the water surface is lotus flowers
Wuxi Gonghuwan Biodiversity Observatory
Watch the birds play in the distance
The telescope saw someone fishing across the lake
The birding platform has telescopes and can be used free of charge. ๐Ÿ‘
Trees that can grow in wetland water
There are handsome guys in the water, the lake is clean and swimming is no problem. ๐Ÿ˜„
Enjoy a panoramic view of Taihu Lake on the Rainbow Bridge
Large lotus leaf pool
Listen to the pavilion and watch Taihu Lake
Shangxian River-Gonghuwan Wetland Slow Travel System: General Plan Guide Map, B Gonghuwan Section. The project scope of Shangxian River-Gonghuwan Wetland Slow Travel System in the Economic Development Area is located in the central area of the Economic Development Zone, respectively located in the Shangxian River and Gonghuwan Wetland respectively, from Hechang Road in the north to the Taihu Lake embankment in the south, with a total length of about 35 kilometers.
The shore of Lake Taihu is fenced, probably a fish farm
Guantao Pavilion Notes Song Renneng, the ancestor of the Song family\'s migration to Xi, Hongdao Gongye, Zhejiang Jinhua, resigned from the government in old age, moved with his family to Zhoutan on the shore of Xiyi Lake, led his descendants to reclaim 100 acres of wasteland, became a prosperous land, and formed a concentrated village house Song Lane (including the Eastern Song, Middle Song, and Western Song Dynasties). In the construction of the Gonghuwan wetland, the hexagonal heavy eaves pavilion by the lake was inscribed \"Guantao Pavilion\" to commemorate and serve as a pleasant place for viewing and sightseeing.
Taihu Lake is beautiful, a large stone
Opposite Lake Taihu, you can vaguely see the undulating mountains, and according to the location, it should be Suzhou Dayang Mountain Tree Mountain
Gonghu Bay for a panoramic view of Taihu Lake
The wetlands are rich in vegetation
Gonghuwan Wetland Slow Travel System, recommended road map
The wetland red lotus is in full bloom
This one was taken in the morning back mountain
Okay, take your sister on a date! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Shoulder pain, put some plaster
Pick up 10 yuan, hit the car, and I\'m afraid to accompany 1000. Bitter. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Wuxi Gonghuwan Wetland Park leisure walking trip. Stroll by the Taihu Lake, Guantao Pavilion to watch the water of Taihu Lake, listen to the rest of the Pavilion, Rainbow Bridge 360-degree panoramic view of Taihu Lake, birdwatching platform telescope to enjoy a variety of birds in the wetland. ๐Ÿค—
Model 3 \"Very Ambulance\" cleared the archive download, loaded the instant save, the president has been put on the plane on time, and there is a smile on his face. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ Game model: SEGA Model 3 Using the emulator: SEGA-Model3-M3UI-V0.02-2020[Supermodel_0.2a_Win64] Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
Swamp Wetland Bird Knowledge Series
Soft pottery society, author: Lin Weipeng. Tutor: Ma Lingwei
Soft Pottery Society, author: Zhang Shuyang. Tutor: Ma Lingwei
Soft Pottery Society, author: Hong Jiawei, third grade. Tutor: Ye Qing
Soft Pottery Society, author: Sha Sha, first grade. Tutor: Ye Qing
Soft Pottery Society, author: Yao Muhan, second grade. Tutor: Ye Qing
Soft pottery society, author: Ji Yuyao. Tutor: Ye Qing
Soft Pottery Society, author: Yue Zengyue. Tutor: Ye Qing
Roll Paper Society, author: Chen Jia. Tutor: Wang Chenyu
Paper Roll Society, author: Zhang Zhiyan. Tutor: Wang Chenyu
Paper Rolling Society, by Zhang Yuhan and Yan Yifei. Tutor: Wang Chenyu
Yan Paper Society, authors: Zhong Xinyue, Huang Yi. Tutor: Wang Chenyu
Soft pottery society work 6 On December 28th, the first release ceremony of the textbook was held in Changshu Museum, the museum presented the \"Yu Organ Rhyme\" textbook to some primary schools in Changshu, Mr. Chen Zenglu, director of Wuzhong Museum, was invited to give a special lecture entitled \"Building a System, Creating a Brand-Museum-Library-School Cooperation and Curriculum Construction\", taking his own work experience and cases as the starting point, sharing the experience of museum-school cooperation, and putting forward several suggestions on the construction of the curriculum, and the representatives of Changshu teachers attending the meeting were deeply inspired.
Soft pottery society work 5 The sudden epidemic at the beginning of 2020 had an adverse impact on the preparation of teaching materials, and with the joint efforts of the library and the school writers, after a long period of repeated pondering, revision, addition and deletion, and more than a year before and after, the textbook was finally finalized and completed, and the cooperation between the library and the school achieved phased results. In December 2020, \"Yu Organ Yun: Changshu History and Culture Series Study Course - Meet Changbo\" was officially published by Shanghai Scientific and Technical Literature Publishing House.
Soft pottery society work 4 Materialize the results of cooperation, compile a set of cultural and museum teaching materials, and use it as school-based teaching materials for schools and educational materials for museums. The curriculum research and development team was immediately established to officially start the editing and publishing of teaching materials. During this period, with the strong support of Changshu Community Training School, this textbook added new attributes to the citizens\' cultural reading book.
Soft pottery society work 3 Since the first half of 2019, relying on the \"Cultural Museum Club\" set up by Yizhuang Primary School, a number of young librarians of Changshu Museum have been responsible for teaching and opening cultural museum courses with the theme of the treasures of Changbo\'s ten town halls. After two semesters of course teaching accumulation, in the second half of 2019, the two sides reached a consensus on the editing and publication of the club\'s course content.
Soft pottery society work 2 In the past three years, Changshu Museum has held more than 30 educational projects such as handicraft experience, natural history courses, special lectures, and research activities every year, and gradually established a series of brand activities such as \"Small Volunteer Training Camp\", \"Skillful Collection\" and \"Our Festival\", which have produced good social effects.
Soft pottery society work 1 As a window to understand the history and culture of Changshu, Changshu Museum has always insisted on providing high-quality educational services for the general audience, excavating and utilizing the cultural relics resources in the collection, constantly developing rich and diverse educational projects to attract audiences into the museum, and striving to build a characteristic education brand of Changshu Museum.
Changshu Yizhuang Primary School, handmade series for primary school students In order to better play the public education function of the museum and promote the student group to use the museum resources for learning, Changshu Museum actively seeks cooperation with the school. In March 2019, Changshu Museum signed a museum-school co-construction agreement with Changshu Yizhuang Primary School to jointly promote the activation and utilization of museum resources.
Qing Dynasty: Qian Lu Canming copied the hand to carry the inkstone Zhou Wen is donating The left side of the inkstone is engraved with the inscription of Qian Lu Can Kai, a Qing Dynasty bibliophile and representative of the Yushan Poetry School, and the four characters of \"Old Rain Caotang\" and the Yin text square seal of \"Iron Bull\" are engraved on the right side.
Zhou Wen was in the General Chinese the First Class Red Star Certificate of Merit of the People\'s Liberation Army After leaving the body in the 80s, he settled in Suzhou, and politely refused to organize him to equip him with a special imported car, and gave the car to the dry body for use. He loves to collect books and read books, and in his later years, he donated nearly 100 calligraphy and paintings and ancient books from his family collection to his hometown.
4. Zhou Wen was in the General Chinese the First Class Red Star Merit Medal of the People\'s Liberation Army After the founding of the People\'s Republic of China, he served as deputy political commissar of the Fujian Provincial Military District, and was awarded the rank of major general in 1955 and the Order of the Red Star of the first class in 1988. Comrade Zhou Wenzai was indifferent to fame and wealth, lived frugally, and always maintained a good style of hard struggle.
3. General Zhou Wenzai 3rd Class Order of the People\'s Republic of China After the April 12 counter-revolutionary coup in 1927, he served as a company political instructor in the He Long Department of the 20th Army of the National Revolutionary Army and participated in the Nanchang Uprising. During the Anti-Japanese War, anti-Japanese armed forces were formed in Changshu. During the Liberation War, he participated in the Battle of Huangqiao, the Battle of Huaihai and the Battle of Crossing the River.
2. General Zhou Wenzai of the Order of Independence and Freedom of the People\'s Republic of China, 2nd degree Zhou Wenzai (1906-1994), a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. He joined the Communist Party of China in 1925 and founded the Changshu Special Branch of the Communist Party of China the following year with Li Qiang and others. In the fall of 1926, he was admitted to the Whampoa Military Academy as a sixth student.
1. Zhou Wen is a general of the Liberation Medal of the People\'s Republic of China of the First Class Zhou Wenzai\'s Medal of Honor, donated by Zhou Wenzheng.
In May 1941, when Chen Yi received the \"Jiangnan Visiting Group,\" he wrote a new masthead for Xiao Xiang, a member of the visiting delegation and editor-in-chief of the \"Dongjin Pao\". However, due to changing times, the new masthead could not be used. During the difficult years of the revolutionary war, Xiao Xiang cut the handwriting separately, sewed it in a cotton coat, and carried it with him in the southern and northern wars. After the liberation of the country, he put his handwriting on white paper and treasured it. In 1974, with the help of Fei Jiecheng, a veteran of the New Fourth Army, the Changshu Cultural Relics Department collected this precious revolutionary cultural relic from Xiao Xiang\'s wife, Cheng Yi.
Chen Yi inscribed the masthead of \"Dongjin News\" Donated by Cheng Yi Chen Yi (1901-1972), known as Shijun, character Zhonghong, Sichuan Lezhiren. Founder and leader of the People\'s Liberation Army of Chinese, revolutionary, military strategist, diplomat, one of the ten marshals of the Republic. During the Anti-Japanese War, he successively served as the commander of the Jiangnan Headquarters and the commander of the New Fourth Army. After the founding of the People\'s Republic of China, he served as the first mayor of the Shanghai Municipal People\'s Government, vice premier of the State Council, vice chairman of the Central Military Commission of the Communist Party of China, and foreign minister.
In May 1949, Chen Yi delivered the famous Danyang Speech in Danyang County (present-day Danyang City, Jiangsu) in southern Jiangsu, in which he clearly pointed out: The discipline of entering the city is the prelude to the implementation of the policy of entering the city, and it is a meeting gift from our People\'s Liberation Army to the people of Shanghai.
Strict organizational discipline is an important magic weapon for the CPC to lead the revolution to victory after victory.
As the code of conduct of the People\'s Liberation Army after entering the city, it embodies the fine work style of the people\'s army led by the Communist Party of China with strict requirements and strict discipline.
The cover of the \"PLA Discipline Manual for Entering the City\" is printed with \"Reprinted by the Propaganda Department of the Changshu Municipal Party Committee\", and the content of the manual includes three parts: \"Announcement of the Chinese People\'s Liberation Army\", \"Rules for Entering the City\", and \"Three Major Disciplines and Eight Notes\".
PLA Discipline Manual for Entering the City
New Fourth Army line shoes Donated by Tao Jianhua and Hu Min Tao Jianhua, the donor of the armband and thread shoes, was a veteran of the New Fourth Army who had engaged in revolutionary struggles in the Changshu area in the early days of the Anti-Japanese War and was a military instructor of the New Fourth Army\'s Jiangkang East Road Command under the leadership of Tan Zhenlin.
New Fourth Army armband The armband is sewn from coarse cloth and is 8. 5 cm, width 6. 5 cm. \"N4A\" is printed on the front and \"Soviet-Central Military District of the newly organized Fourth Army of the National Revolutionary Army, loyal to their duties, strictly observe discipline, practice doctrine, and complete the revolution.\" Word No. 2064, worn in a certain year in 1944. This armband was used by the New Fourth Army headquarters in January 1941 after its reconstruction in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. Soon after the victory of the War of Resistance, the English abbreviated armband of the New Fourth Army was no longer used, and a new armband Chinese the words \"New Fourth Army\" was introduced.
After the founding of the People\'s Republic of China, Tan Zhenlin served as a member of the CPC Central Committee, secretary of the Secretariat of the CPC Central Committee, member of the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People\'s Congress, and vice chairman of the Central Advisory Committee. Tan Zhenlin\'s life is extremely simple, and the porcelain ashtray he uses is almost broken, but he is reluctant to throw it away, relying on multiple picks to barely fix it and continue to use it.
The ashtray used by Tan Zhenlin Tan Zhenlin (1902-1983) was a native of Yu County, Hunan Province. He joined the revolution in 1925 and joined the Communist Party of China in 1926. In April 1940, he was ordered to come to Changshu to comprehensively lead the party, government and military work in the East Road area of Southern Jiangsu, and established the Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Base Area of the Eastern Road of Southern Jiangsu, and the situation of the Anti-Japanese War in the East Road developed rapidly.
When the Japanese army invaded Changshu in 1937, he organized local anti-Japanese armed forces in Changshu Dongxiang, and later actively fought for the leadership of the party with Zhou Wenzai and others to form the \"New Six Echelon Regiment\". After the arrival of \"Jiangkang\", the department was organized as the third independent detachment of Jiangkang, and later reorganized into the third detachment of Jiangkang Second Road, and Chen served as the deputy commander of the second road. After the \"Jiang resistance\" against Western Sahara, he stayed in the place and continued his anti-Japanese guerrilla work. In the fall of 1941, he was killed in Xushi Township during the Japanese puppet \"Qingxiang\".
The painting pot used by Chen Zhenhuan Chen Zhenwan (1895-1941), formerly known as Chen Jingfu, also known as Liu Gang, was a native of Dongzhang, Changshu. Graduated from Shanghai East Asia Sports School. In his early years, he was inclined to revolution, and in 1926 he went to work at the Whampoa Military Academy in Guangzhou. He returned to Changshu on the eve of the April 12 counter-revolutionary coup in 1927 and was welcomed by the Changshu Special Branch of the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang County Party Department.
Issuing \"Jiangnan Commercial Currency Bonds\" and establishing a fund custody committee to ensure the issuance, circulation and stability of currency. When the coupon is issued, the printed coupon is stamped with the name of \"Gangnam Commercial Currency Bond\", as well as \"Director\'s Seal\" and \"Fund Custody Committee\'s Seal\", and also printed with the number. This coupon is circulated and used in Su Changtai and Chengxiyu areas, and the credit is very good, and the merchants are convenient. It was originally held by Changshu Zhao Cheng Qinghua, and his younger brother Cheng Hairong donated it in the 80s of the 20th century.
Gangnam Commercial Currency Coupons (Face Value Jiao) During the Anti-Japanese War, due to the large-scale looting by the Japanese invaders, there was a shortage of auxiliary currency. The East Road Economic Committee once issued \"Changqingpu\" price coupons and other currencies to stabilize the market and reduce the losses of the masses. With the expansion of the base area, on April 18, 1941, the Economic Committee of the Second Administrative Region of Southern Jiangsu published the \"Interim Measures for Sorting Out and Banning Token Coupons and Organizing Fund Custody Committees\" in the \"Popular Daily\".
One day in September, they organized more than 20 people to dig four deep ditches on the road near Ayukou (Unity Village, Guli Township), tearing down bridges and disrupting enemy road traffic. At that time, Dai Gousheng and Wu Adi also participated in the road-breaking operation, and they used this iron hoe to dig ditches and closely cooperate with the guerrilla struggle, showing the spirit of unity between the military and the people.
Iron hoes used to destroy roads during the war Donated by Gu Genjin According to the donor\'s recollection: In 1943, under the crazy and brutal suppression of the Japanese pseudo-reactionaries, the peasants of Baimao Town, under the leadership and influence of the Party, rose up to resist. At that time, there were no weapons, so iron rakes and the like were used as weapons.
On August 8, the delegates adopted the \"Regulations on the Organization and Election of the People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Association and the Implementation of the Functions and Powers of Various Sections.\" The content includes the mission language and organizational principles of the People\'s Self-Defense Association, the rights and obligations of members and members, and the organizational system. The dates of meetings of representatives at all levels and executive committees and standing committees at all levels, the term of office and removal of representatives at all levels and executive committees at all levels, the qualifications, restrictions and responsibilities of each representative, etc.
\"Regulations on the Organization and Election of the People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Association and the Implementation of the Functions and Powers of Various Sections\" In 1940 The Changshu County People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Association was the first red regime in Changshu\'s history. It is a people\'s democratic regime elected by all the people in a fully democratic way. On August 2, 1940, the first congress of Changshu County People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Association was opened, at which the Changshu County People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Association was formally established.
Comrade Chen Yi resolutely implemented the policy of the CPC Central Committee and immediately deployed the Sixth Regiment of the New Fourth Army to advance eastward to the eastern Sunan Road area. On May 1, the Sixth Regiment, led by regiment commander Ye Fei, set out from Maoshan to the east, using the name \"Jiangnan Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army\". This is a business trip reimbursement form for Jiangkang fighters, which reflects the system and discipline of Jiangkang troops.
Jiang resistance soldier business trip reimbursement form The Jiangnan Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army is a unit of the New Fourth Army in the history of the people\'s revolutionary struggle in the East Road area of southern Jiangsu. In February 1939, Comrade Zhou Enlai came to the headquarters of the New Fourth Army in southern Anhui to convey the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixth CPC Central Committee and agreed on the strategic task of \"consolidating to the south, developing to the north, and attacking to the east.\"
In 1940, after Tan Zhenlin arrived in the area of Sunan East Road, he carried out various work in a bold way, opening up a new situation of anti-Japanese resistance. Due to the urgent need for a batch of military materials for the development of the army, this batch of medals was customized in Shanghai by Zhang Ying, then acting secretary of the East Road Special Committee, and a political traffic officer Kandi was customized, and a total of 200 medals were made to reward advanced individuals who emerged in the mass movement (the \"Red May\" movement) and military struggle, so as to play a stimulating role.
Jiang Anti-Labor Fighter Medal of Honor In 1940 The medallion is pentagonal in shape with a copper texture and enamel painted on the front. The upper motif is a radiant five-pointed star, and in the center is a fluttering red flag crossed by a sharp-edged rifle with the inscription \"Medal of Honor for Labor Soldiers\". At the lower end, there are the words \"1940\" and \"Jiangnan Anti-Japanese Volunteer Army\". There is a hanging chain on the top and the number \"109\" engraved on the back. The medal was collected from a farmer in Dongxiang, Changshu.
New Fourth Army rear hospital syringe cylinder core The medical conditions of the hospital are very poor, and medicines and medical equipment are very scarce, but the medical staff do everything possible to overcome difficulties, treat the wounded, and interpret the original mission with perseverance, and write the responsibility of doctors with dedication.
New Fourth Army Rear Hospital measuring cup The rear hospital of the New Fourth Army was formed by the merger of the Civil Resistance Hospital and the Health Corps of the Sixth Regiment of the New Fourth Army after Jiang Kang Dong came to Changshu in the summer of 1939. The rear hospital had no fixed address, and flowed in the water network area of Tang City and Hengjing (now part of Shajiabang Town).
Ren Tianshi served as deputy captain (later captain), Yang Haolu as political director, and Zhao Bohua as chief of staff. The \"People\'s Resistance\" was an anti-Japanese armed force created earlier by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee directly dispatched cadres behind enemy lines in Jiangnan. The establishment of the \"People\'s Resistance\" opened the curtain on the CPC\'s leadership of the Changshu people to resist Japan.
Civil resistance army cap In early 1938, Ren Tianshi formed the Tangqiao guerrilla group in Meili. In May, the Changshu County CPC Committee rebuilt in Meili, and then began to establish anti-Japanese armed forces, mainly the backbone of the Tangqiao guerrilla, and held military training classes in the Yangxi section near Tangqiao and the foundation of the Zhoujia homestead. After the training course, Changshu\'s first anti-Japanese force, the Changshu People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Force (referred to as \"People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Force\"), was established in early August.
In order to safeguard the interests of the peasants, the \"people\'s resistance\" mobilized the masses to defend the autumn harvest. After agreeing on the amount of rent, the rent will be appropriately reduced in accordance with the spirit of \"rent reduction in the second five-year period\". The \"civil resistance\" collected 1.55 yuan (legal currency) per mu for rice fields and 0.7 yuan (legal currency) per mu for cotton fields, and completed the collection task in less than half a month. It not only solved part of the military supplies, but also dealt a blow to the conspiracy of Japanese and puppet bandits to plunder the fruits of the autumn harvest, and enhanced the prestige of the \"people\'s resistance\" among the masses.
Civil Resistance Completion Certificate, 1938. Commentary: Today, after receiving a certain homestead in a certain township, a certain capital, a certain village, Cao Fusheng\'s owner paid six mu of grain tax, calculated according to the calculation of one yuan and one yuan per mu of Wujiao, and actually received one point of the national currency and two corners, this certificate. Seal \"Headquarters of the First Brigade of the People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Forces\", December 27, Republic of China. After the autumn harvest in 1938, the Japanese in Changshu plotted to collect high rents.
Li Model tried every means to raise funds, collect materials, make careful calculations and rational distribution, and strictly practice economy. He even donated his mother\'s savings from spinning gauze, his wife\'s gold and silver jewelry, and the amount of money from selling two houses as revolutionary funds, making important contributions to ensuring revolutionary funds and material supplies, and was known as a financial expert and \"red butler\". October 1945 Killed in Northern Sapra.
Li Mo joined the Communist Party of China in 1934, one of the founders of the Changshu People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Force, and served as the victim of Changshu, the director of the Changshu County Finance Committee, the director of the East Road Economic Committee, the director of the Supply Department of the Sixth Division of the New Fourth Army, the director of the Financial and Economic Division of the Jiangnan Administration and the president of Huinong Bank. After the fall of Changshu, he was dispatched by the Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China to return to Changshu to lead the anti-Japanese struggle.
Li Model to Zhu Junyingxin. In the 30s of the 20th century, Li Model, a progressive young man who worked in Shanghai Lutong Fubu Zhuang, sent letters to Zhu Junying, who worked in Changshu Yeqin Dyeing Thread Factory, 10 letters are extant. In their letter, the two mainly discussed the construction and development of the Shangyou Society, which reflected the dedication of the revolutionary ancestors to the revolutionary cause. Li Model (1907-1945), formerly known as Hongsheng, was a native of Changshu Mei Li.
He joined the Communist Party of China in 1939. He has successively served as chairman of the Changshu County People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Association, a waiter of the Changshu Communist Party of China, and a commissioner of the Inspector\'s Office of the First Administrative Region of Southern Jiangsu. In July 1941, the Japanese puppet launched the \"Qingxiang\", and Ren Tianshi participated in leading the anti-\"Qingxiang\" struggle. In 1942, he led the restoration of the Su Changtai area. In January 1947, he was arrested in Shanghai for betrayal by traitors. He died in Nanjing in 1948.
The belt used by Ren Tianshi was donated by Li Huijuan. Ren Tianshi (1913-1948), also known as Qisheng, was a native of Mei Li, Changshu. Born in a family of Chinese medicine. He graduated from Shanghai China Medical College in 1935. After the outbreak of the Anti-Japanese War, he abandoned medicine and joined the army, prepared to build an anti-Japanese armed force, and was one of the founders of the Changshu People\'s Anti-Japanese Self-Defense Force (\"People\'s Resistance\") and served as its commander. He cared about the well-being of the masses and was deeply loved by the masses, who called him \"Lao Tian\" and the Democratic Resistance Force \"Lao Tian\'s Army\".
Collection of Changshu Museum: Modern Anti-Japanese War Series
Stone Valley Taibai Kanquan Chart, the fifth volume of the long scroll, collected by Mr. Zeng Mingmin
Wang Shigu Ancient Landscape Book, Seventh, Xin Qiu Subu Langzang
The Yushan School is not only one of the most distinctive and vibrant art schools in the history of Changshu culture, but also occupies an important position in the entire history of Chinese painting. After Wang Yi\'s death, he was first buried in the foothills outside the north gate, and then moved to the Chengjia Bridge at the western foot of Yushan Mountain. During the Daoguang period, his sixth grandson Yuanchung built the Ancestral Hall of Mr. Shigu at the Ancestral Hall of the Emperor of Song Ningyuan and the former site of Laiqingge in Beimen Street.
He has successively completed works such as \"Qinghui Paintings\" and \"Qinghui Gifts\", and after the age of 80, he continued to paint, creating great wealth in his life, and was well known in the sea. Later generations referred to him as the \"Four Kings\" together with Wang Shimin, Wang Jian, and Wang Yuanqi, with Wang Hui as the head. He Wu Li and Yun Shouping are the \"Six Families of the Early Qing Dynasty\". Due to the great influence of Wang Hui\'s painting style, there were countless scholars, thus forming the famous \"Yushan School\".
In the 30th year of the Kangxi Dynasty (1691), he entered the palace with cloth ying to preside over the painting of the \"Southern Tour Map\", which was painted as a title, and was given the inscription \"Landscape Qinghui\" by the Qinggong, and since then he has been famous all over the world and has the reputation of \"painting saint\". Although he was awarded the title of official by the imperial court, he had no intention of becoming rich and famous, and he resigned from the government and returned to Li in the 37th year of the Kangxi Dynasty to continue to study landscape painting.
It is generally believed that his brush and ink began to be valued by the painting world at the age of 35: after the age of 40, he was able to master the ancient and not the old, and showed his style with deep skills; After the age of 50, his painting style is in old age, integrating the two sects of the north and the south into one furnace, and the famous public secretary is among the secretaries.
Tang poetry intention axis (replica)
Apricot Blossom Spring Rain Jiangnan Chart Axis (replica)
Imitation Huanggongwangqiao Chart Axis (replica)
Born into a family of painters, he learned to paint from an early age, and by the age of twenty he was quite imitative. Later, he was appreciated by the famous Taicang painter Wang Jian, accepted as a disciple, and then worshiped Wang Shimin as a teacher. Under the instruction of the \"two kings\", he carefully watched and copied the masterpieces of the past and traveled to the north and south of the river, learning various techniques.
Changshu\'s painters can be traced back to Huang Gongwang and Xie Bocheng in the Yuan Dynasty, followed by Sun Ai and Zhou Zhimian, and in the early Qing Dynasty, they were even more star-studded, the most famous of which was Wang Hui, the founder of the \"Yushan School\". Wang Yi (1632-1717), character Shigu, known as the cultivator of smoke, also known as Jianmen Woodcutter, Wumushan people, Qinghui old man, etc.
Chunjiang Kobetsu Chart Axis (replica)
Khe Shan Mangrove Axis (replica)
Landscape map axis (replica)
Weng Tong Crisp Booklet
The Law of Transformation and Weng Tong, Central Literature Press
Weng Tongyu Biography, Zhou Guchengti, Xie Junmei, Zhonghua Bookstore
Sinful Sea Flower
Lu Man, Part 1, Zeng Pu. New Chinese Literature and Art, Reference Series
Aesthetic walk, by Zong Baihua
The Complete Works of Zong Baihua 1, National Key Book
Qian Qianyi\'s Annals, by Fang Liang, Wirebound Bookstore
Liu Ruyi, edited by Li Shenghua, China Book Company, Yi Love Letter
Liu Ru is another transmission, up, middle, and down, the spirit of independence, the idea of freedom
Draw the axis \"Selected Works of Wang Hui\"
Imitation Eastern Han Copper Chariot Horse (imitation) Steel cast cultural relics from the Eastern Han Dynasty were excavated at the same time as the steel galloping horse. Now it is a landmark cultural relic of Wuwei, symbolizing the strong armed bureaucratic power in the Eastern Han Dynasty, containing extremely rich historical knowledge and cultural relics.
Spear (imitation) The spear is an ancient Chinese fighting weapon used for straight stabbing and piercing, which is divided into two parts: spearhead and spear handle.
Sword (imitation) The short weapon of self-defense and combat in ancient China is known as the \"king of a hundred soldiers\".
Western Zhou animal face pattern (imitation) During the Shang Week, the ding was the most common and important ritual instrument in the festival, a symbol of power and status.
Boshan furnace (imitation) Also known as Boshan incense burner, Boshan aromatherapy, Boshan lavender, etc., it is a common incense burning utensil used by the people of the Han and Jin dynasties in China, symbolizing the legendary sea fairy mountain - Boshan and named.
Big Copper Ding (imitation)
Copper mirror (imitation) Mirrors made of copper in ancient times are indispensable living utensils for people and are treasures in China\'s bronze art and cultural heritage.
\"Fuchun Mountain Residence Map\" Huang Gongwang
\"Matsushankan Piano Score\" Yan Yun
Mao Jin Rare Ben
Recall the Kuomintang government resource committee, honest and fair
Changshu Cultural and Historical Materials, Series 16, Qian Changzhao
Li Qiang Wencun (1924-1994), compiled by Li Yanming
Take the divine fire of the country with your body Nuclear physicist Wang Ganchang
Changshu Literature and History, Series 21, by physicist Mr. Wang Ganchang.
Gui (imitation) It is a utensil used by the Han people to serve food in ancient times.
Guqin (Unit Collection) Ancient books record that Fuyi made a qin, and there are legends such as Shennong making a qin, and the emperor making a qin.
Han Dynasty Gai Ding (imitation) From the middle of the Han Dynasty, the original appearance of ding as a cooking vessel was restored, and it was used as a cooking utensil.
็›‰ (imitation) The ancient wine vessel was also an important ceremonial vessel for the sacrificial activities of the ancients.
Spring and autumn bronze square pot (imitation) It is a bronze wine or water vessel in the middle of spring and autumn, and is only used in the palace.
In the tenth year of Xianfeng (1860), the Zhongzhuang Ancestral Hall and Laiqing Pavilion were destroyed in Bingxiao, and only the Shigu Temple survived. After the founding of the People\'s Republic of China, the ancestral hall was listed as a county (city) cultural relic protection unit. Today, due to the needs of urban construction, the original structure was specially moved to the eastern slope of Yushan Mountain, and expanded to become the \"Wang Shigu Memorial Hall\" for the general public and tourists at home and abroad to visit and admire.
Changshu Fangta Garden Celebrity Museum Collection Series: imitation ancient copper products, ancient modern calligraphy and painting, etc.
Wang Shigu Memorial Museum Collection: Wang Yi Calligraphy and Painting (Replica) Series
Imitation, Weng Tong Crisp, Xingshu fan page
incense burner
Imitation, Weng Tong Crisp, Xingshu Fan page 2
Imitation, Weng Tongyu, rejects Na Tong Cheng Yi Jin: Na Tong Diary
Imitation, Weng Tongxi, refused [Beauty Stone]: written by Zhang Qian [Beauty Stone Record]
Imitation, Weng Tongxi, refused to accept Liu Liu\'s bribe, and sent calligraphy and painting to stand up
Imitation, Yan Yun, vertical shaft
Imitation, Qu Shiyun, Shuzaku
Imitation, Weng Tong, self-discipline verse: Wu Kaishu
Imitation, Weng Tongxi, refused to accept Sheng Xuanhuai\'s gift and thank-you post
Copper mirror
Imitation, Jiang Tingxi, Zhilan and Mao vertical shaft
Imitation, Jiang Tingxi, flower and bird fan page
Imitation, Jiang Tingxi, Xingshu Scroll
Imitation, Gui Yunsu, Xingshudou square shaft
Incense burner ding
Imitation, Gui Yunsu, Xingshu fan page
Changshu Square Pagoda Garden Lian Guan Museum collects ancient imitation series. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Or abandoned along with the dog cage. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Model 3 \"Computer Fighter 2\" clearance archive archive
The clouds in the sky are divided into three, and I don\'t know how to make them
Lotus leaf dumplings, want to eat. ๐Ÿ˜‹
The dog suffered from a serious skin disease and was ruthlessly abandoned by its owner
The ancient town at night is all closed
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Ming Dynasty: Zigang model white jade two qiao guan book plate expansion Lu Zigang, also known as Lu Zigang, lived in the Ming Jiajing and Wanli years (born and died about 1522-1592), a native of Taicang, Jiangsu, living in Suzhou, and his jade skills are ingenious. \"Suzhou Fuzhi\" contains: \"Lu Zigang, crushing jade and skillful hands.\" Narcissus hairpins, delicate and ingenious, and the flower stems are as thin as hair.\" According to legend, the Zigang tablet was created by Lu Zigang, usually on the square jade plate with a literati landscape painting on one side and a poetry seal on the other, cleverly integrating poetry and painting into the art of jade carving, fresh and vulgar.
Lu Yifeng was later ordered to lead an army to attack the pirate leader Lin Feng, and defeated the pirates. Later, he served in Jinjiang and Nan\'anzhi counties, where he cleaned up his military registration and acres, eliminated old malpractices, relaxed the salt ban, and worked for the benefit of the people. Diligent in government affairs, he quickly handles the mountains of official documents every day. Despite the hard work, he traveled to and from the valley in the middle of summer, and he was seriously ill because of the miasma, but he still insisted on working until his death. There was no surplus in the family, and even the money for the funeral after death was raised by the protรฉgรฉ. The people felt deeply and prayed along the way, stretching for hundreds of miles, weeping endlessly.
Ming Dynasty: Fengzheng Dafu Quanzhou County Cheng Sanquan Lugong (Yifeng), with Chen Yiren\'s epitaph, written by Wang Shizhen, Jiang Yizhongshu. In September 1990, Lujia Mountain was excavated at the northern foot of Changshu Yushan Mountain and is now in the Changshu Museum. The Lu family was a family of Changshu officials and eunuchs in the Ming Dynasty, inheriting the family style of Qingkang. Lu Yifeng (1518-1580), great-grandson of Lu Run, character Zishao. After the thirty-first year of Jiajing\'s reign (1552), he was appointed as the same person in the coastal defense of Quanzhou Prefecture. Quanzhou is close to the sea, on the front line of coastal defense against the Wokou, Lu Yifeng carefully planned and achieved remarkable results.
There are silver mines in Wenzhou, which are often mined by traitors, but the taxes generated are borne by innocent people, and Lu Run takes severe measures to crack down on them. He is particularly cautious in judicial decisions, understands the feelings of the people, and rehabilitates wrongful imprisonment. More than 100 miles of stone weirs were built to defend against the invasion of the Wokou and benefit one side. Nine years later, he retired to his hometown because of his old age, and the people sent him off and tried their best to keep him. Later, he erected a shrine and built a monument for him, which shows that he is deeply popular as an official.
In Min County, there are many winds of gathering people to argue and strife, and Lu Run is not afraid of the powerful and impartial law enforcement, which curbs the spread of unhealthy atmosphere. When he was in Pingzhi County, he hired well-educated people from Fujian and Zhejiang to give lectures and lectures, which improved the level of local education. After being promoted to the post of Taifuji Cheng, he eliminated old shortcomings and improved the official horse management system. He was ordered to take 20,000 taels of silver to the border to purchase horses, and the balance of more than 400 taels of official silver was handed over, and he would never take possession of it.
Ming Dynasty: The former Zhongshun Dafu Wenzhou Prefectural Government sent an edict to the advanced step, the epitaph of the Duke of Lu (Run) of Sanpin Gusong, written by Wu Yipeng and written by Liu Ying. In October 1990, excavations were excavated in Lujia Mountain at the northern foot of Changshu Yushan Mountain, and are now in the Changshu City Stele Museum. Lu Run (1436-1518), courtesy name Changze, was a scholar in the second year of Chenghua (1466), and successively served as the prefect of Min County, Qingpingzhi County, and Taifu Temple, and served as the prefect of Wenzhou.
When Yu Kan was appointed as the prefect of Kaifeng, he was not entrusted to try cases, and he was honest and honest, which was praised by the times. The \"National Dynasty Tribute Record\" said that \"Bud Tho avoided hiding and did not dare to enter\", and \"Bud Tho\" is a variety of gifts used for bribery, and Yu Kan was unmoved in the face of material temptation. After his mother\'s death, he resigned and returned to his hometown, not taking anything from the official house. Living in poverty, living in an old house that leaks rain, the bedding is thin in winter, and there is even no rice to cook. After his death, Liren erected a shrine for him, and had the reputation of the first Qing official of the Ming Dynasty, and his reputation was far and wide.
Ming Dynasty: Chief of the Shandong Department of the Ministry of Punishment, epitaph of the Tai\'an people of the Ding clan (Shuwan) of Yu Kanmu, written by Jin Yin, Zhou An Shudan. In 1987, the infrastructure construction site of the Fourth People\'s Hospital of Changshu City, at the northern foot of Yushan Mountain, was unearthed and is now in the Changshu City Stele Museum. This epitaph is inscribed by the Qing official Yukan\'s mother, Ding, who was a family keeper and had a direct influence on Yukan. Yukan, Zi Xizhi, late Yi\'an, Jiangsu Changshu people. In the twenty-second year of Ming Yongle (1424), he became a scholar and successively served as the head of the Criminal Department and the Ministry of Engineering.
Zong Yuanhan Chongwen emphasized teaching, edited Fang Zhi, built water conservancy, handled cases according to law, and did a lot of practical things for the people. During his tenure as prefect of Yanzhou, he used moral justice to influence the groups of displaced people who broke the law and committed crimes due to poverty, and made the 6,000 displaced people abandon evil and return to their hometowns. Loving the people like a son, he built farmland irrigation projects, rectified the floods of the Xin\'an River, and worked with the people in the spring, which won the hearts of the people. He worked tirelessly for the officials, worked tirelessly, was honest and honest, and later died of illness in the military preparation of the Wen Department, which can be described as exhaustive.
Qing Dynasty: Therefore, Tongfeng Daifu awarded Dai Hua Ling the second rank of rank, the epitaph of the Duke of Daozong (Yuanhan) of the Wen Division, written by Tan Ting, Fei Nianci and sealed. In March 1976, the jade crab spring Maojia farm in the northwest foothills of Changshu Yushan was unearthed and is now in the Changshu Museum. Zong Yuanhan (1834-1897), courtesy name Xiangwen, was a native of Shangyuan (present-day Nanjing) and lived in Changshu in the late period. The descendant of the famous general Zong Ze of the Song Dynasty, a young man, was respected by his mentors and friends. He successively served as the prefect of Quzhou, Huzhou, Jiaxing, Yanzhou (present-day Jiande) and other places in Zhejiang, and served as an official for more than 20 years, and was close to the people.
Zhang Xie served as the chief examiner of the Jiangxi Township Examination, and selected Liang Kun and other virtuous talents for the imperial court. He was promoted to Ningshao\'s Taiwan coastal defense guard, when the pirate Cai Zhan repeatedly attacked Ningbo, and the governor Li Changgeng was unable to conquer it for a long time. Zhang Xie wrote that the pirates must collude with the internal bandits, and as long as the armor protection system was adopted, strict inspections, rewards were offered for arrest, and grain sales were strictly controlled, the pirates could naturally be pacified, and the superiors adopted his advice, and the pirates were eliminated. Zhang usually lives frugally and likes to collect books, which has a collection of tens of thousands of volumes.
Qing Dynasty: Awarded the title of Feng Zheng Dafu Zhejiang Ningshaotai, Coastal Defense Military Preparation Road Zhang Jun (Xie) epitaph, Sun Yuanxiang wrote and wrote Dan, Wang Kai seal cover. On November 3, 1990, Yushan Baiyun Zhangjiashan was unearthed and is now in the Changshu City Stele Museum. Zhang Xie (1753-1808), courtesy name Zihe, was a native of Changshu. When he served in the Criminal Affairs Department, he handled cases honestly and fairly. He was diligent in government affairs, still picking lamps to deal with official documents at night, and for ten years he took social stability and the peace of the people as his own responsibility, often forgetting food and sleep, and his heart was emaciated.
Jiang Qin used half of the Yulu to support his parents, and the rest of the monthly allowance was only coarse grains such as millet and wheat, which southerners were not accustomed to eating, and the family lived a difficult life. Later, he was promoted to the superintendent of Nanjing Shaanxi Province and dared to speak out. In the first year of Zhengde (1506), the eunuch Liu Jin was dictatorial, and Jiang Qin was impeached three times, but he was punished by the punishment of the court staff three times, died in prison, sacrificed his life for righteousness, and showed noble gentlemanly integrity. After Liu Jin was killed, he was posthumously presented by the imperial court as Shaoqing of Guanglu Temple.
Before the death of the Ming Dynasty, Wenlin Lang Nanjing Shaanxi Dao, supervising the imperial history of Jiang Jun (Qin) epitaph, written by Qian Renfu, Chen Yanshu. In 1984, Taoyuanrun in the northern foothills of Changshu Yushan was unearthed and is now in the Changshu City Stele Museum. Jiang Qin (1458-1506), character Xiu, was a Changshu. In the ninth year of Ming Hongzhi (1496), he entered the army, was appointed as an official of Weihui Mansion in Henan, rehabilitated wrongful imprisonment, and was honest and clean.
Zhao Bujian, disliked the glitz of the capital, yearned for the tranquility of the mountains and forests, refused the high-ranking officials granted by the imperial court, and chose to move to Kaiyuan Township, Changshu, where he lived in seclusion for twenty years until his death. They often give their own money to help the poor, and when they encounter a bad harvest, they take out the documents borrowed by others and burn them to be invalidated. Actively resolve conflicts and disputes for the people, and is deeply respected by the villagers.
Tomb of Emperor Song\'s Pingjiang Prefecture (Zhao Buhui), written by Yang Xingzong. During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the tomb of King Zhao of Changshu Yushan Mountain was unearthed, collected in the First People\'s Hospital of Changshu City in 1983, and is now in the Changshu Museum. Zhao Buhuan (1144-1182), grandson of Emperor Taizong of Song, Zhao Guangyi, was the fifth grandson. He was a minor and his parents died, he was quiet by nature, happy and idle, and although he was born into the royal family, he did not have the habit of being a gentleman, and he treated people with humility and courtesy.
In the fourth year of Guanghe (181), the people praised Pan Gan for being as incorruptible and selfless as bamboo on the outside and empty. He observed the people\'s feelings, cared for the people\'s welfare, respected the elderly, rescued the orphaned, sick and disabled, and vigorously commended those who honored their parents, respected the old and loved the young, and valued righteousness over profit; It not only actively develops cultural and educational undertakings, but also gathers young and middle-aged men for military training during the agricultural leisure season; Respecting people of high moral character, severely cracking down on local tyrants and inferior gentry who oppressed the people and acted arbitrarily, resulting in a new social atmosphere, the people living and working in peace and contentment, and the people praised him as a wise and benevolent parent official.
\"Han Liyang Changpan Qian Colonel Stele\" Qing Dynasty topology, the original stele was inscribed in the fourth year of Emperor Guanghe of the Eastern Han Dynasty (181), found in the Southern Song Dynasty on the shore of Gaochun Gucheng Lake, now in the Nanjing Museum. This extension was donated by Yu Xianwu and is now in the Changshu Museum. Pan Qian (Pan Qian), courtesy name Yuanzhuo, was a native of Changping, Chen Guo (present-day northeast Xihua County, Henan). During the reign of Emperor Ling of the Eastern Han Dynasty, he was promoted to filial piety and appointed as the governor of Liyang (whose seat was in present-day Hushu Town, southeast of Jiangning District, Nanjing). During his term of office, he established schools, advocated etiquette, and established school officials (students who are specifically responsible for school education), and his political achievements were very outstanding.
Changshu Museum Collection: Ancient Inscription Topography Series
Arrive at the meeting point Suzhou Tree Mountain early in the morning and see the big character title on the mountain [Suzhou Amusement Park, Hot Spring World]
Below is Unsen Temple
It\'s Desperate Valley, it\'s very precipitous
Pull the rope down and see
The audacity went down. ๐Ÿ˜†
It takes two ropes to be at ease. ๐Ÿ˜…
A crowd of people watched. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
The rope went down to the bottom of the Desperate Valley, it was pitch black, there was nothing to look at, it was purely to practice courage. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Looking at the Valley of Desperate Love from above, hey, I\'m afraid of heights. ๐Ÿ˜–
A large crack
Fly by ๐Ÿ˜„
In the distance is the Emerald Lake, almost there
The water of the emerald lake is turquoise, and the breeze blows and sparkles
The rocky stalls by the emerald lake, go down to wash your hands, play in the water, and look at the lake
Looking at the lake up close, the green is transparent and beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜
It is more difficult for the magic road to climb, passing through the gaps in the stones
The Tree Mountain Magic Road is really quite steep, with a slope of 60-70. ๐Ÿ™
Very steep rocky crevice
It\'s so steep, I still want to go up, don\'t die. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The magic path must be used by both hands and feet to come up
Qin Yu Snow Accumulation \"Qin Yu Ji Xue\" is one of the eight Yong of Hushu Guan in the Qing Dynasty, and is named after Yangshan Mountain nicknamed Qin Yuhang Mountain. The temperature at the top of the mountain is lower than that of the mountain, the first eye after the snow, the red cover, very enchanting, often the snow has melted, the top of the mountain is still snowy, to the beginning of the winter snow, the sunrise in the east, see the snow of the Yangshan Mountain, a special fun.
At the top of the mountain in the distance is Gouwu Pavilion
Four flying cool Yangshan is also known as Sifei Mountain, Sifei Zhi Shuang Tea House is located at the top of the pearl crown of the north peak of Yangshan, from here to see Yangshan, Yangshan opens on all sides, set the east, west, south and north of the grand view, majestic and outstanding show, here to view the scenery and taste tea, is actually the best experience of life.
Guide map of Jiangsu Dayangshan National Forest Park, Qin Yu Qingfeng, Yangshan tour
Introduction to Gou Wuge Located at the top of Dayang Mountain, you can enjoy the scenery of the high-tech zone around Dayang Mountain. By climbing high and overlooking, feel the scene of vigorous development and business in the high-tech zone, let visitors feel the mind and responsibility of \"selfless and wide-minded\", and inspire everyone to seize the day and forge ahead.
Tree Hill Ecological Village, panoramic tourism guide map
Secluded bamboo sea Bamboo, evergreen, the sea of bamboo in Gejiawu is extremely attractive, the spring breeze blows, the pieces of bamboo sway with the wind, and the blue waves churn.
Cuiguan pear, with thin peel, crispy and juicy meat, tender taste, small core without residue, is known as \"June snow\". The \"Compendium of Materia Medica\" records that the pear, Liye, is fluent in its downward trend. It not only has a superior taste, but also has the effects of clearing the heart, moisturizing the lungs, lowering fire, rejuvenating, moisturizing, clearing heat, and dissolving phlegm.
Yunquan Temple, formerly known as Yunquan An, is under the Zhaoyin Bridge (Elephant Trunk Peak Immortal Bridge) on Dashi Mountain. In the Song Dynasty, Zhen Protector Zen Master traveled all over the world to Dashi Mountain, and saw that it was an ideal place to practice meditation, so he stayed again and built an an, the name of the temple \"Yunquan\", because there is a clear spring under the an, the spring falls on the rock cliff, and the water foam is like fog. Historically, Unsen-an has undergone disasters, been repaired many times, and was renamed Yunquan Temple in modern times, and the scene of \"Yuji living in Yunquan, temple bell mountain Seli\" reappeared in Daishi Mountain.
Suzhou Shushan Dayang Mountain Gou Wuge Magic Road Loop GPS track map
Suzhou Shushan Dayang Mountain Gou Wuge Magic Road Loop. Sightseeing: Yunquan Temple, Desperate Valley, Emerald Lake, Qin Yu Snow, Sifei Zhishuang, Quiet Bamboo Sea, Cuiguan Pear. The whole distance is 9 kilometers, and the climb is about 450 meters. Gou Wuge climbs high and looks far away, and Suzhou High-tech Zone has a panoramic view. ๐Ÿค—
It is also very happy to be a filial mother at home, and the grapes are peeled. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Kowloon Pond in Wangshan
Cats and dogs actually got along harmoniously. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
The butterfly was quite busy and did not realize that it had been photographed at all. ๐Ÿ˜„
Mountaineering moments
Model3 VR Warrior 3 takes down the final opponent archive archive
Is this Reishi?
The Art of Mushrooms, 50
The Spirit of Life, 82
Model3 \"VR Warrior 3\" knocks down the final opponent save download, loads the instant save, and the metal man falls to the ground. Game model: SEGA Model 3 Using the emulator: SEGA-Model3-M3UI-V0.02-2020[Supermodel_0.2a_Win64] Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Emulator download link:
Something passed through the clouds and streaked a long line of clouds
Willow view by the lake
View in the park
Tourists on the opposite side enjoy horseback riding while watching the lake view
Camping is possible across the lake
Long cloister to enjoy the shade as you walk
There are tall horses riding in the park, rented out, tourists sitting on horses, and staff leading around the lake
Looking at the clouds on the bridge, this cloud is a bit like a trumpet
Capo Bridge
The egret flew past and burrowed into the reeds
Here the lotus leaf grows a large one
A large pond of lotus leaves
There are mountains and waters in the park
Wuxi Modern Agricultural Expo Park walking and leisure tour
Go into the park and hike leisurely along the lake. ๐Ÿ˜€
Concrete block slope protection
Gabion slope protection It has the advantages of good flexibility, water permeability, durability and wave resistance, and has good ecology. Its structure can be fine-tuned for its own adaptability, and there will be no settlement joints due to uneven settlement, and the overall structure will not be damaged.
Slope protection of wooden stakes
White axle grass Also known as white-flowered clover, Dutch warp, etc., perennial herbs, for cultivated plants, sometimes escaping into weeds, invading dry crop fields, not harmful, harmful to vegetables and young forests in local areas, growth period up to 6 years, 10-30 cm high. The taproot is short, the lateral and barbel roots are well developed, the stem is creeping, the upper part is slightly rising, the nodes are rooted, and the whole plant is glabrous. Palmarate three-out compound leaves, peduncle ovate-lanceolate, membranous, basal stem sheath-shaped, isolated part sharply pointed. It has wide adaptability, strong heat and cold resistance, and can grow vigorously in acidic soils as well as in sandy soils.
Again to spend hard Ecological role Arrowroot family, water arrowroot is a perennial emergent herbaceous plant. The leaves are ovate-lanceolate, light grey-blue, with purple margins, 50 cm long and 25 cm wide. Complex inflorescence, small flowers, purple pansy color. The whole plant is accompanied by white powder. The stem can be more than 2 meters tall, the slender stem can be up to 3 meters high, and the stem end produces purple flowers, like bait tied to a fishing rod, and has a very special shape.
Hypericum Ecological role Hypericum of the Garcinia family, a small semi-evergreen tree or shrub, withers at the end of each growing season above ground and perennial underground. The twigs are slender and multi-branched, and the leaves are papery, sessile, opposite, oblong-oval and bloom from June to July. The inflorescences are clustered into umbrellas and grow at the top of the branches, and the flowers are golden yellow, and their bunches of slender stamens are also as bright as gold filigree. Hypericum is a temperate tree species that prefers moist semi-shade.
Iris Ecological role It belongs to the order Lily, Iris family, iris perennial herb, rhizome thick, about 1cm in diameter, obliquely extended: leaves 15~50cm long, 1.5-3.5cm wide, flowers blue-purple, diameter about 10cm; The capsule is oblong or inverted ovate, 4.5โ€“6 cm long and 2โ€“2.5 cm in diameter. Mainly distributed in south-central China, it can be ornamental, the flower aroma is elegant, can be used to make perfume, its rhizome can be used as traditional Chinese medicine, can be picked all year round, with anti-inflammatory effect.
Masonry barge Masonry barge is the treatment of the bank slope of garden water features with stones. Masonry barge is a form of revetment in water conservancy engineering. It mainly relies on the self-weight of the wall to ensure the stability of the bank wall and resist the pressure of the soil behind the wall. The barge mechanism consists of three parts: foundation, wall and roof. Neatness and regularity are the biggest characteristics of masonry barges.
Fir pile revetment Fir pile has high strength and low density, has the advantages of light weight and high strength, good elastic toughness, and can withstand shock and vibration; Under appropriate maintenance conditions, it has good durability; Fir pile has strong hygroscopicity and wet expansion and contraction, and when dried fir absorbs moisture, with the increase of adsorbed water, the volume expansion of fir will occur; Fir piles are easy to observe from the outside if they are defective.
Gabion slope protection Due to the large voids of the gabions, they can cover or fill the gaps on the gabions, as well as microorganisms and various organisms, under the processing of long years, to form soft and nutrient-rich topsoil, achieving the goal of natural circulation of perennial herbs. It is mainly used as river channel and bank slope protection. It can not only prevent the river bank from being damaged by water currents and wind waves, but also maintain the natural convection exchange function between the water body and the soil under the slope, and achieve ecological balance; It not only protects the embankment, but also adds green landscape.
Underwater forest The so-called \"underwater forest\" is to establish a clear water ecosystem in the water body, build a complete water ecosystem composed of submerged plants, benthic animals, fish and microorganisms, use the food chain of the water ecology to create a new food ecological structure, improve the self-purification function of the water body, and transform the water body from \"algae-type turbid water\" to grass-type clear water state.
Grass-planted fish nest ecological revetment As an ecological slope protection, grass-planted fish nest slope protection not only has the strength of concrete precast blocks, meets the needs of river revetment, but also has ecological characteristics and can form a perfect ecosystem. The block itself promotes water and soil exchange through the coordination with the surrounding environment, the combination of plants and civil engineering, promotes the growth of microorganisms, allows the river to realize the function of self-purification, and helps the water quality of the river to be greatly improved.
[Natural barge] grassy slope into the water The plant community on the natural barge has the function of storing water and purifying the air, which can form a microclimate in the plant covered area and improve the ecological environment around the water body. During the flood season, the water in the water body penetrates and stores into the groundwater aquifer outside the barge to alleviate waterlogging; During the dry period, groundwater infiltrates into the water body through the barge, which plays the role of replenishment and regulating the water level. In addition, the large amount of vegetation on the barge also has the effect of retaining water.
Honeycomb partition slope protection
Wuxi Modern Agriculture Expo Park: Natural knowledge exhibition in the park
Roaring Mountain up the mountain stone road
Seven Clouds Temple, a seven-story pagoda
The Virtue Monument, which was not available before, was newly erected this year
Wen Cuixuan, the door is closed, never opened
Zodiac Bagua Array
Stone turtle camel stele, carved by Gusu Chen Bingxing
Roaring Mountain Top Stone Road
Bright top panoramic view, overlooking the entire city of Wuxi
Descend Roaring Mountain from the north
The mountain is steep here, so everyone is cautious about descending
The little mad team walked at the foot of Roaring Mountain
To the north of Roar Mountain is a cliff
When the road meets a tall horse, it won\'t let you touch it. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Head to the top of the third Jilong Mountain
The little crazy team began to go up Jilong Mountain, cheering. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
There are traces of people camping on the top of Jilong Mountain
On the way down, I found that the makeshift camp made of trees had collapsed
The road down Jilong Mountain is not steep and easy to walk
Pass by the Holy Emperor Hall and go to the fourth top, the top of Phoenix Mountain
Phoenix Mountain was rented by developers to develop mountain biking activities, and roads were built on the mountain, and the top of the mountain was bulldozed
The terrain of Phoenix Mountain is also relatively gentle, and it is not difficult to descend
The vegetation is very dense and there is no way to find it at all
Plunged headlong into the sea of ๐Ÿ˜‚ plants, there was no road, and the uncle took the lead to open the way
Xiaobai, a very beautiful dog, I don\'t know what breed, stared at me. ๐Ÿ˜„
Happiness Zen Temple
Jiaoxi Zen Temple
The clouds in the sky, a bit like a shark\'s head, with its mouth open, are scary. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Advance towards Cuiping Mountain
The fruit tree on the top of the mountain, I don\'t know what kind of fruit it is
Hole Void
Spirit Palace
A small bridge over the pond in front of the temple
Panoramic photo of the top of the rubber mountain
Jiaoshan clouds
Birds fly by in the sky
Jiaoshan Pavilion rest for a while
Jiaoshan Lake
Looking into the distance, it should be Changshu Yushan in the distance
Walk on the Cuiping Ancient Road
Stone tiger at the Cuiping Ancient Road crossing
Guide map of Wuxi Cuiping Mountain Tourist Resort The resort area is rich in mountain water resources, there are Roaring Mountain, Cuiping Mountain, Jiaoshan Mountain in the north, Baidan Mountain, Shoe Mountain, Songshan Mountain in the south, the natural mountains correspond to the north and south, complementing each other, with the Jiuli River landscape as the center, Chunfeng River and Zoumatang strung together into a natural water system landscape that extends in all directions, the forest coverage rate reaches 55%, the resort has a collection of history and culture, with historical celebrities such as Yin Shang Sage Jiaohu, Ming Dynasty Jujia Anguo and other historical relics such as Jiaoshan Ancient Temple, Dou Ruquan, Xilin Garden Ruins.
Reach the end point, Wuxi Modern Agricultural Expo Park
Wuxi Roaring Nong Bajian, from Roaring Mountain Forest Park to Nongbo Park. Passing attractions: Qiyun Temple, Sheng\'an Palace at the South Top of Roaring Mountain, Guangming Peak in the North Peak, Phoenix Mountain Wetland Park, Jilong Peak, Phoenix Peak, Happiness Temple, Jiaoxi Monastery, Cuiping Mountain Two Peaks, Dongxi Temple, Jiaoshan Two Peaks, Cuiping Ancient Road, and finally arrive at Wuxi Modern Agricultural Expo Park. The whole distance is 8 kilometers, and the cumulative climb is about 400 meters. ๐Ÿค—
Wildcat descending the mountain ๐Ÿ˜ 
After work, ride to Yangcheng Lake to see
Yesterday, I went to Pingjiang Road and bought a cheongsam for my girl. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warning, disclaimer, QQ group number: 759703903, please see the larger picture for details. [4]
Zhang Jian (July 1, 1853 ~ August 24, 1926) was born in Menle Town, Hai Chang, Jiangsu Province. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, he was a modern Chinese industrialist, politician and educator, who advocated \"industry to save the country\". An early pioneer in the field of cotton textile in China. He founded more than 20 enterprises and more than 370 schools in his lifetime, making valuable contributions to the rise of modern national industry and the development of education in China, and was known as a \"champion industrialist\". In addition to allocating a considerable part of his annual profits as a special charity fund, Zhang Jian is also busy selling words to raise funds.
Zhang Jian Many of the operating funds of institutions such as nurseries, homes for the disabled, and schools for the blind and dumb come from the financing of Zhang Jianzi. In addition, Zhang Jian has used his influence to call on the government to fund charitable causes. At the same time, he also paid attention to the reform of charities, the combination of education and education, so that the disadvantaged groups can be self-reliant and have enough food and clothing. Zhang Jian founded philanthropy, not simply to carry out charitable activities, but to incorporate philanthropy into the entire system engineering of improving society, believing that it has far-reaching social significance.
Xu Qianlin (1863-1952), known as Mao, known as Shengtang, clan name Yuanzhang, and old man Jianlu, was a famous philanthropist in modern China and a well-known social activist and patriot in Shanghai. In response to the growing phenomenon of human trafficking, in 1910, Xu Qianlin and Zhao Jinqing initiated the establishment of the China Relief Women and Children Association in Shanghai to provide relief and shelter for women and children who had been abducted to Shanghai.
Xu Ganlin In 1913, Xu Qianlin and others initiated the establishment of the China Relief Women and Children Association at the Jiangwan Jade Buddha Temple to set up a general hospital for left-behind women and children, which was the first new-type charity set up by Chinese to adopt women and children.
Xu Ganlin After the establishment of China Relief Women and Children, its relief scope continued to expand, and branches were set up in other cities in the country such as Dalian, Shenyang, Hankou and Harbin, and quickly grew into a charitable organization with national influence. For half a century, Mr. Xu Qianlin founded enterprises or organizations such as Shanghai Commodity Exhibition Institute, Universal Relief Association, China Relief Women and Children\'s Association, Provincial Charity Relief Association, Zhabei Fire Fighting Association, China Jisheng Association, Zhabei Hydropower Plant, China National Federation of Charity Groups, etc., to save lives and bury deaths, work extremely hard, do good deeds all their lives, and respect those who know and do not know.
Tao Shu (1779-1839) was a feudal official during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, who held the high position of governor of Liangjiang and was known for his philanthropy by presiding over the Feng Bei Yicang. When Daoguang was in the third to fifth year (1823-1825), Tao Shu was appointed governor of Anhui, and when the fire coincided, he began to consider the establishment of a folk righteous warehouse to prepare for disasters and famines, named \"Feng Bei Yi Cang\", which means \"to have more than a good year, and to prepare for a short year\".
Tao Shu By the fifteenth year of Daoguang (1835), Tao Shu had served two terms as the governor, and finally he and Lin Zexu, who was the governor of Jiangsu, built the Fengbei Yicang with the address in Jiangning and Suzhou. Historically, this disaster relief warehouse aided by the private office was named \"Changyuan Wufeng Bi Yicang\", and for more than 20 years from 1835 to 1860, this Yicang effectively played the role of disaster relief in the year of drought.
Lin Zexu (August 30, 1785 โ€“ November 22, 1850) was a native of Houguan County, Fujian. At the beginning of the fifteenth year of Daoguang (1835), Lin Zexu built ten large and small warehouses in Suzhou City, buying grain from Wuxi for storage. Because the land is in present-day Changzhou, Yuanhe, Wu, Jiangsu, the disaster relief warehouse was named \"Changyuan Wufeng Beiyi Cang\" in history.
Lin Zexu For more than 20 years, from 1835 to 1860, this warehouse effectively served as a disaster relief during the drought year. After the Opium War, Lin Zexu was exiled to Xinjiang. He once again donated money to build the Longkou Canal in Yili, a border region, to benefit the people of Xinjiang and complete the last charitable undertaking in his life for the country and the people.
Kang Jitian (1728-1813), courtesy name Zhonggeng, was a native of Xingxian County, Shanxi. In the twenty-second year of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1757), he was first appointed to Zhixian of Xinyang (now part of Kunshan City), and later transferred to Zhi County of Zhaowen (now part of Changshu City). He has successively served as the inspector of Jiangsu, the governor of Jiangnan River, and the governor of Anhui, with outstanding political achievements. During his tenure of duty in Changshu, Kang Jitian organized the construction of Yuanhe Pond and the dredging of salt and iron ponds to facilitate the people. During his tenure in Changshu, Kang Jitian also vigorously established a college to assess the studies of students and promote the development of education.
Kangjitian Shimei Li Town West Street originally had the Song Dynasty Xian Wang Shide (Boguang) Ancestral Hall, with three houses, a total of 16 rooms. In the 29th year of Qianlong, Kang Jitian went to Mei Li, and he immediately organized the removal of the statue of Wang Shide to his temple and changed it to the wooden tablet. The original ancestral hall was renovated, and the land was expanded by 3 acres, and the gate hall and dormitory were added, and it was rebuilt into Mei Li College. At the same time, the local gentlemen donated 140 acres of land, and Kangjitian personally donated 500 taels of silver as the school\'s running funds. Kang Ki-tian also wrote his own inscription and invited Xiaolian to give lectures.
Fan Li (536-448 BC), courtesy name Shaobao, was a native of the state of Chu in the late Spring and Autumn period. Famous politician, military strategist and philanthropist in late spring and autumn. Fan Li\'s charitable deeds are clearly recorded in the history books. \"Chronicle. The Legend of Goods Colony describes Fan Li\'s charitable acts as \"three thousand dollars in nineteen years, and then scattered and poor and dispersed.\" โ€
Fan Li He put forward a series of economic policies and ideas, which made the country rejuvenate after the fall of the country, make the people prosperous and the country strong, and lay the foundation for the hegemony of the Spring and Autumn period of the country of Vietnam. Among them, \"the end of the peasants is profitable\" and \"the balance of things\" is the main content of his economic thought. \"Pingqi Qiwu\" is essentially a strategy to save the famine and help the people, which actually contains Fan Li\'s proposition of charitable relief, which is a manifestation of his philanthropic thought.
Fan Chong, year of birth and death unknown, character Junyun, a native of Huyang, Nanyang in the late Western Han Dynasty, was the maternal grandfather of Emperor Guangwu of the Eastern Han Dynasty. According to the Book of the Later Han, Fan Zhong lived until he was in his eighties before dying without illness. Before he died, Fan Zhong asked his family to collect all the IOUs that the village had borrowed from him, and there were millions of them.
Fan Zhong Looking at these Wenqi, Fan Zhong didn\'t say anything, leaving his family on fire. After the debtors learned about this, they all felt very ashamed and went to Fan\'s house to pay off the debt. Fan Zhong\'s sons were exempted by their father\'s will, and the family did not accept them. He has a lot of \"pond fish herds\" in his family, and he will be willing to give free of charge to anyone who asks for fish and livestock.
Ren Tianshi (1913-1948), formerly known as Ren Qisheng, was a native of Mei Litangqiao, Changshu, Jiangsu. Born in 1913 in a family of Chinese medicine, he was enlightened in private school. Born into a family of traditional Chinese medicine, Ren Tianshi combined revolution and medical practice.In September 1932, he studied at the Shanghai Chinese Medical College and returned to his hometown to practice medicine after graduation.After the Xi\'an Incident, Ren Tianshi made a new leap in his thinking under the influence of the anti-Japanese rescue movement led by the Communist Party of China. He bitterly experienced: \"Being a doctor can only save lives.\" If you want to save the people, you must first save the country.
Ren Tianshi After joining the revolution, he held an important position, known as \"Commander Ren\", and although he was busy with the great cause of resisting Japan and saving the country, he still often delivered medicine to urban and rural patients. The touching deeds of Ren Tianshi Kuang\'s poverty relief are still circulating in the Mei Li area. Ren Tianshi has worked hard for the health of many patients for more than 10 years, and for poor patients in the countryside, he does not accept consultation fees, or even does not need to pay for medicines, and can go directly to the medicine shop he opened to pick up medicines with his note. Money and supplies were also given to individual patients who did not cover their clothes and did not have enough to eat.
Dafeng Zushi (1039 AD, 1127 AD), a famous monk in Chaoyang in the late Northern Song Dynasty, real name Song Dafeng. His deeds have been recorded in the historical books of China and Southeast Asian countries, and the main philanthropic cause is to build bridges for the benefit of the people. In the sixth year of the Northern Song Dynasty Hui Zongzhenghe (1116), Dafeng Zushi came to Chaoyang, Guangdong from Fujian, to raise funds by himself, and built the Peace Bridge in Chaoyang, which was built after 12 years of hardship to the end of the Xuanhe Southern Song Dynasty. The local residents were grateful to Dade and built a \"Baode Hall\" next to the bridge to honor him.
This civil society force and the state government are interdependent and complementary to each other, forming an effective disaster relief system in traditional Chinese society. For example, charity facilities such as the Welfare Bureau that supports the needy, the Nursery for abandoned children, the Qingjie Hall for widows, the Life Saving Bureau for relief in floods, and the Volunteer School to provide education to poor children.
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On Friday, September 1, Wuxi Roaring Mountain to Jiaoshan Roaring Rubber Line in the morning, leisure hiking in the Agricultural Expo Park in the afternoon, the whole 9 kilometers climbed about 400 meters, and the gate archway of Roarshan Forest Park gathered at 9 a.m. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
Ancient Chinese philanthropist \"Kindness and charity\" has always been a highly regarded virtue in Chinese society, not only the state has long had a system of saving the famine and caring for the elderly and the young, but also charitable relief acts by individuals, clans, and religious groups have emerged one after another. Historically, civil forces have played an important role in disaster relief, especially after the middle of the Qing Dynasty, and even become the dominant force.
Carry a large watermelon up the mountain to eat ๐Ÿ˜
This dog is quite ugly, just good looking eyes
Yan Wang took the person, Changning had a car accident. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
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Stranglehold the tiger to save the father Yang Xiang, a native of Shandong during the Jin Dynasty. When he was 14 years old, he went to the field with his father to cut rice, and suddenly a big tiger popped out and grabbed Yang\'s father. Thinking only about her father\'s safety, she completely forgot the disparity in strength between herself and the tiger. I saw her jump forward sharply and forcefully jam the tiger\'s head and neck. No matter how the tiger struggled, her hands were always like a pair of pincers to strangle the tiger. The tiger could not breathe and collapsed to the ground, so that their father and daughter were spared, and filial piety was praised by everyone.
Lying on ice and asking for carp Wang Xiang, a native of Langya in the Jin Dynasty, was filial to sex. The biological mother died early, and the stepmother favored her biological son and ignored Wang Xiang, and let him do heavy work and eat rough rice. But Wang Xiang did not care about revenge, and when his parents were sick, he waited undressed. His stepmother wanted to eat carp, and there was no market in winter, so he undressed and lay on the ice, the ice was melted, and two carp jumped out, he took it home to honor his stepmother, and after his stepmother died, Wang Xiang was buried with rites. And he loves and cares for his half-brother Wang Yan very much, and his brothers and friends are respectful, and he is famous far and wide.
Weeping Tomb Wang Pei and the Yingling people of the Wei and Jin dynasties, erudite and versatile. His mother was afraid of thunder when she was alive and was buried in the mountains and forests. Whenever he heard thunder in stormy weather, he would go to his mother\'s grave, kneel down and comfort her mother, saying, \"Qiu\'er is here, mother don\'t be afraid.\" \"When he was teaching, whenever he read the chapter of \"Tsugu\", he burst into tears, missing his parents, his descendants had poetry clouds, his loving mother was afraid of hearing thunder, and the ice soul stayed on the night platform. A Xiang was shocked, and the tomb fell around a thousand times.
Domestic helper Jiang Ge, a native of the Qi state during the Eastern Han Dynasty, lost his father as a teenager and served his mother with great filial piety. During the war, Jiang Ge fled with his mother on his back, encountered bandits, and the thieves wanted to kill him, Jiang Ge cried: The old mother is old and has no one to support. The thief saw that he was filial and could not bear to kill him. Later, he moved to Xiaping, Jiangsu Province, where he worked as a hired worker to support his mother. During Emperor Ming, Jiang Ge was promoted to filial piety, and Emperor Zhang was promoted to virtuous and fangzheng.
Pregnant with Tangerine\'s widow Lu Ji, a native of Wu Guohuating during the Three Kingdoms period, a scientist, when he was six years old, accompanied his father Lu Kang to Jiujiang to see Yuan Shu, Yuan Shu took out oranges for entertainment, and Lu Ji hid two oranges in his arms. Before leaving, the oranges rolled to the ground, and Yuan Shu mocked: \"Lu Lang came to my house as a guest, do you still want to hide the master\'s oranges?\" Lu Ji replied, \"My mother likes to eat oranges, and I want to take them back and give them to my mother to taste.\" After hearing this, Yuan Shu praised him again and again, and he was filial.
Spring-jumping carp Jiang Shi, a native of Sichuan in the Eastern Han Dynasty, married Pang Zi. The husband and wife are filial, and Pang often goes to the river to take the Yangtze River water that his mother-in-law likes to drink, and the fish that Granny Nagisa\'s mother-in-law loves to eat. Once because Ponzi returned late from fetching water, Jiang Shi suspected that she had snubbed her mother and expelled her from the house, and Ponzi lived in a neighbor\'s house and still did not forget to honor her mother-in-law. The mother-in-law learned of this and Ling\'er invited her back. On the day Ponzi returned home, spring water gushed out from the courtyard, the same taste as the water of the Yangtze River, and two carp jumped out every day.
Sell your body and bury your father Dong Yong, a native of the Han Dynasty, was poor, and when his father died, Dong Yong sold himself into slavery in a rich family in exchange for funeral expenses. On the way to work, Yu met a woman under the shade of Huai, who said that she was homeless, and the two became a couple. The woman knitted 300 brocades in one month to redeem Dong Yong\'s debt, and on the way home, she traveled to Huaiyin, and the woman told Dong Yong that she was the daughter of the Heavenly Emperor and was ordered to help Dong Yong pay off her debt. The words are gone in the air. Therefore, Huaiyin changed its name to Xiaogan.
Bury the children and serve the mother Guo Ju, a native of the Jin Dynasty, gave birth to a boy when his wife was middle-aged, and Guo Ju was worried that his family was poor and raising children would affect his mother\'s support, so he dug a pit and prepared to bury his son. When they were digging a pit, a pot of gold suddenly appeared two feet underground, with the inscription, \"Heaven gives Guo Ju, officials must not take it.\" The people shall not take it\". The couple received gold, went home to honor their mother, and raised their children. Since then, Guo Ju\'s reputation for \"filial piety\" has spread all over the world.
Gleaner Cai Shun, a native of Runan, Han Dynasty, lost his father as a teenager, and his mother was very filial. At that time, it was Wang Mang\'s rebellion, and there was a famine, and he stayed to collect mulberries to fill his hunger, and one day, he happened to meet the Chimei army, and the rebel native soldiers asked sharply: \"Why did you separate the red mulberry and the black mulberry in two baskets\" Cha Shun replied \"Black mulberries for the old mother to eat, red mulberries left for himself\" Chimei Jun took pity on his filial piety and gave him two buckets of white rice and a cow, and Cai Shun brought the rice cow back to provide for his mother.
Try the soup medicine Liu Heng was the third son of Zhuobang, Emperor Wen of the Western Han Dynasty, and was a famous filial son, Liu Heng was very filial to his mother, and during the three years that his biological mother Bo was ill, he often served his mother without meeting his eyes and clothes; He only tasted the decoction medicine his mother took before letting him take it. In terms of political achievements, corporal punishments such as \"tattooing faces, cutting off noses, and cutting feet\" were abolished, and his filial piety and benevolence were widely spread.
Luyi Shun Mu Min Yan, a native of the Kingdom of Lu during the Chunli period, was known for his virtues alongside Yan Yuan. His biological mother died young, and his stepmother often abused him after giving birth to two sons. In winter, the younger brother wears a winter coat made of cotton, but he wears a \"cotton coat\" made of reed flowers. One day, Min Yan took the car out of the house and shivered and the reins fell off, and when he was whipped by his father, Luhua flew out from the seam of his clothes, and the father knew that his son was wronged and wanted to chase his stepwife away. Min Yan begged his father to forgive his stepmother. The stepmother heard that she regretted her mistake and corrected it.
Finger pain Zeng Shen, a native of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period, a proud disciple of Confucius, Zeng Zi was poor when he was a child, and often went into the mountains to collect firewood. One day, when a guest came to the house, the mother was overwhelmed and bit her finger with her teeth. Zeng Jian suddenly felt distressed, knowing that his mother was calling him, quickly returned home and knelt down to ask why. My mother said, \"A guest suddenly arrived, and I bite my finger to expect you to come back,\" so she met the guests and treated them with courtesy. Later generations of Confucians honored him as a \"sect saint\".
Hundred miles minus meter Zhongyou, a native of the Kingdom of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period, was a proud disciple of Confucius. He was very filial to his parents. Because of his poverty, he often picked wild vegetables for food, but he managed to buy rice from hundreds of miles away to support his parents. After the death of his parents, he became a high official, sitting on a stacked brocade mattress and eating a sumptuous feast, and he often missed his parents and sighed: \"Even if I want to eat wild vegetables and carry rice for my parents, where can I have another chance?\" Filial piety and kinship are overflowing.
Deer milk to relatives Tanzi was the first monarch of the Tanguo Kingdom in the Spring and Autumn Period, and his character was filial. His parents were old and suffering from eye diseases and needed to drink deer milk for treatment, so he went deep into the mountains in deer skin, burrowed into the herd, and squeezed the deer\'s milk for his parents to drink. When taking milk once, he was mistaken for a deer by the hunter and shot with an arrow, and Haozi hurriedly lifted the deerskin and walked out, telling him the truth that the milk was being squeezed for his parents to heal the disease, and the hunter honored him for filial piety and gave it to the deer milk.
Entertain the family Lao Laizi, a hermit of the Chu State in the Spring and Autumn Period, he was extremely filial to his parents, and he chose delicious food to provide for his parents, 70 years old is not old, often wearing five-color clothes, holding a rattle in a posture like a child, to Bo\'s parents happy, once for his parents to deliver water, when he entered the house he fell down, he was afraid that his parents were worried, simply lay on the ground to go to school and the children cried, the second elder laughed endlessly, the gentleman Jiazhi, filial piety.
Filial piety touches the sky Shun, according to legend, his father Shun and stepmother, his half-brother Xiang tried to kill him many times. They set fire to their barn, and Shun escaped by jumping from the edge of the barn with two bucket sticks; They filled the well and buried it, and Shun dug a tunnel underground to escape. Afterwards, Shun did not feel jealousy, but still obeyed his father and stepmother, cared for his younger brother, and was humble and courteous to the clansmen, respecting the old and loving the young, which deeply touched everyone. Emperor Yao felt his filial piety and secretly helped Shun, making Shun an enlightened holy king and famous in history.
Meng Zong cried bamboo shoots Meng Zong, his father died when he was a teenager, his mother was old and sick, and it was useless to take medicine, and the doctor taught him to cook soup with bamboo shoots to heal. But there are no fresh bamboo shoots in winter, Meng Zong is so anxious that he can\'t help, he ran to the bamboo forest, the bamboo was painful, and the thought was sincere, suddenly the ground cracked, and fresh bamboo shoots broke out of the soil, Meng Zong hurriedly picked the fresh bamboo shoots back to make soup, his mother drank for a few days, and the serious illness was cured, Meng Zong\'s filial piety was rumored in all directions, and later the official was sent to Sikong.
Mengzong, character Gongwu, Tan Ren, was a native of Jiangxia during the Three Kingdoms period. In his later years, Mengzong lived on the coast of the East China Sea, and finally settled in Mei Li, and was buried in Mei Li after his death, Tangnan, Suncun (three miles away from Zhendong Street). Later, the \"Suncun\" was renamed \"Mengcun\" and there was a Mengzongtang Temple (also known as Guanxiantang). There are poems on the day: Teardrop wind chill, Xiao Xiao bamboo counted the rods. Whiskers come out of the winter shoots, Providence repays peace.
Ding Lan carved wood affair Ding Lan, whose parents died when he was a child, often missed his parents\' nurturing grace, so he carved statues of his parents out of wood and worshipped them like life, never slackening. In the long run, his wife was not very respectful to the wooden statue, and competed to prick the finger of the wooden statue, and the finger of the wooden statue actually had blood flowing out. Ding Lan went home to see Mu Ru with tears in his eyes, asked the truth, and abandoned his wife. The emperor was very moved when he found out and encouraged everyone to learn from Ding Lan and fulfill filial piety.
Ding Lan, according to legend, was a native of Henan during the Eastern Han Dynasty. There was originally a Ding Lan tomb in Mei Li North Street Market, and there was a Ding Lan Hall temple in Tianzi Village to commemorate his filial piety. Both ruins were destroyed after liberation, and now there is a Ding Lan Pavilion built in the Tianzi Cultural Square. There are poems on the day: Carved wood for parents, Describe the day with you. To your sons and nephews, Each must be filial and profane.
Huang Xiang fan pillow warm Huang Xiang, lost his mother at the age of nine. He served his father with all his filial piety, and in the summer heat, Huang Xiang would wave a fan to cool his father\'s pillow mat, and in winter, when it was cold and cold, Huang Xiang would warm his father\'s quilt with his body. During Emperor An\'s reign, Huang Xiang moved to Wei Commandery as Taishou, and when floods and famines struck, he divided his fortunes and the rewards he received to help the poor and save countless people. Jingshi is widely spread that \"unparalleled in the world, Jiangxia yellow fragrance\".
Mosquitoes are full of blood Wu Meng, a native of the Jin Dynasty, whose mother died early, depended on his father for his life. Because his family was poor and could not afford mosquito nets, every summer night, Wu\'s father often did not sleep well due to mosquito bites. In order to let his father sleep well, Wu Meng actually went naked and let the mosquito bite his own blood, hoping that the mosquito would stop biting his father when he was full of blood. After the death of Wu\'s father, Wu Meng mourned his father for three years, and for three years he burned paper to worship, and paid homage morning and evening, never stopping, and was praised by posterity.
Taste dung worried Yu Qianlou. The Qi people of the Southern Dynasty and Ren Xiaoling County Commandery, who had been in office for less than ten days, suddenly felt frightened, and had a premonition that something was going on at home, so he resigned the palace and returned home. Back home, my father was seriously ill for two days. The doctor instructed that to know the bad luck of the disease, you need to taste the taste of the patient\'s feces. The taste was bitter, and his condition improved, so Qian Lou went to taste his father\'s feces, found that it was sweet, and was very worried. At night, he bowed to the Big Dipper and begged his father to die, and when his father died, he buried his father and kept filial piety for three years.
The nursing aunt does not slack Tang Dynasty Cui Shannan\'s great-grandmother Mrs. Changsun, who was old and lost teeth, went to church every day to feed her mother-in-law with her own milk, so for several years, Mrs. Changsun no longer ate, but her body was still healthy. Later, Madame Changsun became seriously ill and summoned the old and young of the family, saying, \"I cannot repay the bride\'s kindness, and I hope that my descendants will honor her as the bride honors me.\" When Cui Nanshan grew up, he really honored his grandmother Mrs. Tang as Mrs. Changsun instructed.
Abandon the official to find the mother Zhu Shouchang was a native of Yangzhou during the Song Dynasty. At the age of seven, his biological mother Liu Shi was jealous of her mother and had to remarry someone else, and the mother and son could not communicate for fifty years. During the Shenzong period, Zhu Shouchang was an official in the dynasty, and he once stabbed blood to write the \"Diamond Sutra\", looking for his biological mother in all directions. After getting the clue, he abandoned the official and went to Shaanxi to find his biological mother, vowing that he would never return without seeing his mother. Finally reunited with his birth mother and two younger brothers in Shaanzhou. During the reign of Ming Hongzhi, the clansmen erected a monument for him on the side of the tomb, and during the Jiajing period, a filial piety temple was built.
Polyester drowning device Huang Tingjian, a famous poet and calligrapher from the Northern Song Dynasty. He was filial by nature, and served his parents sincerely and meticulously since he was a child, because his mother had a cleanliness fetish and could not stand the smell of Ma Qiu, so he personally poured and cleaned the toilet used by his mother every day since he was a child, and he did it for decades. He believes that filial piety to parents is the right thing to do for children, never borrowing the hands of others, serving relatives wholeheartedly, and filial piety is comparable to that of ancestors.
Huang Xiang, character Wen Qiang, Eastern Han River, Xia\'an Lu people. His descendants buried his crown tomb in the southern suburbs of Meili Town during the Republic of China, and his descendant Hanlin Huangjun humbly erected a stone monument in front of the tomb \"Han Xianxian Huangxiang Burial Place\", which was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution. There are poems on the day: The winter moon is warm and warm, The hot day fan pillow is cool. Children\'s Knowledge, A yellow fragrance through the ages.
Twenty-four stories of filial piety in ancient China
Zhou Kun licked his eyes and regained his sight Zhou Kun, a native of Mei and Li during the Yuan Dynasty. At the end of the Yuan Dynasty, the army was in chaos, and Zhou Kun\'s house was burned in the war. Mother Zhou was so sad that she cried her eyes blind. Zhou Kun was determined to restore his mother\'s eyes. He licked his mother\'s eyes repeatedly with his tongue every morning, and the heat and cold never stopped. Three years later, Zhou\'s mother\'s eyes were completely restored, and the whole family was immersed in joy. After that, Zhou Kun served his mother more carefully, winning the praise of relatives and friends in the village.
Qian Liangcan killed the thief\'s body to pieces Qian Liangcan, a native of Mei and Li in the Qing Dynasty. He is quite talented and discusses the nine products. Just entered middle age, his mother died of a serious illness, and he never showed a smile in three years of filial piety, known as filial piety. During the Xianfeng period, bandits entered the village to rob and plunder, and Qian Liangcan\'s father was unfortunately arrested. He fought to save his father from bandits, but because he was outnumbered, the bandits killed and dismembered. When the imperial court heard about it, he bestowed a watch and established a shrine to show his filial piety.
Wu Changsheng sucked poison to save his mother Wu Changsheng, Mei Liren. The boy lost his father, and mother and son depended on each other. The mother had boils on her head, had no money to treat the festering, and the stench attracted fly bites. To heal, you must detoxify, and at that time detoxification must be inhaled. So Wu Changsheng sucked his mother\'s venom with his mouth every morning and evening, and calmly and calmly, without revealing a little disgusting. After months of sucking poison and applying herbs, the mother was able to recover. The villagers were deeply touched and the story was widely spread.
Pan Wu searched for relatives Pan Wu was a native of Zhenmen during the Kangxi Dynasty. When Pan Wu was a child, his father went out to do business, and his life and death were uncertain. Thirty-year-old Pan Wu went out to find relatives, and after ten years of traveling to the eight provinces of Wu, Chu, Qin, and Shu, father and son finally met at Huili and decided to return to their hometown together. After a long and arduous journey, Pan\'s father suddenly fell ill, and after three years of recuperation, he finally died in Lizhou, and all the officials felt that his filial piety was generous and helpful, and Pan Wucai arrived home with a coffin and a heartache for ten years, fulfilling his long-cherished wish to find his father and return.
Jing Liuqing wept his mother\'s ruins Jing Liuqing, a native of Mei and Li during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty. He was born seventeen days ago, and his father was busy. Orphans and widows depend on each other. Living hard, Liuqing has special respect and filial piety for her mother, who has endured so hard work to raise her. Later, her mother, who was over the age of Huajia, occasionally went to the water stack to fetch water, but accidentally fell into the water and drowned. Liuqing felt guilty, grief-stricken and cried every day, resulting in the permanent loss of light in one eye, and the imperial court gave it a watch, and the \"filial piety\" became a household name.
Deng Yuming\'s family is poor and close Deng Yuming, a native of Mei and Li during the Qing Dynasty. The ancestors of the Deng family were prosperous in business, but they lost halfway. In his later years, Father Deng was not accustomed to coarse tea and light rice, mourned and complained, and was separated from his son. After Yuming noticed it, he tried his best to increase his income, and the delicious meals were eaten by his parents first, and the barrier between father and son was gradually removed. His mother was seriously ill and bedridden, and Deng Yuming washed his drowning device and dirty clothes and looked for medical treatment; After each frying, you must try it first before feeding it to your mother. The family is poor but happy, and the villagers are praised.
Deng Kaizhou\'s father died with his son Deng Kaizhou, a native of Mei and Li during the Qing Dynasty. He had his step-uncle since he was a child, and worked as an errand in a foreign government office as an adult. One day, he learned that his biological father was seriously ill, and he immediately took leave and returned to his hometown overnight. He served his sick father for medical treatment, fed medicine, and worked day and night for more than a year. His father finally died to the west, and Kaizhou was so grief-stricken that he washed his face with tears all day long, and died only a decade later because of his accumulated work. His filial piety was praised by everyone.
Zhang Run abandoned the examiner to keep filial piety Zhang Run, ancient Mei Li people. At the age of ten, he finished learning, and enlightenment readings such as \"Three Character Classic\" and \"Thousand Character Text\"; At the age of eleven, he was already familiar with the Four Books and Five Classics and was regarded as a \"prodigy\". At the age of twelve, he went out to participate in the \"children\'s examination\", and he was the youngest and most learned one in the village, and he was very likely to learn and excel. Abandonment of the examiner due to his father\'s sudden and serious illness. His father died of illness, and he kept filial piety for two years, and later generations built a shrine to commemorate him.
Guan Bao collected his father\'s remains and returned home Guan Bao, ancient Mei Li people. When he was nine years old, Guan Bao\'s father went to Shaanxi to do business, and he was not heard from for ten years. Guan Bao grew up and embarked on the road to find his father, but he received the bad news that his father died of illness and was buried in a foreign land. He found his father\'s burial place, but he ran out of money to buy a coffin. Guan Bao tearfully wrapped his father\'s remains in cloth and carried them home for thousands of miles, so that his father\'s soul could return home. Passers-by exclaimed: Guan Bao is Jiangnan Xiaozi!
Wen Wenyi cut the meat as a medicinal introduction Wen Wenyi, ancient Mei Li people. Legend has it that he treats people politely and does his best. One year his mother fell ill and he sought medical treatment. Lang Zhong told the medicine to attract human flesh, and Wen Yi did not hesitate to cut off the meat the size of broad bean cress on his thigh, asking for the medicine, and the people who saw it were moved to tears. He boiled the decoction for many days and gave it to his mother, and the stubborn illness was eliminated. His filial piety to save his mother spread everywhere.
Fang Huan saved his father and mother Fang Huanxian, character Nanzhi, Qing dynasty. He was filial to his parents since childhood. Once he went to sea with his father and encountered a hurricane, fell into the sea and was separated from his father, and he went through many hardships to find his father to return home. One summer, my mother was seriously ill and wanted to eat citrus, but there were no oranges in the summer, so Huan Xian prayed and cried in the morning and night, praying for the emperor\'s gift, and finally got an orange. After the mother ate it, the condition eventually healed. Hwan was praised by poets as filial piety.
Mei Li Ancient Fourteen Filial Piety Story
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The sunset, the sun is fiery red, beautiful
If you want to live a decent life, you must have some green on your head. ๐Ÿ˜†
Children who swim every day may be old and have rheumatic pain
Eat enough to go to work, Xiaolongbao is so delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹
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Collection of Changshu Museum: Qing Dynasty Calligraphy and Painting Series
Qing Dynasty: Gu Qizhan Thrush axis Silk, coloring Gu Qizhan, year of birth and death unknown, character Siqiu, number of lying in the cloud foreign history, a native of Taicang, Jiangsu, moved to Changshu. He is good at painting landscapes, and is also good at painting characters, flowers and birds, and is good at painting monkeys. The content of this painting is taken from the Book of Han. Zhang Chang\'s biography records the allusion to Zhang Chang\'s daily thrush for his wife by Zhaoyin of the Western Han Dynasty, and later generations used the idiom \"Zhang Chang thrush\" to metaphorically compare the harmonious relationship between husband and wife.
Qing Dynasty: Ye Zuxun Lady picture four screens[1]
Lady picture four screens[2] Silk, coloring
Lady picture four screens[3] Ye Zuxun, character Xiangwen, from Changshu, Jiangsu.
Lady picture four screens[4] Female painter with neat and delicate penmanship.
Qing Dynasty: Peng He Imitation of the Qi lady fan page Gold note, coloring Peng He, a native of Changzhou (Suzhou, Jiangsu). Biography unknown.
Qing Dynasty: Wang Ruo Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[1]
Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[2] Paper, coloring
Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[3] Wang Zhuo, year of birth and death unknown, character Wanlan, from Changshu, Jiangsu.
Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[4] Female painter, studied under Jiangyin Wu Yan, good at flowers and feathers, vivid pen movement, and can imitate Fei Danxu\'s lady, elegant demeanor, charming attitude.
Qing Dynasty: Wang Ruo Cowherd and Weaver Girl Chart Axis Paper, coloring The cowherd and weaver girl is a famous love story and one of the four great Chinese folk legends. According to legend, every year on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month (Qixi), magpies build a magpie bridge in the Tianhe River, and only then can the cowherd and weaver girl meet.
Qing Dynasty: Zhou Bingyi Bucket cold chart axis Silk, coloring Zhou Bingyi, year of birth and death unknown, character Jingfeng, from Changshu, Jiangsu. Jiangyin Wu Li disciple, worker figure. According to legend, Qingnu is the goddess in charge of frost and snow, while Chang\'e is the moon god. In the Tang Dynasty, Li Shangyin\'s poem \"Frost Moon\" has the famous phrase \"Qingnu Su\'e is cold-resistant, and the frost in the moon is douchanjuan\", using Qingnu and Chang\'e \"Bimei\" to depict the frosty scene of the moonlit night, which later became a classic theme in Chinese painting, called \"Douhantu\".
Qing Dynasty: Zhou Jiarui Lady Chart Axis Ayamoto, coloring Zhou Jiarui (?-1917), courtesy name Changji, was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. Female painter, good at making a lady, especially good at writing.
Qing Dynasty: Dai Dayou Lady Chart Axis Silk, coloring Dai Dayou, year of birth and death unknown, character book year, from Hangzhou, Zhejiang. Good at painting characters, ladies, flowers and birds, flowers, elegant and elegant, blue bamboo is particularly good.
Qing Dynasty: Gu Zengshou Lady holding the piano chart axis Paper, coloring Gu Zengshou (1836-?), courtesy name Yuntai, was a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu. Sexual solitude, Noh poetry, work painting. Wu Changshuo knew him through Gu Lu and wrote \"Gu Zengshou Biography\".
Qing Dynasty: Shen Rong Shihu poetic intention Paper, ink Shen Rong (1794-1856), also known as Shi Qian, Shi Xiang, also known as Ou Shi, also known as Coupling Mei and Coupling Mei, room name Drinking Water Reading Zhai, a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu. Workers, figures, grass worms. The painting of peonies is extremely colorful, and he befriended him when he changed his residence to Wumen, and he was called \"Peony Shenlang\".
Qing Dynasty: Change Qi Lady Fight Sketch Axis Paper, coloring Gai Qi (1773-1828), Hui, Zi Boyun, Hao Xiangbai, Qi Qian, Jade Kettle Mountain People, Jade Kettle Outer History, etc., Songjiang, Shanghai. Patriarchal Hua Lu, like to use orchid leaf drawing, ladies\' clothes are delicate, tree and stone background is simple, slender shape, elegant color, created a new physique of ladies painting, sometimes called \"reform\" fighting grass is a folk game derived from herb picking, women and children go to the countryside to find exotic flowers and plants to compete with each other, with novelty or variety of wins, belongs to the folk customs of the Dragon Boat Festival.
Qing Dynasty: Gu Luo Four Seasons Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[1] Silk, coloring
Four Seasons Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[2] Gu Luo (1763-c. 1837), courtesy name Ximei, was a native of Qiantang, Zhejiang (present-day Hangzhou).
Four Seasons Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[3] Painting people, landscapes, flowers and birds. You are good at women, and work to Yanli.
Four Seasons Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[4] The four screens depict the women\'s activities of the four seasons, picking mulberry and silkworms in spring, picking flowers and grass in spring, drinking and weaving in summer, pounding clothes in autumn, worshipping the moon and beggars, tasting tea around the stove in winter, and stepping on snow to find plums.
Qing Dynasty: Gao Kai Question Liu Ru is the portrait axis Paper, coloring Gao Kai (1769-1839), courtesy name Gao, was a native of Qiantang, Zhejiang (present-day Hangzhou). During Jiaqing, he was invited by Ruan Yuanyan, the governor of Zhejiang, to learn the Jinshi script. Fine painting, flowers, birds, grass insects. He is good at calligraphy, governs the Zhejiang school of the Seal Sect, and has a law.
Qing Dynasty: Feng Ji Lotus Chart Fan Page Paper, coloring Feng Ji, also known as Xiake, was a native of Qiantang, Zhejiang (present-day Hangzhou), who lived in Suzhou during Jiaqing, and was named Liuyunshan Pavilion. Good characters and ladies, their long-distance writing grace does not mix ancient methods, does not fall behind the times, and becomes a family of its own. Good at depicting flowers and landscapes.
Qing Dynasty: Yuan He Ladies Album[1]
Ladies Album[2] Paper, coloring
Ladies Album[3] Yuan He (?-1860), courtesy name Qiaoqiao, was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu.
Ladies Album[4] Bi Chen disciple. The worker figure, imitating the ancient Youjing, painted landscapes in his later years to get Wang Hui\'s penmanship.
Qing Dynasty: Tao Jingqing and other topics Shi Xiangyun drunken sleeping peony picture fan page Paper, coloring Tao Jingqing, Ziyou Shi, Xiaoqin, Jiangsu Changshu. Sun Yuanxiang disciple, able to poetry.
Qing Dynasty: Jiao Bingzhen Han Palace Chunxiao Chart Axis Silk, coloring Zierzheng is a native of Jining, Shandong. Court painter. During the Kangxi Dynasty, the official Qin Tianjian had five official features and painted the imperial appearance. Good at drawing characters, absorbing Western painting methods, heavy light and shade, floor boundary painting, depicting precision. \"Spring Dawn of the Han Palace\" is the late Ming theme of the figure painting, this axis imitates the brushwork of Qiu Ying, depicting the daily life scenes in the palace of the Han Dynasty in early spring, the picture is divided by the palace building, and the beautiful activities of the harem unfold inside and outside the building, taking in the scenery in the courtyard one by one.
Qing Dynasty: Wu Guxiang Plum blossom ladies draped horizontally Silk, coloring Wu Guxiang (1848-1903), character Qiunong, number Qiupu, a native of Jiaxing, Zhejiang, lived in Changshu, Suzhou and Shanghai. Gong Shanshui, Yuan Shi Wen Zhengming, Shen Zhou, near Fa Dai Xi, Cang Xiu and melancholy, vivid temperament, and good at characters.
Qing Dynasty: Fan Xunxun Lady Picture Fan Page Gold note, coloring Fan Xunxun, Zi Bingzhi, Jiangsu Changshu. The son of Fan Ji, he painted a family tradition and became famous at an early age. Portrait of work, conveying the spirit of Yuxiao.
\"Zizhi Tongjian\" inscription version Compiled by Sima Guang of the Northern Song Dynasty, a total of 294 volumes, more than three million words. This is a chronicle of the general history of the world, covering the history of the 16th Dynasty from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to the Five Dynasties of the Later Zhou Dynasty in 1362. The purpose is to \"give in view of the past, have the resources to govern\", that is, to summarize the lessons of governing the country in history, and inspire and warn future generations. The book \"Han Ji 18\" proposed that \"if officials are not honest and fair, they will rule the way and decline\", that is, if officials cannot be honest and fair, then the national order will definitely be chaotic.
Sima Guang (1019โ€“1086), courtesy name Junshi (ๅญ—ๅ›ไธ–), was a native of Xia County, Shaanxi (present-day Xia County, Shanxi). The four dynasties of Li Shirenzong, Yingzong, Shenzong, and Zhezong, died as Taishi, Wen Guogong, and Tan Wenzheng. He is gentle and humble, upright and upright. He has been diligent all his life, priding himself on \"insufficient daily strength, followed by night\", and his personality can be called a model under Confucian education and is admired.
\"Tao Pengze Collection\" clear engraving It is a collection of Tao Yuanming\'s poems, and the Qing Dynasty Yongkang Hu clan retired to supplement the Zhai engraving. Tao Yuanming (c. 365โ€“427), courtesy name Qian, courtesy name Yuanliang, was Tao Kan\'s great-grandson. The world is called Mr. Jingjie, a native of Xunyang Chaisang. When he was appointed as the commander of Pengze County, the governor came to inspect the county, this governor has always been fierce and greedy, and his subordinates reminded him to dress neatly to greet him as a sign of respect, and he said angrily: \"I can\'t bend my waist to the village villain for five buckets of rice!\" Since then, he has resigned from the government, retired to the countryside, and lived a quiet life of self-farming, drinking and poetry.
Qing Dynasty: Portrait Album of Famous Sages of the Past Dynasties. Zhuge Liang Zhuge Liang (181-234), courtesy name Kongming, Wolong, was a native of Yangdu, Langya (present-day Yinan, Shandong), prime minister of the Shu Han dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period, and a marquis of Feng Wuxiang. After a lifetime, he \"bowed down and died only\", and was a representative figure of loyal ministers and wise men in traditional Chinese culture. Before his death, he wrote the \"Book of Commandments\", exhorting his son Zhuge Zhan, emphasizing \"quiet self-cultivation, thrift to cultivate morality\".
Qing Dynasty: Portrait Album of Famous Sages of the Past Dynasties. Statue of Di Renjie Di Renjie (630โ€“700), courtesy name Huaiying, was a native of Taiyuan (present-day Taiyuan, Shanxi). In his early years, he was admitted to the Ming Scripture Department of Zhongzhong, and successively served as the judge of Bianzhou, the governor of Bianzhou, Fa Cao, Dali Cheng, and Yuzhou Assassin, and served as the official of Tongfengge Luotai Pingzhangshi (Prime Minister). When he was appointed as Dalicheng, he was just honest and honest, and he was poor in enforcing the law, and within a year he had judged a large backlog of cases, involving 17,000 people, but none of them were wrongfully sued. He was faithful to his duties and straightforward, and was deeply respected by Emperor Wu Zetian.
Qing Dynasty: Portrait Album of Famous Sages of the Past Dynasties. Bao Zheng statue Bao Zheng (999โ€“1062), courtesy name Xiren and Wenzheng, was a native of Bao Village, Hefei (present-day Feidong County), Luzhou Prefecture. 28-year-old Zhongjin Shi, who successively served as the prefect and prefect of Tianchang, Duanzhou, Kaifeng and other prefectures, served as a transfer envoy, imperial envoy, counsellor, and official to privy deputy envoy (deputy prime minister). He has been sent to the Khitan and is neither humble nor promiscuous.
Bao Zheng In the third year of Zhihe (1056), he knew Kaifeng Mansion with the direct master of Longtuge, because he was not afraid of the powerful, did not favor selfishness, and was honest and clean, and there was a praise of \"the joint is not enough, there is Yan Luobao Lao\". Posthumously presented the gift department Shangshu, Tan Xiaosu. He was deeply respected by the common people and called him \"Bao Gong\" and \"Bao Qingtian\".
Qing Dynasty: Portrait Album of Famous Sages of the Past Dynasties. Fan Zhong drowned Fan Zhongyan (989โ€“1052), courtesy name Xiwen and Tan Wenzheng, was a native of Wu County, Jiangsu (present-day Suzhou). In the eighth year (1015) of the Great Zhongxiang Fu of the Northern Song Dynasty, he entered the rank of sergeant, and served as a counselor in political affairs (deputy prime minister). Together with Fu Yi, Han Qi and others, he led the \"Qingli New Policy\" and put forward ten reform proposals, including \"Ming Dethroned, Suppressing Luck, Paying Tribute to Fine Goods, and Reducing Conscription\".
Fan Zhongyan After the death of the New Deal, he was demoted to the rank of magistrate. In the places where he served, there were many moral politicians and he was deeply loved by the people. He wrote the ancient phrase \"First the world is worried and worried, and the world is happy and happy\", and the idea of first worrying before happiness and the discipline of benevolent people advocated by him has a far-reaching influence.
Qing Dynasty: Hai Zhongjie Gong (Hairui) portrait axis Hai Rui (1514-1587), courtesy name Ruxian, Hao Gangfeng, Yi Zhongjie, was a native of Qiongshan, Guangdong (present-day Hainan). In the 28th year of Jiajing (1549), he raised people, first served as the apostle of Nanping, Fujian, and later promoted to Chun\'an in Zhejiang and Xingguozhi County in Jiangxi, and promoted the cleansing of abbots and equal taxes, and repeatedly settled unjust, false and wrong cases, and built water conservancy, which won the support of the people.
Harry Rui He successively served as a state judge, a shangshu of Hube, a shangshu of the military department, a shangshucheng, and a royal history of Youjindu. Cracking down on the arrogant, severely punishing corrupt officials, prohibiting favoritism and bribery, and calculating the firewood sent by the military department for seven dollars of silver, he must also calculate and return it. He is willing to be poor and has the reputation of \"Hai Qingtian\".
Qing Dynasty: Zheng Xie Xingshu Lu Zhen \"Memories of Jiangnan. Qingming\" axis Zheng Xie (1693-1765), courtesy name Kerou, was a native of Xinghua, Jiangsu. Born in poverty, he studied from Lu Zhen, a village sage. In the first year of Qianlong (1736), he entered the army. In the seventh and eleventh years of Qianlong, he served as Fan County and Wei County Zhixian in Shandong. When he was in Wei County, he was in a year of drought, and despite the obstruction of others, he opened a warehouse to borrow grain, asked the people to write IOUs, and saved more than 10,000 people.
Zheng Xie Construction was also carried out on a large scale, and pools were built to recruit hungry people to work and eat. In the autumn of that year, the harvest failed, so the people burned the IOU, and the people felt their virtue and established a shrine. He has been fair in civil handling and has not been wronged for more than ten years. Because of the incorruptibility of the official, when he later retired the official to live in Yangzhou due to old age and illness, he had no belongings, only a few volumes of books, and he made a living selling paintings, and his poems, books and paintings were called the \"Three Absolutes\" by the world, and he was one of the \"Eight Monsters of Yangzhou\".
Yi Jiangnan. Qingming[1] Qingming Festival, remember at the Red Bridge. Feel free to watch the horses by the water, sometimes flower bottom (listen) to the. That\'s not a soul. Qingming Festival, spring full of river city. Dip the restaurant side (red) apricot release, tourists on the head of the willow branch. All have said Qingming. Qingming Festival is no different from the cold time. The swallows came early the day before, and the pear blossoms bloomed later than last year. The door is closed. On Qingming Day, the cuckoo has sounded first. The people of the small county are hungry and happy, and the rain is enough to plow deeply. Floods and droughts do not match.
Yi Jiangnan. Qingming[2] Qingming Festival, remember Panhu?. All peach blossoms are willows, half rain and half smoke. People are drawing on the sidelines. Qingming Festival, there are guests in the end of the world. There is no letter and sound background, such as who is staying in the storm. Don\'t sit back??ใ€‚ Qingming Festival, why frown. Today there are flowers and wine, and there is nothing to worry about in this life.? Leaning on the tallest building. During the Qingming Festival, the secluded county is also busy. Ten miles of red skirt mountain temple, a boat of spring wine Guojiazhuang. Cauliflower yellow on both sides. Mr. Lu Zhiyuan\'s \"Memories of Jiangnan\" Eight Songs Qianlong? Ten years of people, daily Banqiao road people Zheng changed books.
Qing Dynasty: Chen Hongmou Codex[1] The content of the codex involves the construction of water conservancy and the dredging of the Liutang River in northern Jiangsu, showing Chen Hongmou\'s concern for the people and forethought. Chen Hongmou (1696-1771), formerly known as Hongmou, was a native of Lingui (present-day Guilin, Guangxi). In the first year of Yongzheng (1723), he was a scholar and a governor of the Dongkaku University.
Codex[2] He has been an official for nearly 50 years, serving in 13 provinces, always diligent in government and loving the people, fair and honest, and was listed as the \"most virtuous\" official during the Qianlong period by the \"Qing History Draft\". Feeling that there are many shortcomings in the world, in addition to his official duties, he collected the writings and deeds of his predecessors on cultivation, self-cultivation, governing the family, serving as an official, dealing with the world, and education.
Codex[3] There are five types of testamentary rules: \"Yangzheng Testament\", \"Goddaughter\'s Testament\", \"Training and Customs\", \"Political Legacy\" and \"Records of Official Law\". Among them, the \"Precepts of the Official Law\", consisting of 308 articles in four volumes, put forward the idea of \"seeing the good and thinking of the law, and seeing the bad and taking the warning\", and the relevant ideas were applied by Singapore in the 20th century when building a clean government, and had a far-reaching impact.
Qing Dynasty: Hu Gongshou Bamboo stone diagram axis The bamboo is evergreen all year round, standing upright and upright, symbolizing tenacious life; The inner hollow, representing the character of the valley; Its branches are bent without bending, which is the principle of softness and rigidity; Born with knots, bamboo knots must be revealed, which is a symbol of high wind and bright festivals. The uprightness, integrity, and handsomeness of bamboo are in line with the personality pursuit of Chinese literati, and ink bamboo is also a common subject of literati painting. This picture is made by Hu Gongshou, a painter of the Shanghai School of the Qing Dynasty, with the title: The head of the rod is shaken up every day, and Lingyun\'s heart is also empty.
Hu Gongshou (1823-1886), first known as Yuan, character Gongshou, known as Thin Crane, Xiaoqiao, Hengyun Shanmin, Huating (present-day Songjiang, Shanghai), lived in Shanghai. Gong landscape, flowers, good at plum blossoms.
Qing Dynasty: Wu Changshuo Molotus axis The lotus flower means pure, noble, incorruptible and auspicious, and has been loved by Chinese people since ancient times. In the Song Dynasty, Zhou Dunyi wrote \"Love Lotus Said\" to express his praise for the purity of the lotus flower: give the only love lotus out of the mud and not clean, pure, clear and not demon, straight from the outside, not vines and branches, fragrant and clear, pavilions and pure plants, can be viewed from afar and not profane. Green lotus and incorruptibility are homophonic, so the lotus flower is also used as a metaphor for official integrity, not with people, in the painting decoration lotus flowers are often combined with the egret, the meaning: all the way to incorruptible.
Wu Changshuo (1844-1927), first known as Jun, also known as Junqing, character Changshuo, No. Cangshi, Binlu, Kutie, etc., a native of Anji, Zhejiang. He has made outstanding achievements in painting, calligraphy, seal carving, and works poetry, and is regarded as a giant of the Shanghai School. The painting is made with seal, subordinate, and wild cursive brushstrokes, which is ancient and majestic, rich in gold and stone. He briefly served as the prefect of Andong (present-day Lianshui, Jiangsu) County, and was personally and conscientious. The people of Andong suffered from salty water, and he ordered a deep well to be dug in front of the county to solve the residents\' drinking water difficulties, this well is called: Wugongjing.
Qing Dynasty: Weng Xincun Xingshu Seven Words Link[1] Commentary: Food and clothing are blessings; Shusun Shuko is self-cultivating. The Changshu Weng family started with cultivation and reading, and passed on the family with the fragrance of books. Caring for the people\'s livelihood of the world, dedication to duty: pure family style, attach importance to moral self-cultivation, diligence and thrift, contentment and happiness. Weng Xincun (1791-1862), character Erming, number Qiuan. Jiangsu Changshu people. In the second year of Qing Daoguang (1822), he was a jinshi, and successively served as a shangshu of the Ministry of Engineering, a shangshu of the Ministry of Officials, and a scholar of the University of Tirenkaku.
Xingshu Seven Words Link[2] For the Tongzhi Emperor. In the last year of Daoguang, when he was appointed as the Hubu Shilang, he refuted the Jiangsu governor\'s request to Suzhou, Taicang, and Songjiang Caomi to change the folding of color and silver, so as to put an end to the prefecture and county false folding of color and suppressing the double levy, resulting in \"convenience for the people and burdensome people\". Xianfeng was often adopted, such as the accumulation of storage in Beijing warehouses, the rectification of the discipline and all the bad rules of the upper and lower Yamen. History called it \"pure in character and upright\". After his death, he entered the shrine of the virtuous.
Qing Dynasty: Weng Tongsu Kaishu Eight Words Link[1] Commentary: Through the comprehensive weft and elegant art, follow the rules and follow the curved path. This association means that the national classics are familiar and can be integrated, which can be called the norms that carry the correct norms; Act according to various rules and be upright. Fei Tongyu (1830-1904), character Shuping, self-signed Songchan, late bottle Sheng, bottle house, Jiangsu Changshu. In the sixth year of Chengfeng (1856), he was an official to associate university scholar, and served as an imperial teacher of the Tongzhi and Guangxu dynasties.
Kaishu Eight Words Link[2] Zeng went to the Shushu to repair the Old Summer Palace, asked the provincial palace to ban all projects, and spread all kinds of things outside the province. Sympathetic to the people\'s feelings, refusing to accept bribes, establishing the dynasty for decades, sincere and respectful, and having the style of an ancient minister. In particular, the honor of the teacher and the importance of the cardinal are shared with the worries of the country. In the Sino-French War and the Sino-Japanese War, he opposed compromise and peace, advocated resisting foreign aggression, and defending national territorial integrity. In the reform of the law, we strongly recommend talents for the restoration of new people and advocate self-improvement of the new policy. Calligraphy has its own ups and downs.
Patrol pond ancient well
Smart pond patrol The IoT Town is the first digital town demonstration project jointly built by China Mobile and Wuxi Municipal Government, and it is also a model of empowering a better life with warm technology. Based on the advantages of 5G core capabilities, China Mobile integrates advanced technologies such as edge computing and big data artificial intelligence, and uses OnePark as the bearer platform to realize global perception, intelligent reach, digital operation and intelligent decision-making for the daily management of the ancient town, demonstrating the high integration of humanities and Internet of Things technology in the ancient town.
Protect cultural relics and patrol the Tang Bridge
As soon as I entered the ancient town, I found a lot of wine altars. ๐Ÿ˜†
It\'s a very old building
Ancient Town Theatre
The relief mural on the right side of the stage is a beautiful talent
The relief mural on the left side of the stage, Princess Zhuangyuan, leading the horse doll
Waterways outside the ancient town
The building here is under renovation
Walk across the ancient bridge and patrol the pond bridge
As far as the eye can see, the beautiful ancient town of Xuntang. ๐Ÿ˜
In ancient times, green plants were raised in stone pots
East Street of the ancient town
Historic buildings in Wuxi 20-27, 28 Shang Yin Road (formerly 9 South Patrol Tang Street) The building was built during the Republic of China, two-story, brick and wood structure, front shop and back house, facing the street and back river, wooden doors and windows, doors and windows on the eaves of the clay sculpture decoration exquisite, reflecting the traditional residential construction technology of Wuxi during the Republic of China. December 2020
Taolikan (1316-1320), the front door is closed
Guzhen South Street
Garden rockery flowing water
Idle Nothing will happen to watch the autumn water Listen quietly to the sky and be happy
View of Taoli Garden[1]
View of Taoli Garden[2]
View of Taoli Garden[3]
View of Taoli Garden[4]
View of Taoli Garden[5]
Panorama of Taoli Garden
Garden pond, red carp roaming freely in the water
Taoliyuan rockery cave
Tired of walking, the gazebo rests for a while
To the courtyard, I don\'t know what I did before
Rockery pond ancient well
Green Cloud Pavilion, Small Courtyard Corridor, Vermilion Grass
West Street of the ancient town
Lotus boy lock, looks ancient copper lock with beautiful texture on the lock
Guzhen North Street
Small alleys in the old town
Rockery rocks, strange shapes
Money grass is planted in the stone pot, so named because the leaves are round and resemble copper coins
In ancient times, there were also such suspended protruding balconies
Modern tea has appeared in the ancient town Cold brew tea Rose lychee black tea Grapefruit morning Benbose tea Sophora snow pear senmatcha 15 yuan/bottle Osmanthus ice powder 10 yuan Arctic Ocean soda 8 yuan / bottle ๐Ÿ˜‚
IoT soil measurement Soil temperature, humidity, and EC values are monitored by deploying soil sensors. Fast, real-time, non-destructive and large-scale acquisition of crop growth information and ecological environment information, combined with the background plant growth database, based on the crop growth diagnosis and regulation model, can carry out accurate topdressing scheme.
Leshan Pavilion
Look back at the ancient town of Xuntang
Wuxi Patrol Ancient Town leisure half-day tour. Sightseeing: Patrol Tang Ancient Well, Patrol Tang Bridge, No. 9 Tangnan Street, Taoli Garden, Idle Jingfang, Green Cloud Pavilion, Leshan Pavilion. ๐Ÿค—
Baby insects molt inside
Crab pot, fresh, bibimbap not terine
Wild cats in the mountains
Yangcheng Lake at night
The flower on the other side is said to be a flower that blooms on Huangquan Road. According to legend, he and Kishi could never meet each other, flowers could not see leaves, leaves did not bloom, and leaves never flowered
Huzhou Changxing Wuzhan Ancient Road loop track
Arrive at the reservoir meeting point at 9 AM
Wetland vegetation, well protected
The water is clear, play in the water before you start. ๐Ÿ˜„
The outdoor activity little crazy team walked up
Great view on the mountains
Millipedes crawled by, and they looked so terrifying. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
It seems to be the ancient city wall and the cave of the Tibetan soldier at that time
I came across a large green praying mantis, looking sideways at me to take a video of him, ready to attack my posture at any time. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
We walked along the ancient city walls
Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai, double accommodation and double flight
Drill into the grove
Where is the road here, forcibly crossed. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
What a big Ganoderma lucidum, it is indeed a primeval jungle
If there is no road, you will open the road yourself, and when there are more people walking, it becomes a road. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The jungle is very dense
Listen to the chirping of birds and insects and walk through the dense grass
Steep walls formed by water currents, rocks suspended from the air
A yellow toad jumped in front of us
The uncle is bitten on the neck, the wind oil essence is useless, and it costs to experience nature firsthand. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Very neat stone walls, with holes in them, artificial buildings
The team walks through a bamboo forest
Butterflies are sucking the nectar of flowers
Beautiful wildflowers, purple trumpet-shaped
Mushrooms in the wild cannot be picked indiscriminately, only appreciated
What a cute little sheep
Fruits of wild plants in the mountains[1]
Fruits of wild plants in the mountains[2]
Fruits of wild plants in the mountains[3]
Fruits of wild plants in the mountains[4]
Internet celebrity check-in point, Shinkawa Village Goldfinger
After climbing the mountain, every team member is hungry and begins to rot, and the first course is northeast sour cold skin, refreshing
Ground meat and sautรฉed beans with sesame seeds, fragrant
The main course, a large plate of grilled fish, begins. ๐Ÿ˜‹
So many good dishes, how can I get some white. ๐Ÿ˜„
Stir-fried pork intestines with capers, heavy taste
This dish is called a big harvest, there are corn, ribs and potatoes, and everyone has reached the wall. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Spirit of Life, 81
The afterglow of the sunset
Huzhou Changxing Wuzhan Ancient Road Loop, Xinchuan Village net celebrity gold finger check-in. ๐Ÿค—
Wuxi Shangxian River Gonghuwan Wetland Park leisure hiking day trip. Sightseeing: Wuxi Municipal Government, Shangxian Lake, Shangxian Bridge, Xuntang Ancient Town, Yuqing Temple, Xin\'an Qian Wang Ancestral Hall, Wanhe Academy, Nancaoan, Qianfenggao Old Mansion. ๐Ÿค—
NDS \"Flame of the Ancient Seal\" clearance save download, load instant save, [Pamu Gara Bart:... Cannot... Can ...] After speaking, the dark energy disappeared from his body, and then watched the playthrough plot. Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link:
Family camping by the lake
Gorgeous sunset
The wetland park has large reeds
The pool is full of lotus flowers
Panorama of Shangxian Lake
Lakeside, lotus pond, willow trees
The lake is crystal clear and rich in greenery
Shangxian Bridge, double bridge, each pier has a fish-shaped statue, drainage mechanism, and there is a waterfall to see on rainy days
Double clear bridge
Stone Garden
Shangxian River, topographic map It runs north-south, from the municipal government in the north to Taihu Lake in the south, with a total length of 5 kilometers, an estuary width of 50 meters, and a water area of 250,000 square meters, flowing through Shuixiang Community, Hetang Community, Hongcheng Community, Zhoutan Community and Qingshu Community. Shangxian River is a new river channel invested and built by the municipal government in the past 10 years, which belongs to the landscape river of Shangxian River Wetland Park.
The old buildings and modern high-rise buildings opposite appear in the same frame, which feels strange. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Huancui Pavilion, which is convenient for viewing the lake
Patrol Tang Ancient Town, there is an ancient well under the name of the town
Shangxian River Wetland Slow Travel System, recommended road map
In the distance there is a flock of small egrets resting by the lake
Fitness station
Din Tai Bridge
Hongyuan Bridge
Gull Bridge
A flock of ducks came across the bridge
A piece of reed flower
This pavilion has not yet been repaired, and the tiles on the roof have not yet been laid, so it can neither take shelter from the shade nor shelter from the rain. ๐Ÿค 
The reeds bloom so beautifully
Yuqing Temple The former site of Yuqing Zen Monastery and Qianwusu Wang Ancestral Hall is in Zhenhu Village, Huazhuang Town, Binhu District, now known as Nancaoan. According to legend, the original Dongping King Temple was built in the place to commemorate Zhang Xun, who died alone in Suiyang during the Anshi Rebellion in the Tang Dynasty. The Yuqing Zen Temple and the Qianwusu Ancestral Hall were built during the Tang and Song dynasties, respectively. King Qian Wusu is the fifth king of Wuyue, Qian Miao (852~932), and is known as Wusu. There are three ancient buildings and Ming Dynasty stone components such as the remnants of the lotus prayer building and the drum stone, two ancient ginkgo trees, one piece of the stele rebuilt in the 14th year of Jiaqing of the Qing Dynasty (1809), and one piece of \"Rebuilding the Stele of the Qianwusu Ancestral Hall in Xin\'an Township\" in the eleventh year of Tongzhi (1872).
Ancient tree: Ginkgo No.434ใ€433 Age: 470 years Family: Ginkgo biloba Level: Level 1 protection
A thousand stupas, the heavens will guard
Xin\'an Qianwusu Ancestral Hall Located in Zhenhu Village, Huazhuang Town, Binhu District (now in Gonghuwan Wetland Park), during the late Yuan to Zheng period (1341-1368), the descendants of the Qian family who had long moved from Jiaxing, Zhejiang to Wuxi Hutou (present-day Xin\'an and Huazhuang area), in order to facilitate the worship of the ancestor Qian Miu (852-932), the king of Wusu of the fifth dynasty of Wuyue State, the \"Qian Wusu King Ancestral Hall\" was built on the west side of the original Yuqing Temple. Because in ancient times this place belonged to Xin\'an Township, it was called \"Xin\'an Qianwusu King Temple\". It has been repaired in subsequent generations. Today, there are still three Qing Dynasty buildings, each with five wide faces, and there are east and west sides in the front patio.
Very cool bamboo pavilion, take a break, Mi for a while. ๐Ÿ˜ด
Road meet live broadcasters, a small generator, a small cart, two plastic stools, a bunch of live broadcast machines, this action demeanor, singing very devoted. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Qingyan Bridge
Yuhong Bridge
Through Hongqiao
Wanhe Academy
Qian Fenggao\'s old residence Qian Fenggao was born in Xuntang Town, worked as a factory manager of Wuxi Yuchang Silk Factory, and operated Wuxi Silk Reeling Factory after the victory of the Anti-Japanese War. The building is a house built by Qian Fenggao in 1925, courtyard-style layout, traditional brick and wood structure, thick and plump, after liberation, it has been successively used as the government office of Xuntang Township, Xuntang Junior High School, grain management office warehouse, etc., is currently preserved on a large scale, with the Republic of China style Jiangnan excellent private house.
Wuxi municipal government Shangxian Lake Square panorama, so magnificent, almost in time for the Washington National Mall, that is, the center of the lake is still short of a Declaration of Independence monument. ๐Ÿ˜„
Changshu Shajiabang Scenic Area, Tangshi Ancient Town leisure one-day tour route track
Wuxi Shangxian River Gonghuwan Wetland Park leisure hiking one-day route track
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NDS \"Fire Emblem - New Emblem Mystery - Heroes of Light and Shadow\" clearance archive archive
Five plus skins Hard, bitter, warm. Attributed to liver meridian, kidney meridian. Dispel rheumatism, strengthen muscles and bones, and activate blood stasis. Treat cold and dampness, muscle and bone spasm, low back pain, impotence, weak feet, children\'s delay, edema, athlete\'s foot, sores, swelling and poison, bruises.
Five plus skins 1 [This Sutra]: The main abdominal hernia, abdominal pain, qi therapy, children can not practice, boils and erosion. 2 [Don\'t record]: Treatment of men\'s vaginal hemorrhoids, wet subsacs, residual urine, women\'s itching and lumbar pain, pain in both feet, weak wind, five slow weakness, tonic and essence, strong bones, strong will. 3 [Theory of Medicinal Properties]: Can break the evil wind and blood, limbs are not successful, thief wind hurts people, soft feet, hips and waist, the Lord has many years of bruising in the skin muscles, cures the lack of wet inside, the Lord wins falsely, and children cannot do it at the age of three.
Five plus skins 4 [Rihuazi Materia Medica]: Bright eyes, lower qi, cure stroke bone joint spasm, make up for five labors and seven injuries. 5 [Compendium]: Cure rheumatism, strengthen muscles and bones. 6 [Materia Medica]: dissolve phlegm and dehumidify, nourish kidneys and essence, remove wind and water, regulate athlete\'s foot and low back pain, cure sores and scabies. (7) [Shaanxi Chinese herbal medicine]: Activate blood and reduce swelling. Treatment of rheumatic joint pain, scrotal eczema, bruises, edema, urine is unfavorable. (8) [Yunnan Chinese herbal medicine]: treatment of bruises, fractures, sores, malaria.
Bai Zhi Sin, Wen. Into the lungs, spleen, stomach. Dispel wind, dampness, reduce swelling, relieve pain. Treat headache, eyebrow and bone pain, tooth pain, nasal ais, cold and wet abdominal pain, intestinal wind and hemorrhoidal leakage, red and white discharge, carbuncle sores, itchy skin, scabies.
Bai Zhi (1) \"This Sutra\": The main woman leaks redness, blood is closed and swollen, cold and hot, the limelight (head wind) invades the eyes and tears, long skin, moisturized. (2) \"Belu\": Cure wind and evil for a long time (suspected as \'long diarrhea\'), vomiting, full flanks, wind pain, dizziness, itchy eyes. (3) \"Theory of Medicinal Properties\": cure the blood tingling pain of the abdomen, remove wind and evil, the main woman\'s blood collapse and vomiting, clear eyes, stop tears, treat women\'s bleeding, waist and abdominal pain; Can erode pus.
Bai Zhi (4) \"Rihuazi Materia Medica\": treatment of red flesh, and repair tire leakage and slippage, broken blood, replenish new blood, cradle carbuncle, hair back, sputum, intestinal wind, hemorrhoidal fistula, pus drainage, sores, scabies, pain relief and muscle growth, facial defects. (5) \"Southern Yunnan Materia Medica\": dispel the wind of skin wandering, relieve stomach cold abdominal pain and cold pain, cold and wet pain around the body. (6) \"Program\": treatment of nasal abyss, epistaxis, tooth pain, eyebrow and bone pain, constipation of the large intestine, bleeding from urine, women\'s blood and wind dizziness, stomach turning and vomiting; Anti-arsenic poison, snake wounds, knife and arrow golden sores.
Hiroki Ka spicy taste; Bitter; Sexual temperature. Attributed to the bile meridian; Gastric meridian; large intestine meridian; Trifocal Sutra; Lung meridian. Qi relieves pain, warms the stomach. Treatment of cold stagnation, chest and abdominal swelling pain, vomiting, diarrhea, severe diarrhea, cold hernia.
Hiroki Ka (1) \"This Sutra\": The Lord evil qi, repels the poisonous epidemic, strengthens the will, and the Lord drenches. (2) \"Belu\": treatment of inferior qi and cold in the muscles; Insufficient main qi, disinfection, (treatment) of warm malaria, the essence of medicine. (3) \"Notes on the Classic of Materia Medica\": Treat poison and swelling, eliminate evil qi. (4) \"Theory of Medicinal Properties\": Treat women\'s blood and qi and heartache are unbearable, and at the end, drink it. Cure several kinds of heartache, accumulated years of cold air, convulsions, swelling pain, and rush up and down the stomach. Cure cholera vomiting, henchman.
Hiroki Ka (5) \"Rihuazi Materia Medica\": cure all qi of the henchmen, stop diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, tranquility, strengthen the spleen and eliminate food. Boils win badly, cold bladder pain, vomiting and nausea. (6) Wang Haogu: Cure the pulse as a disease, and go against the qi and be urgent. The main spleen oozes constipation. (7) \"Bencao Tongxuan\": Regulate hernia.
turmeric Hard, bitter, warm. Attributed to spleen meridian, liver meridian. Break blood and qi, relieve menstruation. Treatment of abdominal swelling pain, arm pain, fistula, women\'s blood stasis menstrual amenorrhea, postpartum stasis abdominal pain, fall injury, carbuncle. It is used for chest and abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea and limb pain of Qi stasis and blood stasis, often with Yuanhu and Xiangfu.
turmeric (1) \"Tang Materia Medica\": the main henchman accumulates, boils, qi, breaks blood, removes wind and heat, and eliminates carbuncles. The power is stronger than the tulips. (2) \"Rihuazi Materia Medica\": cure blood clots, carbuncles, menstruation, treat bruising, reduce swelling and poison; Stop the storm and cold air, eat. (3) \"Materia Medica\": cure flatulence and postpartum septic blood attack the heart. (4) \"Program\": cure wind paralysis and arm pain. (5) \"Bencao Zheng\": In addition to the abdominal gas and flatulence, cold air and food accumulation pain.
turmeric (6) \"Description of Materia Medica\": treatment of qi evidence, swelling and wheezing, stomach pain, abdominal flank, shoulder and back and arm pain, paralysis, hernia. (7) \"Medical Forest Essentials\": Cure the wind and cold and dampness of the limbs. 8 \"Modern Practical Chinese Medicine\": It is an aromatic stomach medicine, which is beneficial to the disinfection of the biliary tract and liver. For jaundice, chest full of stuffy pain. It is also a hemostatic agent to treat vomiting blood, bleeding, blood in the urine, and hemorrhoids. Topical for abscess trauma.
clove Sin, Wen. It belongs to the spleen meridian, stomach meridian, lung meridian, kidney meridian. Warm in the reverse, warm kidney to help the yang. The main hiccups, cold pain in the abdomen, less vomiting and diarrhea, kidney deficiency and impotence, waist and knee soreness, pubic boils.
clove (1) \"Theory of Medicinal Properties\": treatment of cold gas and abdominal pain. (2) \"Sea Medicine Materia Medica\": the main wind is hidden, and the bone groove is smelly. Cure qi, black hair, kill insects, cure five hemorrhoids, ward off evil and remove evil. Cure nipple flowers, stop five-color poisonous diarrhea, righteous qi, and relieve abdominal pain. (3) \"Rihuazi Materia Medica\": cure breath, regurgitation, treat kidney qi, porpoise qi, yin pain, aphrodisiac, warm waist and knees, kill alcohol and poison, eliminate spasms, and remove cold labor. (4) \"Kaibao Materia Medica\": warm the spleen and stomach, stop cholera. (Treatment) swelling, wind poison swelling, tooth chancre.
clove (5) \"Bencao Mengzheng\": stop qi and reverse qi. (6) \"Program\": cure deficiency, children\'s vomiting, acne sores stomach deficiency gray and gray. (7) \"Bencao Zheng\": warm and fast. Treat scorched hiccups, remove stomach cold diarrhea, seven emotions and five depressions. (8) \"Materia Medica\": Treat chest paralysis, yin pain, warm the vulva. (9) \"Medical Forest Essentials\": nourish the liver, moisturize the door, warm the stomach, remove the cold, diarrhea the lungs, and disperse rheumatism. 10 \"Materia Medica\": Open the nine tips, soothe the qi, go to the wind, and walk the water.
Abrasive kernels spicy taste; Sexual temperature. Attribution to the spleen meridian; Gastric meridian; Renal meridian. Wet appetizing, warm the spleen and stop diarrhea, rationalize qi and calm the fetus. It is used for wet turbidity and medium resistance, spleen and stomach deficiency, vomiting and diarrhea, pregnancy obstruction, fetal restlessness.
Abrasive kernels (1) \"Theory of Medicinal Properties\": the main cold air abdominal pain, stop rest dysentery, strain, digest water valley, warm the spleen and stomach. (2) \"Herb Gleaning\": The Lord coughs on the breath, runs the porpoise, and is shocked by the evil qi. (3) \"Rihuazi Materia Medica\": cure all qi, cholera tendons, abdominal pain. (4) Zhang element: cure spleen and stomach stagnation.
Abrasive kernels (5) Yang Shiying: Hezhong, qi, pain, and abortion. (6) \"Bencao Mengzheng\": anti-nausea, but abdominal pain. (7) \"Program\": nourish the lungs and awaken the spleen, nourish the stomach and kidneys, rationalize vitality, ventilate qi, disperse cold and swelling, choke and vomit, stop women from collapsing, remove throat and teeth floating heat, and turn copper and iron bones choking. (8) \"Medical Forest Essentials\": moisturize the kidney, tonify the liver, replenish the life, and the spleen and stomach, and open the knot.
Poplar 01
Fortune fruit 01
Boxwood 01
Fire thorn tree
Flowering water boxwood
Luo Han Song 01
Plum Tree 01
Water boxwood 01
Pine Cypress 01
Five-needle pine 01
Purple leaf plum
Palm trees
Poplar 02
Fortune fruit 02
Boxwood 02
Luo Han Song 02
Plum Tree 02
Water boxwood 02
Pine Cypress 02
Five-needle pine 02
Poplar 03
Fortune fruit 03
Boxwood 03
Luo Han Song 03
Water Boxwood 03
Pine Cypress 03
Five-needle pine 03
Poplar 04
Fortune fruit 04
Luo Han Song 04
Five-needle pine 04
Poplar 05
Fortune Fruit 05
Luo Han Song 05
Five-needle pine 05
Poplar 06
Fortune fruit 06
Luo Han Song 06
Poplar 07
By the lake at dusk, dragonflies are flying in the sky
The Spirit of Life 80
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Polysand Bonsai Garden With a total area of 650 square meters, various bonsai are placed on the stone of the spirit wall with staggered heights, and there are currently more than 100 kinds of bonsai in different shapes and shapes\" in the flower room. The art of bonsai is a national treasure developed from the art of plant cultivation and gardening. Changshu Bonsai pays attention to the natural teaching method, pays attention to poetry and painting, and the modeling technique is \"mainly sheard, supplemented by tie, rough and fine cutting\", and its unique \"six-in-three knot top\" style is recognized as a representative work of Supai bonsai.
Luo Han Song 07
Poplar 08
Luo Han Song 08
Poplar 09
Tangshi Ancient Town Yang Yi Memorial Museum Collection Series
Reed Swinging Side Classic: Shajiabang Red Story Collection Series The red classic is praised by everyone, and the fire of Ludang is endless
Changshu Tangshi ancient town, folk city scene, history and culture series display
Exam basket It is a basket used by candidates to hold stationery and food in the imperial examination era, Wu Jingzi\'s \"History of Rulin\" 42: \"So I urged You Huzi to buy two new square towels, examination baskets, copper chassis, and roll bags, two of each.\"
Town ruler In the seventeenth year of the Republic of China, Chen Jincheng played elegantly, the copper carving imitated the town ruler, the appearance was good, and the character carvings were lifelike. The Southern Song Dynasty Li Zihui\'s \"Ten Songs of Shuzhai\" said: \"Copying books prevents indulgence, and the boundary ink is used to cover the block.\" Use who can know, and write from the heart. When the town ruler first appeared, there was no certain standard for whether it was material, shape, or size. Later, with the advancement of craftsmanship, the ruler has gone beyond the scope of function, representing the owner\'s hobbies, tastes, sentiments, ideals, aesthetics, and tastes.
The town is more than 1500 years old. For more than 1,500 years, the ruler has gone from material to craftsmanship, from shape to use. All have undergone tremendous changes, and the only thing that remains unchanged is the pursuit of this literary culture. The ruler is used for play, and it is also used to press paper or press books.
Inkstone Seawater dragon pattern rectangular inkstone, delicate stone, exquisite shape, carving atmosphere, moist texture, delicate texture, seawater dragon pattern engraved above the inkstone, the line is relaxed, dangerous, can be a world of its own. The inkstone pond is flat and slightly undulating, like a small pond collecting rain, microwave layers, really calm and elegant.
Ancient literati loved inkstone, because the quality of inkstone represented the quality of the written words. A good inkstone table can make the ink play better and the pen more fluent. However, the inkstone platform is not only a literary utensil, because of its nature, it has been passed down through the ages, and it also integrates carving and painting, and has become a collection treasure highly respected by literati and inkers.
Pen licking In the Qing Dynasty, it was one of the nine pieces of stationery, and also included: pen holders, water presentations, pen holders, ink beds, printing boxes, glue boxes, paperweights, etc. The Qianlong period was the most prevalent and the most complete variety, although there were in various dynasties in the future, but the varieties were no longer complete. Writing requires ink. The pen that is full of ink needs to be tested for thickness, straightened out, and \"licked\" before the pen can be placed.
The predecessors used inkstone to study ink, perhaps initially, they also used to \"lick\" the pen along the inkstone, and gradually, there was an independent literary room, specializing in this move, today called \"pen licking\" pen licking in the Qing Dynasty although it is a practical product, but the fine products are no longer practical, mostly collectibles for ornamentation, is a connoisseur. The shape of the pen lick in the Jiaqing period is similar to that of the Qianlong period, basically not a regular rectangle, but a conformal vessel with a leaf shape and a lotus leaf shape.
An imitation of \"Shengping Wanguotu\" Written in the tenth year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, that is, in 1745 AD, the author Zhou Kun (ๅ‘จ้ฒฒ), character Tianchi, was born in Changshu, Jiangsu Province to a family of painters.
In \"Shengping Wanguo Tu\", Zhou Kun depicts the mountain scenery of his hometown Changshu in a realistic way, faithfully showing the Yushan Mountain, Shanghu Lake and the actual geographical environment in Changshu City, with many characters and rich landscapes, which is a documentary landscape of the Qing Dynasty court, which can be called Changshu\'s version of \"Qingming Shanghe Map\".
The front of the picture is outside the south gate, then the Kuncheng Twin Pagodas in the eighteen scenes of the altar, Chenjia City, and Yushan, the city walls and small bridges are lined up in turn, and the academy is lined up with words, and the Taoist Temple Seven Stars Juniper West Gate City Tower. The historical inheritance and geographical pattern of Changshu Ancient City are fully presented.
The trees and mountains in the roll are delicate, and the pen and ink are rendered, and the color is mainly based on the light silk used by Huang Gongwang. The moss dyes the trees, light and elegant, and the painting style is also obviously influenced by the predecessor Wang Yi of his fellow villagers.
\"Shengping Wanguo Tu\" was created after Zhou Kun entered the court, when the Qianlong Emperor had not yet been to the south, and Zhou Kun, with his familiarity with the geography of his hometown Yushan, took the initiative to draw a long scroll and give it to the emperor as a sign of gratitude, so that he could clearly understand the customs and scenery of Jiangnan.
It can be seen from the \"Catalogue of Paintings of the National Imperial Court\" that several of Zhou Kun\'s works were praised by the emperor, and the Qianlong Emperor appreciated them very much, including poetry: I love Zhou Kun Pen, natural and light. Jiangxiang returned from treatment, and the painting garden dedicated poetry. Sickness and suffering, ordinary children Xu Feng. The story of the prison gate, Zhier traced his traces.
Most of Zhou Kun\'s paintings are in the collection of the Guguan Museum in Beijing, and these works belong to the \"chenzi\" paintings, that is, completed in the Forbidden City and made exclusively for the emperor. \"Shengping Wanguo Tu\" is now in the National Palace Museum in Taipei.
Fighting in a second home Yang Haolu (1911-1992), a native of Yibin, Sichuan. He joined the Communist Youth League in 1928 and the Communist Party in 1936. He has successively served as a member of the Changshu County CPC Committee, director of the Political Department of the \"People\'s Resistance\", deputy commander and director of the Political Department of the \"Xinjiang Anti-Resistance\", and secretary of the Su Changtai Work Committee. After the founding of the People\'s Republic of China, he served as assistant minister of the Central Ministry of Trade, vice minister of foreign trade, and adviser. In February 1938, he was sent by the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee to Changshu to rebuild the Changshu County Party Committee with Li Model and Zhao Bohua, and participated in the establishment of the \"People\'s Resistance\".
During the most arduous years, he was active in Tang City and Hengjing for a long time, contributing to covering the wounded and sick of the New Fourth Army and establishing the \"New Jiang Kang\" to create the Su Changtai Anti-Japanese Guerrilla Base. During the battle of Yanggou, Yang Haolu was seriously injured in the arm and blood gushed out, but he insisted on fighting and could not get out of the line of fire. After the founding of New China, Yang Haolu came to Changshu many times to revisit, and he regarded Changshu as his \"second hometown\". After his death, his family followed his will and buried part of his ashes in the Changshu Martyrs\' Cemetery.
Personal life and death do not matter Ren Tianshi (1913-1948), a native of Meili, Changshu. Participated in the revolution after the beginning of the War of Resistance. He is one of the founders of Changshu \"Civil Resistance\" and once served as the commander of \"Civil Resistance\". It is the main life prototype of Chen Tianmin in the Peking opera \"Shajiabang\". In 1935, Ren Tianshi graduated from the Shanghai Chinese Medical College and practiced medicine in his hometown, during which he participated in progressive activities. After the Japanese army occupied Changshu, he resolutely abandoned his medical service and was determined to resist the Japanese, using his savings, selling his property, and using the proceeds of persuasion to buy weapons and ammunition, and forming a guerrilla group in his hometown of Tangqiao.
After the establishment of the \"People\'s Resistance,\" Ren Tianshi served as the captain and commander of the People\'s Resistance Brigade; he shared happiness and hardship with the soldiers, sleeping in straw beds, eating brown rice, drinking pickle soup, and often treating diseases for the soldiers and the masses. In January 1947, Ren Tianshi, who had served as a member of the Standing Committee of the Central China Prefecture Committee and minister of social affairs, was arrested in Shanghai and secretly told the organization in prison that \"personal life and death do not matter.\" In the spring of 1948, Ren Tianshi was killed by the Kuomintang in Nanjing.
Rebels of the landlord class Shi Chucai (1907-1929), also known as Jialiang, pseudonym Shen Huaisi. A native of Shajiabang Town, Changshu. During the Great Revolution, Shi Chucai, who was born into a landlord family, gave up a comfortable life and resolutely embarked on the revolutionary road, being called a \"rebel of the landlord class\".During the Agrarian Revolution, he persisted in the struggle in the countryside, organized peasants to resist rent, fought against local tycoons to share floating wealth, and resisted reactionary rule and oppression.
As a military commissar of the Changshu County Party Committee of the Communist Party of China, Shi Chucai often slept in deserted graves and ate wild vegetables. He walked to Shanghai three times to find the Jiangsu provincial party committee and raise funds for the provincial party committee, during which time he sold his wife\'s jewelry for revolutionary activities. He was arrested in October 1929 for wounds sustained at Mr. Bridge, and for the next 13 days, the enemy promised that he would be sent to Shanghai for treatment by signing a pre-written surrender form, but he refused and ended up in prison.
Look at palmistry Palmistry is the human physiognomy, the source of the Western, Indian and Chinese branches, the origin is far and long, and finally became today\'s Botong Grand View. The shape of the hand and the entire human body, the color and texture of the hand and the health and spirit of the person are inextricably linked.
Iron kettle Iron pots, also known as iron bottles, have been used for hundreds of years to boil water in sencha. Using pig iron as raw material, using traditional casting technology, through the later hand-polishing and forming of the teapot, it has both health, ornamental and collection value.
Sell rice sugar Rice sugar has been produced for more than 200 years and is famous for \"Jiangnan Small Cut\". Made with rice milk, ginger slices and malt. First put the diluted rice milk and ginger slices in a pot and boil a few times, extinguish the fire, and then add the crushed malt for thrilling fermentation.
Artisan shop Handmade jewelry has thousands of years of cultural history in China, using a variety of processing techniques and a wide variety. As a cultural phenomenon, it has been favored by many ethnic groups in history and has become one of the carriers of multicultural exchanges.
carpenter The wood industry has a long history. The originator of Chinese carpenters is Lu Ban. Lu Ban (507 BC โ€“ 444 BC), a native of the Kingdom of Lu during the Spring and Autumn Period, surnamed Ji, and a member of the Gong clan. According to many ancient books such as \"The Pearl of Things\", \"Wuyuan\", and \"Ancient History Examination\", many tools and instruments used by woodworking were created by him.
Pull up the slices As a traditional folk art, it has been largely extinct since the beginning of the Song Dynasty, and only a few enthusiasts still practice this art form. There are many ways and techniques to pull up a large film. In addition to Qing Dynasty stories, there are also current affairs news.
Sell Lantern Festival Eating Lantern Festival is the main custom of the Lantern Festival, which was first recorded in the Song Dynasty. At that time, the Lantern Festival was called \"floating yuanzi\", \"yuanzi\", \"lactose yuanzi\" and \"sugar yuan\".
Make drums The drum is a traditional Chinese percussion instrument, according to the Li Ji. According to the records of the Ming Hall Position, the earthen drum \"existed at the time\" and because the drum had a good resonance effect, it was used by the Chinese ancestors as an army cheer very early. The process of drum making mainly includes three parts: making wooden frame (drum cavity), saddle skin (skin) and finishing.
Hoop barrels The crafts are distributed in the Jiangnan area, and the old crafts with a history of thousands of years have gradually spread to all parts of the country. Hoop barrels are mainly cork, and the process is complex and redundant, and it can be formed after dozens of processes.
Street food Chinese food culture has experienced thousands of years of development and precipitation, and has formed unique food characteristics. It not only inherits and innovates ancient food culture, but also integrates Chinese and Western food culture. There are many small street ponds with a strong Chinese cultural charm, which have always maintained their original taste.
Na insoles Folk traditional handicrafts originated from the accumulation and precipitation of Chinese culture over a long period of time, reflecting the common aesthetic ideals in people\'s hearts. The insole pattern adopts a unique embroidery cutting process, from the traditional auspicious pattern to the meaning of newborn food, the weaving embroidery method has changed with the development of the times, inherited, and innovated.
Fragrant Garden, Yuxi Pavilion, listen to the rain
NDS \"Contra 4: Two Souls\" clearance instant archive archive
Panorama of the ancient town of Changshu Tang City China\'s first cultural tourism town with the theme of time, of which the ancient town of Tangshi has a thousand-year history, has a population gathering since the Liang Dynasty, and merchants have gathered since the Ming and Qing dynasties, and is known as \"Jintang City\". The ancient town runs along the banks of the Youjing River, north to Beixin Bridge, south to Nanxinqiao, and there are two ancient bridges, Beixin Bridge and Huayang Bridge, and a stone street built in the Ming Dynasty. On both sides of the stone street, there are more than several historical buildings since the Ming and Qing dynasties and the Republic of China.
Today\'s itinerary starts from the beautiful countryside, Hengjing Village
Entering the reeds, the reeds grow densely
Hike through the battlefield decades ago, among the reeds. It is a pity that not a single artillery tower of that year remains. ๐Ÿ˜‘
The weather was cloudy, the sun did not come out, not too hot and comfortable, passing by large patches of dog tail grass
The water of the lake is clear and the air is fresh
Shajiabang Scenic Area, the ticket costs 100
Hairy crab food street, Aqing teahouse, bronze statue of Aqing sister-in-law and who and whom
Shajiabang model sailboat
Drill bridge hole, above which is the modern Changtai Expressway. ๐Ÿ˜†
The plants in the reeds are very luxuriant
This crab market is so big, reed swinging wetland environment, suitable for breeding clams
Unfortunately, the old bridge was demolished and the new bridge was in progress, and the 30-meter crossing of the river became a detour of 3,000 meters. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Wanghong Bridge Cave Mural, Shajiabang: Ludang Aqing Teahouse
The New Fourth Army recuperated its wounds, reeds
The hairy crab wholesale market in Ludang Village is lined with crab farming
The hairy crab welcomes you with a mural, and to become a big meal on a human plate, this crab is silly and so happy. ๐Ÿ˜‚
In addition to crabs, villagers also raise geese and chickens by the reeds
River crab farm, there are abundant aquatic plants, machines are turning water to increase oxygenation
Found a big grasshopper blocking the road and robbed, hummed, caught it to play, and ๐Ÿ˜‚ finally released the handle
In the distance, the treetops are inhabited by many reeds and egrets
U-shaped large pumpkin, a gift from nature
Shajiabang Town Tang City Health Center
Jiangnan Water Town, A Qing\'s sister-in-law holding an umbrella mural
Arrived at the ancient town of Tang City
There are cacti planted on the roof of the ancient town, I don\'t know what to say
Smoke and rain Jiangnan, Wenhui Tang City murals, and randomly parked electric cars. ๐Ÿ˜
Jiangnan waterways are crisscrossed, and the houses in the ancient town are built by the water, which is convenient for travel and freight
Walk into the streets of Tangshi Guzhen
Prosperity Street in the ancient town, with lanterns hanging high
Prosperity Street in Tang City: The former site of Ye Futai pickling shop Announced in December 2021 The building at No. 45 Prosperous Street in Tangshi City is a traditional shop on the street, and it is the former site of the famous old shop \"Ye Futai Pickling Shop\" during the Republic of China. The building is two rooms wide, with shops along the street on the east side, a suspended ceiling decoration in the middle inner patio, and a barge along the river on the west side. In 2021, the whole renovation was restored to its original appearance.
The ancient town straddles both banks of the Youjing River, and the river is prosperous
Jiangnan Academy: Yang Yi Memorial Hall 51 Prosperous Street, Tang City Announced in June 2011 The existing two-entry house at No. 51 Prosperous Street in Tangshi is a relatively complete Qing Dynasty commercial building in the ancient town of Tangshi. The structure is exquisitely materialized. Beautifully decorated, the building is of great significance for studying the commercial development of Changshu rural area in the Qing Dynasty and the layout of ancient commercial buildings.
Changzhao panoramic water system map, ten miles per side
Fumin Zenji Temple
Literati boat, Wenhui Tang City
Vanguard Bridge, across the bridge is Center Street
Fragrant Garden It was originally built by Bai Xiaopo during the Apocalypse of the Ming Dynasty, and later obtained by Wang Weining during the Kangxi Dynasty of the Qing Dynasty. Famous painter Wu Li painted garden drawings. Qianlong returned to Huang Tingyu 50 years later. Built as: North House Garden. After the garden, it returned to the Cheng clan. Xianfeng was destroyed in war for 10 years. In the 14th year of the Republic of China, Gong purchased the Cheng Abandoned Garden, repaired the artificial mountain pavilion and pond, and planted dangui all over the country. In the 80s of the 20th century, the name of the garden was changed: Piaoxiang Garden. Take the fragrance of dangui. The rockery and lotus flowers in the garden still retain the remains of the Ming and Qing dynasties.
Meet the Ashika Volunteer Corner
Avoid the reed flower volunteer gift to give back and share Volunteers who are deemed to have served the specified hours in the current year can redeem gifts 20 hours: 1 roll of cultural and creative tape or 1 pen bag; 60 hours: 1 tissue box or 1 medical kit; 100 hours: one night light; 200 hours: one mug; 300 hours: one mouse pad; 600 hours: 1 bucket pack;
Piaoxiang Garden Knowledge Corner
Scenery of Piaoxiang Garden, Lotus Pond Ancient Pavilion
Scenery of Piaoxiang Garden, Lotus Pond Ancient Pavilion
Scenery of Piaoxiang Garden, lotus pond rockery
Wan Anxie
Yuxi Pavilion: The newly built book in the old garden is fragrant and far away, and the document is Yuexi Huan
The fake stone next to the pavilion is a bit like some kind of animal
Ancient trees and famous trees Species: Melon seed boxwood Family: Boxwood in the boxwood family Number: Chang 348, 349 Protection level: Class II Listed age: 125 years
was playing and taking pictures in the Piaoxiang Garden, suddenly rainstormed, this time lucky, ran directly into the Yuxi Pavilion to avoid the rain, listen to the rain and drink tea. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
A fragrant garden in the rain
Tangshi Ancient Town Six Caves Ancient Bridge
View the ancient town waterway on the bridge
There are people cleaning up debris in the waterways
The trees by the river, the small bridge in the river, reflected in the blue water of the river, are so beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜
Ancient town center street
Travel developers have set up a time town, eat, drink and have fun. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
I also built a time bridge by the river in the ancient town, which felt a bit unusual. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Mural boat model
There are relevant people casting nets on the bridge, fishing in the river, ouch, and really caught fish, it\'s a little smaller. ๐Ÿ˜
Chinese river crab: button crab River crab is a migratory animal, growing in fresh water, reproducing in brackish water or seawater environment, river crab in the development process, larval stage is divided into flea larvae, big-eye larvae and larvae 3 stages, flea larvae are divided into 6 stages, after 5 metamorphosis to become big-eye larvae (crab seedlings). Cultivating crab seedlings is an important part of button crab farming, this time. River crabs molt many times, especially in need of strengthening feeding management.
The body is divided into head, chest and abdomen. The cephalothorax is covered with a hard carapace called a cephalothorax. The ventral surface of the cephalothorax is a ventral carapace, which is divided into 5 segments and is surrounded by dense villi. The anterior edge of the back of the cephalothorax is the frontal part in the middle; Has 4 frontal teeth; There are 4 sharp teeth on the left and right dorsal margins. There is a pair of compound eyes with handles on both sides of the forehead. The abdomen of the river crab is flat, also known as the crab navel, divided into 7 segments, and the abdomen of the female crab is nearly round, commonly known as the ball umbilicus; The male has a triangular abdomen and is commonly known as the pointed umbilicus. The pectoral foot is an appendage of the chest that consists of 1 pair of strong and densely hairy chelae and another 4 pairs of flattened rounded footsteps.
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Green bugs on the leaves
The sun is setting, the moon is out, and the couple is one-on-one by the lake. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Today the climb passes by the Wonderful Rock
It is said that this bubble wine can aphrodisiac ๐Ÿ˜
Tofu flowers on the mountain
Gui Qi mango was afraid ๐Ÿ˜‚ to eat, and today I received Gui Qi Mango planted by a friend\'s own family.
In the morning, I went to the express outlet to send a piece, came a car of express delivery waiting for delivery, their express classification method is ๐Ÿ˜ฒ too violent, a few meters away so directly thrown over, the sound of the express box hitting the ground is clearly distinguishable.
Changshu Shajiabang Scenic Area, Tangshi Ancient Town leisure day trip. Sightseeing: Reed, Shajiabang, Bronze Statue of Aqing Teahouse, Tangshi Prosperous Street, Yang Yi Memorial Hall, Fumin Temple, Wan\'an Bridge, Piaoxiang Garden, Yuxi Pavilion, Tang City Center Street, Time Town, Time Bridge. ๐Ÿค—
Interior of the roof in the style of ancient architecture
Changshu Museum Collection: Calligraphy and Painting Series
Panda Courtyard lady picture Color the paper Panda (1913-1973), character Zhiyun, was the lord of Zhongxuan and the lord of Shui Sixuan. His ancestral home is Shaoxing, Zhejiang, and he lives in Changshu. Hua Yuan\'s disciple and a worker and lady. After moving to Shanghai, sailing from Wuhu Lake, Yi Nai Dajin. In 1956, he was hired as a painter at the Shanghai Chinese Painting Academy, and was friendly with Lu Shufei.
Qin Rope Ancestor \"Writing the West Wing. Amazing\" folded Ink on paper Qin Zhengzu (1928-2007), often skilled Tang people. The teacher, Tang Xiaoqing, is good at making characters and ladies. The initial tuition fee Danxu, freehand learning Ren Bonian and Huang Shen families, the pen and ink are strong and upright without losing roundness. It is also a flower and bird, landscape, and the painting style is fresh.
Tang Xiaoqing Lady Chart Axis Color the paper Tang Xiaoqing (1912-1985), a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. Studied under Wu Gong, good at characters, ladies, patriarchs, Ma Hezhi, Qiu Ying, and meticulous penmanship.
Tao Yunbai Spring Willow Lady Chart Axis Color the paper Tao Yunbai (1905-1975), formerly known as Yuanlong, Zisheng Fu, was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. Gong calligraphy and painting, under the influence of his uncle Huang Qiyu, and by Gu Linshi, the owner of Suzhou Yiyuan, traveled with Wu Hufan, Zhang Daqian and others. Precise identification, good at landscapes and characters, has the reputation of Changshu Wuhufan.
Flower yuan Imitation of the Fei Danxu female shaft Color the paper Hua Yuan (1898-1957), the owner of the Jie\'an and Xieyu Room, whose room name is Hongyi, was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. Living in Shanghai, he is good at painting characters and ladies, and working with flowers and birds. Meticulous workmanship, painting is called a good product. The disciples include Qian Xiangyan and Panda.
Xue Dunfu Immortal Locus Chart Axis Color the paper Xue Dunfu (1871-1954), also known as Chongqing, was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. Xu Zhaojing\'s private disciple, good at character and ladies, imitating the style of Qian Hui\'an on the sea, and working on landscapes.
Wang Youqin returned to the Xitu axis Wang Youqin (1912-1967), a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. The painting was handed down by the family, and the workers and ladies, and his disciples included Tang Chen and Wu Shisheng. He used to teach at Tangqiao Middle School.
This picture is based on the poetry of \"The Servant Welcomes, the Child Waits for the Door\", depicting the joyful scene of the reunion of the family when the poet returns home, and the scribe with the turban on the right side of the picture is Tao Yuanming. Tao Yuanming (c. 365โ€“427), courtesy name Qian, courtesy name Yuanliang, was a great-grandson of Tao Kan, known as Mr. Jingjie, a native of Chaisang, Xunyang (present-day Jiujiang, Jiangxi). He wrote \"Return to the Grave\", which expresses the spiritual pursuit of being clean and self-respecting and not being in harmony with the world.
Lu Shufei Xingshu Five Words Link Lu is not donating Commentary: Virtue from wide volume; Blessing seeks thrift Lu Shufei (1908-1997), famous bullet, character Yifei, changed to suppressed fei after 1937, number Feiwen, Qiao, Zhai name Chonglan Caotang, Jiangsu Changshu people. In his early years, he studied under Li Wat and Chen Mo, and then traveled to Wuhufan\'s Meijing Book House and started a family. Good at painting flowers and birds, can be written and freehanded, especially peonies.
Wang Shimin (1592-1680), also known as Xunzhi, was a smoker and old man of Xilu, a native of Taicang, Jiangsu. Good at painting landscapes, ranking first among the \"four kings\" in the early Qing Dynasty. He once wrote a couplet: \"Virtue accumulates from generosity: blessing seeks thrift.\" It is emphasized to store virtue with \"leniency\", be more tolerant, and be less selfish, as the \"Shang Shu\" said, \"there is tolerance, virtue is great\". Even if blessings can be sought, they should come from frugality and frugality, and they should be obtained lightly or with care, and the consequences will be that there is no \"blessing\" to be lost.
\"Deng Shirushu Sima Wen Gongjia Yi\" Republic of China stone print Sima Guang (1019โ€“1086), courtesy name Junshi (ๅญ—ๅ›ไธ–), was a native of Xia County, Shaanxi (present-day Xia County, Shanxi). The four dynasties of Li Shirenzong, Yingzong, Shenzong, and Zhezong, died as Taishi, Wen Guogong, and Tan Wenzheng. Family etiquette is family rules, and some large families in ancient times had family etiquette, requiring members of the family to act in accordance with the etiquette norms formulated. Sima Guang himself was diligent and thrifty, with a good family style, and his family lived together for generations, living in harmony.
Sima Guang also attached great importance to the teaching of the children of the family, and wrote the twenty articles of the \"Family Rites\" to talk about the way of cultivating the family, such as: The head of the family must abide by the etiquette law and set an example in order to rule the entire family. The family members have a clear division of labor and perform their own duties. Daily expenses should be within their means, financial distribution should be balanced, luxury should be prohibited, and surplus money needs to be saved to be prepared. Sima Guang also wrote an article entitled \"Training and Thrift and Shikang\", in which he used his own experience to tell his son Sima Kang and his descendants to practice thrift and oppose extravagance and waste.
May Fourth Patriotic Salvation Propaganda Material \"Good Recipe for National Salvation\" In 1924 The May Fourth Movement was a patriotic movement mainly of young students in Beijing on May 4, 1919, and a patriotic movement of the Chinese people thoroughly opposed to imperialism and feudalism. The May Fourth Movement made ideological and cadre preparations for the establishment of the Communist Party of China and was a watershed between the old democratic revolution and the new democratic revolution. \"The Good Recipe for National Salvation\" was compiled and printed in 1924 by Bi Gongtian, a Changshu man, and it contains remarks and methods for national salvation, as well as China\'s petition for the abolition of the 21st Article.
Collection of Changshu Museum: Modern Series of the Republic of China
Modern times: The Three Matters of Jin In 1985, the tomb of Zhou\'s in the pioneer work area of Yushan Forest Farm in Changshu was unearthed
Modern era: Wu Gong Plum blossom lady chart axis Color the paper Wu Gong (1863-1938), formerly known as Gongjun, character Shiping, was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. He studied under Wu Guxiang, and later made a living painting in Shanghai. Workers and women, can green landscapes, especially good at boundary painting, fine painting. His disciples include Hua Yuan, Tang Xiaoqing, Zhao Niantao, Wu Fenghui, Yang Yunjia, Liu Peiqin and so on.
Modern era: Zhu Shunkang Mirror lady chart axis Color the paper Zhu Shunkang, year of birth and death unknown, character Mingting, from Jiaxing, Zhejiang. Good at drawing figures and ladies, patriarchal Pan Zhenyong.
Modern era: Pan Zhenyong Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[1] Color the paper
Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[2] Pan Zhenyong (1853-1921), character Chengbo, nicknamed Yasheng, Yasheng, curler and blunt, etc., was a native of Xiushui (present-day Jiaxing, Zhejiang).
Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[3] The young inheritor learned painting and later studied under Dai Yiheng. You Gong Ren is a daughter, and she is taught by Fei Danxu, and her painting style is elegant and beautiful.
Lady Picture Four Screen Strip[4] Traveling back and forth between Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places, in the first year of Xuantong (1909), his brother Pan Zhenjie and Gao Yong initiated the \"Yuyuan Calligraphy and Painting Association\".
Modern era: Shazo Plum blossom lady chart axis Color the paper Sha Zuo (1876-1945), character Fuqing, Hufu Shanmin, nephew of Sha Fu, a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu. He has lived in Shanghai for a long time, and in addition to painting, he runs his own Koro Printing Factory. You lived in Changshu, friendly with Li Wat, Shiyixi threw himself under his door, and once welcomed the lower courtyard of Sanfeng Temple. The flowers of the workers\' figures are both rough and delicate in style. In his later years, he was ill with the wrist, and painted with the left pen, with a more simple brush and free spirit.
Modern era: Fan Zhuang Lady Picture Fan Page Gold note coloring Fan Zhuang, character Peifen, Jiangsu Changshu. Fan Xunxun\'s eldest daughter, who paints family traditions, has a unique practice, and works on painting.
Republic of China: Mao Junkai Book \"Zhuzi Family Training\" The text is easy to understand, the content is concise and concise, neat, catchy, and since its inception, it has become a well-known and well-known classic family discipline for teaching children to govern the family, and once became one of the required textbooks for children. Some of these aphorisms, such as \"A porridge and a meal, when thinking is not easy: half a thread, perseverance and material resources are difficult\", \"It is advisable to prepare for the rain, not to dig a well before thirst\", etc., are still of educational significance today.
Twenty-five years of the Republic of China (1936) Rugao Maojunshu. Zhu Bailu (1627-1698), formerly known as Chun, character Zhiyi, self-named Bailu, a native of Kunshan, Jiangsu, was a physicist and educator. The \"Zhuzi Family Training\", also known as \"Zhu Bailu\'s Maxims on Governing the Family\", has a full text of more than 500 words, incisively expounding the way of self-cultivation and family management, with deep roots in thought and broad and profound meaning. With the purpose of \"self-cultivation\" and \"unity of family\", it is the culmination of Confucian methods of dealing with the world, and is intended to persuade people to be diligent and thrifty, and to keep oneself in peace.
Photocopy of \"Zeng Wenzheng Gong\'s Collected Poems\" Republic of China Zeng Guofan (1811-1872), formerly known as Zicheng, Zi Disheng, No. Bohan, was a native of Xiangxiang, Hunan Province. In the eighteenth year of Daoguang (1838), he became a scholar and a university scholar. He was a heavy minister of the late Qing Dynasty, the founder and commander of the Xiang Army, and a military strategist, a physicist, a politician, a calligrapher, and a literary scholar.
He put forward such ideas of honest government as \"respecting thrift and simplicity in order to cultivate honesty\" in employing people in good duties, which were reflected in many of his family letters. For example, \"Farmers, farmers, industry and commerce, diligence and thrift have not been unhappy, and arrogance and fatigue have not been undefeated.\" \"Don\'t send money home, don\'t give more to relatives, this Kangzi work is also.\"
\"Every day when you are about to sleep, silently count a few things that are laboring for the day, and a few laborers, and you know that there is not much to do for the king, and you will do it with all your heart.\" \"The humble being of the middle is unknown, but it is about four ends of the outside: the face, the speech, the letter, the subordinate of the Japanese servant... In the future, it is suitable for this four-end pain to be treated, and this humble word work is also. โ€
\"Portrait of the Four Generations of Loyal Sages of the Changshu Qu Clan\" Republic of China stone print Qu Qijia, Republic of China Tieqin Steel Sword Building stone print.
The Qu family was a family of officials and eunuchs who were always hot in the Ming Dynasty, inheriting the family style of honesty and integrity. This volume includes the portraits of the four generations of loyal sages of Qu Jingfu, Qu Rushuo, Qu Shiyun, and Qu Xianwen, with strict penmanship and vivid expression. At the frontispiece, there are Yang Yisun seal books \"Portraits of the Four Generations of Loyal Sages of the Qu Clan in the Former Ming Dynasty\" and \"Haiyu Haoqi\", Jin Junming\'s Xingshu \"Fighting for the Sun and the Moon\", and nearly 30 people including Guizhuang, Xu Zeng, Jin Junming, Weng Tongyong, Pang Zhonglu, Fei Nianci, and Ji Houming, expressing their admiration for the loyal deeds of the Qu clan.
Qu Jingchun (1507-1569), character master Dao, number Kunhu, was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu, and an official to the Ministry of Rites Zuo Shilang. He was honest and upright, and once sent to Fengyang to seal Zhu Zaiyu, the son of Prince Zheng, but refused to accept heavy gifts. He went from Jiangnan to Beijing to expose to Yan Song, a university scholar, that the governor Hu Zongxian had a heavy army but was ineffective in resisting the Wokou, so that the people could not live in peace.
Qu Shixuan (1590-1650), courtesy name Qitian, was a native of Changshu, Jiangsu. Renting Jing Chunsun, Qu Ru said son. In the forty-fourth year of the Wanli Ming Dynasty (1616), he entered the rank of sergeant, became a scholar of Wenyuange University, a shangshu of the military department, and was granted the title of Gui Bo. After the death of the Ming Dynasty, he persisted in the anti-Qing struggle, and the city of Guilin was captured, and he was unyielding and heroic. He is the author of \"Records of Meilin Manga\" (Qu Zhongxuan Collection).
Modern times: Qu Qijia Kaishu Seven Words Link Commentary: To get rid of troubles you must be selfless: to be a good person through hardships The Qu family is a famous family of book collectors, and the Tieqin Bronze Sword Building is one of the four major library buildings in the late Qing Dynasty. Qu attaches great importance to providing the collection for social use, and many scholars come to visit books to exchange, borrow and transcribe, etc. They also engrave and publish rare books in their collections, or help others engrave them, and widely disseminate them.
The five generations of the Qu family carefully collected and protected books, especially the third-generation building owners Qu Bingyuan and Bingqing brothers in the Xianfeng Ten Years to Tongzhi 2 years (1860-1863), in order to avoid the Taiping Rebellion War to protect the Tieqin Steel Sword Building collection, experienced a thrilling seven migrations, and finally preserved the fine collection.
In 1915, the fourth-generation landlord Qu Qijia and others founded the Changshu County Library, donated books to fill the collection, and also lent private precious books to photocopy the \"Four Series\", and ordered his family to \"not scatter books, if they cannot be kept, they will return to the public\".Qu regarded the family and the country as one, and protected the ancestors\' legacy, to reflect filial piety, and in 1950, the three brothers Qu Jicang, Qu Xuchu and Qu Fengqi followed their father\'s legacy and donated their collections to the country, which were collected in the National Library, Shanghai Library, Nanjing Library and Changshu Library.
Qu Qijia (1873-1940), character liangshi, alias Tieqin Dao, Jiangsu Changshu. Good at literature, renamed festival. In the first year of Xuantong (1909), Duanfang, the governor of Liangjiang, was ordered to dedicate a letter, and Xu Yiqing was unmoved. At the beginning of the Republic of China, he was a member of the National Assembly. In 1923, he refused Cao Kun\'s bribery and returned south, and refused to take up a false post during the Anti-Japanese War, and wrote Tianxiang\'s \"Songs of Righteous Qi\" to express his heart. Carefully maintain the collection of ancestors, and preside over the publication of the collection of books.
Republic of China \"Dark Eight Immortals\" tattooed silver hand pot
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NDS Super Robot Wars W clearance archive archive
The tower is shining
There are many people checking in at the night and posing in the shape of a heart. ๐Ÿ˜Š
It looks drooling ๐Ÿคค, and my parents brought a few of these mangoes back from a trip in Guangxi the other day
Changshu Museum Collection: Qing Dynasty Gold, Silver, Bronze Series
Qing Dynasty: \"Yuelai\" and \"Xiangyu\" inscribed gold rings In 1976, the afforestation team of Changshu Yushan Forest Farm was unearthed
Qing Dynasty: Drum-shaped blonde hairpin In 1973, Changshu Yushan Forest Farm Dongfang Red Work Area was unearthed
Qing Dynasty: Golden ear digging hairpin In 1973, Changshu Yushan Forest Farm Dongfang Red Work Area was unearthed
Qing Dynasty: Silver ear digging hairpin In 2020, it was unearthed in the southern foothills of Yushan Mountain in Changshu
Qing Dynasty: Silver gilt beast headdress In 1966, the Tongjiang Bridge in Changshu City was unearthed
Qing Dynasty: Silver sieve This Qing Dynasty Zhou silver sieve is finely made, with a regular shape and a small style. The silver sieve is gilded on the surface, with two opposing round piercings on the upper and lower sides, and a string of red tassels on the lower piercing, which proves that this object was indeed used for wearing. The sieve is made using the wire pulling process.
The bottom of the sieve consists of two layers, the upper layer is made of 38 silver sheets 1 mm wide in latitude and weft, and the bottom layer is made of 48 silver sheets cross-woven with parallel lines in three different directions, and the silver sheets are woven very neatly and tightly. From the fineness of the silver sieve production, the mastery and proficiency of the gold and silver craftsmanship at that time can be seen.
Qing Dynasty: Zodiac silver sieve This artifact is made using hammer hammer, silk and other craftsmanship, and is very exquisite and realistic. This small silver sieve can be said to be the epitome of folk blessings. Silverware, sieves, and zodiac signs all have the effect of warding off evil spirits in folklore. Silver is one of the seven treasures of Buddhism, and Buddhism believes that the light and color that silver presents have the ability to stop disasters.
It is believed that children wearing silver jewelry can seek peace, health and ward off evil spirits. The custom of hanging \"rice sieve\" uses the round shape of the sieve to symbolize the sun, and even the yang things dispel yin and evil, and use the end of bamboo to ensure life and health. The Chinese zodiac is one of the most common traditional auspicious patterns, and it holds people\'s good wishes for peace and good luck.
Qing Dynasty: Meilan bamboo chrysanthemum pattern silver chain In 1966, the Tongjiang Bridge in Changshu City was unearthed The chain body is made of silver, with a gui-shaped silver medal on the top, and four small oval silver medals on the bottom, each silver medal is decorated with \"plum\", \"orchid\", \"bamboo\" and \"chrysanthemum\" patterns, and the middle is connected by a silver ring. Two chain straps are set at the lower end. Melanzhu chrysanthemum is plum blossom, orchid, bamboo, chrysanthemum.
Known as the \"four gentlemen\", the corresponding qualities are: Mei, who is also a snow clearer; Lan, the solitary phantom also; Bamboo, the one who the noble and clean; Chrysanthemum, the Hidden Froster too. Its common feature is that it is self-reliant, Tsinghua is outside, and it does not flatter the world. For thousands of years, Meilanzhuju has been loved by the world for its elegant and indifferent image, and has also become a cultural symbol of personality and character.
Qing Dynasty: Silver gilt carp jumping dragon gate ornament In 1966, the Tongjiang Bridge in Changshu City was unearthed The plaque is flat, silver, gilt throughout. Carp and dragon gate are depicted with a carp carp. The carp is placed in the rough water and struggles to soar upward. The dragon gate is a roof building with a heavy eaves hall, and two cirrus cloud patterns under it, symbolizing the dragon gate in the heavenly palace. The decoration is delicately delicate, exquisitely made, quite dynamic and lifelike.
According to the ancient book \"Piya. Shi Yu\" recorded: \"It is said that a fish leaps over the dragon gate, and then becomes a dragon, only the carp is possible.\" \"Worm Fan. Object\" recorded: \"Carp..... The yellow one climbs Longmen Mountain against the current every spring every year, and the heavenly fire burns its tail from behind, and turns into a dragon. \"The world often uses the metaphor of \"carp jumping the dragon gate\" to raise and promote officials. Later, it was used as a metaphor for going against the current and striving forward.
Qing Dynasty: Silver gilt eight-immortal ornament In 1966, the Tongjiang Bridge was unearthed in Changrecheng District
Qing Dynasty: Ruyi-shaped silver hairpin
Qing Dynasty: Fulu Shou Silver Hairpin
Qing Dynasty: Silver silk dotted emerald sachet bag
Qing Dynasty: Silver-gilt boy-shaped ornament In 1966, the Tongjiang Bridge in Changshu City was unearthed
Qing Dynasty: Inlaid treasure gilded silver crab
Qing dynasty: silver gilt butterfly-shaped ornament In 1966, the Tongjiang Bridge in Changshu City was unearthed
Qing Dynasty: White Jade Ling Tube
Qing Dynasty: Golden Dingzi It was unearthed in Yushan Mountain, Changshu in 1973
Qing Dynasty: Golden Top Plate In 1982, it was unearthed in Sanba Village, a suburb of Changshu
Qing Dynasty: Three Matters of Silver
Qing Dynasty: Gold buckle In 1982, Sanba Village on the outskirts of Changshu City was launched
Qing Dynasty: White jade inlaid with gold \"Simin Xuan\" plate finger
Qing Dynasty: gold-encrusted emerald wrench In 1965, Jiang\'s tomb was unearthed on the outskirts of Changshu
Qing Dynasty: Gold earrings In 1976, the afforestation team of Changshu Yushan Forest Farm was unearthed
Qing Dynasty: Silver-backed wooden grate
Qing Dynasty: Silver-backed wooden comb In 1976, the second brigade of Changshu Xinglong was unearthed
Collection of the Mei Li Museum of History and Culture: Ancient porcelain series
Qing Dynasty: Sacrifice Red Sky Ball Bottle Mei Lee Solicitation
Qing Dynasty: Bean green glaze blue and white phoenix wearing peony pattern bottle Mei Lee Solicitation
Qing Dynasty: Blue and white ice plum pattern Mei Lee Solicitation
Qing Dynasty: Colorful character story pattern bottle Mei Lee Solicitation
Ming Dynasty: Wang De blue flower folding branch flower lid jar In February 1973, the tomb of Mei Li and a large team of Ming was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Zhengde blue-and-white entwined pattern bowl In February 1973, the tomb of Mei Li and a large team of Ming was unearthed
Yuan Dynasty: Longquan kiln green glaze bowl In January 1976, the Dongfeng Brigade of Zhao City was unearthed
Yuan Dynasty: White glazed small cup In January 1976, the Dongfeng Brigade of Zhao City was unearthed
Song Dynasty: White-glazed high-foot bowl In January 1976, the Zhao City Red Flag Brigade was unearthed
Song Dynasty: White glaze scratched pattern bowl In January 1976, the Dongfeng Brigade of Zhao City was unearthed
Song Dynasty: Yaozhou kiln, yellow glaze lotus petal bowl In 1976, the Zhao City Red Flag Brigade was unearthed
Song Dynasty: Han bottle It was excavated in April 1960 in Mei Li Shagang
Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms: Yue kiln green glaze holding pot In 1964, the sand next to the Mei Li Shengfa Temple was unearthed
Tang Dynasty: Changsha kiln In 1976, the second brick tile in Zhao City was widely unearthed
Tang Dynasty: Zodiac terracotta figurines In 1986, the tomb of Tao Wu in Mei Li Meinan Village was unearthed Tomb of Wu Yan of the Tang Dynasty It is located on the east side of Shagang in Meinan Village, South City, Meili Town. In 1985, it was jointly excavated by Suzhou Museum and Changshu Municipal Cultural Affairs Committee. It is a rectangular circle-roofed brick tomb with a ship-like appearance, 2.4 meters long, 1.1-1.4 meters wide and 1.2 meters high. Ceramic zodiac figurines, pots and brick inscriptions were unearthed.
Sui Dynasty: Green glaze pankou pot In June 1973, the 9th Brigade of Zhenmen was unearthed
Eastern Jin Dynasty: Small bowl with green glaze In April 1960, Mei Li Jushagang was unearthed
Eastern Jin Dynasty: Green glaze bowl In April 1960, Mei Li Jushagang was unearthed
Han Dynasty: Green glazed water ripple amphora pot In April 1970, the sand next to Mei Li Shengfa Temple was excavated
Han Dynasty: Green Glazed Water Ripple Amphora Clay Pot[2] In April 1970, the sand next to Mei Li Shengfa Temple was excavated
Warring States Period: Printed clay pots Mei Lee Solicitation
Maqiao Culture: Three-legged Taoding In January 1973, the five squads of the four brigades of Mei and Li were unearthed
Qingdun Site: Excavation site Located in the forest farm of Zhao City, on the west bank of Yantietang, it is an oval-shaped mound built by artificially. In 1975, when the salt iron pond was dredged, more than 10 geometrically printed clay pots were dug out from under the pier and arranged in combinations. Its patterns are decorated with zigzag patterns, checkered patterns, mat patterns, diamond patterns, back patterns, reticulation patterns, etc., and there are Yangzi crocodile spines and teeth stored in a jar, all of which have been calcified. According to research, the mound should belong to the Wu culture mound tomb from the Western Zhou to Spring and Autumn periods.
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In the past, two dollars a pack, the acacia bird can be kept as a souvenir, and may become an antique. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Picked up the scooter early in the morning and handed it to the security guard booth at the gate.
Such a large red dragon fruit is five pounds a piece, sweet and juicy ๐Ÿ˜‹
Fiery sunset
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Collection of the Mei Li Museum of History and Culture: Ancient Wood Series
Collection of the Mei Li Museum of History and Culture: Ancient Stone Tools Series
Collection of the Mei Li Museum of History and Culture: Calligraphy and Painting Series
Collection of the Mei Li Museum of History and Culture: gold, silver, bronze collection
Collection of Mei Li History and Culture Museum: Relics of Martyrs of the Modern Anti-Japanese War
Citrus The top of the fifth floor of the Jusha Pagoda supports the beam of the pagoda brake rod, and is inscribed: \"The auspicious day of midsummer in the Kangxi Dynasty of the Great Qing Dynasty (1667), rebuilt by the faith.\"
Double-sided pair
Ming Dynasty: Boxwood comb In April 1973, the tomb of Mei Li and a large team of Ming was unearthed
Liangzhu culture: perforated stone axe In 1973, the north Luodun of Meilitang Bridge was unearthed
Liangzhu Culture: Dashi Gong In 1973, the north Luodun of Meilitang Bridge was unearthed
Excavation site of the North Luodun site It is located in Luodun Bridge, Tangqiao Village. In 1971, while leveling the land, local farmers found one piece of gray sand pottery and three pieces of stone ploughing tools at a depth of about 1.5 meters above the surface. It has been identified as a relic of the Liangzhu culture in the late Neolithic period, dating back about 4,000 years.
In October 2001, the joint archaeological team of Yanjiang Expressway, composed of Changshu Museum and Suzhou Museum, excavated the ancient cultural site of Beiluodun, discovered the Maqiao cultural sacrificial pit in the early Shang Dynasty, and unearthed cultural relics such as pottery kettles, dings and jars from the Maqiao culture period, porcelain devices from the fifth to the Song dynasty, ancient coins of Kaiyuan Tongbao minted in the late Tang dynasty, and fragments of several kiln mouth ceramics in the Song and Yuan dynasties.
Qing Dynasty: Xu Zhaojing bangs play golden oysters (Jiachen, 1904) Xu Zhaojing (?-1904) was a native of Mei and Li during the late Qing Dynasty. He is good at drawing characters, can draw eight-foot Guan Gong portraits, and has made \"Twelve Golden Tales of the Red Chamber\" and \"Eighteen Scenes of Yushan Mountain\".
Republic of China: Zhang Bingyuan\'s Seal Book of Seven Words (Jiashen, 1944) Zhang Dachen (1863-1946) was written in Bingyuan. Mei Li East Street people. He is famous for his good books, selling words for his life, often writing signboards for business names, and ink and pen fat. The brand name of Mei Li Dragon Garden is the word \"Dragon Garden\". Written for his later years.
Modern: Pan has the axis of Jia Mei\'s wife Tsuruko
Qing Dynasty: Zheng Renzhi Cursive Scroll (Jiazi, 1864) Zheng In-shik (1826-1896) was a native of Mei and Li in the Qing Dynasty, good at calligraphy, and many people in Li who sought books.
Qing Dynasty: Wu Qiunong Landscape Axis Wu Guxiang (1818-1903) Yu Qiunong, number Qiupu. A native of Jiaxing, Zhejiang. Gongshan Shui, likes green and green colors, is beautiful and melancholy, and vivid, once lived in Mei Li.
Qing Dynasty: Portrait of Gu Yizhan Guan Gong Gu Woyun is full of words. Qing Tongzhi Mei Li North Street people. He is good at drawing people, birds and beasts, especially monkeys.
Cover the bowl The iron castings of the brick wall are pressed at the top of the polysand tower, through which the tower brake rod is kept vertical, and the cast has the Yang inscription: \"Daming Chongzhen 10th year (1637) years old Ding ugly, April Jidan Zhongxin rebuilt\".
Qing Dynasty: Three-legged copper incense burner Mei Lee Solicitation
Ming Fang Han: Rule Pattern Mirror In December 1957, the plum sugar bridge cemetery was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Huzhou Xue Yangqiao\" inscribed long-handled copper mirror In March 1960, Mei Li Town North was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Qin-faced large copper mirror In 1975, the tomb of Mei Li and a large team of Ming was unearthed
Japanese command knives captured during the War of Resistance
Li modeled martyr\'s relic: porcelain candle holder Li Model (1907-1945.10.15), formerly known as Hongsheng, also known as Li Fan and Li Jian. Changshu Mei Li people.
Lee models the martyr\'s relic: hookahs He is a member and chairman of the Chinese National Armed Self-Defense Committee, an early member of the Shanghai Underground Party of the Communist Party of China, the supply minister of the 6th Division of the New Fourth Army, and the prototype of Guo Jianguang in the famous revolutionary modern Peking opera \"Shajiabang\".
Li modeled martyr\'s relic: kerosene lamp He joined the Communist Party of China in 1936. In 1942, he established the earliest socialist proletarian business administration system and modern management theory in the Maoshan base area, and was known as the \"red butler of the financial and economic front\" and \"the father of modern Chinese economic management\".
Military History of the XX Army (Part I and II)
Lee modeled the Martyr\'s Letters He joined the Communist Party of China in 1936. In 1942, he established the earliest socialist proletarian business administration system and modern management theory in the Maoshan base area, and was known as the \"red butler of the financial and economic front\" and \"the father of modern Chinese economic management\". On October 15, 1945, Li Momo was unfortunately killed in a shipwreck accident while retreating with the Jiangnan troops of the New Fourth Army across the Jiangbei.
Diary of the Martyr Lu Jianzhong, hand-copied medical book \"Summary of Curative Medicine for Young Children\" On May 30, 1964, Lu Bin of Zhao City Commune donated Lu Jianzhong (1927~1947), also known as Henian, was a native of Qingdun Village, Zhaoshi Town, Haiyu Town. He used to be the leader of the Meifu District Armed Workers Team. In the 36th year of the Republic of China (1947), he died in Dongjing Village, Wangshi Town.
Handwriting of martyr Jiang Qisheng November 7, 1978 Bag Resonance donated
Li modeled the martyr\'s handwriting In 2009, Li Model won the title of \"50 Jiangsu Heroes and Model Figures who Made Outstanding Contributions to the Founding of New China\".
Handwriting of martyr Jiang Qisheng in 1946
Li Model Martyr\'s Letter (with an envelope) Call for Submissions
The bayonet used by Zhao Zuzu Call for Submissions Zhao Zuzu (1906-September 1941), male, from Changshu, Jiangsu Province. Before his death, he was an instructor of the anti-Japanese government township, and died in September 1941 in Guri Chai Kok.
Civil resistance big knife May 30, 1964 May Lee Commune solicitation
A small bird with a white forehead on a branch
Poor bugs, after being trampled to death, are then divided by ants. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
The Spirit of Life, 79
Jiangsu Meilijusha Park Scenic Area guided tour panorama
Gathered sand into a tower and entered the park
The park is free and open
Polysand Bonsai Garden
A lot of flowers in the cultivation
Cruise ship terminal
Hao Pu thought Walk to the fish watching place and wash my heart. The attraction here is Hao Pu Ma Xiang. Tourists walk to the center of the lake, watch the fish downstream of the pavilion, and gradually enter the realm of selflessness of the joy of knowing fish.
Snow Bridge
Charity Square
Jusha Park garbage sorting booth. ๐Ÿ˜†
Changshu City surface water quality automatic monitoring network, Yangtze River Basin, Taihu Lake Basin, Changshu River Changshu Cement Factory Bridge Station
Mei Li Xiaolian Cultural Square. The virtues of filial piety and China are revered for generations. Lian, the right way for officials, is a model for a thousand years and is famous in history.
Rockery flowing water, listen to the rain pavilion
Landscape plants, surrounded by polysand towers
A few lotus flowers in the pond
Hepu smoked wind, full of pond lotus leaves
Bronze statue of ancient filial piety in Changshu
Weeping willows, lotus ponds, garden views
The full name is \"Jusha Baifu Pagoda\". National cultural relics protection unit, corrected in 1993 AD, restored in 1997. The pagoda was built during the Shaoxing period of the Southern Song Dynasty (1131-1162 AD). It is named after the Buddhist sutra \"gather sand into a tower, gather armpits into a furrow\". According to legend, it is rushed by the tide. The tower has seven floors, a height of 32.8 meters at the top, and a square inner chamber. Each floor is misaligned at a 45-degree angle, resulting in an eight-sided octagonal exterior. Fifty-six bronze bells. The tower is supported by 8 monolithic bluestone columns, the base of the columns on both sides is excavated originals, and the wall is the original when it was first built.
It retains the crimson of the Song Dynasty\'s \"Dan painted houses\". The walls have brick bucket arches and wooden bucket arches that match inside and out. Wall arches, corner arches, kettle door hole shapes, garden-shaped brick columns. These craftsmanship are extremely exquisite, and the top two corridors, unlike the ones below, are made of bricks. The new bricks on the repairs on the walls are clearly recognizable. A group of wooden bucket arches on the south side of the fifth floor are originals. Looking closely, the exquisite situation of the gathering sand tower is really rare. The base of the polysand pagoda is called \"Meruza\", which is the seat of the Buddha. The pagoda is built on a Buddha mound, unparalleled in China, and this is the most precious part of the pagoda.
An iron horse on a sand tower
The door to the upper tower was locked
Fayun Hall, one monument on the left and right. The one on the left is an inscription recorded when the tower was built in the Song Dynasty, which is engraved with auspicious clouds and dragons, and the text on the stele is difficult to distinguish due to its age. The piece on the right was a replica of the Jusha Tower in 1993, with two phoenixes engraved on it.
Where did Wei Zi Dudan go? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Ancient wood breeze (ancient ginkgo tree) This ancient ginkgo tree has a history of more than 870 years, and there is a \"Fayunchan Temple\" here in the Southern Song Dynasty, and two ginkgo trees, one female and one male, were planted in front of the temple. The female tree has not been preserved, and the one in front of you is one of the male trees.
Dragon Garden Bookstore, there is a review book to read when the time comes, but now there is none. ๐Ÿ˜„
The Mei-Li Anti-Japanese Bunker was built in 1936 by the 2nd Battalion of the 522nd Regiment of the 87th Division of the Fifth Army of the Nationalist Government Army when it was stationed in Mei Li, and was used to prepare for counterattacks against the landing of Japanese invaders. The bunker is 2.6 meters long, 2.2 meters wide, about 2.5 meters high, 30 cm thick, and has a steel-concrete structure.
A large rockery in the park
Meili History and Culture Museum is the first public welfare museum in Jiangsu Province invested and built by the township-level government. It was relocated and built by the municipal cultural relics protection unit \"Ai Ri Jinglu\". The museum fully reflects the profound and long cultural and historical heritage of Mei Li. The deeds of the three heroes of Mei and Li Anti-Japanese Resistance and the revolutionary martyrs of Mei and Li were introduced, and the double-sided pairs of Weng Tongyong and He Shaoji, as well as the cultural relics of Maqiao, were displayed. \"Love Day Jinglu\" is the library of Zhang Jinwu, a bibliophile during the Jiaqing Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty, and the name of the library is \"Love Day\". There is respect for parents.
Museum exhibition hall map and tour route
General History Hall
Origin of the town\'s name: According to Song Qingyuan\'s \"Qinchuan Zhi\", in the first year of the Tianbao of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms (908), Qian Yun, the king of Wuyue, sent Mei Shizhong and Li Kaishan to garrison here, in case the Tang soldiers in the north of the Jiangbei, and the residents became a city according to the army, taking the surnames of the two generals, and the name was Mei Li.
There are many ancient texts on display, which are completely incomprehensible. ๐Ÿ˜ณ
The old teahouse of Dragon Garden, the famous lyricist Yan Xueting, has performed in Dragon Garden many times
Schematic map of the liberation of the entire territory of Suzhou
Map of the distribution of Communist Party organizations and anti-Japanese armed forces in Suzhou
Map of the situation of the anti-Japanese base area in southern Jiangsu
Mei Li Anti-Japanese Three Heroes Li Modeling, Xue Huimin, Ren Tianshi
Meili People\'s Hospital
Changshu Meili Ancient Town, Jusha Garden, Meili History and Culture Museum one-day leisure tour. Sightseeing: Jusha Bonsai Garden, Hao Pu Ma Xiang, Taixue Bridge, Mei Li Xiaolian Cultural Square, Jusha Baifu Pagoda, Hepu Fu Feng, Gumu Qingfeng, Mei Li Anti-Japanese Bunker. ๐Ÿค—
Collection of Changshu Museum Qing Dynasty: Hundred Character Inscription Box The language of \"Hundred Character Ming\" is simple, profound, philosophical and intriguing. Although it is only a hundred words, it summarizes the way of being a human being. Writing the \"Hundred Character Inscription\" on the printing box that was always prepared by the literati desk in the old days can serve as a reminder from time to time.
Imitation of the doucai Ganoderma lucidum bonsai pattern plate Yongzheng (1723-1735) Changshu Museum Collection: Qing Dynasty Porcelain Series
Qing Dynasty: \"Heart Like Water\" stone chapter The heart is like water, which means that the heart is as clear as water, which is a metaphor for the tranquility of a gentleman. Collection of Changshu Museum
Interpretation of \"Hundred Character Ming\": Desire is refreshing, thinking more qi and blood decline. Drink less and do not mess with sex, endure anger to avoid hurting money. Expensive from hard work, rich from thrift. Gentleness will eventually benefit oneself, and rape will invite disaster. Kindness is a true gentleman, and instigation is a curse. Secretly rest the arrows, obediently let go. To cultivate one\'s nature, one must cultivate one\'s good nature, and deceive one\'s heart and eat in vain. The Yamen are closed to entering and leaving, and the township party must be harmonious. An is not humiliated, and he is idle and invisible. The world advised accordingly to retreat from the blessing of the stars. Shi Bingshen Chunshu in Zhushan.
admonish people not to be greedy in doing things, and to be content and happy is refreshing; Cranky thoughts hurt the body; Do not drink alcohol, and make money with anger; Wealth depends on thrift; Be gentle and do not bully; Rather mess with a gentleman, do not mess with villains, and do not deal with villains; Be honest and low-key; Self-cultivation and good deeds; Be in harmony with others; Be a duty, don\'t be clever; Following the advice of the \"Hundred Character Ming\", you can stay away from disasters and bless the stars.
Qing Dynasty: Yongzheng (1723-1735) Blue and white a bunch of lotus pattern plate During the Yongle period of the Ming Dynasty, a bunch of blue and white fluffy plates began to be burned, and the imperial court gave them ministers to remind them to be honest and incorruptible officials, a practice that was still popular in the Qing Dynasty, and was produced in large quantities in the Kang Xiang, Yongzheng, and Qianlong dynasties.
Qing Dynasty: Yongzheng, blue and white a bunch of lotus pattern plates A bunch of lotus is painted on the inside of the plate, and aquatic plants such as lotus flowers, mushrooms, red butterflies and cattails are tied together with ribbons, and a circle of entwined floral patterns is painted around it, which is lively and flexible, with beautiful patterns, beautiful lines and a sense of rhythm. The lotus flower has a high purity character that produces sludge and is not clean, and the green lotus is harmonious with the incorruptible.
Qing Dynasty: Qianlong, blue and white a bunch of lotus pattern plate During the Eastern Han Dynasty, with the introduction of Buddhist culture, lotus ornaments began to appear on ceramics. In the Southern and Northern Dynasties, the ponchovy pattern was decorated with common patterns on porcelain, and the tall and beautifully decorated celadon lotus statue was also successfully fired.
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Eat and eat every day, popsicles are endless. ๐Ÿ˜‚
This is called beautiful jade grapes
Sunshine rose, large fruit jelly, refreshing. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Cloud drift
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Changshu Museum Collection: Ming Dynasty Gold, Silver, Bronze Series
Ming Dynasty: Tong Zi worships Buddha gold ornaments In 1995, the tomb of the Wang Lu family in Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Golden Buddha In 2021, M76 was unearthed in the southern foothills of Yushan Mountain in Changshu
Ming Dynasty: Cloud bird pattern gold ornaments In 1994, the tomb of Chen Chamu in Changshu Lujiashan, was unearthed The body is flat, gold throughout, and embossed with a cloud bird pattern. The ornament is a cluster of clouds, holding a round sun on the top, a bird in the sun, spreading its wings and flying, and three legs below, in the shape of a golden crow. This gold ornament was unearthed in the tomb of Chen Chamu, the imperial history of the Ming Dynasty.
Ming Dynasty: Golden melon shaped earrings
Ming Dynasty: Gold-set gemstone-shaped hairpin In 1994, the tomb of Chen Chamu in Changshu Lujiashan, was unearthed Chen Cha, character Yuanxi, number Yushan, also known as Yang Qingzi. Millet. Hongzhi Renshu Jinshi (15th year of Ming Hongzhi, 1502), Zuo Jindu Imperial History, governor of Southern Gan. Gold ornaments, mainly as decorative accessories. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, ornaments were used to decorate foreheads, hats, belts, and clothes. The decorations are mostly based on Xiangrui graphics. The ornaments in the shape of Yuntuo Jinwu (the symbol of the sun) are rarer, and they are Taoist ornaments, which symbolize praying for the sun to forgive the sins of life and ascend to the fairyland.
Ming Dynasty: Ruyi-shaped golden hairpin In 1959, Changreximen Waicheng\'s ji was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Golden bees picking honey hairpins In 2003, the tomb of Ding Jiaming in Changshu Baoyan was unearthed The hairpins are decorated with blooming sunflowers, the petals of which are made of gold and the middle part is made of oxidized bone teeth. It is decorated with a honey-picking golden bee, with fine workmanship and vivid and lifelike shapes. It is a classic butterfly love flower theme, rich in strong folk life atmosphere, and belongs to the fine gold jewelry of the Ming Dynasty.
Ming Dynasty: Golden Hooded Hairpinhead In 1959, the tomb of the Cheng clan outside the west gate of Changshu was unearthed This pair of gold-covered sideburns adopts two patterns: \"like a bridge with a title\" and \"giving a lotus torch\". The allusions to \"like the bridge of titles\" and \"giving the lotus torch\" all express the desire for success, and the female hairpin wears this cover, which shows the desire of her husband and wife to be prosperous.
Ming Dynasty: Silver gilt figure pavilion crown In 1978, Changshu Yushan Forest Farm was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Silver gilt opera character hairpin
Ming Dynasty: minus gold phoenix dudan-patterned silver hairpin
Ming Dynasty: Gold set sapphire ring
Ming Dynasty: Gold Crown (3 pieces) In 1975, the tomb of Changshu Baoyan Temple was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Gold-encrusted white jade Ruyi-shaped hairpin The outer edge and needle of this hairpin are made of full gold, the head of the hairpin is diamond-shaped flower-shaped, and the middle is inlaid with white jade, which is warm and delicate and decorated with leaf veins. A golden crab on a jade leaf, cleverly conceived, exquisitely made, with a river Southern flavor.
Ming Dynasty: Fund Double Ear Hexagonal Cup In 1976, Changshu yarn-dyed factory No. 4 was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Plum blossom amphora square gold cup In 1976, Changshu yarn-dyed factory No. 4 was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Small gold cup with lotus petals In 1976, Changshu yarn-dyed factory No. 4 was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Ming Yi\" inscription gold ornaments In 1994, the tomb of Chen Chamu in Changshu Lujiashan, was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Plum blossom gold crown In 1976, Changshu yarn-dyed factory No. 4 was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Patience\" inscription gold ring In 2000, the tomb of Baoyan Ming in Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Plum blossom gemstone-set gold ring In 2019, Changshu Zhaojiabang No. 36 M4 was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Gold ring In 1995, Changshu Dayi was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Gold ring In 1959, the tomb of the Cheng clan outside the west gate of Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Fu\" inscription gold ring In 1975, the tomb of Zhang Erzhuan in the Ming Dynasty of Yushan in Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Shou\" inscription gold ring In 1975, the tomb of Zhang Erzhuan in the Ming Dynasty of Yushan in Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Kang\" inscribed gold ring In 1975, the tomb of Zhang Erzhuan in the Ming Dynasty of Yushan in Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Ning\" inscribed gold ring In 1975, the tomb of Zhang Erzhuan in the Ming Dynasty of Yushan in Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Shou\" character inscribed gold ring In 2004, Changshu Taoyuan River was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: gold rattan bracelet In 1975, the tomb of Shi Zhenfu in Yushan Mountain, Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Gourd-shaped gold earrings In 1975, the tomb of Changshu Baoyan Temple was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Gourd-shaped gold earrings In 2004, the construction site of Changshu Taoyuanjian Welfare Institute was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Gourd-shaped gold earrings In 2000, the tomb of Shending in the Ming Dynasty of Changshu Baoyan was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Large silver gourd-shaped earrings In 1995, the tomb of the Wang Lu family in Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: \"Long Life and Rich Responsibility\" inscription
Ming Dynasty: Golden comb back In 2000, the tomb of Shending in the Ming Dynasty of Changshu Baoyan was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Gold-backed wooden comb In 1974, Changshu Tang Road North Brigade was unearthed It is used as a hairdressing utensil, and it is also used to remove scale, and when it is inserted into a bun, it becomes jewelry. The comb originated earlier, and it was very common in Neolithic tombs, and the popularity of headdresses began in the Sui and Tang dynasties, and the Ming dynasty followed the bezel-mounted gold and silver comb ridges of the Song and Yuan dynasties, but due to the increase in the types and styles of jewelry in the Ming Dynasty, the role of the comb in hair jewelry was greatly reduced.
Ming Dynasty: Golden Crown In 1975, the tomb of Changshu Baoyan Temple was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Miscellaneous gold crown In 1995, the tomb of the Wang Lu family in Changshu was unearthed This miscellaneous gold comb back adopts the practice of bezel inlaid comb ridge. The specific production process is: first print a pattern on the gold sheet, and then set it on the comb ridge to make a conformal rainbow bridge back; A trapezoidal corner is built at each end, which is wrapped on both sides of the Hongqiao and fastened with the comb ridge of the original comb. In short, the back of the bag is not decorated with a pattern, only set with gold sheets.
Ming Dynasty: gilded plum branch silver hairpin In 1991, it was unearthed in Sanba Village, a suburb of Changshu
Ming Dynasty: Petal-shaped golden hairpin In 1959, the tomb of the Cheng clan outside the west gate of Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Moon pattern golden hairpin In 2017, the tomb of Lu Miaoqing in the Ming Dynasty of Changshu Jijiashan, was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Silver ear digging hairpin In 2019, Changshu Yao Xianghama No. 32 M5 was unearthed Ear digging hairpins were already popular during the Wei and Jin dynasties, and their first design was ear digging, which was both practical and decorative. Some ear digging hairpins are used at one end for ear digging and the other end for toothpicks. The use of ear hairpins is extremely common, from the common people to the royal family and nobles, both men and women, they are inserted. Small hairpins such as ear digging made of gold and silver can also be used as currency emergencies in special situations.
Ming Dynasty: Cicada head floral pattern golden hairpin In 1978, Changshu Yushan Forest Farm was unearthed in Xiangyang Work Area
Ming Dynasty: Plum pattern blonde hairpin In 1989, the tomb of Cheng in Sanba Village, on the outskirts of Changshu City, was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Double-petaled plum pattern blonde hairpin In 1989, the tomb of Cheng in Sanba Village, on the outskirts of Changshu City, was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Figures in the pavilion with silver covers In 1974, Changshu Tang Road North Brigade was unearthed The cover sideburns are usually worn in pairs, and the common composition of the hairpin head is symmetrical left and right, while the Changshu Museum has a pair of gold covered sideburns, and the left and right pictures arrange different stories, and the theme is the same, the composition is similar, and there are not many See.
Ming Dynasty: Plum blossom-shaped silver hairpin In 1974, Changshu Tang Road North Brigade was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Chrysanthemum top golden hairpin
Ming Dynasty: Chrysanthemum-shaped golden hairpin In 1965, the tomb of Changshutang Yang was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Golden Hooded Hairpinhead In 1975, the tomb of Changshu Baoyan Temple was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Figures riding gold covered hairpins In 1975, the tomb of Changshu Baoyan Temple was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Baoxiang pattern gold crown In 1976, Changshu yarn-dyed factory No. 4 was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Plum blossom double phoenix pattern gold crown In 1976, Changshu yarn-dyed factory No. 4 was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Figure\'s pavilion pattern gold hairpin In 1975, the tomb of Changshu Baoyan Temple was unearthed According to the \"Chronicle. The Book of Feng Chan\" records that the Han Dynasty Fangshi Gongsun Qing said that \"immortals live in good buildings\", believing that immortals lived in high-rise places, so the Han Dynasty nobles were keen to build high-rise buildings. In later generations, the pavilion and palace room were often used to symbolize the beautiful and rich carefree wonderland.
Ming Dynasty: Character pavilion pattern golden hairpin In 1959, the tomb of the Cheng clan outside the west gate of Changshu was unearthed This figure\'s pavilion pattern gold hairpin should be a distracting, mountain-shaped curve, the back hairpin foot has been lost, the upper edge of the front side is high in the center, the two sides are lowered in turn, and the end is slightly upturned. The overall craftsmanship is ingenious, the characters The pavilion pattern is magnificent.
Ming Dynasty: Guanyin-patterned gold crown In 1975, the tomb of Changshu Baoyan Temple was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Golden Buddha statue In 1975, the tomb of Changshu Baoyan Temple was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Hair crown golden fence In 1999, the Ming tomb of Changshu Yushan West Foothill Craft Stone Carving Factory was unearthed
Changshu Museum Collection Series Gold ornaments were unearthed from the joint burial tomb of Lu Run and his wife in the Ming Dynasty at the northern foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu According to the \"Epitaph of the Ming Dynasty Zhongshun Dafu Wenzhou Prefectural Prefect to the Advance of the Third Grade Gusong Lu Gong (Run)\", Lu Run (1436-1518), character Changze, number Gusong. He successively served as the prefect of Min County, Qingpingzhi County, and Taifu Temple, and the prefect of Wenzhou. His wife Ma\'an Ren (1438-1505), known as Sujing, was the daughter of Changshu Ma Yiliang. Some scholars believe that this set of gold jewelry should be the life ornament of Lu Run\'s wife Ma\'an.
Ming Dynasty: Inlaid Sanskrit gold picks the heart hairpin In 1990, the tomb of Lu Run, the prefect of Wenzhou in the Ming Dynasty, was unearthed in Changshu Lujiashan The head of the hairpin is composed of a Sanskrit character as the main body, the upper and lower gemstones are inlayed, the top of the Sanskrit character is set with a turquoise, the bottom is decorated with peony, chrysanthemum and other flowers, the stamen is set with five gemstones, the middle one is turquoise, and the two sides are red and sapphire. The Sanskrit of the main body is closer to the character \"Om\", but the strokes are varied. There is also a kind of Sanskrit character shape is reverse text (reverse writing), which can be seen on the sarcophagus of Fu Zhang in the seventh year of the Liaoqian Dynasty (1107) in the collection of Fayuan Temple in Beijing.
Ming Dynasty: Figures, pavilions, gold-covered sideburns, hairpins The joint burial tomb of Lu Run and his wife in the Ming Dynasty at the northern foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu was unearthed This pair of ornaments is cloud-patterned symmetrical, with slightly different patterns, three figures suspended in the center, a master on horseback in the middle, servants on both sides, or holding sticks, or carrying luggage, or walking empty-handed, and two people leaning against the window in the heavy eaves pavilion above, vividly conveying the spirit. The sideburns are an important part of the head and are worn on the left and right sides of the bun.
Ming Dynasty: Melon-shaped gold ring In 1990, the joint burial tomb of Lu Run and his wife in the Ming Dynasty at the northern foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu was unearthed The overall design of the gold jewelry unearthed from the joint burial tomb of Lu Run and his wife is ingenious, exquisite, and the shape of each component has its own characteristics, showing the exquisite craftsmanship of gold jewelry in the Ming Dynasty.
Ming Dynasty: Double Dragon Lingbian Copper Mirror In 1990, the tomb of Lu Run, the prefect of Wenzhou in the Ming Dynasty, was unearthed in Changshu Lujiashan The Buddhist theme used in gold and silver jewelry is mostly to ward off evil spirits and pray for blessings, eliminate disasters and avoid disasters. In the head-to-face hairpin, Sanskrit characters with symbolic meaning are often used as decorative patterns, and the hairpin is worn on the front of the bun. The whole jewelry is made of gold flakes and gold wire, hammer, hammer, welding, inlay and other processes, and the production level is extremely high, which is the best gold jewelry unearthed in the Ming Dynasty.
Ming Dynasty: gold-encrusted jade butterfly chasing chrysanthemum sideburns The hairpin adopts gold inlaid jade process, set with a piece of white jade, carved butterfly chasing chrysanthemum pattern, golden hairpin foot is narrow and long, from the head of the hairpin to the tail of the hairpin gradually converges, engraved dotted curly grass pattern. The decorative theme belongs to the popular flowers, grasses and insects in the Ming Dynasty, the chrysanthemum symbolizes nobility, and the butterfly chrysanthemum also symbolizes the pursuit of nobility. The inlay in the heart of the five-quality flower on the head of this sideburns does not exist today, and according to the common combination of gold and jade jewelry hairpins of the Ming Dynasty, it is speculated that it should be a ruby or sapphire.
Ming Dynasty: Golden comb back The joint burial tomb of Lu Run and his wife in the Ming Dynasty at the northern foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu was unearthed The back of the gold comb is the bezel-encrusted gold back of the haircomb in the Ming dynasty group headdress. The whole is Hongqiao style, with a corner at each end, which is wrapped on both sides of the back of the Hongqiao bag, and the comb ridge of the original comb is fastened, decorated with regular prismatic strips, simple and generous.
Ming Dynasty: Golden earrings in the shape of a gourd The joint burial tomb of Lu Run and his wife in the Ming Dynasty at the northern foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu was unearthed The gourd shape of a melon is a gourd-shaped gold earring, the gourd is small and large, the main body of the earring is hammered with gold sheets, and then the melon edge is carved to form a hollow girdle gourd-shaped, the top of the gourd is covered with golden melon leaves, and the melon leaves are connected to the slender curved hook used for wearing. The bottom of the gourd is welded with an eight-petal flower-shaped gold piece, and an oblique female line is engraved on the petals. The earrings are made of pure gold and are exquisitely chic.
Ming Dynasty: Gold set white jade gourd earrings The joint burial tomb of Lu Run and his wife in the Ming Dynasty at the northern foot of Yushan Mountain in Changshu was unearthed Gold jade gourd earrings belong to one of the gold jewelry gourd earrings. The upper end of the earrings is an umbrella cover-shaped flower leaf connected with a slender curved hook, and the white jade worn in the middle is shaped like a gourd, and the jade is warm. Under the gourd, there is a plum blossom-shaped gold sheet as a support, and the gold wire passes through the gourd and the gold sheet and twists into a small knot, like a gourd vine. These earrings are elegant and gorgeous, with the warmth of jade and the luxury of gold.
Introduction to ancient Chinese gold, silver and copper jewelry and utensils
Ming Dynasty: Cloud bird pattern gold ornaments The gold and silver jewelry in the shape of the sun and moon belong to the Taoist system and are mostly used in tombs, symbolizing prayers for the taiyin and the sun to forgive the sins of life and ascend to the fairy land early.
Ming Dynasty: Golden Hooded Hairpinhead The pattern used to cover the sideburns on the left side is a lotus torch. Ling Hu Sui was the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty and the son of the imperial lieutenant Ling Hu Chu. New Book of Tang. The Legend of Linghu Jiao\": \"(Suo) In the forbidden night, the candle is over, and the emperor returns it by public opinion and the golden lotus torch, and the court officials see it, thinking that the Son of Heaven is coming.\" The Golden Lotus Torch was given to describe the special courtesy of the Son of Heaven to his courtiers.
The pattern used in the one-branch cover on the right side is similar to the bridge of the title. The Han Dynasty writer Sima Xiangru studied hard as a teenager and was good at writing poetry, but due to bad luck, he could not achieve his aspirations. \"Huayang Guozhi. Shu Zhi recorded: (Chengdu) There is a Shengxian Bridge ten miles north of the city, and there is an objective, and Sima Xiang is like when he first entered Chang\'an, and the title of the city gate is \"not riding a red car and riding a horse, but Ruxia\" also. The allusion to the bridge shows the spirit of those who have a will.
Qing Dynasty: Silver gilt carp jumping dragon gate ornament According to the ancient book \"Piya. Shi Yu\" recorded: \"It is said that a fish leaps over the dragon gate, and then becomes a dragon, only the carp is possible.\" \"Worm Fan. Object\" recorded: \"Carp... The yellow one climbs Longmen Mountain against the current every spring every year, and the heavenly fire burns its tail from behind, and turns into a dragon. \"The world often uses the metaphor of \"carp jumping the dragon gate\" to raise and promote officials. Later, it was used as a metaphor for going against the current and striving forward.
The silk making process is the most exquisite metal production process, also known as flower work, pattern, craftsmen draw gold and silver into fine wire, and then braid it into braids or various network tissues, and then weld it to the utensils. It can produce a variety of shapes, and can also be subdivided into pinching, filling, saving, welding, weaving, stacking and other techniques.
The three-dimensional shape is the most difficult in the silk process, and the operation of \"piling ash\" is carried out, that is, the charcoal is ground into fine powder, mixed with mucus brewed with white squid grass as a shaping material, molded into human figures or walking animals, and then the silk is accumulated on it, soldered with solder, and then placed in the fire to burn the charcoal mold inside, that is, the formation of hollow, transparent and exquisite works of art.
Dian Cui, also known as Paving Cui. The process is complex, first make a specific shelf of metal, outline the pattern with metal wire, and then spread the kingfisher\'s feathers in the depression between the lines and paste it evenly. The utensils decorated with the divid emerald process are colorful and gorgeous.
The gold reduction process first appeared in the Spring and Autumn period. Because gold and silver filigree are used, it is also called gold and silver wrong or wrong gold and silver. It is common practice to insert wires and pieces such as gold, silver or copper into pre-reserved grooves on the surface of jade or bronze to form patterns or words, and then polish them with staggered stones (millstones).
Gilt is a kind of gilding process, which is called \"fire gold plating\" in modern times. The craft appeared during the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, and was called \"golden painting\" or \"yellow painting\" during the Han Dynasty. Gilt is the synthesis of gold and mercury into gold amalgam, coated on the surface of the copper, and then heated to evaporate the mercury, while the gold adheres to the surface without falling off.
Hammer and spade (YE) One of the basic techniques of fine gold craftsmanship has been used to this day. The hammer process uses the malleable characteristics of gold and silver, and uses a hammer to strike gold and silver pieces to extend and unfold into sheets, and then make various shapes and ornaments according to requirements. Generally speaking, all hidden utensils and ornamental patterns are made by hammers.
inlay Jade inlay jewelry is one of the most luxurious decoration methods for gold and silver jewelry, and it is most common in court products. The process of inlaying jade, beads, agate, etc. on gold and silver has been used as early as the Shang and Zhou Dynasties. By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the application of gem-setting technology has accounted for a large proportion in gold and silverware, and the types of jewelry inlaid in Ming Dynasty gold and silver ware mainly include ruby, sapphire, turquoise, opal, crystal, amber, pearl, agate, hibiscus stone, etc., with brilliant colors and luxury.
Accessories: buckle The buckle is a kind of tool for the ancients\' belt. From the point of view of formal structure, it is mainly composed of ring holes, tongue pins and buckle bodies. The ring hole and latch pin are attached to the band for easy unknotation.
Accessories: Three things The basic components of sanitary utensils worn by the ancients were tweezers, tooth picking and ear digging. Peach teeth were used to remove tartar, just like today\'s toothpicks; Ear digging spoons are used to dig ears; Tweezers are used to clean the hair. In addition to their practical value, these tools are often strung together as an ornament. And it is collectively referred to as \"three things\", but the specific number is not necessarily three, but also four and eight.
Cap The official hat ornament is one of the typical ornaments worn by men in the Qing Dynasty. Different from the previous generation, all non-commissioned officers and military and political personnel above the rank of duty wear weft hats similar to bucket hats, and install \"tops\" of different colors and materials according to the grade, and drag a bunch of feathers behind the hat. The top of the official hat is divided into three layers, the upper is a metal top, the middle is a ball or pointed orb, and the lower is a metal base, and the number and color of the jewelry decorated are used to distinguish the official rank.
Armornaments and finger ornaments During the Song Dynasty, it became fashionable to wear rings and bracelets. In the Ming Dynasty, influenced by the shape of clothing and aesthetic concepts, arm ornaments were not very rich, mainly bracelets and bracelets. The finger ornaments of the Ming Dynasty were mainly rings. Can be worn by both men and women.
Armory: Kushin Kushin, commonly known as arm Chuan, wrapped arm gold, is also known as \"Tang Chuan\" in Song Dynasty records. Some scholars roughly divide gold chuan into two categories, one is a single-ring bracelet, and the other is a multi-ring continuous \"arm-wrapping gold\". By the Southern Song Dynasty, Jin Chuan, together with Jin Cang (gold ring) and Jin Chuan (Xia Qiao lot) became the \"three golds\" in the dowry
Finger ornaments: rings In the Ming Dynasty, rings made of pure gold and silver were the most common, and the ring was mostly decorated with flower and black patterns into auspicious characters. Ring inlay jewels were also quite popular in the Ming Dynasty, and many gold-set gemstone rings have been unearthed in the Ming Dynasty. There is also a hinge ring with a live shaft in the center of the ring, and the core can be turned on both sides.
The head face originally referred to the decoration on a woman\'s crown, and in the Ming Dynasty, it referred to various hairpins that were inserted around the bun and decorated with the same theme. These hairpins can be divided into picking, distracting, full crown, sideburns, dian\'er, top pipe, etc., as well as flower-headed hairpins, ear digging hairpins, pecking needles, swepters, a little oil, grass worm hairpins and other small hairpins.
Since the Yuan Dynasty, a complete pair of one, two, two or three heads is a must in women\'s makeup, a pair of head faces, exquisite, including more than ten pieces of various hairpins, and even more, more than 20 pieces. The complexity of wearing a complete head-to-face hairpin makes head-to-head insertion a specialized skill. Wealthy women who want to travel with makeup must hire a professional \"Lady Dai\".
Picking, also known as noodle flowers, is generally used with a bun and is an essential element in a pair of noodles. The pick-and-heart insertion position is directly in front of the bun, first put the bun on the bun, and then insert the pick-up heart into the bun from bottom to top. The hairpin head is often decorated with Buddha statues, and there are various decorative themes such as Sanskrit, pagoda, immortals, phoenixes, etc., and the back is mostly welded to the hairpin head perpendicular to the hairpin head.
Full crown, distracted A full crown is a hairpin that is worn on the back of a bun. The crowned hairpin is wider than the normal hairpin and is mostly mountain-shaped or pen-holder-shaped. Wearing only a full crown on the back of the mane can cover the crown, reducing the trouble of wearing the back, hence the name. A slightly shorter and longer crown size, it can also be worn on the front of the bun, under the heart, and is called a distraction in the \"Golden Bottle Mei Words\". At present, the definition of full crown and distraction in academic circles has not been unified.
The sideburns are typical Ming-style hairpins that are inserted above the left and right sideburns. Its hairpin legs are mostly flat, generally worn in pairs, symmetrically, and mostly used with a bun. The common styles are cloud-shaped and tuanhua-shaped, and the patterns are mostly made of auspicious birds and beasts, Taoist characters, pavilion buildings, etc., with complex patterns, dense composition, and ingenuity.
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Changshu Museum Collection Series Porcelain in the Life of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644)
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Ming Dynasty: Yongle (1403-1424) Blue and white a bunch of lotus pattern plate Yongxuan blue flower During the Yongle and Xuande years (1403-1435), Zheng He brought back \"Suni Boqing\" (or \"Su Ma Liqing\") materials to the West, and the blue and white ware fired was very distinctive. The blue and white pattern decoration has both thickness and thickness, rich layers and rich layers, and the hair color is gorgeous and bright, just like the brush strokes and ink marks left by Shengxuan when painting, which is full of charm. There are often crystal spots of cobalt iron in the ornamentation, star-like dots and halos, less crystal spots in the shallow places, and condensed into black cyan, navy blue, or metallic tin light, or even concave deep into the fetal bone, which is the characteristic of Yongxuan blue flowers.
Ming Dynasty: Blank Period (1436-1464) Blue and white floral pattern lid jar Blank period blue flower The Orthodox, Jingtai, and Tianshun dynasties (1436-1464) in the 15th century are called the \"blank period\" by ceramic historians, mainly because it is difficult to see the official kiln porcelain with these three dynasties in existence, and the firing situation of mainstream kilns is not very clear. The carcass of the squirrels is relatively thick, and most of the green materials use domestic materials with low iron content, and the pattern decorations are mostly entwined and folded flowers, and unicorns and rhinoceross are often seen in animal patterns. The motifs of ornaments are mostly flowers and birds, sea water, and garden landscapes, and there are fewer characters.
Ming Dynasty: Koji (1488-1505) Blue and white baby picture bowl Koji Blue and Flower In the middle of the Ming Dynasty (Chenghua, Hongzhi, Zhengde), domestic equal green materials were used, and most of the blue and white coloring of Hongzhi was done with one stroke, and the hair color was light, and a few intense ones showed a deep gray-blue tone, which was closer to the blue and white color of Zhengde. The glaze color is clear and shiny gray or white, the pattern is delicate and soft, with the dragon pattern being the most, as well as flower and fruit patterns, Sanskrit and so on.
Ming Dynasty: Koji (1488-1505) Blue and white crane deer with spring pattern bowl
Ming Dynasty: Zhengde (1506-1521) Blue and white Arabic folding lotus pattern vase \"Daming Zhengde Year\" model Zhengde Arabic porcelain Ming dynasty porcelain decorated with Arabic and Persian began to be seen in Yongle blue and white, but it was not until the Zhengde period that a large section of the Quran proverbs, hadiths and other words and sentences were inscribed on the artifacts, reflecting the social influence of Islam at that time, and also related to the Ming Wuzong Zhu Houzhao\'s worship of \"halal\" customs. Different from the imitation Islamic porcelain of the Ming Yongxuan period, Zhengde blue and white porcelain has a typical Central Plains ware style, most of which write the \"Daming Zhengde Year\" official kiln year, which belongs to the official kiln ware.
Ming Dynasty: Zhengde (1506-1521) Blue and white entwined camellia pattern palace bowl \"Zhengde Year\" section Zhengde blue and white tire is smooth and delicate, the carcass body is thick and heavy, the joints of the selenium are obvious, and the shape is rich. The glaze color is bright and bright, white to grayish blue, the green material may use stone blue produced in Jiangxi, the color is blue to gray. The coloring is all double-hook filling, and the brush stroke is flat without brush stroke, leaving no blanks. The patterns of official kiln ware are mainly entwined flowers and dragon patterns, and folk kiln ware is mostly found in entangled branches, folded flowers, as well as fish, galloping horses, long-tailed flying pterosaurs, sea threads, etc.
Ming Dynasty: Zhengde (1506-1521) Imitation Xuande blue and white entwined lotus pattern plate \"Daming Xuande Year\" section In the late Zhengde period, the green material was changed to the Western Regions and the hair color was strong.
Ming Dynasty: Jiajing (1522-1566) Blue and white birthday statue Jiajing blue flower Due to the use of green material and the addition of stone blue, a rich purple color is formed, which is a typical blue and white hair color in Jiajing, but there are also some Jiajing dynasty blue and white vessels that are black blue or light blue. Gourd bottles, square lid boxes, ear three-legged furnaces, halberd zuns, drum piers and other shapes were popular in the Jiajing Dynasty. In addition to dragon and phoenix and floral patterns, infant play, fish algae, Fu characters, Shou characters, Bagua, Eight Immortals, Yunhe and other Taoist patterns are prevalent, and new decorative techniques such as holding characters and supporting characters have appeared.
Ming Dynasty: Jiajing (1522-1566) Blue and white reed goose lotus pattern six-fluted lid jar In 1999, Changshu Welfare Institute was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Jiajing (1522-1566) Blue and white double lion tangle pattern jar In 1975, the tomb of Zhang Erzhuan in Yushan, Changshu was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Blue and white double dragon play beaded pattern jar \"Daming Wanli Year\" section
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Blue and white double dragon play bead pattern paving the first amphora \"Daming Wanli Year\" section The hue of Wanli blue and white is clearly different from the early, middle and late periods: deep and bright in the early stage, purple in blue, typical vessels include plum bottles, cylinders, jars, etc.; mid-blue shimmering gray, hair color gradually lighter; In the late stage, it is blue and gray, and there are many halos, such as thin carcasses and slightly irregular plates and bowls; At the end of the Wanli period, more pale tones appeared, and continued into the apocalypse period, such as baby play bowls and plates with blue and white depictions, and the characters painted were relatively small.
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Blue and white lotus tray eight treasure pattern bowl
Ming Dynasty: Apocalypse (1621-1627) Blue and white landscape figure pattern bowl Apocalypse blue Using stone green, its hair color can be divided into four types: (1) Inheriting the Wanli tradition, the color is stable, bright light blue, but there are changes in the level of intensity and light, similar to the blue and white color of the early Qing Dynasty; (2) The blue and white color is light, the blue flashes light gray, the color is stable, the drawing is neat, and the lines are slender. The underdrawing technique is the same as that of the late Wanli period, and there are more shallow ones;
Ming Dynasty: Apocalypse (1621-1627) Blue and white phoenix wearing peony pattern bowl \"Daming Chenghua Year\" model Using stone green, its hair color can be divided into four types: (3) The blue and white are unstable in color, with halo phenomenon, and the lines and glaze of the ornamentation are moltened, similar to Yongxuan blue flowers, but there is no Yongxuan\'s phenomenon of deep into the fetal bone and unevenness. Most of these blue flowers are Buddha front offerings;
Ming Dynasty: Apocalypse (1621-1627) Blue and white bird pattern bowl \"Daming Chenghua Year\" model Using stone green, its hair color can be divided into four types: (4) The blue and white color is strong, blue-black or gray-black, mostly found in the carcass heavy blue-and-white ware, colored porcelain and style, and its glaze is mostly thin and cyan.
Ming Dynasty: Chongzhen (1628-1644) Blue and white lotus bowl Zonghu blue flower There are fine and coarse wares, although the fine glaze is blue and still bright, the blue and white color is less gray and black, and some are quite bright. Rough apparatus has lying soles and sand filling. The disc jumping knife marks are obvious, and the blue and white color is gray. The pattern is mostly seen in dragon patterns, landscapes, character stories, arhats, white rabbits, pine and bamboo plums, flowers and birds, etc., and more pane patterns are used as auxiliary patterns.
Ming Dynasty: Dehua kiln White-glazed sitting statue of Guanyin The Dehua kiln in the Ming Dynasty changed the tradition of making blue and white porcelain in the Song and Yuan Dynasties to firing pure and lustrous white porcelain. Dehua white porcelain is like coagulated fat, good light transmission performance, slightly flesh red, and a large number of exports to Europe, known as \"goose down white\" and \"Chinese white\". There are mainly two categories: utensils and sculptures, and utensils include plates, bowls, cups, stoves, pen sticks, pen holders, etc. Porcelain sculptures are the most famous, such as Guanyin, Dharma, Maitreya, Wenchang Emperor, Guan Di, etc., and the back of porcelain sculptures often has the marks of He Chaozong, Lin Chaojing, Zhang Sushan and other imprints, with He Chaozong being the most famous.
Ming Dynasty: Dehua kiln White glaze birthday
Ming Dynasty: Dehua kiln White glaze print swastika cup
Ming Dynasty: Yongle (1403-1424) Sweet white glaze darkly engraved floral bowl White glaze sweet Sweet white is a type of white-glazed porcelain created during the Yongle period, that is, a warm white glaze is applied to the surface of a thin tire with dark pattern engraving. Because the carcass is very thin, the white glaze is particularly lustrous, which has a more obvious milky feeling than the white glaze of the Shufu porcelain egg, giving people a gentle and sweet feeling, so the name is white\", also known as \"green onion root white\", has the reputation of \"white as coagulation, plain like snow\". Sweet white-glazed porcelain is the most precious with thin tires and dark flowers, and the shapes of utensils are mostly found in bowls, plates, small pots, goblets, plum bottles, amphorae, jade pots and spring bottles.
Ming Dynasty: Blue glazed bowl Ming dynasty blue glaze Blue glaze is a mature glaze color that has been fired by Jingdezhen kiln since the Yuan Dynasty, and its glaze uses cobalt as a coloring agent, and the cobalt content is generally about 2%. Xuande blue glaze is a famous porcelain product with thick enamel and pure and bright tone, resembling the color of sapphire. The blue glaze ware of the Koji and Shotoku periods has zun, plates, bowls, pots, stoves, plum bottles, etc., with bright and black hair, smooth glaze, and no early orange peel patterns. The blue glaze ware of the late Ming Dynasty is represented by the Jiajing and Wanli dynasties, and the blue is relatively dull and the brightness is insufficient, showing a grayish and purple hue in the blue.
Ming Dynasty: Jiajing (1522-1566) Blue glaze stacked with fish algae pattern lid jar
Ming Dynasty: Longquan Kiln Blue glaze scratched double phoenix pattern disc Longquan kiln of the Ming Dynasty In the early Ming Dynasty, Longquan kiln experienced its final glory and became the largest kiln outside Jingdezhen. With the implementation of the sea ban policy in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, the export volume of Longquan secret celadon decreased sharply, and porcelain kilns were closed one after another. In general, Longquan kiln products of the Ming Dynasty are not as exquisite as those of the Song and Yuan Dynasties, with thinner glazes, enhanced luster and transparency, and cyan yellowing or shining green. The shape of the instrument is relatively bulky, the carcass is thicker, and it is mostly decorated with carved patterns.
Ming Dynasty: Longquan Kiln Green glaze scratched three-legged stove
Ming Dynasty: Longquan Kiln Green glaze scratched Zhuge bowl
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Colorful double dragon play beaded stationery box Ming dynasty colorful Wucai belongs to a kind of glaze color, that is, on the fired plain porcelain with red, green, yellow and other colors to depict the pattern, and then by the kiln low temperature firing, it is developed on the basis of the red and green porcelain of the Song and Golden Dynasty. Ming dynasty five-color first appeared in the Xuande period, generally red, green, yellow three colors, blue color with underglaze blue and white instead, also known as blue and white five-color. Wanli five-color is famous for its dense decoration, the color is red and green, the contrast is strong, and there is a sense of gorgeousness.
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Multicolored travertine floral pattern stationery box
Ming Dynasty: Doucai baby play picture bowl Ming Dynasty Doucai Doucai is a porcelain variety that combines underglaze color (blue and white) and overglaze color, first using blue and white to depict the outline of the pattern on the green body, applying transparent glaze to high temperature firing, and then filling and painting with various color materials on the glaze, and baked in a low-temperature kiln. Doucai began during the Xuande period, but physical objects are rare. Chenghua Doucai Chicken Cylinder Cup, Sanqiu Cup and other famous products are most respected by the world.
Ming Dynasty: Maitreya statue Ming dynasty enamelware Ehua is a ceramic tire color ware with potassium nitrate as a flux, which began in the yuan and flourished in the Ming. The asphalt method in color painting technology is adopted, that is, the surface of the ceramic tire is outlined with a special mud with a pipe to form a convex line of ornamentation, and the base and pattern colors are filled with pigment respectively, and fired in a kiln. There are many temple offerings, and the glaze color mainly includes yellow, green and purple. The main production area of enamel ware is Shanxi, and Jingdezhen in the Ming Dynasty was imitated, but they are all porcelain tires, which is very different from Shanxi enamel.
Ming Dynasty: Cizhou Kiln Brown figure flower pattern jar The Ming Dynasty Cizhou kiln is smaller in scale than the Song and Yuan Dynasty, mainly concentrated near Pengcheng, Hebei, firing white porcelain and painted black flower porcelain on a white background, mostly plates, bowls, pots, jars, bottles, the texture is rough, the pattern is also very simple, mainly folding flowers. Most of its products are used by the people, and only some white porcelain has a fine pattern.
Ming Dynasty: Koji (1488-1505) Blue and white pine bamboo plum pattern three-legged stove Three friends of the cold years Pine is the length of a hundred trees, and does not wither in winter; Bamboo, clear and tall, rather unyielding; The plum blossoms are proud, and the snow is open. Songzhumei, also known as the \"Three Friends of the Cold Years\", often appears in literati paintings to symbolize the high wind and bright festival of gentlemen. After the Song Dynasty, pine bamboo plum was also often used as a decorative subject for porcelain.
Ming Dynasty: Jiajing (1522-1566) Blue and white wheel pattern flat pot Flat jugs are containers for storing water or wine, with two or four ears on either side for carrying or carrying with a rope, and their shape may have evolved from the skin pouches used by nomads to hold water. The blue and white wheel pattern flat pot of the Ming Dynasty is large, and the center of the ampulla is painted with a Tai Chi Bagua map, which radiates a wheel-like pattern outward, and the edge is surrounded by a grass leaf pattern.
Ming Dynasty: Jiajing (1522-1566) Blue and white dragon pattern lid jar
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Blue and white brocade chicken peony pattern hexagonal jar It was unearthed near Changshu Zhitang Town in 1963
Ming Dynasty: Imitation Tiange glaze lid jar In 1975, Changshu Yushan Forest Farm was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Purple-glazed melon-shaped lid jar In 1998, the construction site of Changshu Art School was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Blue and white bogutu bowl
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Blue and white manijure lotus pattern plate
Ming Dynasty: Chongzhen (1628-1644) Blue and white bird pattern drum shaped jar
Ming Dynasty: Wanli (1573-1620) Blue and white figure pattern jar
Ming Dynasty: Longquan Kiln Entwined peony pattern scratching pot In 1975, Changreyushan Forest Farm was unearthed
Ming Dynasty: Jiajing Blue glaze stacked fish algae pattern lid jar The lid jar is glazed with blue glaze, and the stacked fish, sea and cirrus patterns are not glazed, which contrasts sharply with the blue glaze. There are four fish patterns stacked on the body of the tank, divided into two groups, each group of mackerel (qing) and catfish (bo) two each. Macha is homonymous with \"innocence\", which has the beautiful meaning of being innocent.
The day before yesterday, I bought a chicken for 60 pieces and 10 pieces of flower armor, and when I ate it later, I thought that the boiled pumpkin in flower armor was more delicious, and the money was less
The Spirit of Life, 78
This sheep, a ruthless character, gnawed off a strap yesterday, and can still make do with it, and today he completely broke his thoughts. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Changshu Guli Ancient Town, Tieqin Tongjianlou Historical and Cultural District one-day leisure tour. Sightseeing: Renfeng Archway, Wenchang Pavilion, Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Huizhou Hall, Knowledge Box, No. 2 Wenchang Street, Zhuangyuan Stone, Guli Library. ๐Ÿค—
Guide map of Tieqin Tongjianlou Historical and Cultural District
Immediately to Guli Ancient Town, this intersection to enter
Main street outside the ancient town
Guri Bookstore
Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall Street
In front is the Internet Red Bridge. ๐Ÿ˜„
Photograph the ancient town on the bridge
Take another picture on the left side of the bridge
Huizhou Hall It was built by merchants from Changhui Prefecture in the Qing Dynasty to purchase land with funds. At the beginning, it was a place for medical treatment and gatherings for fellow villagers. There are still three houses in existence. Located in Sai Zhuang Street, the city was relocated in 2000.
Knowledge box, Shinguri miniature fire station
Pond water bridge
Old town square
The Iron Qin Bronze Sword Building is under renovation and is not open to the public. ๐Ÿ˜ช The Tieqin Bronze Sword Building is one of the four private library buildings in the Qing Dynasty, built during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, with a construction area of 285 square meters. It has a history of more than 200 years, formerly known as \"Tian Yuzhai\", the founder Qu Shaoji, the fifth generation of Qu\'s library owners are indifferent to fame and wealth, collecting books and reading for fun.
The side door of the Iron Lyre Bronze Sword Building Qu Yong, the second generation of the Qu family and the son of Shaoji, was eclectic about the Dingyi ancient seal, and among the gold and stone antiquities, the Qu family especially cherished an iron qin and a copper sword, from which the iron qin copper sword building got its name. The owner of the building, Qu Shi, has collected books for several generations, stretching for more than 200 years, leaving a rich cultural heritage to future generations.
What\'s this carrying? Someone spoofed the bronze figure ๐Ÿ˜‚
There is the audacity to grab food ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
Guzhen North Street
First sight of the study
Net red bridge photo check-in
Guri Renfeng archway check-in
Guli, Wenchang Pavilion, three-story structure, retains the distant book fragrance of Changshu Guli.
The House of Guli People\'s Congress Deputies has such a face. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The thick dust on the window glass of Wenchang Pavilion has become a treasure trove of graffiti. ๐Ÿ˜ต
Old town cloister
Ancient town alley
Changshu Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a construction area of 1,500 square meters, is next to the Chinese herbal medicine botanical garden.
No. 2 Wenchang Street, I don\'t know where it comes from, it is protected
The peppers planted by the residents of the ancient town, do you want to go along with it?! ๐Ÿ˜„
Champion stone
Westport Ten Corridors
Old town building roof
The architectural style of the roof
Guli Library \"A Spring Birthday Qin on the Moon, Hundred Flowers Collection Desk Book\"
Wenyuan Gathering Books... door
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Eat and try the chef\'s innovative dishes
I actually rode down the 1668 steps of Aoyama Park! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
I don\'t know what kind of dish it is, it looks delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link: [27]
Changshu Museum Collection: Liangzhu Culture Series Double Dragon Siamese Ring Jade Pei The Liangzhu culture is a Neolithic archaeological culture in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, dating from about 5300 to 4200 years ago. The jade of the Liangzhu culture reached its highest peak in the Neolithic period. Except for a small number of production tools, most of the Liangzhu jade ware is used for hanging, inlay or embellishment and ceremonial utensils. Its types include axes, cymbals, bi, cun, cane heads, hooks, pei, juan, bracelets, tridents, cones, pendants, tubes, beads, rings, etc.
The Spirit of Life, 77
Changshu Museum Collection: Majiabang Culture Yu Jue, unearthed at the site of Meilihe Village in Changshu in 2020 The Majiabang culture is a representative of the early Neolithic culture in the Taihu Lake Basin in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and is named after the Majiabang site first discovered in Jiaxing, Zhejiang. The age began around 5000 BC and developed into the Songze culture around 4000 BC. In 2020, the Majiabang cultural site was discovered in Meilihe Village, Changshu, from which artifacts such as jade, pottery and human bones were unearthed.
Collection of Changshu Museum Qi family culture: green jade three huang joint wall
Collection of Changshu Museum: Songze Culture Series Beast head-shaped jade ornaments, unearthed in 1988 at Xieqiao Qiandi Port The Songze culture dates from about 5800-4900 years ago, and the Songze culture inherits the Majiabang culture and the Liangzhu culture, which is an important cultural stage in the Taihu Lake Basin in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. The main types of jade unearthed are: juan, block, bracelet, ring, as well as ring-shaped ornaments, disc-shaped ornaments, trapezoidal ornaments, triangle ornaments, etc.
Liangzhu culture: Yuqiao, unearthed in 1983 by Zhangqiao Jialingdang The jade cunning is shaped as a square cylinder with hollow outer circles and is the main representative artifact of the Neolithic Liangji culture. The four sides of the jade are generally carved with the folded corners of each side as the middle line, carving the god statue pattern of the combination of gods, men and beasts. In ancient China, there was a saying of \"heavenly round place\", and the structure of the gong is the outer circle and the inner circle, with through holes, so the qi should be the ritual vessel of the ancient ancestors\' sacrifice place, and the face pattern of the gods and animals should be the image of the gods they worship.
Liangzhu culture: jade ring, unearthed in Liantang Luodun in 1993
Liangzhu culture: agate beads, unearthed in Liantang Luodun in 1993
Liangzhu culture: jade spinning wheel, unearthed in 1993 in Liantang Luodun
Liangzhu culture: crown-shaped jade ornaments, unearthed in 1993 in Liantang Luodun
Liangzhu culture: Yujue, unearthed in Liantang Luodun in 1993
Liangzhu culture: a jade-shaped tube, excavated from the Loess Mountain in Methane
Liangzhu culture: jade earrings, unearthed in Liantang Luodun in 1993
Liangzhu culture: jade pipe, unearthed in Liantang Luodun in 1993
Liangzhu culture: jade bracelet, unearthed in Liantang Luodun in 1993 Located in Luodun Village, Liantang Village, Shanghu Town, west of Changshu City, the Luodun site is a mound about 4 meters above the ground, 30 meters long from east to west, and 20 meters wide from north to south. Archaeological excavations have shown that this site is a hand-made Gaotai cemetery of early tribal leaders or dignitaries of the Liangzhu culture. The jade dragon unearthed at M8 at the site is one of the earliest jade dragon artifacts of the Liangzhu culture in the era of discovery. The Luodun site is of great value for revealing the Neolithic cultural sequence in the Taihu Lake Basin, exploring the social structure of Liangzhu and even the origin of Chinese civilization.
Liangzhu culture: jade bracelet, unearthed in Liantang Luodun in 1993
Liangzhu culture: Yuyu, unearthed in Liantang Luodun in 1993
Liangzhu culture: Yubi, Ximen Sanjo Bridge unearthed
Liangzhu culture: Yubi, unearthed in 1983 by Zhangqiao Jialingdang Located on the northeast bank of Jialingdang in Dongwang Village, Zhangqiao, Xinzhuang Town, Changshu City, Jialingdang Site is a mound with a residual height of 3.5 meters and a diameter of about 50 meters, formerly known as \"Renhoudun\". In April 1983, the brick factory took soil here and found cultural relics such as jade cunning, jade bi, perforated stone axes, and duan stone gongs. It has been verified that this site is the tomb of a tribal leader or dignitary in the late Liangzhu culture.
Liangzhu culture: jade circle
Liangzhu Culture: Hand Circle: Unearthed at the 1966 Shooting Range
Liangzhu culture: jade bracelet In 1993, Liantang Luodun was unearthed
Songze Culture: Xiaoyuhuang, unearthed in Qiandi Port in Xieqiao in 1988
Sunset in the city
Morning in Rizhao City, beach
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On Sunday, August 13, Changxing Goldfinger leisure photography in the morning, Yixing Jiangsu Zhejiang Ancient Road, Gongcha Ancient Road River tracing loop in the afternoon, the whole 10 kilometers climbed about 500 meters, Changxing Xinchuan Village Xiaofen auxiliary food store intersection at 9 a.m. meet at the intersection, the transportation mode can be carpooled or self-driven. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
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We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, etc., all risks need to be borne by yourself. Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warning, disclaimer, QQ group number: 759703903, please see the larger picture for details. [5]
Changshu Museum Collection: Qing Dynasty Jade Series Qing Dynasty jade is known for its finesse, with a wide variety and quantity, furnishings and jade ornaments are the most developed, and practical utensils and stationery supplies are also produced. The 25th year of Qianlong to the fifteenth year of Jiaqing (1760-1810) was the prosperous period of Qing dynasty jade. The Qianlong Emperor loved jade, and in addition to stepping up the production of court jade, he also assigned eight places to undertake jade production, including Suzhou, Yangzhou, Tianjin, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Jiujiang, Huai\'an, and Fengyang, which were famous for their high quality of jade, intricate ornamentation and fine carving.
Qing Dynasty: White jade plumbing, unearthed in 1975 in the Hongwei Industrial Area of Yushan Forest Farm
Qing Dynasty: Cuiling pipe, unearthed in 1972 in the Red Rock Engineering Area of Yushan Forest Farm Jadeite, also known as jadeite, jadeite, jadeite, Burmese jade, is a jade-grade polycrystalline aggregate formed mainly composed of jadeite, omphacite and sodachrome pyroxene formed during geological action, with a hardness of 6.5-7. The color is emerald green (called emerald) or red (called emerald), and those who are turquoise and transparent are the most precious.
Qing Dynasty: White jade openwork Fuqing double fish ornaments
Qing Dynasty: White jade sheep head with hook
Qing Dynasty: White jade double dragon pattern buckle
Qing Dynasty: White jade dragon head with hook
Qing Dynasty: Cuilong first lash with hook, unearthed in a semiconductor factory in 1975
Qing Dynasty: Green carved dragon head with hook, unearthed in 1991 in Mei Li Denglin\'s house
Qing Dynasty: The imperial title \"Bifeng Guan\" poem Baiyu Shanzi
Qing Dynasty: Tracestan Jade Chendostan jade is also known as Muslim jade or Islamic jade. Located in northern India, including Kashmir and western Pakistan, local jade craftsmen like to use pure white jade or green and white jade to carve bowls, cups, washes, plates, pots and other eating utensils, and the jade patterns are mostly flowers and leaves of plants such as weed and passionflower, and some are also inlaid with gold, silver filaments and various colored gemstones or glass on the walls. During the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, the Internal Affairs Office set up a workshop specializing in imitating the jade of Chendustan, and there were also imitations in Suzhou\'s special alleys.
Qing Dynasty: White jade concentric knot tapestry, dragon head tapestry
Qing Dynasty: Glass cuiji, unearthed in 1975 in the Red Guard Industrial Area of Yushan Forest Farm
Qing Dynasty: Topaz pine crane wrench
Qing Dynasty: White Jade Landscape Brand
Qing Dynasty: Jade Statue
Qing Dynasty: White Jade Elephant
Qing Dynasty: White Jade Badger Deer
Qing Dynasty: Agate amphora live ring
Qing Dynasty: White jade open-cut Ganoderma lucidum ornaments
Qing Dynasty: Glass jade open-cut magpie plum brand, unearthed in 1966 by the Liantang Jinxing Brigade
Qing Dynasty: Emerald carved flower and bird brand
Qing Dynasty: White Jade Double Dragon Play Pearl Card
Qing Dynasty: White jade cicada brand, unearthed in 1972 in the Red Rock Engineering Area of Yushan Forest Farm
Qing Dynasty: White jade bell-shaped tablet
Qing Dynasty: White jade open-cut character tablet
The beach of Rizhao City
Crab stew potatoes
This is not a carp, but a red eye in the river
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Collection of Changshu Museum Ming Dynasty: Yunlong Mirror
Collection of Changshu Museum Ming Dynasty: Silver hair hood
Collection of Changshu Museum Ming Dynasty: Nanmu hair crown
Collection of Changshu Museum Ming Dynasty: \"Innocence Heirloom\" Tiger Button Jade Seal \"Innocence heirloom\" means to pass on the fashion of incorruptibility and whiteness to future generations, and comes from the allusion of the Han Dynasty scholar Yang Zhen. The Book of the Later Han. Yang Zhen Biography\": \"Earthquake is honest and honest, and is not subject to private advice; The descendants often ate and walked, so the old elders or for the sake of opening an inheritance, were shocked, saying: \'Let the posterity be called the descendants of innocent officials, and leave them behind, and it is not too thick to leave them behind.\' Song Dynasty Lu Wengui \"Qinyuan Chun. Send Yang Boke\"; \"Look at the empty boat, poor and without long things, broken and stored, rich in new poetry. Innocence is passed down, Huaijin is not affected, and Jie has never been afraid of the four knowledge. โ€
Changshu Museum Collection: Ming Dynasty Jade Series The style of antiques of jade in the Ming Dynasty is still prevalent, and the production of jade in the early Ming Dynasty basically retains the legacy of the Song and Yuan dynasties, and the carving is simple and extravagant. In the middle and late Ming dynasties, the shapes tended to be stylized, and the number of works with auspicious meanings increased significantly. The royal jade of the Ming Dynasty was produced by the imperial superintendent, and the most famous jade grinding center was Suzhou. Ming and Song Dynasty Yingxing\'s \"Tiangong Kaiwu\" contains: Although Liangyu gathered Jingshi and Gongqiao pushed Su County (present-day Suzhou)
Confucius once gave an in-depth explanation of jade virtue, which he wrote in the Book of Rites. It is said that \"a gentleman is better than virtue in Yuyan, gentle and benevolent\", and endowed jade with eleven virtues, that is, \"benevolence, knowledge, righteousness, propriety, happiness, loyalty, faith, heaven, earth, virtue, and Tao\". Gentleman is better than jade, the ancients\' love for jade is not because of the preciousness of jade, but from the character of jade, just the so-called \"humble gentleman, gentle as jade.\"
Ming Dynasty: White jade dragon hair comb
Ming Dynasty: White jade bracelet
Ming Dynasty: Jasper bundled hair crown
Ming Dynasty: White jade bundle hair crown
Ming Dynasty: White jade mantis head cicada pattern with hook
Ming Dynasty: White jade dragon head melon insect pattern with hook
Ming Dynasty: White jade dragon head with hook
Ming Dynasty: Jasper dragon head with hook
Ming Dynasty: White jade chrysanthemum-shaped hat ornament
Ming Dynasty: Jade lock-shaped ornaments, unearthed in 1966 by the 11th team of He City
Ming Dynasty: White jade open-cut crane I-plaque
Ming Dynasty: Qingyu Seven Star Gui The jade ware with a sharp upper part and a straight lower end is a ritual vessel used by ancient Chinese nobles during courtesy, sacrifice and funeral. Its use is strictly hierarchical to indicate the status, status, and power of the user. In the Ming Dynasty, Yugui was pointed and flat-bottomed and long, some of the vessels were covered with embossed grain patterns or pu patterns, and some were inscribed with four mountain patterns, which meant stability in all directions.
Ming Dynasty: Jade Beast
Ming Dynasty: White Jade Huiwen Xi
Ming Dynasty: Milk Ding Dragon Head Qingyuxi
Ming Dynasty: White jade belt plate, unearthed in 1973 in the Dongfang Red Industrial Area of Yushan Forest Farm A jade belt is a belt or leather belt set with several flat jade plates. The use of jade belts on clothing began in the Tang Dynasty and was used to mark the level of official rank, and only official positions above the third rank could be worn. Jade belts from the Ming Dynasty were still popular, and their use was more strictly regulated. During the Qing Dynasty, the official system of using jade belts was abolished.
Ming Dynasty: Zigang style white jade immediately sealed the marquis wrench Wrench, also known as ้Ÿ˜ (she). It is a tool used to snap the string when shooting arrows, and is put on the shooter\'s right thumb to protect the right thumb from being strangled by the bowstring. The material and shape of the wrench differed from dynasty to dynasty. In the Qing Dynasty, in addition to jade, jadeite plate fingers were also added. The wrench is cylindrical, with one end concave at the edge and one end convex outward, highly decorative and becoming a status symbol.
Ming Dynasty: Zigang model white jade two qiao guan bookplate
Ming Dynasty: White Jade Landscape Character Poetry Tablet
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Quite a beautiful sunset, blazing
The Spirit of Life, 76
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Collection of Changshu Museum Han Dynasty: Regular Copper Mirror A gauge is a tool compass that draws a circle. A moment refers to a tool ruler that draws right angles or squares. The combination of the words rules and manners refers to certain standards and laws, and is also used to describe people who are upright and honest and meet the standards. The regular mirror is the most exquisite and popular copper mirror from the late Western Han Dynasty to the middle of the Eastern Han Dynasty, and its main feature is that the decorative pattern is regularly distributed with the three symbols of \"T, L, V\", because these symbols resemble the rules and rules in the tool, so it is called \"regular mirror\".
Collection of Changshu Museum Han Dynasty: Zhaoming Bronze Mirror There is a category of copper mirrors in the Han Dynasty called \"Zhaoming Mirror\", named because of the word \"Zhaoming\" in the inscription, the full text is \"Inner Qing quality to Zhaoming, radiant elephant husband sun and moon.\" The heart is flickering and willing to be loyal, but it is blocked and not let go.\" The first two sentences say that the materials used to make copper mirrors are all clear and good in texture, so the brilliance emitted by copper mirrors is comparable to the sun and moon. The last two sentences say that the heart of the person who looks in the mirror is loyal and sincere, but he does not say this directly, perhaps once he says it, it is easy to flow into clever words, or it is better to hide it in the heart.
Changshu Museum Collection Series Han Dynasty: Jade sword ornaments Swords decorated with jade are called jade swords. The complete set of jade sword ornaments includes the sword head and sword lattice adorned with the scabbard and the sword juan ornamented with the scabbard, sword jue, jade sword is a symbol of the status of princes and nobles, popular in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty and the Two Han Dynasties.
Changshu Museum Collection: Han Dynasty Jade Series During the Han Dynasty (202 BC to 220 AD), jade inherited the tradition of jade from the Warring States period and changed and developed. Ceremonial jade (so-called \"ruiyu\") has decreased compared with the previous period, the various types of jade that make up accessories tend to be simplified, the number of funeral jade has increased significantly, and the daily necessities and ornaments made of jade have developed greatly. In terms of carving technology, round carving, high relief carving, open-cut jade and jade inlaid objects have increased. The ornamentation style shifted from mainly abstract to mainly real.
Han Dynasty: Ink Jade Cicada
Han Dynasty: Topaz Cicada
Han Dynasty: Green Jade Cicada
Han Dynasty: White Jade Jianjue
Han Dynasty: White Jade Jianjuan
Han Dynasty: White Jade Sword Ge
Han Dynasty: White Jade Sword Head
Han Dynasty: White Jade Cicada
Han Dynasty: Green Jade Dolphin
Han Dynasty: White Jade Dolphin
Han Dynasty: Guwen Yubi Jade bi is a flat, round jade object with a perforation in the center, which is one of the main representative artifacts of the Liangzhu culture in the Neolithic period, and was used by ancient ancestors as a ritual vessel to worship the heavens. Jade is often found in the tombs and sites of the Liangzhu culture, and is the earliest and continuous variety of jade in China, which has survived the Shang Zhou, Spring and Autumn and Warring States, and still exists in large numbers in the Han Dynasty. With the advancement of craftsmanship, jade decorations became more and more exquisite, but the function of worshiping the heavens gradually declined.
Han Dynasty: Gold-plated jade belt hook In 1965, the 38th Brigade on the outskirts of the city was unearthed
Evening fiery red sun
This fruit looked drooling ๐Ÿคค
What a big bucket of chicken steaks
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What is this thing?
Sunset and sunset
Tang dynasty sea beast grape pattern copper mirror In 1974, Changshu Renyang Chen Jing was unearthed. The copper mirror has the meaning of taking the mirror as a lesson and cultivating morality, which is in line with the requirements of \"looking in the mirror, dressing properly, bathing, and curing diseases\". Wei Wei of the Tang Dynasty was a famous direct minister, and when Emperor Taizong of Tang made a mistake, Wei Wei was blunt to him, and he often reminded the monarch: \"Water can carry a boat, or it can overturn a boat\", the people can support you and achieve your deeds, and when you do not cherish the people, the people can also overthrow you.
Changshu Museum Collection: Jade from the Yuan Dynasty In the Yuan Dynasty (1271--1368), jade inherited the characteristics of both jade in the Song and Liao periods, and its workmanship gradually became rough. The engraving methods mainly include bas-relief, openwork carving and round carving, and all are combined with the black line carving, making good use of heavy knives, often using multi-layer open-cut carving method, deep intaglio carving method, with clear layers and strong perspective effect. The main ornaments include dragons, tigers, phoenixes, geese, Haidongqing, figures, landscapes, etc.
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Yuan Dynasty White Jade Dog
Yuan Dynasty White jade round carved stove roof
Yuan Dynasty White jade dragon head with a pipa-shaped hook The belt hook is the hook of the belt worn by ancient nobles and literati warriors, also known as \"rhinobi\" in ancient times. There are many kinds of belt hook textures such as gold, silver, copper, iron, jade, stone, etc., and jade belt hook is one of the more precious types. The hook originated in the Western Zhou Dynasty, became popular from the Warring States to the Qin and Han dynasties, and gradually declined during the Wei and Jin dynasties. Jade belt hooks in the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties appeared in large numbers, and the belt hooks of this period have completed the transformation from practical tools to play with rewards.
Wuxi Dangkou Ancient Town, Goose Zhendang, Goose Lake Town leisure day trip. Attractions: Goose Lake, Yuantong Temple, Film Museum, Wang Xin\'s Former Residence, Hua\'s Yizhuang, Hua Yufang\'s Former Residence, Guandi Temple. ๐Ÿค—
The tree-lined dirt path rises towards Goose Lake
As soon as I arrived at the lake, three assault boats sailed by, and the lake rippled one by one
A piece of Chinese territory floats in the sky. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
The sun hides behind the white clouds, and dazzling light shines through the clouds
Goose is really swinging
Lots of reeds
I don\'t know what kind of flower
Blue sky and white clouds under the scorching sun, hot
It\'s good to take shade under the big trees. ๐Ÿ˜Š
By the rainbow trail, a row of weeping willows
Wildflowers on the side of the road, swinging in the wind
A lotus pond, a woman in red is taking pictures in the distance
Tired of playing, lie flat in the shade. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Guanyin in Yuantong Zen Temple
The wetland by Goose Lake, the lotus pond, in front of the ancient town
Old town and ancient street
Reflected in the water, the boat flows water
The river channel of the ancient town, the riverside is lush
The Guzhen cruise pier costs 30 yuan to ride
Boat literati, metallic model
Dangkou Cinema Film Museum, you have to charge additional tickets to enter
Ancient stone mills, the vicissitudes of life
The ancient town of Xiaohe people
Small bridges flowing water, sparkling
It will pass to the workshop, and the table is movable type printing
There was a sound of singing from the other side of the river, sat down to rest, and listened to the play, but I didn\'t know which one was singing. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Wang Xin\'s former residence is located in Wang Xin\'s ancestral residence at the mouth of Yangjia Lane in Beicang River. Wang Xin (1918-2007), a native of Dangkou, Wuxi. People\'s musician, composer, songwriter of \"Sing the Motherland\". He is the winner of the \"Golden Bell Award\" Lifetime Achievement Award of the Chinese Music Association. In 2009, Wang Xin\'s former residence was built, 2 small western-style houses were imitated by Tianjin and 2 old houses were restored, with a construction area of 1670 square meters. The museum is divided into three parts: \"Singing Mouth\", \"Singing Leads the Way\" and \"Singer Endlessly\", which comprehensively displays Chen Wang Xin\'s life deeds and shows the charm of the moving melody of \"Singing the Motherland\" to visitors.
I\'m missing you very much, Rose has an appointment. It\'s hard to find a job, so the stall does it. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Hua\'s Yizhuang, located at No. 50, Canghe North Street, Dangkou Ancient Town, Xishan District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, covers an area of about 2,500 square meters, and is a building during the Qing Dynasty. Hua\'s old Yizhuang, built by the father and son of Hua Jinsi and Hua Gongbi in the fifth year of Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty (1740), and then built by the descendants of Hua\'s successively, the existing houses are four advances, is one of the larger and long-lasting Yizhuang in the Ming and Qing dynasties, known as \"the first Yizhuang in Jiangnan\". Hua\'s Laoyizhuang is a typical Qing and early Ming style building in the Jiangnan area, which is completely preserved. The third entrance, the main hall of Kusunoki and the wall across the river in front of the door, have high historical, artistic and scientific value.
There are also pilgrimages in this pawnshop, and if you look closely, it turns out to be a dummy, and it is quite a realistic dummy. ๐Ÿ˜„
Taihu Lake pearl, I see, there is a large pearl in the mussel shell. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
Hua Yufang\'s former residence He designed China\'s first steam engine, the first motorized steamship; He has cultivated a large number of modern Chinese scientific and technological talents; He devoted himself to the translation of Western scientific and technological works; He had a profound impact on the development of science in China; He is Hua Yufang; It is known as \"the forerunner of modern Chinese science\".
The Yellow Bird was China\'s first steam-powered paddle steamer, designed by Hua Yufang and Xu Shou, and built in 1865 at the Anqingnei Armory. The Oriole has a length of 17 meters, a speed of 6 knots, a weight of 25 tons, and a cost of 8,000 taels of silver.
Guan Di Temple, Guan Gong guarded the door with a big knife
Go to the north gate of the ancient town and admire the return of the Flower Laughing Pond. ๐Ÿ˜€
Wuxi Dangkou Ancient Town, Goose Zhendang, Goose Lake Town leisure one-day trip itinerary track
The God of War gave me a bag of corn to cook tonight ๐Ÿ˜
Sprinkle some salt and eat raw. ๐Ÿ˜†
Fold raw meat and eat
NDS \"Determination - Death Mark\" full line ending, instant archive download
Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link: [22]
Changshu Museum Collection: Song Dynasty Jade In the Song Dynasty (960-1279), jade was composed of complex composition, multi-layered, both form and spirit, and had a strong painting interest, completing the transformation from the craftsmanship and sculpture of Tang jade to the painting and calligraphy of Song jade. Folk jade is more prosperous than in the previous dynasty, ancient jade collection has become fashionable, and antiques are counterfeited or imitated ancient jade have become a trend.
Song Dynasty \"Liu Sanlang Shop Ji You\" gold chuan, unearthed in Changshu Fushan in 1980. The Changshu Museum has a collection of Song Dynasty gold arm brahs, weighing a total of 344 grams. The light element is textureless, the design is simple, in a spiral shape, coiled into ten circles, and the ends are woven with gold and silver wire to form a ring sleeve for adjusting the tightness. There are many inscriptions on the inside of the arm with the words \"Liu Sanlang Shop\" and \"Liu Sanlang Shop Jixi\", which are typical forms of shop drop in the Song Dynasty. This pair of golden arms was unearthed in November 1980 in Fukuyama, Changshu. Fushan Port, bordering the Yangtze River to the north, was one of the Jianghai fortresses in the Song Dynasty, with a water army village stationed and an important shipping port, with frequent commercial exchanges.
On Saturday, August 5th, Wuxi Dangkou Ancient Town, Goose Zhendang, Ancient Town Lake leisure hiking, the whole journey is about 8 kilometers, 9 a.m. Dangkou Ancient Town North Gate Archway Gathering, bring plenty of drinking water, food and sun umbrellas. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
The goose is really swinging, and the road by the lake is well built
At night in Dangkou Ancient Town, lights, colorful umbrellas, street shops, tourists shuttle
Song Dynasty, Qingbai Yuqiang
Song Dynasty, Qingyuhu
In the Song Dynasty, the four-patterned diamond mirror was unearthed by the Changshu Tang Brigade in 1974
Bronze seal of the Song Dynasty \"Yanglian Scholar\". Cultivating honesty means cultivating and maintaining the virtue of integrity. Sikong of the Tang Dynasty wrote the \"Imperial Lieutenant Langya Prince Hezhongsheng Ancestral Stele\" with the text \"All can persuade courage, thrift and integrity.\" โ€
Hole Bay of Eighteen Bays
Today\'s sunset
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Oh my God, such a big amount of water
Diet of gout patients
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1. Digging mud
Second, medium dry mud
3. Medium wet mud
Fourth, make blanks
5. Draw flower bottles
6. Glazing
7. Furnace
8. Put into the furnace
Flow chart of ancient porcelain making
Fountain lights
Eat it hot, classic vanilla flavored ice cream. ๐Ÿ˜€
Naturally grown melon, no pollution
The flood came home. ๐Ÿ˜‚
NDS \"Simple DS Series-Vol24-THE Chariot\" clearance save download, load instant save, final boss burning, final mission completed, watch the ending
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Zhongyong\'s tombstone. He was the 18th grandson of the Yellow Emperor and the second son of Gu Gong, the leader of the Qishan Zhou clan in Shaanxi. In order to make their father\'s wish to destroy the merchants, Zhongyong and his brother Taibo let the kingdom run south and settled in Wuxi and Changshu to establish the Gouwu Kingdom.
Wang Shigu Memorial Hall. Wang Yi (April 10, 1632 โ€“ November 15, 1717), also known as Shigu, was a cultivator, a woodcutter, a native of Wumushan, and an old man of Qinghui. Famous painter of the Qing Dynasty. His paintings are mainly landscapes, and together with Wang Shimin, Wang Jian and Wang Yuanqi, he is known as the landscape painter \"Four Kings\".
Yushan Zoo, admission 30
Sunset building, this stone table is a little interesting
Qinchuan Bridge, the scenery of the small river in the ancient town
Square Pagoda Garden, a nine-story square pagoda with a tengu as the background. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
The big bell in the garden, the century of the bell
Typical Suzhou garden, Ask Quan Tang
An old tree in the garden, I don\'t know it\'s hundreds of years old
Southern Dynasty Stone Dragon: Located in Dianshan Mountain, Fushan Town, it is a relic of the Daci Temple of the Southern Dynasty, and plays the role of a tide in the town
Gardens, rockeries, waterfalls
The \"Heavenly Mirror\" stone carving was originally one of the ten scenes of Chengbi Mountain Villa outside the north gate of Changshu, and the ancients believed that using the sky as a mirror could observe the various changes of the world and vicissitudes
Willow River, good to chill. ๐Ÿ˜
On the way back, the sky was covered with clouds, and it looked like it was going to rain. ๐Ÿ˜ข
Changshu historical building, Jiaotong Street strong house, built in Mingguo, sitting west facing east
Ancient painting, I don\'t know if it is a real work or a fake
If you want to go to Changshu Ancient City Wall Town Haitai, you need 30 yuan to buy tickets
Yushan Park Yingshan Lake
This car is unloading. ๐Ÿ‘€
The handmade labor work of a certain elementary school student in the cultural and sports hall looks presentable. ๐Ÿ˜
Zhongyongzhi water reclamation relief
A rockery waterfall in Yushan Park
Changshu Museum, Yushan Park, Square Pagoda Garden Day Tour. Sightseeing: Zhongyong Tomb, Yanzi Tomb, Wang Shigu Memorial Hall, Yushan Zoo, Changshu Ancient City Wall Zhenhaitai, Wenquan Hall, Lian Guan Hall, Changshu Hall of Fame, Inscription Museum. ๐Ÿค—
Posthumous photo of Changshu No.1 Department Store. ๐Ÿ˜‚
At the main entrance of Changshu Museum, you can enter with a scan of your ID card
Schematic map of Changshu ancient city
Holographic intelligent gesture interactive display cabinet, can be zoomed in and out, rotated according to gestures. What a fancy thing. ๐Ÿ˜„
Cultural relics unearthed in Qiandi Port and Luodun
This artifact is very similar to the big mouth bowl I use for eating. ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Unearthed ancient coins and copper mirrors
I don\'t know what kind of Buddha statue it is
Four treasures of the literary room, long scrolls of calligraphy and painting
Zizhi Tongjian, a print of the Qing Dynasty
It looks like an ancient landscape painting
The Spirit of Life, 75
A large cloud of fire
Fantastic sky
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On Tuesday, August 1st, Changshu Yushan Park, Yanzi Tomb, Changshu Museum, Fangta Garden leisure hiking. The whole 6 kilometers climb about 50 meters, and meet at Changshu Yushan Park Bus Station at 9 am. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
Yushan Gate, located in the east ridge of Yushan, is built in the mountains. During the Ming Jiajing period, in order to resist the attack of the Wokou, it was built of double-sided city bricks, and the bottom was granite, which was one of the seven city passes in ancient Changshu, known as the \"Little Great Wall of Jiangnan\".
Emperor Head Stone? Is that what it reads?
Weimo Stone House, Daguan Jiang Haihe, Jie Composition Song Liang Yu
The beast is a mythical beast in ancient Chinese mythology and legend. The large ones are like cows, the small ones are like sheep, similar to unicorns, with thick dark hair all over the body, bright and spirited eyes, and usually a horn on the forehead, commonly known as unicorns.
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After the rain, a lot of small mushrooms grow, I don\'t know if I can eat them. ๐Ÿ˜€
Beautiful sunset
Wuxi Huishan Sanmao Two Maotou Maofeng, Huishan Ancient Town, Jichang Garden, Huishan Ancient Temple, Museum Day Tour. ๐Ÿค—
Huishan Station
Qin Guan Tomb, Qin Longtu Tomb
The couplet of Sanmaoyungong, multiple words superimposed, mixed together, a little interesting
Wuxi Baiyun Temple, the left is about the second master, the right side does not know what to do, and in the middle is the Taoist Sanqing
Huishan Mountain overlooks Wuxi City
Huishan Scenic Area, cable car
Hyeshan Welcome Pine
Huang Gongjian, also known as Chunshen Jian
Chinese Rhododendron Garden
Isn\'t the site of Xishan Shidun just a platform ๐Ÿ˜‚
Kowloon Wall
Xishan ancestors, ancient cultural sites
Xishan Longguang Tower
Xishan Longguang Temple
Tabor Temple, supreme virtue
The second spring in the world
The carp raised in the spring water is so fat, and the tourists throw too much food. ๐Ÿ˜„
A turtle stands motionless in the spring water
Huishan Temple is as big as it comes
Huishan Temple has free supply of Buddha tea, I don\'t know if I can become a Buddha ๐Ÿ˜‚ after drinking it, but it is very thirsty
A thousand hands and a thousand eyes Guanyin, a lot of hands, the eyes of the number are spent. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Costumed beauty with modern camera, can she play? ๐Ÿค“
Stone feast
Folk crafts, zodiac signs
Ancient town garden pool
This photo is so old, workers are building roads with stone mills
Wuxi Museum
Ancient Wuxi temple fair model
Wuxi County Ya model
Ancient musical instruments unearthed archaeologically
Ancient weapons unearthed by archaeology, bronze swords, gorges, spears, arrows
Ancient musical instrument, bronze chimes
Liangzhu culture, jade ring, jade bracelet
Liangzhu culture, stone sickle, stone knife, earth breaker
Model of the scene of the life of the ancients
Model of the ancient land reclamation scene
A copper mirror used by the ancients
Taihu Lake fishermen\'s tools
Ancient religions
Farming culture in ancient times
The method of measuring land in ancient times
Ancient cloth shop
Wuxi color sculpture, clay man
Textile machines of the last century
Wuxi Huishan Sanmao Two Maotou Maofeng, Huishan Ancient Town, Jichang Garden, Huishan Ancient Temple, Museum Day Tour, Route Track
City, white clouds, blue sky. It\'s like an oil painting
Blue skies and white clouds, planes pass by, start a beautiful day. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, etc., all risks need to be borne by yourself. Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warnings, disclaimers. [4]
On Sunday, July 30, Wuxi Linshun Ancient Road started, climbed about 400 meters for 12 kilometers, and met at Lujiang Bus Station at 9 a.m. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
Healthy and nutritious meal walked, pumpkin lean porridge. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Taobao bought a box of bananas, the seller actually sent China Post slow delivery, sent it for three days to arrive, did not send the delivery address when it arrived, put it to the Cainiao Station without authorization, and put it for another three days, the weather was hot, and the result was rotten like this. The post is really too garbage, contact the seller, shirk responsibility, fresh fruit sent to the postal slow delivery, and not the first time to send the buyer\'s delivery address, there is nothing to say. ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก ๐Ÿ˜ก
Four girls mountain, torrential rain torrent, my God, the car directly washed away. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Typhoon \"Du Surui\" made landfall along the coast of the Jinjiang River in Fujian. ๐Ÿ˜ถ
The roof was about to be blown off ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
The trees were all blown down, and the cars were blown away. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The big trees were messy in the wind, and they were crooked. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Nanyue Hengshan, climbed to the top
Curious clouds. ๐Ÿ˜„
Little squirrels were photographed in the park
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The little squirrel is eating, cute, as if it is food thrown by humans
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Huishan Sanmaofeng Yunlong stone check-in
At the rush hour of work, the electric car was hit again, and the ground was full of debris, and the person was sitting on the ground, not knowing what the injury was
The Spirit of Life, 74
Stinky tofu fried edamame, definitely rice. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Stir-fried with chili, but I can\'t eat this chili, so I eat a spicy taste. ๐Ÿ˜‚
On Saturday, July 29th, Wuxi Huishan crosses Sanmao, Ermao, Toumao check-in, travels to Changyuan, Huishan Ancient Town, Chunshen River to see the waterfall and play in the water, the whole 12 kilometers climb about 350 meters, lead road meals, in the afternoon visit Wuxi Art Museum, museum, see Qingming Bridge Ancient Canal Scenic Area, visit Chong\'an Temple. Meet at Qianqiao subway station at 7:30 a.m. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, etc., all risks need to be borne by yourself. Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warnings, disclaimers. [3]
Sanmaoyun Palace
Hyesan TV Tower
Huishan Ancient Town Chunshen Stream
Wuxi Museum appointment method 1: log in to the official website [!toIndex] to make an appointment or make an on-site appointment, and collect the ticket with your ID card; Method 2: Make an appointment with the Lingxi APP, open the Lingxi APP to search for the museum, enter the reservation interface, and enter the museum with the Lingxi code brush gate.
NDS \"Three Kingdoms DS2\" self-built monarch clearance archive download
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Yixing Tongguan Mountain, Nanyue Temple, Qinhu, Sunan Sichuan-Tibet Line, Dinghu, River Tracing Water Line. ๐Ÿค—
Tongguan Mountain Qin Lake
The mountains are continuous and majestic
A dangerous place, a place where soldiers must fight. ๐Ÿ˜„
Traffic cave, very cool inside, good place to cool off in summer. ๐Ÿ˜
Yixing version of Sichuan-Tibet Line
Tongguan Mountain Ding Lake is actually a large reservoir that generates electricity
Seeing the stream, it\'s steep here
Clear mountain springs flowing slowly
I accidentally slipped under my feet, completely lying flat, this time it was all wet, and the mountain spring was cool. ๐Ÿ˜‚
A jungle crocodile suddenly ran out, and everyone flashed. ๐Ÿ˜œ
Tracing the river and walking up
Cross mountains and creeks
Tongguan Mountain version of the Kawazo Line
Sunan Fan Li Bridge, unique shape
Yixing Tongguan Mountain, Nanyue Temple, Qinhu, Sunan Sichuan-Tibet Line, Dinghu, River tracing and waterline track
Summer, lotus ponds, dragonflies
I haven\'t been to Yanfeng Park for a long time. It was when I was a child when I was studying. People have been killed there before. ๐Ÿ˜ถ
List of diet meals
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On Tuesday, July 25, Yixing Tongguan Mountain traced the river to play in the waterfall, watching the waterfall line, and climbed about 500 meters for 13 kilometers. Meeting Point 1: 7 a.m. Dongjeong subway station. Meeting point 2: 9 a.m. Yixing Nanyue Temple. Transportation can be by car or carpool, and the carpool fee is AA. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, etc., all risks need to be borne by yourself. [6] Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warning, disclaimer, QQ group number: 759703903
Is this thing Ganoderma lucidum? Looks full of like
Take a healthy meal casually
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Good weather to see the sunset ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Under this rain, the road has become a swimming pool, and the cars on the side of the road have been flooded. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link: [12]
Changshu Yushan, flash flood erupted. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
The Art of Mushrooms, 49
The Spirit of Life, 73
Beat a soy milk, 3 yuan a small bag is too expensive ๐Ÿ˜„
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Wuxi Roaring Mountain Cuiping Mountain East Suburb Chalin River tracing to see the waterfall waterline trajectory map
After the heavy rains, the road became a waterway. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The water here is so strong, a few children are playing in the water, and the parents are not around, which is quite dangerous. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Approaching the lotus pond, look at the Roaring Mountain in the distance. ๐Ÿ˜€
Watermill lotus pond
Standing in the stream, look down
Cuiping Mountain View Area in the river
Roaring Mountain traces the waterway, there are many stones, not too slippery, and it is a little difficult to go all the way up. ๐Ÿ˜„
From the eastern suburbs of the tea forest, here steps up the water curtain
Wuxi Roaring Mountain, Cuiping Mountain, tea forest in the eastern suburbs, river tracing, waterfalls, water play. ๐Ÿค—
DraStic emulator download, compressed package in volumes[1]
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The metro stations were flooded
NDS \"Hypocritical Wheel Dance\" clearance save download, this game has a unique combat mode, travel route through the enemy battle
Go to Wuxi East Railway Station to trace the river, and there is a free waterfall to see. ๐Ÿ˜…
Under this heavy rain, the snakes and snakes were washed up on the road. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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DraStic emulator download, compressed package in volume[2]
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One foot in the wave
NDS \"Ward 2\" clearance save download, after loading the instant save, walk to a place that looks like a mirror, and the horror animation behind please watch by yourself. ๐Ÿ˜…
The Spirit of Life, 72
It\'s nice in the mountains
I met a pheasant family on Line A, and it seemed that they were frightened by us and were strung everywhere. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Large mushrooms after the rain, just look, do not dare to eat for fear of poison. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Boy Scout Wooden Bridge. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Tropical jungle adventure, plunged into swampy mud. ๐Ÿ˜
Big stone by Taihu Lake
The shores of Taihu Lake are rich in water and grass
The body is light, and it passes in one fell swoop
Grab stones and wade through the water, and move ๐Ÿ˜ถ forward with difficulty
When I arrived at the shore of Taihu Lake, the water of Taihu Lake was turquoise
Walking on the tree-lined mountain road, the highest temperature today is about 32 degrees, and the wind in the mountains is cool and not too hot. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
On this side of the A line, many rest pavilions have been built along the way. ๐Ÿ‘
Recently, it has rained a lot, and the water level of the Happiness Reservoir has risen
Pass by an unknown lake
Go all the way up the mountain, enjoy the scenery along the way, and there are many strangely shaped large stones on the B line
The road up the mountain that was originally scheduled to go up the east mountain was blocked, and the road had to be cut up from elsewhere. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Taihu Lake Country Park, the stone is erected, and the park is still being built. ๐Ÿ˜‚
There hasn\'t been much rain lately, and the stream on the way up the mountain doesn\'t flow much
The inside of Baojie Mountain Park is lush
From Baojie Mountain Park, first take Line B around the back of Tangcheng, go up the mountain from Dongshantou, go south to Longwang Mountain, continue south to Xingfu Reservoir, from here take Line A to turn back to Line A Section 1, and then go down to Taihu Lake and take Line C to Yutouzhu.
Wuxi Junshan Ancient Road ABC mixed through the ring line, there are mountains, waters, strange rocks and swamps. ๐Ÿค—
The flowers blooming on the trees, so beautiful
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Make some dumplings with pumpkin in the morning to eat. ๐Ÿ˜Š
The Spirit of Life, 71
On the night of July 12th, climb Wuxi Roaring Mountain Jiaoshan Roaring Rubber Ring Line and walk up. The whole 12 kilometers climbed about 400 meters, and gathered at the Roarshan Park Memorial Arch at 18:30. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
Arbutus tree in the Dragon Temple. ๐Ÿคค
The middle of the fourth section and five sections of the A line of the Junshan Ancient Road
Baojie Mountain Park
We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, etc., all risks need to be borne by yourself. [5] Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warning, disclaimer, QQ group number: 759703903
Huishan Sanmaofeng Yunlong stone check-in. ๐Ÿ˜„
Huishan scenery
On Tuesday, July 18, Wuxi Junshan Ancient Road A line walked, the whole 15 kilometers and 500 meters climbed about 500 meters, and at 9 a.m. Baojie Mountain Park met near the gate of Baojie Bridge. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
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Authentic roadside wildflowers ๐Ÿ˜‚
Be a loving man, Jesus is so thin. ๐Ÿ˜‚
This makes dog lovers see it and will go crazy. ๐Ÿ˜…
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NGC \"Fire Emblem - Trail of Flame\" clearance save download, start the game from the interruption, give the final boss the final blow, and then slowly watch the plot of the level.
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[Gigabyte-GA-F2A55M-S1] BIOS download for motherboard December 5, 2013
And small shells
3DMark05:13294 3DMark05_CPU:15805 3DMark06:7536 3DMark06_CPU:2858 3DMark Vantage:P5184 3DMark Vantage_GPU:5126 3DMark Vantage_CPU:5368 3DMark 11:P1360 3DMark 11_Graphics: 1248 3DMark 11_Physics: 2076 3DMark 11_ combined: 1623
CineBenchR20_CPU multithreading: 323 CineBenchR20_CPU single-threaded: --- PCMark04_CPU:N/A PCMark04_Memory:8290 PCMark04_Graphics:11254 PCMark05_CPU:8805 PCMark05_Memory:6219 PCMark05_Graphics:N/A PCMark 7:2237 3DMark03:19785 3DMark03_CPU:2282
CineBenchR11.5_OpenGL:[32bit:32.12][64bit:31.24] CineBenchR11.5_CPU multithreading: [32bit:1.70] [64bit:1.75] CineBenchR11.5_CPU single-threaded: [32bit:0.95] [64bit:0.98] CineBenchR15_OpenGL:33.46 CineBenchR15_CPU multithreading: 145 CineBenchR15_CPU single-threaded: 84
Eat yang mountain water peaches
The ice cream was eaten and the air conditioner was rubbed. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Is this little screw expensive?
[Gigabyte-GA-F2A55M-S1] motherboard, [AMD-A6-7400K] CPU, performance test data. Test Environment: Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Memory: 8G ddr3 1866MHz Two groups of dual channels, memory overclocked to 2133MHz CPU graphics type: AMD Radeon R5 Series (Kaveri) Test the default configuration after software installation
NDS \"Grand Strategy DS\" clearance record downloaded, loaded interrupted game, and finally occupied the green headquarters to clear the level.
Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link: [5]
NDS Dragon Quest 4 - The Guided People clears the save download, including in-game saves and instant saves.
Yunli Huishan, Yuzhong Ancient Town, Huishan Ancient Town
We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, etc., all risks need to be borne by yourself. [4] Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warning, disclaimer, QQ group number: 759703903
Sunsets and clouds go well together
Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link: [4]
On Sunday, July 16, Wuxi Huishan Butterfly Line, the whole 7 kilometers climbed about 600 meters, and met at Wuxi Shimen Road Huiqian Road Bus Station at 9 a.m. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค—
What a beautiful sunset
How bent and yellow ๐Ÿ˜‚ this cucumber is
Where did the little hedgehog come from
NDS \"Three Kingdoms DS\" self-built monarch unified archive download.
The little crazy team walked up. ๐Ÿค—
Night view of Jiaoshan Mountain
Roaring Mountain Bright Top Stone Lock, 101 pounds of stone lock lifted with one hand. ๐Ÿ˜
Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link: [3]
The small tomatoes went to buy less last time, and they were delicious ๐Ÿ˜„
Seafood dinner, a big pot of seafood ๐Ÿ˜‹
So sweet ๐Ÿ˜Š
Roar Mountain Bright Top to watch the sunset
We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, etc., all risks need to be borne by yourself. [3] Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warning, disclaimer, QQ group number: 759703903
Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link: [2]
Gather for tea
Stone carvings on cliff walls
The second general of Hun Ha in the Baoyan Temple. ๐Ÿ˜
The sound of streams and cicadas chirping
Water-linked caves
NDS \"Space Invaders 2\" high score clearance record download
The shells are pretty beautiful
Game model: Nintendo Dual screen Use the emulator: DraStic-Vr2.5.2.0a Operating system: Android - V4.2.2 Emulator download link:
Two streams converge into a whirlpool
The mountain road of Tianchi Mountain is quite narrow, how can the big fat man squeeze over. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Strange stone, seems to be an attraction
Although the mountain temple is small, there are fairies and spirits. ๐Ÿ˜„
The lake water of White Elephant Bay in the Wufeng Mountains is clear
Suddenly encountered the bank of Haitong, a little overwhelmed. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Shou Tao Lake, a moment Shou Peach embedded in the lake
On the way, it suddenly rained heavily, and the rainwater gathered into a stream on the mountain road. ๐Ÿ˜„
How wonderful it is to listen to the sounds of the mountains. ๐Ÿค—
Small abalone, very soft mollusks
Eat watermelon, it\'s so sweet ๐Ÿ˜‹
Rush to the sea
DraStic emulator download Analog: Nintendo Dual screen Version: r2.5.2.0a_build_101 Operating system: Android 4 Official Website:
NDS Sharjah 3 - Overlords of Time and Space clearance save download, including in-game saves and instant saves.
NGC Resident Evil 0 clearance save download, compressed package in volumes[1], including in-game saves and instant saves. Game model: Nintendo GameCube Use the emulator: Dolphin-5.0-15445 Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 Whether to use Goldfinger: Yes
[Share] [Black Face Scholar] Dolphin Emulator download [URL]
Dolphin Emulator download Analogues: Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo Wii Version: master-5.0-17995-x64 Official Website:
NGC \"Resident Evil 0\" clearance archive download, compressed package in volumes[2]
NGC \"Resident Evil 0\" practical goldfinger $ Rebecca left 023144D6 00000096 $Rebecca 1 item volume 0031ED4B 000000FF $Billy left 023146EA 000000FA $Billig 1 item quantity 0031ED6B 000000FF
PCMark05_CPU:4074 PCMark05_Memory:3498 PCMark05_Graphics:N/A 3DMark2000:4090 3DMark2000_CPU:N/A 3DMark2001:4352 3DMark03:1878 3DMark03_CPU:304 3DMark05:1358 3DMark05_CPU:2150 3DMark06:712 3DMark06_CPU:1317
CineBenchR11.5_OpenGL:--- CineBenchR11.5_CPU multithreading: 0.77 CineBenchR11.5_CPU single-threaded: 0.41 PCMark2002_CPU:N/A PCMark2002_Memory:N/A PCMark04_CPU:5214 PCMark04_Memory:4275 PCMark04_Graphics:1957
CineBench9.5_CPU single-threaded: 248 CineBench9.5_CPU multithreaded: 454 CineBench9.5_C4D shadows: 300 CineBench9.5_OpenGL Software: 573 CineBench9.5_OpenGL hardware: 692 CineBenchR10_CPU single-threaded: 1447 CineBenchR10_CPU multithreaded: 2647 CineBenchR10_OpenGL:727
[Soyo-I5G41-L-v8.0] motherboard, [Intel-Celeron-E1200] CPU, performance test data. Test Environment: Operating system: Windows XP SP3 Memory: 4G ddr3 1333MHz single Motherboard integrated graphics type: Intel GMA X4500 Test the default configuration after software installation
Not hard, just like eating a spherical smoothie, very refreshing
This table is also too green. ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Frozen red plums are delicious, a summer delicacy ๐Ÿ˜‹
Why is it raining so much, do you have to take a bath on the road? ๐Ÿ˜‚
Activity instructions: personal equipment, activity rules, risk warning, disclaimer, QQ group number: 759703903, please see the larger picture for details. [2]
On July 11, the daily Yushan Lianzhu Cave to see the waterfall, play in the water, take photos of the net red stone, and take a leisure tour of the Baoyan Scenic Area. The whole journey is 10 kilometers, climb about 300 meters, and meet at the bus stop of Changshu International Hotel (Yushan North Road) at 9 a.m. Life has a period, health is priceless, and it starts to go. ๐Ÿค— We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, etc., all risks need to be borne by yourself.
[1] QQ group number: 759703903
On July 10, Suzhou Dajiao Mountain, Wufeng Mountain, Tianchi Mountain, Tianping Mountain Ring Road started and walked, climbed about 500 meters for 12 kilometers, and gathered at 10 o\'clock in the morning in Suzhou Mudu Mountain. ๐Ÿค— We are free AA companions, outdoor activities have certain risks, please determine whether to participate, transportation, purchase outdoor insurance, all risks need to be borne by yourself.
Goldfinger I\'m coming, obedient, Sun Daxia is powerful. Wave your hand on it. ๐Ÿ˜„
Ouch, my mother, I\'m going to send a circle of friends, climbing so hard. ๐Ÿ˜‚
[ECS-A55F2-M4] motherboard factory BIOS download
3DMark05:9289 3DMark05_CPU:10510 3DMark06:5040 3DMark06_CPU:2085 3DMark Vantage:P2492 3DMark Vantage_GPU:2229 3DMark Vantage_CPU:3859 3DMark 11:P695 3DMark 11_Graphics: 627 3DMark 11_Physics: 1636 3DMark 11_ combined: 666
CineBenchR20_CPU multithreading: 207 CineBenchR20_CPU single-threaded: N/A PCMark04_CPU:N/A PCMark04_Memory:7422 PCMark04_Graphics:7343 PCMark05_CPU:6530 PCMark05_Memory:5312 PCMark05_Graphics:N/A PCMark 7:1817 3DMark03:15629 3DMark03_CPU:1497
CineBenchR11.5_OpenGL:[32bit:19.18][64bit:19.10] CineBenchR11.5_CPU multithreading: [32bit:1.19] [64bit:1.18] CineBenchR11.5_CPU single-threaded: [32bit:0.75] [64bit:0.82] CineBenchR15_OpenGL:16.07 CineBenchR15_CPU multithreading: 106 CineBenchR15_CPU single-threaded: 70
[ECS-A55F2-M4] motherboard, [AMD-A4-5300] CPU, performance test data. Test Environment: Operating system: Windows 7 SP1 64bit Memory: 8G ddr3 1866MHz two groups of dual channels CPU graphics type: AMD Radeon HD 7480D (Trinity) Test the default configuration after software installation
Peaches are on the market, or are peaches delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
The Art of Mushrooms, 48
Breakfast begins, bayberry juice with corn on the cob. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
And fish, sea bass. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Beautiful sunsets
There are no dogs for adoption. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Eat lunch. ๐Ÿ˜€
It\'s good to play in the water. ๐Ÿ˜„
Children are bitten ๐Ÿ˜ฑ by dogs, there are many dogs in the country, you must pay attention
Play well on the return journey and walk through the bamboo forest ๐Ÿค—
Raging waterfalls
Bamboo Grove Creek 3
The mobile phone takes photos and videos too often, the fever is terrible, put it in the stream to cool down ๐Ÿ˜‚
Listen to the sound of the stream
You guys have a good time ๐Ÿ˜
Bamboo Grove Creek 2
Dig up some mountain goods on the road ๐Ÿ˜‹
The first person in the military glue to trace the river, it is indeed a universal shoe, a weapon for marching and fighting ๐Ÿ˜†
Flowing streams
Bamboo Grove Creek 1
Pick up the scoop and Songkran ๐Ÿ˜„
The water here is quite fierce. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Everyone held hands with each other and waded through the water
At first, the current here was not very rapid
Yixing Tongguan Mountain traces the trajectory of the river loop, upstream from the stream, and then back
The original vow was too perfect Let the acacia turn to ashes Flowers are most precious when they bloom When the flowers fall, they wither Missed the flowering period and blamed whom Flowers need comfort
How many toasts to a lifetime in order not to get drunk How many times in a lifetime to get drunk In order not to be afraid of the dark The haggardness of the corners of my eyes No one can see it The original vow was too perfect It\'s like falling flowers
The north wind blows in the cold night No one can be comforted The original vow was too perfect Let the acacia turn to ashes The north wind blows in the cold night No one can be comforted
Falling Flowers (\"Beauty Heart Scheme\" TV series opening song) - Lin Xinru Words: Yu Zheng Qu: Xie Wen Flowers are most precious when they bloom When the flowers fall, they wither Missed the flowering period and blamed whom Flowers need comfort How many times to cry in a lifetime in order not to shed tears How many tears to shed in a lifetime in order not to be heartbroken The haggardness of the corners of my eyes No one can see it The original vow was too perfect It\'s like falling flowers The north wind blows in the cold night No one can be comforted The original vow was too perfect Let the acacia turn to ashes
On the way back, I bumped into a stray dog
Stone cave cold spring
Wild game after rain
Immortal Aunt Xiafan
Mountain springs rush down
Playing with the sudden encounter with the woman in white, is this a crossing ๐Ÿ˜‚
It\'s good ๐Ÿ˜„ to play in the water
Mountain spring small pool, under the water, the spring water is cold
Yushan River tracing
Small bridges and flowing water
Scroll in water
Thousands of troops rushed down and went straight into the mouth of the cave
Beauty and waterfall ๐Ÿ˜Ž
What a sneaky work
Finally saw Lianzhudong Waterfall, beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜„
Trickling streams
Yushan Ropeway
Small streams on the way
Yushan Gate Cave, quite shady
Yushan Middle Road walks, and there are buses shuttling back and forth
Pass by the Imperial Monument Pavilion
Go up the mountain from the entrance of the Yanzi Tomb
Changshu One Yuan Bus
The whole winding mountain road step road, rainy days can also walk, the trajectory of the trip
Changshu Yushan Lianzhu Cave to see waterfalls, play in water, trace rivers, take photos of net red stones, and visit leisure lines in Baoyan Scenic Area. ๐Ÿค—
Very well matched
Breakfast up and down ๐Ÿ˜„
Out of blue The teacher asked: What is the lower link of \"rich, willful\"? The student replied: \"No money, accept your life.\" The teacher is dumb! The teacher asked: \"Describe the married life of modern men in one sentence!\" Student: \"Married an ancestor and gave birth to a father!\" โ€ The teacher asked again: \"Why did ancient women wrap their feet?\" โ€ The student shouted, \"I\'m afraid they will go shopping.\" โ€ And the teacher asked, \"So why not wrap it now?\" Student: \"Now that I have Alipay, it is useless to wrap my feet.\" โ€ Teacher: \"Come on, come on, you lecture... ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜
Yushan Gate
It looks like a newly built boardwalk
Tired of climbing the steps, take a break
The action of taking pictures is so professional ha
Today, I found a doctor, after taking the pulse, suggested that I exercise more, do not buy drinks to drink, drink more boiled water, take more public transportation or walk, do not eat outside, try to be vegetarian, eat less meat and seafood. I nodded and asked him, what was wrong with me? The old Chinese medicine doctor said: \"The income is too low, the pressure is too great, it is not suitable for high consumption, and it will be hot as soon as you spend money!\" \"O ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜ divine doctor.\"
This angle is very thrilling, and it feels like the abyss below, but it is not much higher ๐Ÿ˜œ
Finally arrived at the net red stone, take pictures and take pictures. The action is so hi ๐Ÿ˜†
Traverse tree-lined paths
This hole was originally underwater, but now the water is dry, and you can go in and out from this end and there
The world\'s famous springs have also dried up
The sacred cow is playing in the water, what about the water? It didn\'t come at the right time, the water wasn\'t at home ๐Ÿ˜‚
Among the four heavenly kings of Xiaoyunqi Temple, the Western Guangmu Heavenly King and the Northern Duowen Heavenly King
The four heavenly kings of Xiaoyunqi Temple are the Eastern Holding Kingdom Heavenly King and the Southern Growth Heavenly King
Yushan itinerary trajectory
Changshu Yushan Baoyan Scenic Area Xiaoyunqi Temple tour, thrilling net red stone photos, through Yushan Gate, Yushan Park ๐Ÿค—
The Spirit of Life 70
Pure natural additive-free honey
Delicious peach, crisp and sweet ๐Ÿ˜‹
Very refreshing and put in the fridge
Wash well, box and put in the refrigerator
Red plums as big as ping pong, bite down, full of fresh juice, sweet don\'t want ๐Ÿ˜‹
A large area of wild red plum trees are ripe and a lot ๐Ÿ˜„ of them have been picked
The uncle was sturdy and could not catch up ๐Ÿ˜‚
Looking through the high-powered telescope, I have a strange feeling ๐Ÿค” when I look into the distance
After days of heavy rain, the water of Hushan Reservoir has been full, crystal clear, a good place ๐Ÿ˜„ to play in the water
Large areas of flowers and grass, some of the little bees are ๐Ÿ˜ƒ busy
Industrious little bee
Remains of ancient city walls
Longshan stone wall monuments
Wuxi Linglu Ancient City, Zhuangyuan Ancient Road, Eighteen Bay to see the sea, half-day leisure line. Ancient city ruins, Nanwan net red reservoir, table tennis red plum, unlimited quantity, eat until you can ๐Ÿค—
Look at the heavy rain on this day, return home, don\'t be photographed by the rain ๐Ÿ˜„
Is this thing poisonous ๐Ÿ˜…?
Journey trajectory of Linglu Ancient City, Zhuangyuan Ancient Road, and Eighteen Bays
After the cured fish is eaten, there is also some bacon
A little sour, a little fruit before going to bed. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Boss, come bowl of ravioli! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
I still eat a little bacon, and I don\'t eat much bacon
Tired, Shu Xiaoxuan took a break and went home after the tour
This Rong Zongjin doesn\'t know where it comes from
Yokoyama Nian Pagoda
Colorful flower fields, it seems that it is not the right time, there are no flowers. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Hengshan Scenic Area Dutch Square
Bodhi Dojo
The big bell in Kaihara Temple
There is a gossip map at the top of the mountain
Opposite is Hyeshan
From Shunke Mountain Panshan Road up the mountain, the wild road down the mountain through Taihu College, into the plum garden, the route track
Wuxi Shunke Mountain, Taihu College, Plum Garden Day Tour ๐Ÿค—
Stroke trajectory
On the way, I met a big snail in Yushan, and I could see that he was in a hurry
Lianzhu Cave, don\'t have a hole
Writing carved into stone walls
Changshu Yushan Rainy Day Plank Road Leisure Line, starting from Yushan People\'s Park, passing through Feihanshi, Lianzhu Cave and several sections of wooden plank roads, ending at Butterfly Lake and Weng Xianfeng Tomb. ๐Ÿค—
Boiled bayberry juice, refrigerate and drink slowly. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Rinse well, bubble in salt water and prepare to boil bayberry juice
The bayberry that is almost out of season has a fairly high protein content. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Feng takes back home. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
The uncle stretched out his hand to straighten up
The eldest sister climbed the tree so well, and the bayberry on the treetop tip was full of light and sweet. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
It\'s so dragging. ๐Ÿ˜
Everyone picked a lot and gained a lot
The uncle\'s action of picking bayberry is very professional and serious. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
The last late-ripening wild bayberry tree of the year began to be harvested. ๐Ÿค—
Moon Bay
In the morning, the sky cleared and the mountain began ๐Ÿ˜
Clear blue butterfly lake
Wuxi Guanshan Mountain Harvesting Wild Arbutus. ๐Ÿค—
Cucumbers are also peeled, not too delicate ๐Ÿ˜Ž
This intestine is too difficult to wash, after washing it three times, it still smells. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Boil plum soup
Suzhou Shushan Modao rope rock climbing, Emerald Lake photography, Desperate Valley cave viewing, wooden plank road eating bayberry, Gouwu Pavilion tour. ๐Ÿค—
The legendary ping-pong bayberry. ๐Ÿ˜…
Picked some bayberry and packed it, put it in the refrigerator and ate it slowly. ๐Ÿคค
Tired of climbing, take a leisurely tour of Gowu Pavilion. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Bayberry red and drooling ๐Ÿ˜‹
Pick a box of wild bayberry and eat it slowly in the refrigerator. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Internet celebrity check-in point, rainbow ladder
What a large tea plantation, beautiful mountains and waters
Finally found a large area of late-ripening wild bayberry trees, ripe red black in the red, you are welcome, open to eat. ๐Ÿคค
This is the bunker right, the lid has been lifted, and the crown is on the top of the hill
I came across a fierce beetle, opened its teeth and claws, blocked the road, and bit my shoes. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Zhenwu Xinggong, the door is locked, the right window is unlocked, peeping in
A few precocious wild bayberry trees, already overripe and rotten on the ground. ๐Ÿ˜‘
Pass by a tea plantation
On Pengjia Mountain, it looks like the dilapidated remains of a bunker
Line trajectories
Wuxi Guanshan eats bayberry line. ๐Ÿค— , from the side of Pengjia Mountain up the mountain, to Shengziling, there are several wild bayberry trees and plum trees, precocious, today has passed. Passing through the Erguan Mountain to the Guanshan Mountain, there is a large area of late-ripening wild bayberry trees, which are just ripe and have eaten today. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Beautiful early morning
Sam\'s preserved eggs are delicious and fine, they are expensive ๐Ÿ˜‘
Ate a rice dumpling, can\'t eat. ๐Ÿ˜‚
So many holes, I don\'t know what\'s in it
Don\'t dare to go down. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The emerald lake is turquoise and beautiful โค๏ธ
This mountain is quite dangerous
Bare, not a single branch to grasp ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Suzhou Shushan Magic Road Loop Track
It\'s so sweet, I ate a few, so full, I don\'t have to eat dinner. ๐Ÿ˜
Yixing Wushi Ancient Road to Changxing Golden Finger Line Track
The viewing cave has a peculiar shape
June 7, 2023 Yixing Wushi Ancient Road, Changxing Golden Finger Day Tour. ๐Ÿค— Wushi Ancient Road is located in Longshan Laowu Mountain, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, starting from here to go up the mountain, crossing the provincial border into Xinchuan Village, Changxing County, Huzhou, Zhejiang Province to visit attractions such as Goldfinger.
On the way back, pass the Zhuliangan Ancient Road
At the destination, the legendary Goldfinger turned out to be called the Hand of Hope. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Red Ancient Road, Dishuikan, Dongshan Ancient Road
By Changxing, the Red Army was talking to the people about something, and there was a mountain cannon next to it
Good clear spring water
It\'s a big rock, it\'s quite tiring to climb up. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The bamboo forest has a path up the mountain, which is a bit steep. ๐Ÿ˜
Step onto the Dock Stone Trail
Deep bamboo forest
Yesterday\'s shrimp head burned a tofu A is a brute spirit, it\'s a pity to throw it away
In summer, bamboo chairs are cool, and many elderly people buy them
This little taste is quite Ness ๐Ÿ˜‹
This chicken is quite appetizing ๐Ÿ˜‹
The home is too small, there is no place to put it, and I like to play this and puzzle the most
Eat two mouthfuls of watermelon and hold it to death ๐Ÿ˜‚
Good and beautiful Guangji roast
It\'s been more than a week, and the repair is not bad ๐Ÿ˜Š
Listen to thirty-six rice dumplings
Get some chili, get some minced garlic, get some green, and pull it
One person and one dog, rare to be clean
This lychee is naturally ripe
Is there anything more delicious than this?
Boil the shrimp again
Five white soup, can it turn white after drinking. ๐Ÿ˜
Shrimp head tomorrow to burn tofu
I still want to treasure egg yolk dumplings tomorrow, these duck eggs are still available
The pig\'s tail that the old lady made was waiting for me to eat
It\'s so bad to eat, I can\'t cook it ๐Ÿ˜ข
What a big lychee, so much ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
When I was a child, I put salted duck eggs on my neck ๐Ÿ˜‚
Pig\'s blood peach, so sweet. ๐Ÿ˜Š
I ate simple, char siu cherry tomatoes cucumber
It\'s going to kill today ๐Ÿ˜‡
An ice cream of joy
When is this wine closed ๐Ÿ˜‚
A pair of young people dropped a few mandarin fish.
Sauerkraut black fish, mountain wild vegetables, all hard vegetables
Every day, the head is green, and the bottom of this bowl of noodles must be licked clean ๐Ÿ˜
I haven\'t eaten this thing for a long time, and the sweet potato chips are super delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Eight treasure rice, three people can\'t finish eating
Changning peaches, 4 yuan a pound, it seems that this year\'s fruit harvest is bumper
The chili pepper bought in the morning was just right. ๐Ÿ˜‹
The best dish is fish ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Eat fruit to come ๐Ÿ˜‹
Stir-fried dried bamboo shoots
Hands-on today ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Eat slices of sweet potato chips
Qidong specialties
The coat of the White Lady ๐Ÿ˜
Good knife skills
Look at Luo Han Song
This fish glue is expensive
If you want to live a decent life, you need to put some green on his head. ๐Ÿ˜„
Just now my mother made soup and ate a bowl, and I had no appetite ๐Ÿ˜‘
This sea cucumber has been bought for a long time, and I haven\'t eaten it and have no time to soak it
I haven\'t grown up much, I\'ve been soaking for 18 hours ๐Ÿ˜”
There is still so much to eat. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Jiangxi beef rice noodles
Two dark meals a day ๐Ÿ˜‚
The small fish are dried just right, and they can\'t afford to eat the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, so they can only go down to the river to catch fish and touch shrimp
Not bad, did you write it?
The jade version of the thirteen lines and the Lingfei Sutra written by Xiaokai
In the countryside crooked soil, soil vegetables are bubbling, and there is a lot of soil
Pig\'s foot ginger, nourishing yin and yang, the best thing in this is eggs
A new type of professional farmer
Dumplings should be eaten hot, and women should marry fat ones ๐Ÿ˜
I feel very happy to go into the house and have food ๐Ÿ˜Š
Who wants to have breakfast with me? I can divide him in half, fish head meal. ๐Ÿ˜˜
Blueberries are not delicious at all
I am a real farmer, I have been staying in the countryside, and I have a farmer certificate ๐Ÿ˜‚
Back again, climbing the mountain to see the azaleas
The bamboo shoots with a little yellow are the most tender time
After finishing the calf, I drank too much wine last night, I had no appetite at all, and I couldn\'t eat
Raise a pot, worth more than 3 million
Look at the freshness ๐Ÿ˜‹
Prepare to turn these into dried flowers, leave it for a month to dry, and dry naturally
Sweet potato leaves are eaten, moisturizing and laxative. If you cut your tail, you won\'t have to eat it no matter how old you are. After picking so much, I will be afraid next time others see me. ๐Ÿ˜
Mulberries ate too much when they were children and didn\'t like to eat much
A person drinks tea and eats dried fruit
All of them are oily and pot-bellied, all of them are some corrupt officials, the fourth bottle ๐Ÿ˜‚
Militia speedboats
The Spirit of Life, 69
Discover a squad
Eat big meat, and have the strength to climb the martial arts mountain. ๐Ÿค—
A few stir-frying dishes has a sense of ritual. ๐Ÿ˜
The rice is leftover from yesterday, steam the shrimp and stir-fry some greens
The climb was rotten by tree branches. ๐Ÿ˜“
Outdoor picnic eating instant noodles is not good
Eat boxed lunches, ๐Ÿ˜‚ life is full of sunshine
The rice of the two pieces of Wuyi also has several pieces of meat ๐Ÿ˜
I ordered a lobster set meal last night, and I couldn\'t finish eating, and the owner said that I could take it if I couldn\'t finish eating... I was sad for a while, and I looked back but couldn\'t find anyone waiting for me to leave work.
Cow poop insects stink, longhorn beetle, are pests. Eating my family\'s fig tree ๐Ÿ˜ข
The egg liquid is thinned, sister, now the egg cake is also rolled like this ๐Ÿค”
The Spirit of Life, 68
This hollow vegetable stir-fry can
Food in this factory is possible
Check the battery car, the traffic police pay bonuses, and the whole of Hunan is checking
Originally, it was better to use lean meat, but my mother sent chicken soup and added a snow pear pot directly
There are many hookworms in yellow eels, and I also liked to eat yellow eels before, I killed them once, and I will never eat them again
My friend raised it and grew well, but I don\'t like this breed
Watch others fishing
Succulent flowers
This dish is passionate and very scary ๐Ÿ˜‚
Secretly photograph a beauty. ๐Ÿ˜œ
The colors are not bright enough
When I ate, I just shouted. ๐Ÿ˜
Fried wild yellow eel, this small wild one hundred and one pound
All are tens of millions of villas
Nearly 30,000 people climbed last night
High-grade ingredients stuffed morels, less oil and less salt, no peppers
Moving bricks and changing equipment, blind tossing
Finished product. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Stand on the balcony and watch the sunrise
Make tabletop stewed meat today
How to wash the oil black on it
It\'s all from many years ago. Various packages, from 20-70 liters, one per 10 liters. Knee pads up the hill are not the same as knee pads down the mountain
Shoot during the day and look at night
The creeper, let it climb all over the wall, ๐Ÿ˜€ can insulate and beautify the house
Climb Mount Tarzan for the return journey
The Spirit of Life, 67
If you do too much, you can\'t finish eating ๐Ÿ˜…
Drink the northwest wind, drink full at once ๐Ÿ˜œ
Succulents look good
Gemstones are looking through to see perfection, water head
Stuff the chicken into the pork belly, seal it, blanch the water, and then stew until the pork belly can be punctured with chopsticks, turn off the heat, take it out, cut it into pieces, put it in the soup, and add seasoning
The city is the house, the countryside is the home, this is what many rural people say. ๐Ÿ˜‘
Summer is coming, you can wear jade
Drain this bottle that has been treasured for more than twenty years tonight ๐Ÿ˜‹
The car keys fell into the water and decayed ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Pork carrot dumplings, so delicious, steamed eight, ready to eat two, and ended up eating them all
I specially make mugwort leaf dumplings, mugwort leaves plus glutinous rice flour and sticky rice flour
Knife cut blue bag, sour appetizing
Appetizer sour, this one is delicious, sweet and sour ๐Ÿ˜‹
The first time I made sauerkraut fish, it seems that the appearance is okay. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Come and come, just stir-fried noodles ๐Ÿ˜‹
The fish fillet made by the mother, this dish looks clean
Mustard greens, stir-fried with lard delicious
Good food today, plus a big apple
Often take the cubs to pick, that is, there are too many thorns
The neighborhood sent delicious and beautiful
Picked up the rags and came back, today\'s harvest is good, there should be 10 yuan ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Coffin trees, those over 50 years old can apply ๐Ÿ˜
Pepper seedlings
Children are really funny, and the energy does not know how to be so good
Steamed fish cha rice ๐Ÿ˜‹
Eat fried dumplings, dumplings wrapped well, crescent dumplings and comb dumplings I am good at
These are all wild fruits that I loved to eat in childhood
Braised chicken feet in sauce
Found black wood inside. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Prickly mold is delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
I didn\'t have time to eat it in the morning
I heard the boss say that it was a complete soup ๐Ÿ˜œ
Eat breakfast
The Spirit of Life, 66 ๐ŸŒน
Where has this car been parked for more than half a year, cool crooked, such a big bed ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Picking mugwort leaves is so difficult to clean up
Vegetable market mugwort leaves 3 yuan a pound
Fishing in Taihu Lake last night
Purple eggplant is also delicious this way ๐Ÿ˜‹
Someone else\'s weight loss meal ๐Ÿ˜
My parents don\'t eat this anymore
The Spirit of Life, 66
Take care of flowers and plants in the morning
Lotus\'s love egg
The fried screws are well eaten ๐Ÿ˜‹
The Spirit of Life, 65
This thing, Xiao Hei caught it just now, a bit like a water monkey
Yangzhou fried rice is delicious, no green onion, nor completely fried ingredients into granules, cooking skills need to be improved
Weight Loss Dinner ๐Ÿ˜Š
The strawberries I bought are okay, 15 pounds, and the vegetable farm grows them themselves
The Spirit of Life 64
I don\'t know how to do this
Fried Lantern Festival is delicious, my mother fried it, fried it can be cooked ๐Ÿ˜Š
Qi Dong skewers
Today\'s beef stir-fried specialty ๐Ÿ˜‹
Eat crab porridge, that\'s nightlife
Stir-fried bacon with turnips
Rich and strong: the country is rich and the people are poor. Democracy: semi-feudal, half-capital. Civilization: high-rise buildings, suits and leather shoes. Harmony: Eliminate all discordant sounds. Freedom: It\'s just a joke. Equality: Still a joke. Justice: When I say white is white, and when I say black is black, I ask you if you are convinced. Rule of law: red-headed documents above all else. Patriotism: It means loving the party. Dedicated: 996-๏ผž715. Integrity: If the money is more, it must be returned, and it is not responsible for leaving the cabinet. Friendliness: Only fines are fine and no points are deducted
Two dishes for two people
The Spirit of Life 63
Show food, Changning chestnut steamed chicken
Nanyue Hengshan Zhurong Peak
Soilless cultivation, no need to buy vegetables. ๐Ÿ˜
Here are 10 pieces of poro, 15 bananas, and 3 apples
Scorched on the outside and tender on the inside, white and red on the inside
I ate it yesterday, it was sweet and sweet, it was ok ๐Ÿ˜‹
Good oil, no oil and no taste, Qidong people like to eat ๐Ÿ˜‚
I really served my mother\'s sea bowl of cabbage moss ๐Ÿ˜‘
Today, this dried bean is just right, dipped in a cold garlic soup ๐Ÿ˜‹
Sichuan pickles
Beer and New Year red envelopes issued by the company
4 sweet potatoes for 8 bucks, 2 bucks a piece
Today, I went to eat a banquet, a big lobster, every festival to gain three pounds, eat enough and then lose weight. ๐Ÿ˜…
Grandpa Mao in the pocket forgot to take it out and was almost washed to pieces ๐Ÿ˜‚
Yesterday I helped my neighbor make a day\'s stew ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Walnuts are only 18, five-spice
Sea bass, grass carp bubbles, generally can\'t be bought, I don\'t eat silver carp miscellaneous
The Spirit of Life, 62
Black pig\'s feet bought, 22 pounds
May Day Market, 45 pistachios are pretty good
Standard for the poor, old godmother bibimbap. ๐Ÿ˜…
So many sweets, Tanse
Congressmen\'s cafeteria
Sausages, which may be original, should be cut out to see
The noodles are better than rice, I can eat a large bowl of noodles, eat a small bowl, and eat it all well ๐Ÿ˜
I\'m busy with New Year\'s goods ๐Ÿ˜Š
Entering the United States, I saw the White House and McKinsey today
Is this cabbage or flower??
How is this pickle
My yakisoba is much better than the ones in the outside shop, and I feel like I don\'t have a part-time job and can go back to selling breakfast. ๐Ÿ˜
Cheese sticks, no wonder children like to eat, sour, milk taste delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Gatling 180 ๐Ÿ˜
Reservoir fish, when the time comes, the family will be divided into two
Looks so hungry ๐Ÿ˜‹
This packaged fish does not know how long it will survive
Prepare New Year goods
Clear soup noodles, no way, the salary of 1800 can only eat this. ๐Ÿ˜‚
And dumplings
abalone ๐Ÿ˜
I bought Gatling and watched the Spring Festival Gala be released that night
delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
It\'s really a limited level
I\'m only interested in food right now, and I can eat whatever I want ๐Ÿ˜‹
Appetizer screws, I like this stir-fry, not afraid of spicy ones just stir-fried ๐Ÿ˜
Red raspberries, sparkling wine tastes good
Foreigners have 4 days off, and we Chinese only take 2 days off to make money ๐Ÿ˜ข
This Gatling is popular this year
I filmed it in the emergency room of Tongren Hospital, and I was crowded like this every day without a foothold
Promotes physical recovery
Dried wild loquats
Today\'s pot of rice, a pot of goat soup ๐Ÿ˜‹
Wild loquat, put some rock sugar and boil together, cough and phlegm
Practice your words in the morning
Yesterday\'s stinky tofu was not finished, packed a piece to go home, and eat it again today ๐Ÿ˜
The roast duck is bought, and the following side dishes are made by themselves
Made bacon
A whole bowl of vermicelli, a few skewers ๐Ÿ˜‹
Eat sugar cane, moisten your throat
Orange 3 pieces 5 pounds, buy a little more, supplement vitamin C
The winter solstice is about to eat the winter solstice pill, add brown sugar, and grow a year older
The Spirit of Life, 61
The shrimp I bought today is so big
Grilled pork belly with steamed buns
This part is delicious, and it feels like mussel ๐Ÿ˜‚
Complete a painting
Seven oranges so little ๐Ÿค”
This fan is good, and the hot pot is constant
The steamed bun is fried, and it is simply another meal
Belly wrapped meat ready to eat tomorrow
Yang, at the moment my appetite has no effect, experts say that I can eat as much as possible ๐Ÿ˜‹
Firewood baking, just right, 58 pounds
After eating the halitosis tube for a day, the zombies all retreated when they saw it. ๐Ÿ˜
Worm with broken legs
Calcium supplementation, three vitamins
Marined bacon ribs
Come, come, come, the steamed bun tube is full, and then some porridge dried radish ๐Ÿ˜
I just steamed a steamed bun, one roasted, three dumplings, an egg, and three pieces of cinnamon in it
This Anhui friend is a little talented
I went to Anzhen two days ago to shoot, and they said that they would all be Condor heroes in the future. The streets are full of Yang Guo, Yang Kang, Wang Chongyang ๐Ÿ˜‚
This chicken is really good enough, kill the chicken for eggs
I started packing lunch today and went back to the office ๐Ÿ˜‚
A pot of boiling water bubble powder and microwave the rib soup. Fried egg and done
With a little garlic, onion! delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Arrange a small black air conditioner
The week begins with a morning meeting
Boneless phoenix claws are very drunk ๐Ÿ˜‹
I don\'t dare to eat powder in the morning, and I don\'t cut it in places with many people ๐Ÿ˜‚
3M\'s N95 mask, the packaging is so simple that it scares the brake! There is not even a plastic bag in the carton, let alone a separate package. I don\'t know if it\'s true or fake, wow!
performance art
Today for breakfast, I ate a chicken leg and a bowl of porridge
Gold coins and gold ingots, get rich, bride price money in hand ๐Ÿ˜
Just burned, applied the double flying man potion, still red ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Finally finished writing a page, hurried out and went for a run
Today I slept all day during the day, and I continued to sleep at night, dizzy, how to live tonight ๐Ÿ˜ญ
272 Jingyuan Market is closed, so deserted ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
My cat went around when the air conditioner was not turned on, and as soon as the air conditioner turned on, it went up. Honestly. ๐Ÿ™„
If 15 yuan is drawn, a lot of brisket, acquaintances put it for me, more than others, eat a powder and pull the relationship to go through the back door ๐Ÿ˜…
The watermelon on this day was so cold that my teeth hurt ๐Ÿ˜‚
See how my stir-fry goes ๐Ÿ˜
This damn thing, 15 bucks a pound ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Lingyan Mountain, Mudu Middle School, Tianping Temple, as well as Tianchi Mountain Banshan Pavilion, Tiger Hill Jianchi Bridge, and Horsetooth Mi
The fruit is just right ๐Ÿ˜‹
If I don\'t do a good job, my cooking skills still need to be improved ๐Ÿ˜…
Late at night, a fire, families sit. Simmered so that the taro is ripe, the emperor is not as good as me! One word less
Roasted sweet potatoes are good, steamed and then roasted, more fragrant, the skin is washed away by the aroma
Today\'s hands look good
It was okay on a rainy day, so I had to write
Baiji City rice noodles, light on the one hand, spicy, less powder and more soup
Cough, can\'t eat, cough all night, cook porridge and drink porridge ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Chicken feet maple leaf
This fish tastes okay at noon today
When the blockade is lifted, I want to ask friends to drink and watch the World Cup, and men can\'t go crazy if they don\'t drink
The betel nut was delicious, my dinner
Hiking madman \"Xie Jianguang: 300,000 kilometers hiked in 35 years, stopped at the age of 59 in Heihe, and died in another country At the age of 23, Xie Jianguang took all his savings - 150 yuan, a quilt, a pen, a book, and a copy of his favorite \"Heine Poems\", carried a backpack, and embarked on his own road of \"wandering\" on foot. In the end, he traveled the country with a wooden rack car he made and wrote a book
Beautiful things always make people feel good, and the aroma of home decoration is charming, making people feel refreshed ๐Ÿ˜„
Practice your words when you have nothing to do
Today\'s wife made the buckle meat, the sale is not good, but the taste is not bad ๐Ÿ˜
Qi Dong rice noodles, a spoonful of oil, rice flour fungus, another bowl of porridge
Eat breakfast, or noodle soup, eggs, I don\'t like to eat
A certain bird climbing a cliff
This canteen has good food
Chopped chili peppers made at home
Our street food here
The Spirit of Life 60
The lamb chops grilled by yourself also taste pretty good. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Meizhou red pomelo
Sweet Russell, so sweet ๐Ÿ˜‹
People who raise flowers and lose their emissions grow garlic, and I am growing it ๐Ÿ˜…
This small shrimp and fish are dried and delicious
Local specialty, Jibingtan baked cakes
When I got home, 2 yuan pho, sea cucumber myself
The weather is cold, and I feel cold everywhere
All sorts of frogs, how many did you count?
Next time, you have to buy 30 yuan mussel meat to eat, ten yuan is a little
Now the cost of a soup is more than 50
Who drives the car. Skilled driving ๐Ÿ˜‚
Dried ichthynine is high
300 pounds of lightly dried sea cucumber ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Bought a pig bone, a bag of sauerkraut, Northeast sauerkraut is delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Just made myself a cup of coffee
I boil cabbage every day ๐Ÿ˜ญ
enchanting scenery
I went to visit the teacher, learned another day, and made a bracelet for my mother ๐Ÿ˜Š
The plants in Changning are so beautiful
Muscle Man ๐Ÿ˜‚
Verbena and fandel
I really didn\'t pay attention before, and sharks. I haven\'t bought it, I usually eat lobster, Boston lobster is a local specialty ๐Ÿ˜‚
Piggy piglet
Puppy dogs
Shou peach
Dinosaurs or lizards
The painting was completed and the whole network was first released ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Look at how these little things are, I made it myself ๐Ÿ˜Š
Wild fish are sweet, and two or two rice wines, there must be good wine
Although the wrapping is ugly The taste is ok ๐Ÿ˜
Is this little guy a chameleon?
The meat you chop yourself, the kind of meat grinding machine in the vegetable market is estimated to be unhygienic, and put some biscuits in it
I ate a large bowl of rice noodles
Ice cream potatoes in winter
Balsamic vinegar, tahini, is the soul of cold noodles.
The egg flesh is peanut brown, with an egg yolk inside ๐Ÿ˜‹
Vaccinated, nucleic acid negative, keep the green code, the epidemic dissipated ๐Ÿ˜…
The Art of Mushrooms, 47
Two people\'s dishes are too difficult to do, yesterday three dishes, potato ribs and beef were not eaten, throw away a pity, finally know why Mom and Dad always eat leftovers
No one ate, I ate it myself ๐Ÿ˜‹
Wearing a mask does not affect bathing ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Movement of Life, 59
The Movement of Life, 58
Today make a braised prawn in oil, a perilla eel, fragrant incredible ๐Ÿ˜‹
The woman jumped off the building. Mao Bay ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Speaking of watching the sunrise, what I saw when I went to Mount Taishan this year was fog, and I couldn\'t see anything
Ten heads of household system
Home-boiled peanuts
Hongqiao high-speed rail station queue driver male, 32 years old, fatigue driving has died, every day 1000 kilometers of people, so to say, after work, to combine work and leisure, there are three children, two girls, a son. As a result of making money with life, this is good, the wife gives people sleep, the money is spent by others, the children are beaten by others, and the house is given to others to sleep
Impact of Typhoon Plum Blossom ๐Ÿ‘€
Big donkey meat, heavenly dragon meat, earthly donkey meat
I\'m in the water and haven\'t played in the water yet this year
The house of the local tycoon gold
Chocolate, delicious I eat one packet of chocolate a day and don\'t eat that now Blood sugar was good
Just learned a trick with the chef \"taro roast meat\" ๐Ÿ˜Ž
This shrimp is at least half a pound ๐Ÿ˜‚
10 fast one, especially big, September, no melon anymore
Learn to make tea, play, have a mood ๐Ÿ˜
For the elders, Maxim is a big brand yay, expensive, 8 a mouthful of large, 308
The Agility of Life 57
Finally there is a satisfactory one ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
This year this is dry
This side of the company tree picked, take it back to eat. It took so long to ripen
So touched, D broke his heart for the health of the people. ๐Ÿ˜‚
They all like to eat ready-made, reluctant to do it, too much, and there are patches of grapefruit forests everywhere ๐Ÿ˜…
Cut people again, Wanda Plaza, this man is still wearing a mask, I don\'t wear a mask when I enter the mall, this person has fallen to the ground, still wearing a mask, it is estimated that there is no rescue, there is a woman next to it, life and death is really a moment
On this hot day, I still have to be a guy
The cost of electricity for heat broke records ๐Ÿ˜‚
Grow your own vegetables, eat vegetables without spending money, and eat them now. ๐Ÿคค
The fish you caught has just been killed and cooked in a pot at noon ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Reishi soaked wine
The eagle spreads its wings
The time was not well controlled, and it was scorched ๐Ÿ˜ข
Look at the mountains and see the water, see the scenery. Sweating, the wind blowing, so cold
Show you the flowers, pick a beautiful flower
Who eats leftover bones? ๐Ÿ˜› No, it is said to be a complete hand-torn roast duck, which is full of meat on it, and the weight of the bones is at most less than half.
The Agility of Life 56
Tofu, beans, mushrooms, are all purine-rich foods
I ate it while grilling
Ronggui rice noodles, a specialty of Shunde, are not genetically modified
Eat some fruit to fill your hunger, figs
Western suburbs forest farm, self-service barbecue
Grilled pork belly
Stir-fried pepper peel eggs
The power of nature, below the wheels, why cut corners. This windy day is not put away
Eat the fish, fried small fish, crisp and delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
I\'m also going to go to nucleic acids ๐Ÿ˜›
This year, the loquat has not yet been yellowed
Carrying more than ten pounds of watermelon upstairs to sweat, this day is hot ๐Ÿ˜…
A pound of fat intestines scraped out half a pound of oil
Eat small fish with peeled eggs at noon and grass at night ๐Ÿ˜‚
Bullfrogs do not have peppers as a side dish, but the two bullfrogs are quite large, and the roast is also a pot
This meat is fried wide, pork belly, good knife work
Two boxes of black tiger shrimp can only be roasted for a little bit
Cowherd Weaver Girl, Happy Home, Graduation Anniversary, Sweet and Salty, Flying Childlike Heart, Sweet Confession, Air Conditioning Coming, Riding the Wind and Waves, Superstar Row, 84 Disinfection and Calling the Wind and Rain
For every 30 sentries, there is a large checkpoint
There are also sentries
It\'s still hot when I get out of the oven, do you want to eat it? ๐Ÿ˜‹
The meat that wanted to make the eggplant had grown to 25, and silently turned back, cold and closed his mouth
The next door was scolded, yesterday ran around a little, she is the company to work, said that the company is okay, live in the hotel has something to do, she is enough back, 3 years 2 times to close the door ๐Ÿ˜œ
Cold mixed beef, with some coriander and peanut rice ๐Ÿ˜‹
The fruit is a tung leaf
The separation wall between Kunshan and Shanghai taken on the road yesterday
The way to cook fish can not be like stir-frying, when cooking fish, generally do not take the spatula to the shovel, shovel to shovel the fish meat is rotten
This is our relief food, and we can\'t eat it at all
A pot of meat to roast the meat
Dried eggplant, eggplant steamed meat is just right ๐Ÿ˜‹
Braised peppers, good dish, look drooling ๐Ÿ˜‹
Such a big shrimp
Home-grown melons, pick two today and eat them at home
Today\'s dinner. Bought three pounds of cooked pork head meat. Throw it into the instant noodles, and get some dehydrated vegetables into it.
Daily wine pool meat forest ๐Ÿ˜
This dish, garlic paste does not need money, shrimp want money. In addition, garlic paste is better than shrimp ๐Ÿ˜‚
Spicy enough to be hot enough
Come bowl Chongqing small noodles, authentic
Look at the sun and look at the moon
Dinner, spicy and hot ๐Ÿ˜‹
Wild 100 pounds, yellow eel
The company\'s iron tree actually blossomed
The dog was also hungry
Make your own Japanese tofu
Drink 18 boiled water, local tycoon ๐Ÿ˜‚
This beef, I don\'t know if it\'s real
The red plums picked today are delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
The triangle of the train station, under the Bridge of Light, was flooded.
Fry a glutinous rice dumpling
Early in the morning, my longevity noodles were full of love
Cramps, stir-fry
Peaches are ripe, and naturally ripe peaches will be a month late
Eat pig\'s feet, collagen, beauty ๐Ÿ˜Š
Aunt Harbor I wrapped slowly, we two families wrapped together, she wrapped me to cook
The Dragon Boat Festival has arrived, wrapping rice dumplings ๐Ÿ˜Š
Yeosu\'s bayberry is ripe
This is delicious, and for three big men it is only enough to plug the gap between the teeth ๐Ÿ˜‹
Wrapped 20 alkaline water dumplings and 30 egg yolk meat dumplings
Fresh vegetables are not eaten in the city
The common people were forced to do this, and in order to give face to a certain big person, tens of millions of people took off their pants
This guy touched the porcelain, refused to go, gave me a lick, and its owner shouted that he couldn\'t leave ๐Ÿ˜…
The cake made in the rice cooker liner, the mold you buy can only bake two eggs, I have 4 eggs, it is best to have milk or milk powder, and do not need oil
The wheat is ripe ๐Ÿ˜
Jinjia Blueberry Garden enters the park for picking and collecting 50 yuan per person, and 500 people enter the garden a few days earlier. I took the cubs to pick blueberries last Saturday, and the result was closed, the owner said that there were too many people on the day of the opening of the garden, and the cooked blueberries were all picked, and I had to close the garden for three days to pick them again, causing me to run in vain. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Today\'s night shift, leeks can\'t finish
Last year\'s char siu buns, eaten today
The company corn was pumped
The new troika
Self-sufficiency ๐Ÿ˜
I\'m ready to cook rice, which is called \"one-pot boiled rice.\"
Dry rice No meat to eat every day All skinny and deboned ๐Ÿ˜ซ
I felt like I was running to those pieces of beef ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
After a little eating, I think I can go a month without eating meat
Resume work and production ๐Ÿ˜…
During the epidemic, it is not easy to have meat, and it is good and cherished! Just a little bit of hind leg meat, I have to make it delicious to have a sense of accomplishment. Sweet and sour brine meat strips, full of color and flavor. ๐Ÿ˜Š
The opening of primary school students is also quite standardized
Fished at most once
Caught a turtle once
Thanks to the government for sending supplies again
This equipment is a bit exaggerated ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Agility of Life 55
The second time I hooked my hand, I couldn\'t take it out without cutting it ๐Ÿ˜จ
The refrigerator was found in stock ๐Ÿค“
Go downstairs in the middle of the night to get supplies
Made another mapo tofu
Mix up and mix
Mix as you can ๐Ÿ˜
It took a whole day to catch these two fish, and the feed also cost 20 yuan, so it is not easy to eat the fish ๐Ÿ˜‹
The rice noodles in my hometown are characterized by red oil ๐Ÿ˜‹
Made a choking peanut
Mountain treasure delicious 4
Mountain Treasure Delicious 3
Mountain Treasure Delicious 2
Sweet potatoes steamed flour baking powder, fried
Three pounds of fat, not a day\'s hunger ๐Ÿ˜
Chili peppers are chili meat is meat ๐Ÿ˜‚
Authentic mountain delicacies ๐Ÿ˜‹
The first floor was sealed
Drink tangerine peel tea, look at writing and writing, and wait for the day when the flowers bloom and become rich ๐Ÿ˜
Bighead fish that has just been hooked
The border of Suxi is strictly guarded. ๐Ÿ˜ถ
Or the hometown itself grows well. ๐Ÿ˜Š
It\'s Big Mom riding an electric car to run a red light again โ˜น๏ธ
How do you get this pigeon soup?
Humans disappeared a month later ๐Ÿ˜‚
All kinds of stickers, full of stickers on the front of the car, I took pictures to make a souvenir, tearing up a few stubble. ๐Ÿ˜จ
Asked to send high-grade materials, we learned like Xinjing Seven Villages. ๐Ÿ˜œ
This cherry bar is on the board ๐Ÿ˜›
I haven\'t eaten food soup in a long time, it\'s so delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Nothing to say, look at the picture ๐Ÿ˜
The mulberries downstairs in my house seem to be quite large
Netizens debunked the rumors of \"Shanghai Debunking\": The Bund really grew grass! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
The verbena in Xijing Bay opened
Hey, my grandmother\'s house is ripe, and now I eat cherries ๐Ÿ˜‹
Our community began to rebel, knocking on the basin to play music, because today Qingpu is cleared, and the collective protest is to be unsealed. ๐Ÿ˜…
Yan Liang melon
The leadership is fighting again ๐Ÿ˜‚
It is not easy to get the land and pick up the bottles
Making egg dumplings can grind time
The wife made a light breakfast ๐Ÿ˜‹
The old lady gave me bloodshots and detoxification
Today\'s day\'s harvest ๐Ÿ˜‚
This is called raspberry, and it is the fruit of a tree of the same type as a rose, sweet and sour
The Agility of Life 54
Roasted a chicken, Mo Mo Da. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Look at this sword skill, there is no thirty years of skill can not come out
Went to Dongting to mix a nucleic acid test ๐Ÿ˜‚
Idle writing a piece of prose
finished product
Having collected 7 pieces, you can summon the Divine Dragon, or seven gourd babies ๐Ÿ˜‚
The yellow mud shoots are delicious, and the black shell is not very tasty
Later you can fry garlic to eat ๐Ÿ˜
Make a hand roll for dinner
On this point of material, save money and use it, one day is good, one day is bad
Eat wormwood ๐Ÿ˜‹
Continue making brown sugar steamed buns today
Stir-fried greens are all burned paste ๐Ÿ˜ญ
The toad ate swan meat ๐Ÿ˜‚
Steam a fish and make brown sugar hair cake tomorrow
I\'m steaming rice cakes
Wuxi Anzhen, April latest. ๐Ÿ˜œ
Turned over an old one again
Zhangjiagang here ๐Ÿ˜›
Kids doodling
Abandoned girlfriend ๐Ÿ˜
Why can you wrap a sample out of it?
My hard and simple nutritious breakfast
Recently, the price of dishes has doubled several times โ˜น๏ธ
Look at the prices of dishes in Shanghai ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Directly sealed the car in this is. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Wild fungus, fresh, stewed with bacon ๐Ÿ˜‹
Crazy all. We snatched up all the dishes in this vegetable market, and when I went to grab 8 steamed buns, 2 packs of noodles, 1 pack of green peppers, 2 nest melons, 1 grass chicken, the rice was too heavy, I was not happy to grab it, just like fighting ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…
Bought thirty eggs. My neighbor in the same building did not know where to buy thousands of eggs, just shouted in the neighbor\'s WeChat group, thirty forty yuan ๐Ÿ˜‚
How can there be no green dough to eat during the Qingming Festival? The Youth League is ready
Lived a communist life ๐Ÿ˜
There are also threaded peppers
Thin-skinned peppers
It\'s really rich, and the cabbage we eat is 8 times more expensive than ours. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Today, a new method has been proposed for freight vehicles, and the new method is to close the door when you come in, unload the goods and return the same way, see this
At five o\'clock, I got off the highway, blocked overnight, and also sent a couplet. ๐Ÿ˜ช
In the past, the charging package of Telecom Mobile always felt a little awkward, and it was not eaten, but now it is good, and the charging package that can really be eaten is coming ๐Ÿ˜
Send another one
It wasn\'t safe in the house either, and I fished later ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I found that being poor is a good thing, because I couldn\'t fly, I couldn\'t travel abroad, I couldn\'t eat wild meat, raw food, and I escaped a lot of risks ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Can\'t afford to eat ๐Ÿ˜’
This chili pepper and knife bean, can\'t afford to eat oh ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Agility of Life 53
9 pounds more durian so a little meat
When it was raining, I walked into the supermarket and bought another umbrella, and it didn\'t rain. ๐Ÿ˜‘
Go to the field to pick broccoli and be self-sufficient ๐Ÿ˜…
Sky-high prices ๐Ÿ˜ช
Afghan fried rice, spirit\' ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
The Agility of Life 52
This flesh color looks good
Fennel egg stuffed buns
Wild vegetables in the mountains, enjoy the minced. Sautรฉ bacon or mix cold ๐Ÿ˜‹
My pass
My house is like this across the door. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Nyima was banned from work. Seal the entire dormitory building of the company ๐Ÿ˜ข
Nucleic acids are done on the doorstep
Eat breakfast, small intestinal powder
Nourish yin and yang to go to fire
Our community\'s
Isolated at home, only on the balcony stalls ๐Ÿ˜‚
Make a risotto, like pizza ๐Ÿ˜
Triptych ๐Ÿ˜œ
The strawberry hips on the left are plump ๐Ÿ˜
Will be fat to death, just right every day. ๐Ÿ˜…
Have a gout package and get a calcium supplement ๐Ÿ˜
It\'s so hilarious, international jokes play dead ignorant people. A poke, the truth will be revealed, that is, to collect samples ๐Ÿ˜‚
Today there are eggs and fish, and usually there are only two boiled eggs
Just grown, malnourished, yellow leaves ๐Ÿ˜…
Specially bought a mold
There\'s one more
I\'ll send two too ๐Ÿ˜
Ha ha
I may have something wrong with it, but I want to make it myself whenever I eat it ๐Ÿ˜‚
I shoot it every time I prick a nail
Running construction sites often have nails, and every time they have to call a trailer
A pass to the Five Loves Home ๐Ÿ˜œ
My side. ๐Ÿ˜
Poor little life, just past a cart crushed to death. ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ
I can\'t get it down without tools, and I\'m angry. ๐Ÿ˜ก
Look at me
It\'s annoying to see a rotten pig\'s foot ๐Ÿ˜ข
Hit the lottery, hit a fork
Sauerkraut white meat noodles, proper pig-killing dishes
My nucleic acid test voucher ๐Ÿ˜
I have a big sweet potato ๐Ÿ˜
Late night snack, skinny egg lean porridge
The battery of my electric car at home is broken, so I took it to Guangdong to repair it myself, repaired it and took it home to use
Four-legged snake
The Agility of Life 51
Kumquat rock sugar for cough relief
Prepare the steamed prawns
Linzhi free range small fragrant pig, this is delicious
Supplement point protein ๐Ÿ˜
This taste is not pendulum, authentic earth pork. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Steam it well and that\'s it
The dough is good, and after making the dumpling skin, look at the finished product ๐Ÿค—
Toad stew potatoes, this frog parasite is more
Was given a slice of bread and half an orange and enjoyed it with relish
The first bowl of cherries in spring ๐Ÿ˜Š
The noodles are delicious, and the raw sauerkraut is sautรฉed in oil and chili peppers, with some salt. Sauerkraut is made in a large vat of fresh rapeseed, and it is best to fry it with lard, so there is no raw sauerkraut gas. ๐Ÿ˜‹
I love eating this, no little spines, redtails.
A plate of gold won treasure is done! It\'s snowing outside!
Most of the vegetables sold in the tofu festival are like this, such tofu is the best to eat, the festival uses cornmeal and flour like half, hand-rolled, side dishes are made with bean sprouts, potato shreds, all kinds of mountain shredded vegetables, pickled radish shreds and fried garlic seedlings together, want to eat what you want to add, side dishes taste spicy.
The Spring Festival is approaching, the red is festive, and several water ornaments have been replaced in the living room
Dipped in soy sauce, chili sauce, I like to eat like this, not sour and not delicious ๐Ÿ˜Š
Eat in the summer and also in the winter
To die, two pounds of cabbage picked for four hours ๐Ÿ˜‚
The garlic was green
Fancy steamed dumplings, beautiful and delicious
Leek egg shrimp, basa fish fresh meat baby dish filling
These are the two big shoots I dug. ๐Ÿ˜œ
It\'s not big! ๐Ÿ˜
Muppets, tens of thousands of pieces, were raised on a whim, and they were troublesome and wanted to be thrown away
Eat lamb soup today, eat braised lamb tomorrow, thirty-five pounds is not expensive
The old antiques found, I remember that it was a steam pot that was carried back to Shanghai from Yixing in 1985
Egg skin wrapped meat, commonly known as duck roll core, this skin is relatively thick
Laba porridge burned up
A flatbread appears, my nourishing dish ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Fry the cold nest and sautรฉ a bean sprout
The winter plum is good, this one is indoors, and the bloom is good
On the vegetable leaves are small frosts, not small balls!
I walked out of this pit the day before yesterday, and now it still hurts everywhere ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Prepare for steaming
A bowl of instant noodles made me look like I couldn\'t afford to eat ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
The children\'s package redeemed for points is really small enough, and the plate is quite large ๐Ÿ˜ˆ
Roasting a durian will not fill the house with fragrance ๐Ÿ˜
It\'s similar to the Dripping Water Guanyin
Yam eggs, mung beans and red beans I have grown
Large steamed buns
I almost turned the turnip to rice ๐Ÿ˜ซ
I tried to move a little, and I almost broke my waist. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Practice time, the wall next door separates the door ๐Ÿ˜ณ
Dumplings with porridge, really comfortable to eat ๐Ÿ˜‹
Two dumplings, three eggs. Eat eggs to make up eggs. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Turnip cabbage, each with its own love
The wine has arrived home. Welcome to the osmanthus winter wine
The Art of Mushrooms 45
That\'s how chili peppers are eaten, ๐Ÿ˜… Spicy Monday want to eat something spicy.
One cup went down, and today the goal is four cups. ๐Ÿ˜Œ Eat eggs to make up eggs, a lot of quail eggs.
Try the taste of childhood, I feel that it is not as good as when I was a child!
Buy a bottle of wine and put it in the tail box of the motorcycle and you will be left with this ๐Ÿ˜‚
Big cherries picked in the morning, Versailles
The full moon in heaven and the half moon on earth
The Art of Mushrooms 46
Pizza\'s saddest moment, on the other hand ๐Ÿ˜ข
From a distance it looks like a big sausage, up close it is a sweet potato, the best breakfast
The cherry tomatoes I grow are not pretty, sweet, and more delicious than cherries. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Tonkatsu, dried cauliflower, tomato egg soup
Leek egg cake, so simple and delicious. Hot lamb soup, this pairing is too good ๐Ÿ˜‹
Buy some eggs and go home and burn tea eggs
Little mackerel
The peaches and apricots are ripe, and they are picked in other people\'s fields ๐Ÿ˜Š
Just shaken out of the pants legs, I am too difficult, three bags, do not know whether the spider bite or mosquito bite. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
This tiger piran as long as not frozen, but more watering can be safe through the winter
Huishan also has mountains stacked on top of each other
Cook breakfast, eat well and carry bricks
Cherry was tired yesterday, and she was given cherry tomatoes
Leek stuffing
The family is hung sausage
Make your own beef powder, from the color can be seen to do well. ๐Ÿ˜
A belly of leek stuffing ๐Ÿ˜‹
Red soup spicy, eat two magnolia cakes plus a bowl of spicy soup is also quite good. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Do your own food and clothing, good spicy ๐Ÿ˜…
Caught a sea snake ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
Chinese small frying is really yds
Went to the neighbor\'s field and robbed ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Art of Mushrooms 44
Today\'s net 50 catties of fish, the last more than 90 catties, almost a little broken a hundred. ๐Ÿ˜
The breakfast bag is baked
Tomatoes raw onions, olive oil, this salad is very Chinese
Today\'s good, fish skin is still there, red flat fish ... Get another vegetarian dish!
Have a simple and rough dinner
Make your own hoe, hahaha
Yixing\'s oo rice
Fat three pounds, remove clothes a pound, equal to fat two pounds
One person only needs one dish
Lunch for workers ๐Ÿ˜”
Yam burned ribs
Spread out the oil pan of the eggs and spread out the pasta cake
Very delicious, I think mushrooms are the best to eat the most convenient way. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Put garlic butter in the mushroom trough, spread the masurilla cheese on the outside, 200 degrees, 10-15 minutes, the cheese partly golden
The Spirit of Life 50
Or fish soup good to drink, burn dry, next time put some old tofu
Burn a curry potato
The first two days of the countryside guy halogen eggs are very good
The warehouse is cleared and picked up
The Art of Mushrooms 43
Sprinkle roasted sweet potatoes
A bowl of dessert after wine
Hot fennel sprayed the catch rice out of the pot ๐Ÿ˜‹
Black tulips, though not pure black
It was raining heavily yesterday, and strawberries look good
Nonsense, eat night rice, chicken stew golden mushrooms ๐Ÿ˜Š
Prepare a bacon dish
The sun is good enough to burst
Washing the washing machine once a year, wearing this washing machine out of the clothes every day, it is disgusting ๐Ÿ˜…
Yesterday\'s hoe put me in the back, eat fan soup today
Peach lily soup
Egg crumbs and onion cake
Lots of camellia seeds
Onion fried meat and white bread are too good to match, like eating meat buns ๐Ÿ˜‹
This is my own sausage last year
The little fat cat is very fat
็งใฏๅฝผๅฅณใซใ‚คใƒใ‚ดใ‚’้ฃŸในใ•ใ›ใ€็งใฎ้‡Ž่œ็•‘ใซ้ฃ›ใณ่พผใ‚€ใฎใ‚’ใ‚„ใ‚ใฆใใ‚ŒใŸใ€‚ ๅฅ‡ๅฆ™ใชใ“ใจใซใ€ใ‚ใ‚‹ๆ™‚็‚นใง็งใฎๅบญใซๅ…ฅใ‚‰ใšใ€ๅˆ†ใซใ“ใผใ‚Œใฆๆณขใ‚’ๅทปใ่ตทใ“ใ—ใŸ
Fill sausages, broad sausages and Sichuan sausages ๐Ÿ˜€
Steak meal, and eggs, noodles
It\'s a bit like Huhanshan ๐Ÿ˜
Stock up on noodles and take one out if you want to eat them
Roast for three hours, dinner, salt, garlic grains, black pepper, add rosemary, pickle a while is the oil is particularly fragrant, in fact, boiled lamb I now feel very good
The Spirit of Life 49
Here the fruit casually eat, grape watermelon tomato orange peach
It looks as if Mi is not familiar. ๐Ÿ˜‚
And tofu flowers
Breakfast seems to be ordered more, good and abundant ๐Ÿ˜
I make my own chili sauce ๐Ÿ˜Š
Do Yixing straw wrap pig\'s head paste, meat is bought by the supermarket
The bread is done, has eaten to support, a hoe is a staple food, especially large, a tube full ๐Ÿ˜Ž
This is the last bit of bacon in my house in October, dried, tiger-like. It\'s just that the meat is a little smelly, some of it has a throat. ๐Ÿ˜…
This Wuxi is called pasta cake, the practice is simple
Make your own pumpkin millet soy milk
The kitchen sink has been replaced with a water pipe
I\'m learning cabbage to cook tofu
Self-made mushrooms, grow so big
The Art of Mushrooms 42
The orange looked seductive. ๐Ÿ˜
Encourage the cat, open the door outside someone to talk, drill in the microwave oven. Close the door and heat it up ๐Ÿ˜‚
Shrimps make potato porridge and a tuho breakfast
The first time to do, taste can also, make some bacon for friends and family to eat. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Born two days old little guy, very cute, picked up on the road. He was about to die on the concrete floor, when the temperature was 35 degrees.
All the meat is dead ๐Ÿ˜‚
Meat a salt meat tender, well-known meat to eat, now vegetarian dishes really expensive
right hand
Halloween fingernails, index fingers are a little scary. ๐Ÿ˜‚
One look is the meat killed yesterday, the overnight meat in the supermarket
Drink roast wine
It\'s too late to do tonight, just get it done ๐Ÿ™„
Twenty mixed
People with intense phobias will never eat this. Looks like a horse honeycomb ๐Ÿ˜‚
There are a lot of u behind Taiping Zen House
Eat radish in winter, ginger in summer, vegetarian today
Think about how a cat can bite a spat at ๐Ÿ˜…
The Spirit of Life 48
The Art of Mushrooms 41
Climbing again, do not know this can not eat
It\'s too hot, it\'s made wine, it\'s sweet ๐Ÿ˜‹
One dish for dinner, quite obviously there are two pieces of meat ๐Ÿ˜…
Red meat to eat their own burning, a bite in the mouth, salty entrance, sweet taste
Beef cheese balls, this super meal. ๐Ÿ˜‹
This bacon Hunan, no cypress flavor, no Guizhou bacon delicious
Make your own rice heavy yang cake
There is also a black, ugly each has its own characteristics
I ran out and messed with the cat outside, none of them like my mother\'s
The blue cat was born in 200 one only without adoption
The big hoe is bigger than a woman\'s chest ๐Ÿ˜
It\'s roasted like this ๐Ÿ˜†
Cold mixed cabbage silk, homemade wide-style fork meat, less a person to eat together, a little regret
The mountain climbed again, one step closer to cancer. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Black country dog
Excellent four-eye iron bag gold, Na Caishengfu; rare black pastoral dog exorcism to make money; financial gold and yellow milk dog free adoption! Must have dog experience, have time to take care of, have the energy to walk the dog, within three months to receive a return visit!
Today\'s sunset in the East China Sea is particularly beautiful
Burn a vegetarian chicken to eat
Pressure cooker 15 minutes good convenience, red bean porridge, eat three bowls
Tragically not to be seen, a brain. Jinfeng New World Gate ๐Ÿ‘€
A few years ago the party bag. I used to look for a girlfriend, the first point is to pack. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Beef and fish, leeks, artemisinin and celery dumplings, delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Beef silk fried onions
The Art of Mushrooms 40
Online to buy the seeds of sunflower, planted to think that it is horse teeth, did not expect to be able to flower
Fresh mackerel, 7.99 a pound, steamed to take half of the master
Eat a fasting meal, 10 yuan a, do not know how to eat not, before Longhua Temple to eat, there is porridge, there is cabbage soup
The hind legs are fried meat slices to eat well ๐Ÿ˜‹
Old and ugly, so sacred place to shoot what ah
Homemade sushi. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Eggs made of fried oil strips, the northerners good this mouthful. Mix the pancakes with egg starch on a sliced fry, hang sugar to eat, northern dishes
To take a bite of water and soil, get out of the car and buy food. Corn is delicious and fragrant ๐Ÿ˜‹
Temple photo-taking, served this person, but also let hide, hinder them to take pictures, neurotic ah ๐Ÿ˜ก
It\'s not very hurtful, it\'s very insulting. People live as well as dogs in the series - September 28 Emeishan scene.
The Art of Mushrooms 39
I was roasting pumpkin seeds and it started to explode, and the seeds burst like popcorn ๐Ÿ˜‚
Taobao on the free mango, there is no mango flavor, delicious. ๐Ÿ˜ข
I got a stainless steel pipe railing
The natural observation deck was damaged and fenced off
Good, good next meal, today just learned the Beijing sauce meat silk, good success. ๐Ÿ˜†
Fried leek dumplings, very delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Friends in Guangxi eat crispy dogs
Five cattle map large plate
The Art of Mushrooms 38
The meat is cooked in melon soup
Five cattle map, and Jiangshan so many delicate, these two small sheets, is the past few years, design, printing the most exquisite small sheet without one.
Three generations of breakfast, the old lady\'s flour eggs fried black, also said it was intentional, haha
Yi people told me delicious very, I looked afraid, but also eat yellow worm, 50 yuan a jin, this bag is only a jin ๐Ÿ˜ข
I pressed 80 kilopa for 15 minutes, too soft, sorry for my garlic. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Before bought a belly, no pressure cooker has not done, at that time do not understand, hard fried a piece, teeth have bounced off
Wandering cats more, I do not hesitate to fish, let it eat support.
Mid-Autumn dinner
Gas boiler, look a little hairy Oh. Intense phobia. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Art of Mushrooms 37
Brewed tofu, dried steamed meat, their own farm food
The atmosphere is in full bloom
Fish hook, black fish, golden teeth can make up! ๐Ÿ˜„
There\'s this by the lake, flowers on the other side
Mid-Autumn Dinner
Homemade fork meat, but also carved a cucumber, real flowers
The Art of Mushrooms 36
The leek stuffing is green and tempting, and the result is that the leek stuffing is short of oil. ๐Ÿ˜ข
I went down the river yesterday and touched a lot
Poor even breakfast is cooked by themselves ๐Ÿ˜…
The fruit is now picking particularly sweet, see which pick which ๐Ÿ˜Š
A star-studded man in a state of contemplation ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Art of Mushrooms 35
I can\'t shoot, the scenery is good, casually shoot is a big movie. ๐Ÿ˜
Made a pot of meat, dried vegetables put less, before put more
Look at the eggplant I fried today. ๐Ÿ˜
The Art of Mushrooms 34
Hand tear lemon chicken, chicken bones did not throw, together with the fool ๐Ÿ˜Š
Made by yourself, fish head powder
Looked at this box of dragon fruit worried, no one at home to eat, Sunday to pick fruit
Now the dog, this is relatively small, timid, who let touch
My family dog eighty or ninety pounds, raised two big dogs, can be used to make fertilizer, a nest of dog poo equivalent to a bag of urea, I shovel once a week, Sunday morning shovel dog poop, this half a barrel, fermented to make fertilizer vegetables
City police station arrested several times to escape, was saved by me, the leg was broken, and then he recovered, and then the police came three times, each time 4 or 5 people with a large net round it. It all escaped, the others were taken, on it one, the reaction was quick
The bridge was moving under the train, and the bridge was moving, scary ๐Ÿ˜…
Now there are diamond horns sold no, I like to eat. ๐Ÿ˜†
Dry pot rib shrimp, is the utensils are not very good-looking ๐Ÿ˜…
Or pomegranate delicious, peeled in the basin, pomegranate to peel good to eat ๐Ÿ˜
The Art of Mushrooms 33
Orchid grass all year round is green, this I feed
huge mosquitoes, patterned
The grapes all began to show that Shane loved ๐Ÿ˜‚ In fact, this is not a grape, said the high point is Ximei, said ordinary point feels like plums
One by one, smaller than a small cage bag
Six one cages of beef stuffing and four cages of pork stuffing. I bought two cages of ten dollars
This goods only eat slugs ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Art of Mushrooms 32
What a big one, this peach ๐Ÿ˜„
Peanuts in the countryside
A pot of fresh
It hasn\'t been cleaned yet
This is a wild dragonfly, and it seems to be a specialty of pine mushrooms, Yixing
Why are fish scales so ugly?
Dry, mix with peppers and make a squeeze
The sunset is beautiful. ๐Ÿ˜
Pig\'s feet are like cotton ๐Ÿ˜‹
The moon is a little different tonight
The Art of Mushrooms 31
Eat bee hives, gourmet food, high protein
The car turned over all the streetlights. ๐Ÿ˜…
In the city to spend money can not buy delicious, lotus leaf tweezers ๐Ÿ˜‹
Soft-seeded pomegranate, chewy, not spitting
Come to the bank air conditioning, so cool ๐Ÿ˜
Fathers are always children\'s mountains, can block the mountains;
This pepper is delicious, thin skin, crisp and fragrant, make chili peppers ๐Ÿ˜‹
Shandong pancakes, like a leek box
She\'s basically in this position as long as she\'s on the ground
To eat this, come in November and fry in August
A scalding, oversized lamb chop that has just come out of the pot
To escape
It\'s fun
In the past, the industrial base was poor, and only triangular military stings could be made
Last night there was a mountain climb to half the mountainside, directly fainted. Death is not a sight
I have a small one in the office ๐Ÿ™‚
Oversized plate, fat to incredible levels ๐Ÿ˜‹
Laurel taro, little hazelnuts
Bayonets in the 80s and 90s are now banned
Sun peanuts, almost rice
The first time I made red meat, my God. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
Shrimp, corn, carrots, mushrooms, white, lotus, onion stuffed dumplings ๐Ÿ˜‹
The negative oxygen ion content in the air in Bama, the world-famous longevity village, reaches 2,500 per cm3, and there are many centenarians here
Tofu is a bit sticky pot, should be put a little salt in front
High-quality material for salted peppers
Good salted peppers, boiled fish, fried meals are good ๐Ÿ˜‹
Breakfast is rich
The wool is 1 cent for the ice cream cone ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Pigeon soup
Get up an hour, exercise more, sweat, fall good weight loss, in the jump 5 minutes, do farm work to go. ๐Ÿ˜
The Art of Mushrooms 30
Roast duck noodles for breakfast
Banana egg onion cake
This weather is suitable for watermelon, sweet. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Come on, a little tired of dessert ๐Ÿ˜‹
Inside there are shrimp, fresh shellfish, hoofs, belly flakes, fish fillets, square legs, diamond horns, mushrooms, white, peas, red peppers
This time is eating crab, the taste of shrimp shell is relatively hard
A friend of mine made his own sesame beef
Do their own food and clothing, this abalone small poor, there would have been a mouthful, a burn into a bottle cap. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Today, an electric car uploaded three passengers, found that there is traffic police in front of the car, immediately turned around and collided with the bus, resulting in damage to two cars, four people were injured on the electric car
Now I feel that every day is sweet, estimated to be melon grapes eat too much ๐Ÿ˜œ
Look at my fried vegetables the day before yesterday, I despise ๐Ÿ˜…
Green vegetables, tofu, can put on a sense of ceremony
Three meals of boiled eggs, cucumbers, yogurt
My family is more antique, playing vomit.
It\'s a bit of a beef jerky look
Red meat has been cooked, give you a taste. Materials: octagonal, cinnamon, fragrant leaves, peppers, ginger flakes, icing sugar, wine, oil, old pumping, raw pumping, salt, skinned meat
This charger made of plastic, fell bad, bought the previous week now, in the purchase on bankruptcy. Originally left for children, now do not think about
The ythylobs
A glass of wine reflects the moon
Yuan Datou, silver coins, there are a lot of fakes on the market now
High-quality materials burned
Now the middle-aged and young people may not understand
This plum dried vegetable meat has been successfully cooked ๐Ÿ˜Š
The feet are swollen, these days go too much, a little pain
The bamboo planted is alive ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
Bought four barracudas for 84 yuan
Desperate to eat, I had to eat some beef mince. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Try not to go to secluded places tonight
Good air! You don\'t have to wear a mask! Look at people running and fishing
Chicken is steamed like this, put in the home, and then put water, yellow wine, salt, MSG, chicken essence, onion ginger, steamed ๐Ÿ˜Š
What a good piece of tendon meat ๐Ÿ˜‚
This kind of chilli cold mix, raw pepper is very spicy. Put some salt, cold mix for a while, salty to press the spicy taste ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Four hundred pounds of rapeseed less than, four acres of four-point field, 5-6 thousand yuan
A mule is 6 pieces a pound
The wind leaf shakes to the shell
It\'s not easy to cook dinner
Be a layman, greedy for good food; ๐Ÿ˜
The Art of Mushrooms 29
Sleeper, air conditioning compressor explosion, the scene is more bloody. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
The water is rising, forcing life
It\'s normal to have breakfast today
It broke free from the garbage bag. ๐Ÿ˜‚
For dinner, the unit canteen is early and big meat
Such a day full of flowers, only food comforts my heart. Water lily yesterday bought their own look, onion ginger fried barracuda crab, steamed abalone, oil mushrooms lying on the vegetable bile. Weekend recipes are good!
Mushroom stew chicken is very nutritious
The next-door neighbor made his own cool powder
The cat doesn\'t want to, throw the trash can
The mountain is about the same altitude as Mount Everest ๐Ÿ˜‚
Rest in the heavy rain
Today burned a pot of difficult raw bran round winter melon flat-tip soup, began to break three, daughter like to eat, I have been doing not do well to wear no soup. Today\'s study is finally successful, is a little bit less refined than my mother\'s
The Art of Mushrooms 28
Five cents a, old silk melon seeds
Long time did not open the computer, it is not easy to find a want to play the game, actually also requires the system must be 64-bit Win10 ๐Ÿ˜‚
Have a snack! Fresh chicken head Miriam heart lily soup, luxi River fresh meat hot stove mooncakes
Engineering slugs, put the wine bad, the wine bad fish a little sweet
I don\'t even know what I\'m doing. ๐Ÿ˜‚
A peach eight two, good big ah ๐Ÿ˜…
Rib surface
Cold-water fish from the Erzis River
Just encountered the traffic police to check the electric car, scared me to turn around and run, go far only to find that I was riding a bicycle. ๐Ÿ˜ณ Now even ride a shared electric car to check, retrograde, run a red light, do not wear a helmet
Curry shrimp, small wine to drink, standard dinner
The little fish came out of the pot a little late. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
The Art of Mushrooms 27
Altai sheep, very fat and beautiful
Bacon dried beans are delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Breakfast, skin
Last year\'s bird, finger parrot, this 30-dollar pair is very good
The Art of Mushrooms 26
The Erzis River is a big black slug
Just wrapped the fresh meat
Directly on 20, a stone dragonfly and others to change, yellow pears, car beads
careless results ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I eat a large bowl of mango rice at noon
Take bean sand for wine, drink a bowl, haha. Pumpkin pie is a little hot ๐Ÿ˜„
The Art of Mushrooms 25
Come and pick the grapes, the grapes are beautiful, the grapes I bought yesterday are in some way
Sugar and vinegar wraps for fans
Bean, good meal. ๐Ÿ˜‹
The fruit, yellow peaches, pears, cinnamon circles, holy fruit, watermelon, kiwi, oranges and a papaya can\'t be eaten at home
It\'s me who eats the least, and it\'s me who does the most work ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Outbreak, this is good, even the square dance is gone, quiet ๐Ÿ˜‚
The meat is a little yellow
Bake a cake. ๐Ÿ˜‹
This is what I cut today ๐Ÿ˜Š
The Art of Mushrooms 24
It\'s beautifully baked
I\'ll also be a needle.\" ๐Ÿ˜†
Ham sausage scrambled eggs
Oversized shrimp. Super cheap, flower branches. Shrimp tube. I\'m addicted to food ๐Ÿ˜
Eat a bowl of porridge
I made my mother\'s birthday cake
The tree has just been picked, it\'s best to eat
The barbecue was all baked, but it was a pity that half a pot of lamb ๐Ÿ˜…
This time made the red burned ribs the most successful one, delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Fresh bamboo, now sell ten pieces, but so far has not eaten rotten
Perfect size ๐Ÿ˜‚
Fruit tea powder, the dragon fruit yellow peach grape pot into sugar, sour, not delicious ๐Ÿ˜ข
Afternoon tea, fresh lotus chicken head rice lily soup, freshly baked butter cookies. Last year\'s outbreak gave birth to a home baking master. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Caught a sparrow
Don\'t throw watermelon skins, breakfast side dishes
He ran to my pool to pee ๐Ÿ˜…
I\'m all cooked now
What a big cake
I went fishing for a plate of fish the other day
A melon was stolen today ๐Ÿ˜‚
I burned Coke chicken wings ๐Ÿ˜
Buy a rib, shoot dry is Yixing with the turn of the shoots, their own sun, a person will be sloppy to eat
Eat night meal, Sanfengqiao\'s bad goose, sauce pig tongue, oily shrimp, wings
The anniversary of the establishment of the company, is to eat, drink and drink ๐Ÿ˜‚
The whole donkey meat, dry. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
A dish without chili peppers has no soul
Have some mango similu and have a good taste. ๐Ÿ˜‹
It\'s so familiar, it feels a little disgusting.
The neighbor\'s house was eaten
Body virtual docha red dragonfly, three dragonflies a day, life is not old ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Flower shop bought green plants just bought are very green, keep the leaves all dropped, well ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Now this dragonfly, dry like more than a dozen pieces a pound, a large number of listing words are still late
Super cute, a little older will turn pink and black
My healthy nutritious lunch is artistic
Green pepper red pepper bean sprouts dry, color match good-looking, see if the color has an appetite
Do any brothers and sisters need to make up for it๏ผŸ ๐Ÿ˜œ
Let\'s put a fine dish
The stuffing looks delicious
When I was a child, my family had a fig, and then built a house and cut it down
It\'s just a little oil, it tastes really good ๐Ÿ˜‹
Persimmon playing with Guangxi mast persimmon is delicious, fruit armor persimmon is also quite good just
I\'ll pack a pattern ๐Ÿ˜„
It\'s almost dark or so hot. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
It\'s nice to feel at home alone. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Eat bowls of rice, eggs, watermelon skins, old cloth dry
Eat ice cream to cool down, I asked colleagues to bring me an ice cream, people brought me a big box, this is not fat enough? ๐Ÿ˜‚
It\'s almost July and a half, and the fruit is ripe, and it\'s good to cook porridge and boil water ๐Ÿ˜‹
Woodpecker flowers towards the twilight, flower language: gentle persistence. Flowering in the morning and closing in the evening
I have a lot of fish powder on my side, twenty yuan a bowl
Vegetarian chicken burned well, as three disciples a four-year-old chicken
I grow watermelons
A bowl of lotus silver-eared porridge came at the beginning
Make your own satay beef jerky ๐Ÿ˜
The potato is not only sweet but also strong
The road to weight loss was blocked by colleagues and so many delicious things were sent early in the morning ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Buckwheat cake, I like to make cakes, hair some face casually kneading, make two or three cakes, a moment will be good
This piece of meat is too fat. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The hoe doesn\'t seem to be getting any better ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Look at Dongcha wine, divided dishes, now do not eat directly divided, which is also good, health
Fry and sell
My two hands grow a lot of blisters, good and long, long and up again! A hair is good itch, do not catch itchy, catch on red and swollen. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
This can be used to make herbs, earth bees, sparkling wine to treat rheumatism
Raw ็ง Russia always feel that there are some things in it can not eat ๐Ÿ˜‚
Copper leaves, home to make this, roasted delicious, more fragrant
This beef meal is super delicious
The taste is a cool one ๐Ÿ˜‹
Lunch sandwich
Pack the plate
Lower the material
Under the oil
Eat a fried rice flour and watch the restaurant owner operate the whole process ๐Ÿ˜
If it\'s the sun, I\'ll move bricks in the sun ๐Ÿ˜‚
Someone is willing to help me with my hygiene ๐Ÿ˜†
No matter what meat can be cured after the water, no matter how you freeze, want to eat when thawing with fresh meat. It won\'t make any difference! ๐Ÿ˜
Haven\'t made red meat for a long time, afraid of fat ๐Ÿ˜…
Blue sea and blue sky, the sun is just right, the breeze is not dry
I\'ve got buckwheat noodles
Can\'t finish eating fast food, trench oil eat a lot ๐Ÿ˜‚
Door selenium melon 0.98
Let\'s have a little fried meat, all the colors and aromas ๐Ÿ˜‹
That\'s nice
If I don\'t have flashlights, that\'s not good, it seems that the night in the mountains is full of uncertainty. Put the snake this way, give each other a chance, one of the world\'s 10 deadly poisonous snakes bamboo leaf green
This is used to fry chicken mixed, delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
This trench oil powder business is very good, every day to about 8 o\'clock sold out. ๐Ÿ˜…
I\'ve been eating watermelon all day ๐Ÿ˜‚
This wild onion is particularly fragrant
Eat two more ribs. ๐Ÿ˜
My dinner is simple, not leftovers, but rice flour, or noodles. ๐Ÿ˜…
\"Night of Life\" 47
Old tofu, soy sauce is delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Today\'s dish is like, curry sheep taro ๐Ÿ˜†
Lazy flowers
And also
This yellow skin is not ripe yet, sour and sweet
The day before yesterday, my little sister sent me, lovely.
Today a bowl of covered toppings
I\'ve been studying for half an hour, and now I\'m about to taste bad.
\"Night of Life\" 46
While eating popcorn while watching bragging, buy too expensive, or do their own cost-effective. ๐Ÿ˜
Birthday, buy your own cake to eat, my sister bought me
This year oil tea fruit can also
Can\'t afford durian, buy a durian ice cream solution ๐Ÿ˜Š
The Art of Mushrooms 23
Put some salt on the beans and cook them without cutting their heads
Fish can not finish eating is small yellow, like cold mix, or fried to eat, we eat bigger fish, small yellow to eat small fish
Thirsty people take a look and watch Mei quench their thirst
Every day wild travel, meet small animals
XiaoXuan had breakfast and watched his appetite grow. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Mashan Yang Meida
It\'s not easy to dig some mud ๐Ÿ˜…
The Art of Mushrooms 22
Cherry a person round the pot to eat ๐Ÿ˜‚
Dark food, these are good things ๐Ÿ˜…
I planted peanuts with my mother for three yuan
Tonight it\'s going to be nosebleeds, it\'s all kidneys. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Today\'s dinner ๐Ÿ˜‚
Below five flowers twenty, above fifteen, now meat is cheap
Yang Mei is also hungry, not going to eat today ๐Ÿ˜
Eat some fruit beauty every day to raise your face ๐Ÿ˜Š
Propaganda stamps, face value of 6 yuan a piece
This effect has to be shaped with fine lead wire and the twigs are trimmed off
I can\'t eat wheat ๐Ÿ˜…
There is also a box of wine
Eat hard, raw consumption, orchid crab, cold cucumber, vegetarian fried green vegetables, as well as brine, fried pork belly, corn, sweat vegetables. ๐Ÿ˜…
Bought a meat bag of hazelnuts, forgot to let the boss help cut, can only go home to cut ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Above this is the water country ticket, very beautiful
Bubble noodles with Maotai, it\'s almost ham intestines ๐Ÿ˜‚
Poor, there are only a few dragonflies ๐Ÿ™
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Mango 15 baskets
Now the tomatoes are delicious, eat them raw ๐Ÿ˜‹
Bitten by a fish, catching a fish is being pulled apart by its fins, and tomorrow the gene mutates and becomes Superman ๐Ÿ˜…
Man cow, learn the name of what do not know, we that is called
This abalone, four dollars a one
Go to work during the day, pick up garbage at night, and be thrifty ๐Ÿ˜‚
The grass goes to the fish powder
100 yuan three boxes, drunk Li, so green is still very sweet, moisture is still enough
Buy too much at the weekend, eat too much for fear of bad, bring to the company to share
Picking peaches met the snake, and the frightened sister\'s paper pants were wet ๐Ÿ˜‚
These five flowers are so beautiful, I bought four 99 yuan, keep a bag of hazelnuts, Dragon Boat Festival will come soon. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Banana pie
I bought a Russian bun, coarse grain, and ate it for three days ๐Ÿ˜…
Sheep belly bacteria put meat in it, do not know how it tastes
Bean paste with cucumber strips, delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹
This is interesting, to laugh dead ๐Ÿ˜†
Bought back, like eggcakes, but also scorched
Pick up the armor watch
One person eats is lonely, two people eat is happiness
That\'s shrimp eggs ๐Ÿ˜‚
Trench oil ox tongue
The red meat did a good job and saw that the meat was drunk
Go eat, King Crab. ๐Ÿ˜
Rice is really good, the food is awesome, it\'s all made by my old man
I use a small row of sugar and vinegar ribs made from a newly bought cooker ๐Ÿ˜
After the corruption scene, ate three pounds of fish ๐Ÿ˜‚
Make your own sugary lychee
Do your own food and clothing, crayfish is not only the tail a little meat
Original meals in the wild
What a fat bird
Cooked with hot pot bottoms, ginger, garlic, purple beer, delicious. It looks much better than what I did last time
Recently every morning powder, gachia seeds, heard that can lose weight, but also quite delicious
Souvenirs for hiking
Put some vinegar and fry it to taste better ๐Ÿ˜‹
Others are less
Most of Guangdong\'s banquets are seafood-based
\"Night of Life\" 45
One dollar at a time, my father bought it from the countryside. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Make your own fried milk and bite down a mouthful of milk ๐Ÿ˜‹
This breakfast is good
Steamed meat dragon pine
The look of the explosion
Wrapped in flour, egg liquid, bread bran, frozen into such white strips
It\'s clean. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Tibet Airlines plane meal
I finally folded my house clean today ๐Ÿ˜…
Eat your own bowl of noodles
Have a hand-scratching cake for breakfast
Just dug, has not been washed clean, make up, soup, steaming can be
This little mango is really sweet, as long as 3.3 pounds, big mangoes do not buy, not delicious, rotten recovery, and not fragrant and not sweet
I go shopping is two things, or buy clothes, or buy food. ๐Ÿ˜…
A pot of green plants that people used to give me is still there
A song (forget the meat noodles) is nice ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Dry food, I haven\'t cooked in a long time
\"Night of Life\" 44
Belly hungry, before burning beans first beach only loaded eggs to eat
This kind of food made in the mountains, pure natural spring water
Grandma dripped black, didn\'t get it right, and had to fry the steak with butter ๐Ÿ˜‚
The Night of Life 43
This spot laurel steamed river has not seen anyone else catch, the river is a big belly cinnamon fish
Rib soup, pork belly, fried squid
Shakima, Chardo\'s going to have a belly ๐Ÿ˜…
My kitchen is small ๐Ÿ˜…
Mulberry good things, when I was a child there are a lot of casual eating in the tree, now it is 15 pounds
Eggplants have to be soaked in water first, and my eggplant box is going to be in the pot. ๐Ÿ˜
Purple Su cooked fish are delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Make a meat stew tofu today
Hairy ghost umbrella, can\'t eat ๐Ÿ˜…
\"Night of Life\" 42
Buckwheat pasta pie
In fact, the Co. , Ltd. also did not get up early a pot, if Wuxi coking plant is the earliest
Fat-reducing breakfast ๐Ÿ˜Š
It\'s a vaccine! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Strawberries all over the mountains, bubble
My sister cooked a pot of chicken, duck, goose eggs, tomorrow on the road to eat, my sister raised me as a pig. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Get ready to kill mackerel for the holidays. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Shrimp is cheap today, 25 large bowls
The evening wind began to fall off the water heater that night, if right ๐Ÿ˜
Zhong Xuegao, this ice cream has only been seen once before
The Night of Life 41
Just came back, engaged in cold noodles, I put a cucumber silk, put inside mixed, too fine can not see!
We had breakfast together ๐Ÿ˜Š
Pickle fish soup with bullfrog ๐Ÿ˜˜
Fifi was photographed when she was 2 years old in the garden behind the building
Shoot a mosquito to death, it\'s only a few months, there are mosquitoes
An ice cream after dinner ๐Ÿ˜Š
35 yuan lunch, expensive is a little expensive, worth not worth 35 yuan
Fried fish, the aroma is pungent. ๐Ÿ˜˜
It\'s so fuzzy, I want to buy a phone with a 120x focal length. Whoops
After dinner fruit, ugly orange one, although ugly, delicious taste. ๐Ÿ˜‹
\"Night of Life\" 40
CD action
Mix your own cucumber, put the old dry mother ๐Ÿ˜‹
Outdoor in-place ingredients, fresh shoots and small fish. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Wild pit fish, spicy ๐Ÿ˜‹
I can\'t afford to buy meat and make a few vegetarian buns. ๐Ÿ˜…
Change patterns every day and love life one ๐Ÿ˜Š
The lily blossoms bloomed in the office. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
High-calorie food, dare not eat, good big blueberries, taste two mouthfuls ๐Ÿ˜‚
Colored rice is very expensive, a bag of twenty yuan a pound
Recently digging shoot season, one foot, digging. ๐Ÿ˜
Keep playing, silkworm treasure raised quite fat, eat more ah, I pick fresh every day
The rose flowers in the rose garden are very beautiful
It\'s cherry-picking season again
Fried rice cake, although not sold, but crispy inside, sweet and delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Talk to the mouth dry, eat some 82 years of watermelon, quench thirst...
I haven\'t eaten breakfast today, come back and make my own sesame paste. ๐Ÿ˜ช
Three dollars for lunch
\"Night of Life\" 39
A flower slug head 33 pieces, make pepper fish head. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Fried rice with bacon
Mulberry ๆคน so sweet that you can burn eggplant
The cheese is bad and looks very tempting ๐Ÿ˜Š
I bought two big mackerel in order to eat fish seeds and couldn\'t eat them. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Life should be interesting, eat ๐Ÿ˜Ž
After the hand-scratching cake is thawed, cut the beef into meat rice, then put down the ingredients, spread on the hand-grabbed cake, adjust an egg to go on top, put a ham, lettuce, cucumber can be
It would be better to put some dried shrimp skin or bacon
The colorful baboon rice just steamed in the afternoon
The Night of Life 38
Add a garlic and a heavy taste. ๐Ÿ˜…
One word, fresh ๐Ÿ˜
Mushroom stew protein, natural protein, better than those expensive protein powder. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
My mother packed 30 meats yesterday and ate 15 today
There\'s a banana that\'s going to rot, and you\'ve got to find someone to help you eat it ๐Ÿ˜‚
In the back garden of my house, the wind is calm and the river is like a mirror
Potatoes steamed to eat, see cooked, ate five
Fully automatic natural environmental protection mobile large hot water bag, warm feet ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Delicate women, tomatoes are peeled. ๐Ÿ˜Š
My son called and the beans burned. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Night of Life 37
Six kilos of lobster ate up, two people ate 390, lobster is too expensive. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Banana cake, very delicious, there are bananas in it
Burned a red meat, soy sauce is not much, no icing sugar
Dried fried bacon, a kind of wild fine bamboo shoots, our hometown is called bamboo shoots, look bad but taste great. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Big white rabbit milk sugar, and mustard flavor ๐Ÿ˜‚
I don\'t know what this is called, it\'s like a Buddha melon
Huang Jing, can\'t eat more, wild eat outside driving can\'t stand. ๐Ÿ˜
Traffic is running too fast ๐Ÿ˜ญ
The new crown vaccine does not meet the standard can not be beaten. Well, it\'s half an hour to watch!
This drum classic lasts forever. ๐Ÿ˜…
Eat jaundice and make up the blood ๐Ÿ˜
Injection man mountain people sea, went to the moon needle appointment!
It\'s greasy, but it tastes good. ๐Ÿ˜‹
The Night of Life 36
Rose I see as the monthly season, the monthly season I see as roses, take care of him, as long as good-looking I raise. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Weight loss meal ate for three years, I have some high three fat, to less oil and less salt-based
Make your own burning and selling ๐Ÿ˜Š
It\'s raining, but unfortunately, there\'s a table and no one\'s playing. ๐Ÿ˜…
\"Night of Life\" 35
I ate a scones for dinner tonight, and now I\'m so hungry that I\'m panicking ๐Ÿ˜ข
The shrimp meat is quite big
Buy some insect grass as a snack to eat, the life of the rich is so simple and unpretentious. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Self-made beef, very fragrant ๐Ÿ˜‹
It\'s okay to play with an apple
The Night of Life 34
Today I asked my son Iron Man and Sun Wukong who is good, but Iron Man, after watching the movie my son said or Sun Wukong is more powerful. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Injured, I went out in the afternoon and ran into the car. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Tired, the room is arranged, are my own dress up. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Get ready to cook and burn a cod ๐Ÿ˜
Work meal, pull the bag of meat
The Night of Life 33
Caught crayfish is delicious, there is so much meat in the pliers. ๐Ÿ˜‹
It\'s in sweet potato chips. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Night of Life 32
Today finally understand why I am getting fatter and fatter, fat people like just meat ๐Ÿ˜…
Look at my coarse tea light rice, I am a person anyway to fry a dish on the line
Delicious cheesecake ๐Ÿ˜‹
Yesterday\'s leftover beef, and so will burn beef fan soup to eat. ๐Ÿ˜‹
The more one gets lobster ๐Ÿ˜…
Ahai Mao\'s clothes are like this, hairy serious. ๐Ÿ˜ข
Night of Life 31
The Night of Life 30
Crab powder, look at the full crab powder
Caught a crab, put it away, looked very poor, lonely alone. ๐Ÿ˜…
What\'s the name of someone who knows this?
After ๅก plum cake, taste has bean sand, bacon, purple potatoes, sesame seeds, mud. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Shaved head, good old barber shop.
I got all the flowers in this dress myself. ๐Ÿ˜Š
There\'s dust, I haven\'t read a book for a long time
Or country chicken is delicious
Kill the chicken and stew the soup. Lotus, honey, stewed.
Night of Life 29
This side, it is estimated that I also like ๐Ÿ˜…
Night of Life 28
Snacks, tea bubbles when I was a kid ๐Ÿ˜‹
Stew well, oil tofu rib shoots.
Today\'s canteen eats rice, no rice
Working class; Pseudonym: China\'s leading class; Definition of economics: low-income groups; Foreign name: blue-collar; Alias: Year of Physical Strength\" Nickname: vulnerable groups; Nickname: Ant tribe; Sociological definition: the survival of life; Definition of Political Science: Social Instability; Recurring titles: unemployed; Name given by the government: laid-off workers; Civil definition: low-insured households; Real name: poor. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Fried chicken breasts made at noon I\'m hot again and eat in the evening
Ten dollars and three strings, there\'s so much lamb
No words, how to do this, take the bamboo pole top ๐Ÿ˜‚
Eat instant noodles at noon. ๐Ÿ˜…
Wine is round, there are laurel flowers ๐Ÿ˜‹
Others from Guilin brought me a box of mangoes, a bad all bad, do not know how to eat ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
Force the son group, cook the soup to eat. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Sour, there are cubs will acid out, fortunately no ๐Ÿ˜…
Cool with onion black wood ears
Why cushion it with a snakeskin bag and look like you have no appetite? ๐Ÿ˜ข
Under the peony flower, be a hard-working little bee. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Burned their own, bad eyes, pig hair did not go clean ๐Ÿ˜‚
Steam with fish and steam with fish ๐Ÿ˜‹
10 servings of stinky tofu, packed
Three people, I eat an egg, a hemp circle, a bottle of milk
Bone chicken rib soup, packed a serving for my daughter ๐Ÿ˜Š
Today\'s salted duck eggs are 8.9 yuan a pound
Farmhouse features, red meat soy sauce is too heavy
The monkey is so fierce that I almost got bitten! This monkey ๐Ÿ˜ก
The bone broth is stewed with all the colors and aromas ๐Ÿ˜‹
demanding, ready to make one
Night of Life 27
The vegetarian side of Kaiyuan Temple!
At sunset, the broken intestines are at the end of the world
Evil crafts, long-term night shift people. ๐Ÿ˜Š
The egg skin I fried today is so ugly, tiger skin omelette ๐Ÿ˜‚
Last year\'s stick ice is still in the refrigerator, do not know whether there has been a shelf life. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Get some little tomatoes to eat ๐Ÿ˜
A pair of fish are dating, sweet honey ๐Ÿ˜Š
Fried tea, picked by yourself
Honey, two bottles of medicine and wine ๐Ÿ˜
Boring to make an ear hole to see the pair of nails
One person\'s serving, the amount of food is as large as a cow. ๐Ÿ˜…
It\'s important to have breakfast ๐Ÿ˜
Meat dragon pine stew tofu
Buns 3 hairs, hair cake 5 hairs, soy milk 5 hairs. Two pieces is enough ๐Ÿ˜
Golden cauliflower stuffing, fresh don\'t want. ๐Ÿ˜
A silly dog. Go to the toilet and follow.
Add some raw powder, or rest assured that the blind knots are delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
Frog three crazy, bullfrog
The bachelor\'s dinner ๐Ÿ˜‚
The new tea is hot, once drinking new tea, the voice is dumb. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Fried chicken a set of more than 8 pieces. ๐Ÿ˜ฑ
2 feet cold, go out to bask in the sun
Barefoot is digging, look at it cold ๐Ÿ˜‚
I made my own chili peppers ๐Ÿ˜‹
Just rice, just rice, just one meal a day, to just order. ๐Ÿ˜‚
It\'s all oysters, you can eat seafood at night. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Deer garden a fresh, a little salty, a little tired ๐Ÿ˜…
Yongzhou Blood Duck
Today\'s sugar cake is also called a support cake
All kinds of tastes, sweet honey is another day, but also color ๐Ÿ˜
The price of Chinese food has gone up, a few dollars before, now it\'s more than 10 bucks ๐Ÿ˜ข
Eat a bowl of skinhead powder
My husband gave me a make-up, and I was hospitalized. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
15 years in Hangzhou to eat 9 yuan of sugar and vinegar ribs, still this price ๐Ÿ˜
Breakfast and lunch together, with green moss, soul
Pressed, I said how to hand hemp ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Today bought out radish cake, plum cake, rice cake, green ball, thousand layers of cake
I bought a small pot, which is specially used to make cakes ๐Ÿ˜Š
The last point of the poor\'s life has to be squeezed hard ๐Ÿ˜‚
Be affordable and drink a bowl of sheep\'s soup
The teacher is stealing vegetables ๐Ÿ˜
Feel this oily shoot fire can not wait, shoots are not enough ๐Ÿ˜
Who can see this is a pear flower? I can\'t see the primary color when I\'m dyed by the lanterns
Today\'s barbecue is full of women
Fried fish mixed fish liver
Night of Life 26
Wait for the spring rolls to eat
A bowl of love, two eggs loyal! Bedroom day trip ๐Ÿ˜…
The food is delicious and lard is mixed ๐Ÿ˜‹
Horror movie: Midnight basketball court ๐Ÿ˜‚
Get up early to make a good meal and spread the cake ๐Ÿ˜‹
A person eats alone and doesn\'t stir-fry vegetables
Finished, off work, New Year\'s style. ๐Ÿ˜€
I have a rich woman upstairs, every day holding a dog son do not have to go to work, dressed up in a fashionable, today driving a red car tomorrow to drive a black car, want to go out a few times can be
No money to eat porridge, cheap and stomach
To get rich, frogs and gold dragonflies are a family, to make money into treasure ๐Ÿ˜
Shoot meat, now shoot city, better side dishes
Hope is fire, disappointment is smoke, life is to light fire, smoke. Zombie face ๐Ÿ˜‚
Night of Life 25
Toss it, this grass seems to be a little smaller
Spicy cabbage, saliva flowing all over the place
Green ball ice cream, is this thing going to be in the fridge! ๐Ÿ˜‚
Stew a pot of soup to make up for your husband!
Widely available
Spread out a pasta cake with rice flour, a bit like a hand-caught cake
My weight loss dinner
It tastes good and eats well ๐Ÿ˜
Eat some spicy, dehumidification on cloudy days
Night of Life 24
There are wild goods, fat cattle, wild goats
Go home on the big night and see this scene directly scare the urine. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Can you take the tent away after you set up the stall? Terrified people don\'t have to pay for their lives ๐Ÿ˜…
Fried mushroom water fish
Celery is a big fried pig belly, good appetite! ๐Ÿ˜‹
Fresh leeks, good bag of vegetables to eat. ๐Ÿ˜Š
The total price of 2 yuan a, bought in Nanzen Temple, bone porcelain, put cold Lai
A bowl of salted rice, spicy ๐Ÿ˜
Get up with the old wine!
Take a bath in a bowl of sheep\'s soup noodles
The vegetables in the factory are spicy, the potatoes are spicy, in addition to the tomato scrambled eggs are sweet, fried slices spicy, fried bean sprouts spicy, spicy fish, is small outside. ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ
It\'s windy today, and there\'s a little rain
Authentic Baidy City powder, minced meat powder
It was an hour to make a cake, and it was done in a few mouthfuls ๐Ÿ˜‚
Fried eggs with sour beans, refreshing. ๐Ÿ˜‹
The sunset is beautiful
Garlic steamed shrimp, Wuxi sauce ribs
Don\'t know what fruit, when I was a child often seen by the river, are afraid to eat.
Vegetarian food is starting to get cheaper, when fresh food. Eat more fruits and vegetables, quite good, eat broad beans, strong
Mini camera, turn it over to check if it can still be used, eight years, inside the battery can also be used. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
I bought four pots of lotus all afternoon
The couple were nice and I asked them to take pictures here twice. ๐Ÿ˜
A red umbrella for two people It\'s not pure to snuggle your waist Passers-by saw it hurt The dog lady is really angry ๐Ÿ˜‚
The golden cauliflower picked by Shantou, the golden cauliflower of the buttonhead, had a meal yesterday, and there is another meal today
Dinner five dishes a soup, and daughter two people a little more ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Unit is not obvious, 15 yuan
What a big one
The first time I packed leeks
I ate incense eggs last night, and now my stomach hurts a lot. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ
Onions, leeks and knife fish trap, the first time to eat, the morning wrapped a few to eat taste good, in fact, I do not like to eat dumplings, this morning actually ate eight ๐Ÿ˜Š
This is wild kiwi
The gold has been opened ๐Ÿ˜
The shoots are grilled, the oil is stuffy, half cooked, and half salted
Often, lying on the window sill to see the leaves, watching the people walking downstairs, looking at the white skirts and skirts ่ฃพflowing by,\" but see the dust go, Jin Cersei who and degrees, moon bridge flower yard, lock windows Zhu do, only spring knowledge\"
Five-color fried soup round, breakfast
Red-burned rabbit meat ๐Ÿ˜‹
Just bought 18 yuan of meat, skin don\'t, steamed powder round
Duck egg noodles, one a day ๐Ÿ˜Š
Xiao Jiuzhai in Dong County, the scenery is good
Tianhui bought 3 tomatoes, hard enough to play like a big leather ball, estimated that hormones did not play less ๐Ÿ˜…
Happy chia dishes are willing, not spicy enough. ๐Ÿ˜‚
The stewed egg looks like a hair, but it\'s actually a trace of a spoon, and the next time you put some soy sauce, it\'ll look better. ๐Ÿ˜
This bowl of noodles is scary, it\'s all bugs. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Success, pickle fish, immediately go buy pickles. ๐Ÿ˜†
A person\'s dinner, yesterday\'s leftovers. ๐Ÿ˜…
pie, made at night
Wild onion golden cauliflower!
It\'s millet porridge ๐Ÿ˜Š
There are shoots, can\'t dig, want to fine, 200 one ๐Ÿ˜‚
Iced sugar, dates, dates, peach gum, health pots slow stew
Night of Life 23
The fish is always delicious ๐Ÿ˜‹
The air conditioner is turned on as soon as it is turned on
Dry rice, children want to eat egg wrap rice
We dance dragon lights in our village, I haven\'t seen dragon lights in more than ten years. Good luck is coming. ๐Ÿ˜
Lantern Festival eat fried Lantern Festival ๐Ÿ˜Š
Mu Guiying\'s perfection! ๐Ÿ˜
One fruit after dinner! ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Yang Mei soup, ice Yangmei, boiled with water, put icing sugar
Beef fried rice up, black cabbage soup
Seventy dollars of pants, very good-looking. ๐Ÿ˜Š
It\'s dinner, the light is not good today, it\'s changing color
Pine pigeon soup, put more mushrooms have to eat ๐Ÿ˜‹
Play with The Hairy Child
Lantern Festival reunion dinner
Big fried spring rolls, vegetable lard Oh, spring roll skin is good, thin, look crisp. ๐Ÿ˜‹
I don\'t know how much this thing is worth, more than 10 0s at home.
Made at five o\'clock in the morning, sesame seeds and bean sand stuffing Lantern, symbolizing the colorful and colorful life. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Dafa, too delicious, do more delicious than takeaway. ๐Ÿ˜
Our homemade stove, used once, was given to the owner of the house
Put some cumin and pepper taste a lot better ๐Ÿ˜‹
Buy a pair of gloves, the result is a hand, the seller thought I was Yang? ๐Ÿ˜…
Today\'s sugar and vinegar mackerel, the daughter said and the restaurant is as delicious, crispy and tender. ๐Ÿ˜Š
A piece of heaven and earth, not suitable for peanuts, not suitable for potatoes, may be suitable for rape, you see how good this rape is, how beautiful flowers
It\'s all small fish, I don\'t know what I\'m doing.
The day before last climbed Huishan walked a wild road, the road, accidentally drilled graves, all tombstones, still can not find the way down the mountain, scared urine. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Now Yuan chang dance dragon investment big, to fish income, there is nothing good-looking, before, I have up to three dragons, a lion
Field stove, this stove does not need a wind shield, bring their own windscreen
Porridge and snacks ๐Ÿ˜‹
A flower friend sent me for many months
Authentic grain eggs 14 yuan 1 catty, authentic loose corn earth eggs 8 yuan a jin
The mountains are full of peach blossoms
Rich show money, there are room show room, there is no show pectoral muscles, gym iron. ๐Ÿ˜†
Look at cauliflower, peach blossom, recommended place, Hengnan Railway City ๐Ÿ˜Š
The season of warm spring flowers!
Lingshan cannon fragrance ๐Ÿ˜…
Fly-catchers, cannibal flowers, dare not buy, horror movies see too much. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Prepare the spicy pot at noon, colorful good-looking
And I like to eat ๐Ÿ˜‹
This red plum is good
Made at home, thyme juice wine
Starting each year, plum blossoms, spring flowers, tulips, cherry blossoms, peach blossoms, pear blossoms, cauliflower, hydrangea, cauliflower, peony flowers, herbs, azaleas, endless flowers. ๐Ÿ˜…
Wild fruit on the mountain, do not know whether there is poison, as if it were wild cherries
I eat two meat bags in the morning and one for my daughter ๐Ÿ˜Ž
2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve 13
It\'s not donkey meat, it\'s not wild pork, it\'s not ostrich meat, it\'s authentic horse meat in Xinjiang ๐Ÿ˜†
Sleep to eat, eat to sleep, alas, and lose weight again. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Lamb soup set, 50 yuan
The medicine dug the day before
\"2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve Dinner\" 12
\"2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve\" 11
Just made it, strawberry cake. ๐Ÿ˜Š
The water in the reservoir is full of blue waves in spring
2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve 10
2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve Dinner 9
This handle is not one, easy to fall off, sister is not using a cup, is art. ๐Ÿ˜‚
This is fun, grind soy milk to eat. ๐Ÿ˜†
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My children are jumping around alive. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Small cage bag, this small cage bag is not oily, eaters shop are full.
Mountain native products, can not eat indiscriminately, be careful of toxic ๐Ÿ˜‚
This rib is beautifully made
Halogen dishes are made by themselves, just ducks are not
\"Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve 2020\" 8
2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve 7
Red taro
The Buddha jumps against the wall
The eight treasure meals are made by themselves ๐Ÿ˜Š
Drink tea and eat peanuts, at leisure
Cook tea eggs at home ๐Ÿ˜‹
My mother gave me the long life lock ๐Ÿ˜…
2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve 6
2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve 5
Authentic earth chicken, three yellow chickens, 150-200 one
Northeast oil beans have arrived
\"2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve Dinner\" 4
\"Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve 2020\" 3
The puppy is adopted for free, one noise, one white ๐Ÿ˜Š
Wild chicken, tail hair, much, long, hairy. Now there is no breeding, the state bans eating game
It\'s raining all the time ๐Ÿ˜‚
Stew pig\'s hoofs
And sleeping with KFC
\"2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve\" 2
\"2020 Chinese New Year\'s EveChinese New Year\'s Eve Dinner\"
Nanjing New Street
Green pepper snake, eat snake belt skin is better to eat. ๐Ÿ˜‹
The Buddha jumped against the wall and mixed rice
This porridge looks good
There is no shortage of leeks, vegetarian food to eat more ah, three high to
Today and Yancheng people learn to make rice pills, put a little raw pumping old pumping and then pour some oil ginger silent a little
A goose in a certain house
Look at my family\'s work ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Today the shoots cook pickles ๐Ÿ˜
Practice Qigong, you can talk can blow, pipe blow
Good home, round table to eat, a family. ๐Ÿ˜€
Make a red meat, and then a vegetarian dish fried, one vegetarian is the simplest
I slang to do their own car wash, antique car
Own shoots, dig a few and eat a few ๐Ÿ˜Š
A friend sent bacon, eat a mouthful of vomit, not good to eat
Liquor, chilli ash, octagonal powder, salt, pickled for about three days, in the clean and dry water fried, I like this fish best ๐Ÿ˜‹
A man\'s little hot pot ๐Ÿ˜Š
Drink water, drink soup hot, drink drunk ๐Ÿ˜…
Who wants pig\'s head meat?
I was the first painting in my life
I made roast wheat in the afternoon and prepared a meat bag tomorrow
Take the risk of snacking ๐Ÿ˜Š
The sunset is infinitely good It\'s just near dusk
Kill the pig, look at do not want to eat pork, stomach. ๐Ÿ˜ซ
My mother had to let me learn to cook, that is, soy sauce must be too much, delicious is delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹
It doesn\'t know anything, like wild reishi
It\'s too long to hit fishballs
The family blew up ๐Ÿ˜Š
A beam of Buddha light came down
Sanye Qing, also known as gold line gourd, snake appendix, earthen pills, stone mice, Its whole grass can be drugged, to the underground root medicinal effect is the best, with anti-heat detoxification, live blood diarrhea, anti-inflammatory pain, weathered sputum, spleen and other effects, often used in children with high fever convulsions, dysentery, bronchitis, pneumonia, pharyngitis, hepatitis, viral meningitis, venomous snake bites, tonsillitis, cellulitis, spinal injury and other diseases.
Busy until now, eat this, on these pieces of meat is also called red meat, but also 16 yuan
Have breakfast, these two eggs are too small, unlike eggs, eggs to make up eggs ๐Ÿ˜‚
Wild ginseng, make up for nosebleeds ๐Ÿ˜‚
Squid fish, good stuff, fried with shoots and snow vegetables. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Night of Life 22
Today the dish is shaped like a pineapple ๐Ÿ˜Ž
A shop will never use synthetic meat, if there is a reward of 100,000 yuan in cash, rich atmosphere ah. ๐Ÿ˜…
Cooking activities in the wild
Today to the public toilet, the door is broken, I can only squat while pulling the door, the result was a brother pulled out of the cubicle ๐Ÿ˜‚
I used to work part-time as a sugar gourd in Shantou
Daughter\'s birthday ๐ŸŒน
There is danger in the mountains and seas ๐Ÿ˜‚
I like to eat meat on my back ๐Ÿ˜‹
The farmer\'s little black beans I bought today
Dry pond, a lot of fish, go play with mud ๐Ÿ˜€
Red Bean Red New Year Cake
I wiped, opened the courier, accidentally was poked by my own knife ๐Ÿ˜ญ
The Spirit of Life 21
Borrowed money, if you want to make up all kinds of reasons, careful, afraid of the tone of heavy, hurt each other. Look at that guy, his hair is so high, like Chairman Mao on the last time I borrowed your money?
Everyone in the New Year my family eat oranges, now pick out to eat, New Year\'s home do not buy fruit ๐Ÿ˜Š
In half an hour, ready to steam ๐Ÿ˜†
Exquisite breakfast!
The large intestine likes to eat, has a year to eat more physical examination triglycerides high, pay attention to recover
This is not the legendary human crusher ๐Ÿ˜‚
People don\'t know which medicines belong to health insurance The common people don\'t know if this medicine must be used People don\'t know if hospitals really don\'t have this medicine It\'s all about the doctor\'s mouth
Simple point, save costs, green vegetables seven pieces a jin, golden cauliflower 13 pieces a jin, vegetables can not afford it ๐Ÿ˜‚
Once went to the pharmacy to buy masks, drugstores do not wear masks do not let in, special I go in is to buy masks, is it rigid. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Look at my dinner, hard ah, full of tears, directly boiled with some soy sauce. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Or wide-style sausage delicious, may be winter, just want to eat meat
Garlic seedling fried bacon, selling well. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Jin Gui and Dan Gui
It\'s the same intestine as today
Flower armor stewed eggs
Bull coins, is issued by the People\'s Bank of China, commemorative coins People\'s Bank card is relatively tight, a roll of gross profit of 80 yuan, a hundred rolls can almost earn 8000 yuan, look like a beer bottle cap. ๐Ÿ˜
My son\'s pet ๐Ÿ˜…
Get some fish soup to drink
Today bought chestnuts fresh, is peeling is difficult to peel
Put one strawberry on each piece
Orange peel coriander cold mix, the first to see
Dumplings should be hot while it\'s hot ๐Ÿ˜‹
The honey is so sweet
Water leeks, today 8 pieces a pound, all steel pot fried. ๐Ÿ˜
Gluten stew
The hawthorn ball of taro mud
Cloud swallowing, ouch, spit is flowing ๐Ÿ˜‹
For dinner in a basin ๐Ÿ˜‚
The herring tail burned well a day in advance and ate the fish frozen. ๐Ÿ˜‹
The bird ate a snake, but he didn\'t expect it to bite out of its stomach ๐Ÿ˜‚
Raw oil pickled tofu porridge ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Nut honey nougat, daughter even eat three pieces of sugar, said better than buy, in a few days to make peanuts nougat, please buy
Make up your brain, walnuts
Haven\'t eaten tofu milk for a long time, Alzheimer\'s should eat more tofu milk
There are bugs in the hot pot. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Hengshan oil tofu with chili peppers ๐Ÿ˜‹
Steamed into baked ๐Ÿ˜…
Celery, cauliflower, potatoes, peppers, meat slices, cauldron vera
Pumpkin balls, steam the pumpkin and rice flour eggs together, round by hand, deep-fried
My family has flowers all year round
I made the fruit plate! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Delicious sweet french fries
God Shop Buyer Show ๐Ÿ˜‚
Chicken head rice, lotus, black rice, black beans, rice, rice, red red beans, beans. Eat vegetables in the evening without porridge, and don\'t eat staple foods.
Strawberries are big! It\'s too big for me to be afraid of hormones.
Fifteen pieces of green vegetables, it\'s better to eat meat. ๐Ÿ˜…
Two people in the mall quarreled, after looking at each other\'s health code is green, before rest assured scuffle up. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Golden cherry blossoms, ancient Han health essence has this taste of Chinese medicine
Guangdong Road, Zhaotong Road, Fuzhou Road are blocked, prohibited vehicles and pedestrians! From the south Yan\'andong Road, north to Fuzhou Road, east from Henan Road, west to Shandong Road, the whole area is placed. It is said that epidemic prevention personnel, police, community personnel, has been busy all night. All area personnel overnight emergency nucleic acid testing.
It\'s all little flash pieces
La eight porridge forgot, to make up at night instead
Pure handmade, their own dumplings, open to eat
Fish porridge ๐Ÿ˜‹
When I was young, I thought I was engaged in life, only to learn later that life had made me, life picked up my pants, with a snb in the corners of my mouth. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Salted ็ƒ€ peanut rice, big soybeans, put some ginger, red peppers, octagons, and finally put some green garlic when it\'s almost good
The flowers booked for tonight\'s appointment. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Tin paper armor
Eat blood and ducks again ๐Ÿ˜‹
Emerald Soup
It\'s good to eat your next noodles ๐Ÿ˜Š
Make more stuffing for egg dumplings, pack it for lunch!
Get up failed the first time, get up failed the second time, get up failed the third time... It\'s being re-started...
Radish cake
Steam with some icing sugar
Radish stew lamb, daughter is back, to make up for it. ๐Ÿ˜€
Ketchup fish
Frozen skin of meat
Bowls are old goods, bowls are worth more than meat. ๐Ÿ˜…
This tonic, bitter grass rice
Is this green cauliflower a bug?
CDC Update: New Year\'s Day, do not go home this year, often go home next year. Do need to return to balance please look carefully! Out-of-town re-balance personnel: 3 days nucleic acid testing (negative) and 14 days home isolation, 1 nucleic acid testing; Isolation, 7-day home isolation, 1 nucleic acid test, foreign and overseas re-balance personnel: 3-day nucleic acid detection (negative) and 14-day centralized isolation, 7-day home isolation, 2 nucleic acid testing.
It\'s definitely not that I saw a female ghost ๐Ÿ˜‚
Cooking live water live fish is simple, first under the pot on both sides of the frying yellow, cover with water, put ginger, wine, fish soup white, put salt, garlic, chicken essence, pepper, and then juice
Counting three hundred sheep still can\'t sleep, it turned out that one sheep was lost.
The ice is five cent cents thick
Units eat crickets, twenty 12 yuan.
Hawthorn cake is finished, beautiful reluctant to eat! ๐Ÿ˜Š
Fish pickled, fried pots of peanuts, rice peel cracking without focus, fire must be small, fried peanuts to be patient. ๐Ÿ˜
The leeks taste great. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Fried New Year\'s cake, inside is cheese
Look at the three hundred thousand eggs fried rice are fragrant ๐Ÿ˜‚
Bought five pounds of honey, eat two pounds, can also put red dates, honey than red dates delicious, have diabetes do not eat honey, green beans heat detoxification.
It\'s okay to make hawthorn cake! ๐Ÿ™‚
The egg cake I made failed! ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Supermarket cheese to buy expensive, today learned to do their own, no director. First of all, gilding tablets with cold water bubble, milk boiled, put some condensed milk to put cheese slices, off the fire to add to the open gilding tablets, put the refrigerator refrigerated for two or three hours on it! (A carton of milk with three slices of cheese, 10 grams of gildedin). ๐Ÿ˜Š
Continue to lose weight and eat boiled vegetables
Azaleas, it\'s beautiful
A pot of spinach porridge, my lunch, cooked clean and hygienic. ๐Ÿ˜Žใ€‚
Farm-raised chicken stew, from the old woman, the old hen
The melons and corn in my vegetable land have also been planted. ๐Ÿ™‚ใ€‚
It\'s nice to bask in the sun today
Now this tofu any restaurant has, very tasteful. ๐Ÿ˜‹ใ€‚
Get ready to make yam pills! Do it for the first time. ๐Ÿ˜Šใ€‚
Haven\'t done it for a long time, didn\'t send it out, failed, it\'s not cake, it\'s cake. ๐Ÿ˜‚ใ€‚
A mountain is taller than a mountain, There is no quiet city in the city, Planting trees without wood has fields, Tanaka\'s nothing is far away, The legs of the four tables were sawn off. - Guess five words
Fill a large pot and eat in two meals. ๐Ÿ˜†ใ€‚
Sugar orange is super sweet ๐Ÿ˜‹ใ€‚
Didn\'t shoot the winter frost should have looked like
Can skate, did not step down, can not step on, to wet body. ๐Ÿ˜œใ€‚
The sheep was taken away by the original owner, the key I do not know, has not woken up. ๐Ÿ˜‚ใ€‚
On such a cold day, there are mosquitoes. Slap it to death with one slap. ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
Nan yuelong Fengxi
The leeks, the skins, the ones you make, the leeks you plant yourself, you plant them for three years before you eat them. ๐Ÿ˜…ใ€‚
It\'s too hard to go out with red-roasted beef noodles. ๐Ÿ˜‚ใ€‚
This is the afternoon to dig their own shoots, this side 6 yuan a jin, some time ago only 3.5 yuan a jin, bigger than this.
Sweet cakes, like Hengyang\'s hair cake, are eaten all day long. ๐Ÿ˜‚ใ€‚
it\'s about to turn into raisins
Online is now learned to do, corn branding, corn, radish, shrimp, rice flour. ๐Ÿ˜€ใ€‚
The point is not on the dish, heir to the treasure pot. ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
This is fresh fish air-dried, not salty fish, eat hard fragrance.
Carrot fried chicken, is too few carrots. ๐Ÿ˜…ใ€‚
Today\'s chicken rack 2.99, cost-effective, cheap. ๐Ÿ˜Žใ€‚
The glass dragon ่Ÿœ cup, is made of gold and crystal beautiful bar.
Fried marshmallows! ๐Ÿ˜…ใ€‚
The dish is delicious
Iron stick yam, how to eat this well.
Supermarkets buy earthy eggs, as to whether it is the merchants to promote Hebei butter chicken, a few years of chicken or whether scattered can not be sure. It is said that grass eggs and farmed eggs are the same nutritional content, is the taste difference, merchants all kinds of publicity, wild, soil, such words, nothing but want to sell the price high.
Leeks, and shrimp. There weren\'t many leeks, and they turned out to be shrimp. ๐Ÿ˜‚ใ€‚
Gray machine, or dazzling, good-looking no. ๐Ÿ˜Šใ€‚
I have 2 former colleagues sent by me to raise dead, orchids are not good to raise. It is best to buy orchid special materials, 10 days and a half a month watering once, to water through, you can put the pot in the bucket soaked for more than 5 minutes, to purple sand basin. \"It takes 24 hours for the picture to be watered, but three people with chlorine are prone to death.
Pick up a stone egg in the pit ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
The sky is blue after the snow
The egg tart was not done well, the egg liquid was less, so it collapsed in. ๐Ÿ˜ญใ€‚
There\'s so much ice on Nanyue Mountain
A raw frying bag made the day before
Yesterday outdoors, makeup peak, 2020 is a happy curtain, looking forward to next year. ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
Bought two stones back, anyway, not expensive, like an animal.
Soup radish to eat a full, there is no technical requirements.
Don\'t know what to carve, seven words truth? It seems that the lamas taught, there are two places on the mountain are engraved with this kind of text, the average person will not go to the place.
Big white rabbit milk sugar, really big enough.
Mushroom wood ear jaundice party ginseng chicken soup, big tonic. ๐Ÿ˜ƒใ€‚
Charred lamb
New rice porridge sauce Robsai life
This garlic is about to grow into garlic seedlings, is a little less leaves. ๐Ÿ˜‚ใ€‚
Meat, dried shoots, chestnuts. ๐Ÿ˜‹ใ€‚
This looks very spicy, in fact, not spicy, just fragrant.
It means eating an apple in the morning
This is antique, winter supplies. ๐Ÿ˜Žใ€‚
It\'s been a few days to pick up the bottle today. ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
Stinky man stinky tofu, it doesn\'t know the taste. ๐Ÿ˜…ใ€‚
Too make up, 120 yuan a, said to be a live killing of old hens, good old hens in previous years are this price, last time I bought one, steamed for 5 hours can not chew, both pots are ready, old hen soup normal stew 3 and a half hours.
Homemade salted peanut rice, fragrant, and then hot pot of yellow wine. ๐Ÿ˜‹ใ€‚
In the sheep machine slaughtered a sheep, sent us a lot of lamb chops. ๐Ÿ˜€ใ€‚
Fish head soup in the evening
Anggong fish stew eggs are delicious, put a sausage red burn is also delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹ใ€‚
Have a cup of Japanese oolong peach tea
Haihong radish soup, make up for the face protein. ๐Ÿ˜˜ใ€‚
A herring 16 pounds, even busy a half happy! ๐Ÿ˜‚ใ€‚
Ginger fried red sugar Ingredients: moderate amount of sugar, ginger flakes Practice: Add a little oil to the bottom of the pan, pour in the sugar and ginger flakes over a low heat and fry until the sugar melts and add the water to boil. When the stomach is uncomfortable, you can drink a cup, there is a warm stomach cold, pain relief effect, suitable for the stomach cold crowd.
One soup at a time ๐Ÿ˜Šใ€‚
I can\'t buy a ball, I can only eat a little circle. ๐Ÿ˜ขใ€‚
Steamed potatoes today
Even now ah is an old roasted fish, a rotten cabbage meat silk, a green vegetable leaf.
A bowl of eggs, a bowl of rice, added some oil tofu today is not spicy yesterday.
Bug grass chicken to make up, the taste is also good.
Steamed mackerel oil is delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹ใ€‚
Ugly dumplings, do not pay attention to their own food. Hobbies, only Mimi ordered a little wine.
In the evening I cook oysters and red-burned fish.
Plant potato radish
I raise a lot of meat, raise more burden, like no way. ๐Ÿ˜…ใ€‚
It\'s okay to see me pickle a meat ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
Today 2 vegetables, a cow tail soup, a red-burned grouper.
Is this a bit like Northeast dumplings? Do it for the first time. ๐Ÿ˜„ใ€‚
Baked potato, it\'s delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹ใ€‚ Cold day chicken cake, baked potato, sugar fried chestnuts...
Fish head soup, the family eats very lively. ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
Northeast night, countryside.
Live in a small farmhouse, farm goose.
Songhua River at 5 a.m., minus 28 degrees.
Steaming for a long time, look like it\'s not delicious, steaming old, failure. ๐Ÿ˜ชใ€‚
It\'s all free, say cherry radish, it\'s free to grow into a car.
I haven\'t eaten a cheese egg roll in a long time. ๐Ÿ˜‡ใ€‚
Fried chicken well and cooked tomorrow.
I leaned on it, the crab froze to death, it was cold. ๐Ÿ˜‚ใ€‚
It\'s snowing and the dishes in the ground are frozen
I cook the intestinal powder, my recipe, do it myself, and eat well. ๐Ÿ˜†ใ€‚
Old duck soup tonight, just eat vegetables and don\'t eat. ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
Bean beef flakes, which I found tasted better than black pepper. ๐Ÿคคใ€‚
Do their own spicy hot, do their own at home, than outside delicious, outside is not clean, meat is not fresh.
I was in the classroom at noon, a cup of health tea, a plate of peanuts, a persimmon cake, to solve lunch. ๐Ÿ˜ใ€‚
Long fruit, hanging melon tree, grow on the tree.
It\'s quiet at night, stealing vegetables. ๐Ÿ˜…ใ€‚
Pine chicken soup, Hubei ke, steamed, soup golden yellow, chicken is very tight.
Prepare two meat packs, two sweet potato cakes, two corns, an egg, a glass of milk at 6:40 this morning! Finally there is a corn can not eat, do not drink milk can eat all.
Neymar is so delicious that it\'s delicious enough to burst into a rough mouth. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Mom sent the wild carp to burn radish, full of love. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Noodles drag shrimp delicious, shell, must be all into the belly. ๐Ÿ˜
I burned the meat gluten, feel the meat can be more stuffed.
End your workout early and have breakfast!
Yongxing icing sugar citrus, sweet fruit, mainly fresh.
The beef patties are delicious. ๐Ÿคค
The meat buns came out ๐Ÿ˜‹
The Art of Mushrooms 21
Late at night, beef pasta. ๐Ÿคค
Sauce beef out of the pot, this color shape, don\'t say no one can see it. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Today is Sunday, make your own meat bag, is to make the meat frozen a little annoying.
It\'s cold, roast the fire. ๐Ÿ˜…
Vegetables and fruits dry, comprehensive fruits and vegetables crisp, I bought in the casual food shop, but also quite delicious! ๐Ÿ˜
Bought some dried fish, said to be sling fish, do not know to lie to me.
Burn sugar taro today. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Whole wheat buns, 50 grams per hoe, weigh well.
It\'s cold, and the dishes are sold in cups
Let me die fat ๐Ÿ˜‚ A good woman is a tough woman, a tough person has a tough life, interesting soul more than two hundred pounds.
My uncle fished fish, wild, first stew soup, and then fish out of the microwave oven to turn around, do dry fish to eat.
Home-baked buckwheat corn biscuits
Next to this car god, posted so much, it can be seen that the owner is also a ghost-hating thing. Mainly this is not a fine, just a notice.
Pepper fried cow willow, usually rarely eat spicy. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Salted nutmeg soup was eaten as a meal
20 a jin, bought a total of 85 yuan cow shoulder meat, today\'s activity price, first put salt.
The harvest is full
More than 200 pieces are gone, would like to buy a box of pineapple honey, 30 yuan a jin, too expensive, do not eat, Hengyang this level of consumption, a year to the end can not save money. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
Climbing suddenly died, died in the morning, too confident in themselves, estimated that usually did not exercise much to climb too small car.
Eat the mushrooms well, blanch the mushrooms in water, then fry them, putting drops of oil in the water. Buy that kind of fresh mushrooms, then boil the water, add a drop of oil to blanch the water, blanch the mushrooms, and then cut them in cold water. I have to study and eat new dishes, and I\'m tired of the dishes I made. ๐Ÿ˜…
Tomorrow\'s breakfast, black whole wheat buns. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Osmanthus Lantern Festival Gorgon Syrup
Hot dumplings out of the pot ๐Ÿ˜‹
Boil pig\'s feet and peanuts, chewing it to the point of crying.
White shrimp with rice
The beef with sauce is super delicious.
It\'s too spicy to make a bowl of fried noodles. ๐Ÿ˜ข
The oxtail soup is out of the pot! ๐Ÿ˜‹
People with intensive phobias look uncomfortable.
I\'m going to buy abalones. The mother\'s is about thirty or forty-one, and the baby abalone is five yuan apiece. The hot pot tonight is full and delicious. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Todayโ€™s breakfast, beef and egg wonton wrappers.
Turkey Cake ๐Ÿ˜
My breakfast is rough. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Tofu marinated in raw oil, traditionally famous, make your own. ๐Ÿ˜Š
I want to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.
The corn is frozen and I haven\'t eaten it. The fruit corn doesn\'t feel very tasty, but it\'s a bit too old to taste bad. The fruit corn is not waxy.
Don\'t eat noodles at noon, come with a bowl of whitebait soup.
This old antique is full of nostalgia. ๐Ÿ˜Š
I forgot to take the key again and couldn\'t get in. I remembered that I had fallen out of the window with a key before, but I found it, and I could open the door even if it was like this. ๐Ÿ˜
This breakfast is exquisite like a work of art.
I bought bananas early today, 2 yuan a catty, good bananas, cheap. ๐Ÿ˜†
I burnt a sweet and sour pork ribs today, itโ€™s a bit firewood. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ
The stone ears at the bottom of the pressure box have not been willing to eat. I haven\'t gone out to quarry stone ears this year. They are not available when I have time, and sometimes the staff is uneven.
The noodle leaf cake stall is good, I haven\'t eaten it for a long time. ๐Ÿ˜Š
I woke up at four and made yam bean paste cake, pumpkin sesame cake, and purple sweet potato bean paste cake, which are time-consuming.
It\'s cold, so warm the noodles with the lid. ๐Ÿ˜Š
Yonghuiโ€™s beef is so cheap, beef shoulder is only 20 yuan a catty, it is frozen meat, not fresh.
As the old saying goes, \"Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer without a doctor\'s prescription.\" Radish has a strong qi function, contains a lot of water, is rich in nutrients, and clears away heat accumulation. Radish soup is the first choice for health care in winter. The radish can be boiled the same as the ribs, oxtail, and shrimp skin. You might as well put more green onions in the soup, which can remove the fishy smell and enhance the fragrance, and it can also improve the sun.
Eat fried rice cakes at noon, this rice cake tastes a bit heavy and delicious. ๐Ÿ˜‹
My son\'s spinach and egg lump soup, the noodles were moldy when I took it out, so I changed it to lump soup.
Steamed glutinous rice
Big meat, fattening, looks like leftovers. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Not scrambled eggs, tomato omelettes, there is no flour at home. ๐Ÿ˜ข
The old roasted fish cubes give me an appetite. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Have breakfast, five-color dumplings. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
\"The Spirit of Life\" 20
Starving to death, have breakfast, make spicy soup with fried dough sticks, and get some vinegar. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Get up 10 minutes early, have breakfast, and shrimp wontons.
I changed the big teeth to small ones, and I donโ€™t know if it would be better to prevent slippage. ๐Ÿ˜…
When my daughter was in school, my family had rice in the morning with meat and vegetables. For a change of taste, there are a few more pumpkin pie, and I will add Leba tomorrow.
The dripper in the middle is blocked, and there is a piece of aluminum inside the yellow one called a rupture disk. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Fish head soup, braised fish, steamed fish, all caught, all fish! ๐Ÿ˜‚
At 6:30 this morning, the fire burned the clouds, beautiful.
I wanted to make fancy sea bass. Just think about it and eat it alone. Claypot sea bass with tofu fungus. ๐Ÿ˜„
Chanel 62 and Lancome 505 are mixed together, and the color is pretty good. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Fainted, there is still more than half of the smashed, the original shape of kudzu root powder, kudzu. ๐Ÿ˜ข
The lipstick broke, completely broken, and simply melted the two into one. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
I caught it by myself, wild. I only have a soup for crucian, and there are too many bones. ๐Ÿ˜‹
Shepherd\'s purse wrapped wontons, to prepare shepherd\'s purse tofu soup.
Hot and sour chicken, so hungry, I\'m considering whether to get up. ๐Ÿ˜…
Braised mutton with yellow bridge sesame seeds, so angry. ๐Ÿ˜
It looks more red to the naked eye, like apple red, which looks pretty good.
The first time I used it, I broke it and bought a sample of the liquid foundation. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Lily yam soup is quite spiritual. ๐Ÿ˜Š
This sweet potato is so good that a piece of taro cannot be grown at home, and it has to be shipped to the door.
Eat beef soup in a blue and white porcelain bowl, a well-off life, a petty bourgeoisie life. ๐Ÿ˜˜
This bread is oil-free and sugar-free, with sesame seeds and chopped red dates. What I like will be fat. ๐Ÿ˜‚
Pleurotus ostreatus, wild edible fungus, also called tree flower, can be used to make soup.
There is still a pound of wild black fungus that has not been eaten, picked from the TV Tower.
Itโ€™s too fat to eat. Wrap it in rice cakes. To make Ningbo rice cakes, chop the meat and wrap them together. You can pick the thin ones.