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The Peace Bookstore, originally located next to the Qingming Bridge Garden Lane, is said to have been established by the then owner in the early 40s of the 20th century to call for peace. In the 60s of the 20th century, after the cancellation of the Qingming Bridge Passenger Ferry Terminal, in order to meet the needs of the local people. The original dock waiting room was transformed into a peace bookstore that can accommodate more than 200 people, which was once known as the "first pier in Jiangnan" in Wuxi, with many storytelling places and a prosperous flow of passengers. Today, only the historic Peace Bookstore remains on the map of China's famous historical and cultural streets and plays an active role in the community.
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[return >>>] Historical buildings in Wuxi: the ancient canal side of the South Long Street series, with certain or high historical and cultural value. Now many of them have been rented out by the relevant departments, changed their names and turned into various commercial facades. 😐
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