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Peace Bookstore
The building was built in the Republican period, with a brick structure, the main entrance is equipped with arches and columns, which is a typical modern combination of Chinese and Western architecture. The Peace Bookstore, formerly known as the Jixianshe Bookstore, which opened in Nanxia Tong in 1923, and the Rongfuyuan Bookstore, which opened in Bodu Port in 1932, were merged in 1938 and a new building was built near the shuttle ship waiting room in Dagongqiaowei, and was renamed Peace Bookstore. After the opening, many commentators came to perform here, and the bookstore became famous and enduring.
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[return >>>] Historical buildings in Wuxi: the ancient canal side of the South Long Street series, with certain or high historical and cultural value. Now many of them have been rented out by the relevant departments, changed their names and turned into various commercial facades. 😐
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