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(Show the small blackboard) 1. Warm up intellectually. Hua Hua was born in 20xx, the zodiac sign is monkey, the older brother is five years older than her, the older brother is born in the year, the zodiac is; The younger sister is two years younger than her, the younger sister is born young, and the zodiac sign is. 2. Intelligence breakthrough. Hua Hua is 12 years old, she belongs to a pig, and her mother is also a pig, please ask her mother to give birth to her. [ Note: Outward bound training breaks the boundaries between disciplines, fully integrates into students' learning and life, and reflects the practical and comprehensive nature of language.] ]
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[return >>>] Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Nanjing Gold Leaf Painting Zodiac Series. Author: Jiang Baoquan. Nanjing Jiangbaoquan donated.

Zodiac Animal Teaching Goals: Curated copywriting and story series.
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