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Abandon the official to find the mother
Zhu Shouchang was a native of Yangzhou during the Song Dynasty. At the age of seven, his biological mother Liu Shi was jealous of her mother and had to remarry someone else, and the mother and son could not communicate for fifty years. During the Shenzong period, Zhu Shouchang was an official in the dynasty, and he once stabbed blood to write the "Diamond Sutra", looking for his biological mother in all directions. After getting the clue, he abandoned the official and went to Shaanxi to find his biological mother, vowing that he would never return without seeing his mother. Finally reunited with his birth mother and two younger brothers in Shaanzhou. During the reign of Ming Hongzhi, the clansmen erected a monument for him on the side of the tomb, and during the Jiajing period, a filial piety temple was built.
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