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Snake, founding emperor of the Han Dynasty, Liu Bang, ancestor of Han Gaozu (256-195 BC).

Make them feel the richness and beauty of the language, and help children deepen their experience and understanding of the works through a variety of activities. "1. First of all, with a pre-class finger rhythm, I replaced the lyrics of "Two Tigers" with stones, scissors, and cloth, and turned into a variety of small animals. It not only enhances children's imagination and creativity, but also the rhythm of the song renders the atmosphere well, and also echoes the appearance of the zodiac.
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[return >>>] Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Twelve Emperors Zodiac Bottle Series.
Inscription: General Xu Yongqing (former political commissar of the Armed Police Force).
Author: Zhou Guozhen (Consultant of the Sculpture Professional Committee of the China Arts and Crafts Society, Director of the China Artists Association, Vice Chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Art Association, President of the Jiangxi Sculptors Association).

Zodiac children's activity ideas planning copywriting.
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