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Qingming Bridge Core Exhibition Park deeply excavates the historical and cultural resources such as canal culture, ethnic culture, religious culture and ethnic industrial and commercial culture in Qingming Bridge Historic District, combines the ancient canal, Nanchan Temple, Nanxiatang and Qingming Bridge "on both sides of the river" historical building complex, ancient ruins, celebrity residences and other cultural heritage, opens up a number of boutique tourism routes, and initially extends to the ancient canal around the city, realizing the full connection of Wuxi ancient canal.
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Qingmingqiao Historical and Cultural District is located on both sides of the ancient canal outside the south gate of Wuxi. From the Cross Tang Bridge in the north to the South Narcissus Temple in the south, the total length is 1,600 meters, the width is about 360 meters, and the heritage area covers an area of 18.78 hectares. The canal here was dug in the early spring and autumn and has a long history. The formation of the block began with the setting of Xishan Yi in the Song Dynasty, and since the Ming and Qing Dynasties, a special pattern has been laid with the canal as the axis, the Qingming Bridge as the center, the river street parallel, and the street vertically and horizontally.
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