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Ma, Qing Emperor Kangxi, Qing Shengzu (1654-1722).

2. Character performance. Teacher: Many children think that the little mouse's approach is not right, and they have come up with many ways to become the first place. Now invite the children to pretend to be mice, cats and cows to act out your own ideas. In the performance, you must have what you want to say, not just do the action! (Find 2-3 groups of toddlers to perform). 3. Learn the zodiac order. Division: In what order do the animals reach the finish line except the first place?
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[return >>>] Wuxi Huaxia Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Twelve Emperors Zodiac Bottle Series.
Inscription: General Xu Yongqing (former political commissar of the Armed Police Force).
Author: Zhou Guozhen (Consultant of the Sculpture Professional Committee of the China Arts and Crafts Society, Director of the China Artists Association, Vice Chairman of the Jiangxi Provincial Art Association, President of the Jiangxi Sculptors Association).

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