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Fan Zhong
Looking at these Wenqi, Fan Zhong didn't say anything, leaving his family on fire. After the debtors learned about this, they all felt very ashamed and went to Fan's house to pay off the debt. Fan Zhong's sons were exempted by their father's will, and the family did not accept them. He has a lot of "pond fish herds" in his family, and he will be willing to give free of charge to anyone who asks for fish and livestock.
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"Kindness and charity" has always been a highly regarded virtue in Chinese society, not only the state has long had a system of saving the famine and caring for the elderly and the young, but also charitable relief acts by individuals, clans, and religious groups have emerged one after another. Historically, civil forces have played an important role in disaster relief, especially after the middle of the Qing Dynasty, and even become the dominant force.
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