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Qing Dynasty: Portrait Album of Famous Sages of the Past Dynasties. Statue of Di Renjie
Di Renjie (630–700), courtesy name Huaiying, was a native of Taiyuan (present-day Taiyuan, Shanxi). In his early years, he was admitted to the Ming Scripture Department of Zhongzhong, and successively served as the judge of Bianzhou, the governor of Bianzhou, Fa Cao, Dali Cheng, and Yuzhou Assassin, and served as the official of Tongfengge Luotai Pingzhangshi (Prime Minister). When he was appointed as Dalicheng, he was just honest and honest, and he was poor in enforcing the law, and within a year he had judged a large backlog of cases, involving 17,000 people, but none of them were wrongfully sued. He was faithful to his duties and straightforward, and was deeply respected by Emperor Wu Zetian.
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