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Li Huiniang.
Yue opera repertoire, adapted from the legendary "Red Plum Pavilion" by Zhou Chaojun in the Ming Dynasty, the love story of Li Huiniang and Pei Yu has been performed by many plays and many troupes; Shaoxing Little Hundred Flowers Yue Troupe's "Li Huiniang" injects new vitality into this traditional famous drama. The play has a historical evolution.
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[return >>>] Wuxi Museum Collection: Clay Sculpture Yayun, Huishan Color Clay Figure, Yu Xianglian Sculpture, Wang Nanxian Painting Series.
Yu Xianglian (1940-September 10, 2023): Chinese arts and crafts master, Wuxi, born into a clay family, is the great-granddaughter of the famous artist Jiang Sanyuan, graduated from the Huishan clay painting training class, learned art with the famous old artist Jiang Zixian, specializing in hand-pinched opera.
Wang Nanxian (1941): Master of Chinese Arts and Crafts, a native of Wuxi, graduated from the Huishan Clay Sculpture Painting Training Class, and later studied painting with Chen Yuxiu.
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