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Entrance to Guangfu Scenic Area.
Located in the west of Suzhou City, the shore of Taihu Lake, known as "Lake and Mountain, Cave Heaven and Blessed Land", is a national scenic spot of Taihu Lake. The scenic lake and bay linger, and the peaks and mountains are listed, showing the essence of the landscape of Taihu Lake. Successive generations of literati and celebrities have left countless cultural relics and beautiful poems. Situ Temple, Tongguanyin Temple and other temples are embedded in the lake and mountains. The famous plum viewing resort "Xiangxuehai" is one of the four major plum viewing resorts in the country, which is just like the god-made "Qing, Wonder, Ancient and Strange", which is known as a must in China, and is praised as the "soul of the nation" tree by Wu Guanzhong;
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