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Fengyi Pavilion
Lü Bu took advantage of Dong Zhuo's dynasty to spy on the mink cicada, and invited the mink cicada to meet at the Fengyi Pavilion, and the mink cried to Lü Bu about the pain of being occupied by Dong Zhuo, and Lü Bu was very dissatisfied and resented Dong Zhuo. It happened that Dong Zhuo returned to the house, and seeing this situation, he snatched the halberd and threw it at Lü Bu, and Lü Bu fled. From then on, the two were suspicious of each other, Wang Yun said that Dong Zhuo should not occupy the mink cicada, Lü Bu and Wang Yun planned to get rid of Dong Zhuo together, and on the day Dong Zhuo was ready to usurp the throne, Lü suddenly defected and killed Dong Zhuo.
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