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Introduction to Gou Wuge
Located at the top of Dayang Mountain, you can enjoy the scenery of the high-tech zone around Dayang Mountain. By climbing high and overlooking, feel the scene of vigorous development and business in the high-tech zone, let visitors feel the mind and responsibility of "selfless and wide-minded", and inspire everyone to seize the day and forge ahead.
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[return >>>] Suzhou Shushan Dayang Mountain Gou Wuge Magic Road Loop. Sightseeing: Yunquan Temple, Desperate Valley, Emerald Lake, Qin Yu Snow, Sifei Cool, Quiet Bamboo Sea, Cuiguan Pear, Wooden Plank Road. The whole distance is 9 kilometers, and the climb is about 450 meters. Gou Wuge climbs high and looks far away, and Suzhou High-tech Zone has a panoramic view. 🤗
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