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Cosmic Front.
Traditional repertoire, during the second Qin dynasty, Zhao Gao and Kuang Hong were ministers and were sons and daughters. Zhao Gao's dictatorship, Kuang Hong was dissatisfied. Zhao Gao sent people to steal the "Cosmic Feng" sword hidden by the Kuang family, and later stabbed the second emperor with the sword to blame the disaster. The second king was enraged and beheaded Kuangmen. Kuang Hongzi Kuang fled, and his wife Zhao Yanrong returned to Zhao's house to live alone. Hu Hai, the second emperor of Qin, saw his beautiful appearance and wanted to be made a concubine. Yanrong hated her father for framing the Kuang family, and hated the second life for being unscrupulous, and flatly refused. With the help of the handmaid dumb slave, Zhao Yanrong pretends to be crazy to resist rape.
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