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Qingding Pearl.
Traditional plays, the work depicts Xiao En, a good man in Liangshan, who fished with his daughter Xiao Yuzhi (Xiao Guiying in Beijing Opera) after the failure of the uprising, and because he could not bear the oppression of the local tycoon Ding Zixie, he went to the official office to file a complaint, but was reprimanded. Xiao En was angry, so in the name of offering Qing Dingzhu to "make amends", he went to Ding Mansion with his daughter and killed Ding Zixie's family. After Shawn killed himself; Xiao Yuzhi lived in the rivers and lakes and met with her fiancé Hua Fengchun when selling martial arts (this festival is called "Double Selling Art", which was often staged in the Qing Dynasty).
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