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The Qu family was a family of officials and eunuchs who were always hot in the Ming Dynasty, inheriting the family style of honesty and integrity. This volume includes the portraits of the four generations of loyal sages of Qu Jingfu, Qu Rushuo, Qu Shiyun, and Qu Xianwen, with strict penmanship and vivid expression. At the frontispiece, there are Yang Yisun seal books "Portraits of the Four Generations of Loyal Sages of the Qu Clan in the Former Ming Dynasty" and "Haiyu Haoqi", Jin Junming's Xingshu "Fighting for the Sun and the Moon", and nearly 30 people including Guizhuang, Xu Zeng, Jin Junming, Weng Tongyong, Pang Zhonglu, Fei Nianci, and Ji Houming, expressing their admiration for the loyal deeds of the Qu clan.
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