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Guantao Pavilion Notes
Song Renneng, the ancestor of the Song family's migration to Xi, Hongdao Gongye, Zhejiang Jinhua, resigned from the government in old age, moved with his family to Zhoutan on the shore of Xiyi Lake, led his descendants to reclaim 100 acres of wasteland, became a prosperous land, and formed a concentrated village house Song Lane (including the Eastern Song, Middle Song, and Western Song Dynasties). In the construction of the Gonghuwan wetland, the hexagonal heavy eaves pavilion by the lake was inscribed "Guantao Pavilion" to commemorate and serve as a pleasant place for viewing and sightseeing.
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[return >>>] Wuxi Gonghuwan Wetland Park leisure walking trip. Stroll by the Taihu Lake, Guantao Pavilion to watch the water of Taihu Lake, listen to the rest of the Pavilion, Rainbow Bridge 360-degree panoramic view of Taihu Lake, birdwatching platform telescope to enjoy a variety of birds in the wetland. 🤗
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