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Smart pond patrol
The IoT Town is the first digital town demonstration project jointly built by China Mobile and Wuxi Municipal Government, and it is also a model of empowering a better life with warm technology. Based on the advantages of 5G core capabilities, China Mobile integrates advanced technologies such as edge computing and big data artificial intelligence, and uses OnePark as the bearer platform to realize global perception, intelligent reach, digital operation and intelligent decision-making for the daily management of the ancient town, demonstrating the high integration of humanities and Internet of Things technology in the ancient town.
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[return >>>] Wuxi Patrol Ancient Town leisure half-day tour. Sightseeing: Patrol Tang Ancient Well, Patrol Tang Bridge, No. 9 Tangnan Street, Taoli Garden, Idle Jingfang, Green Cloud Pavilion, Leshan Pavilion. 🤗
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