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Selected gardens in Suzhou in the Qing Dynasty:
Qing Dynasty (1644-1911)
Coupling Garden (Shiyuan): Located in Xiaoxinqiao Lane. During the Shunzhi period, Baoning was built by Lu Jin. During the Guangxu period of Tongzhi, Shen Bingcheng expanded. The middle is a residence, and the two sides are gardens, which is unique.
Huanxiu Villa (Summer Garden): Located on Jingde Road. During the Qianlong period, it was obtained by Jiang Ji, a member of the criminal department, the stone was the garden, the spring was dug up, and the confluence was the pool, and the title was "Flying Snow".
Banyuan (North): Located on Baita East Road. During the Qing Xianfeng period, Daotai & Anhui people Lu Jiemei built, took the meaning of contentment and did not seek perfection, named "half garden", commonly known as "north half garden".
Banyuan (South): Located in Cangmi Lane. During the Xianfeng & Tongzhi years, Liyang people Shi Jie built. The garden is only a corner of the ancient land, although the area is small, but the algae room is full of rafters, the mountains and rocks are accumulated, the pond water is sparkling, and it is beautiful and elegant.
Yiyuan: Located on Renmin Road. Tongzhi Gu Wenbin built a garden in the east of his family ancestral hall. Take the name of the garden of "longevity", learn from others' strengths, and have their own style.
Quyuan: Located in the Department of Equine Medicine. Benwu County Pan Shien old first, Tongzhi 12 years (AD 1873) Yu Yue purchased, the stone chiseled pool, mixed flowers and trees, with its shape and song, the name is called "Qu Yuan".
Yongcui Villa: Located on Tiger Hill Mountain. Guangxu ten years (AD 1884) Suzhou champion Hong Jun and others built. It is built according to the ups and downs of the mountain, and there are Hug Weng Xuan & Linglan Jingshe & Wenquan Pavilion Zhusheng.
Retreat Garden: Located in Tongli Town, Wujiang. In the eleventh year of Guangxu (1885 AD), Ren Lansheng built. Simple and unpretentious, light and elegant, it is known as "Agios Garden".
Remnant Garden: Located in the Loading Bridge Lane. Built in the late Qing Dynasty, it is part of a salt merchant's residence in Yangzhou, and the garden is on the east side of the residential flower hall.
There are more than 300 recorded gardens in Suzhou in the Qing Dynasty.
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