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Dog, Wang.

A rush of footsteps woke up the rabbit, and when he opened his eyes, it turned out to be a tiger running over like a gust of wind, this time the rabbit was anxious, hurried to catch up, but unfortunately a step slower, always fell behind the tiger. Because there was also an opportunistic little mouse squatting between the two horns of the cow, the rabbit only ranked fourth, and the top three were rats, cows, tigers, and rabbits Although they became the zodiac, they finally felt that their faces were dull and lost to their ironic old cow.
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[return >>>] Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection (National Intangible Cultural Heritage Project): Nanjing Gold Leaf Painting Zodiac Series. Author: Jiang Baoquan. Nanjing Jiangbaoquan donated.

Zodiac Animal Teaching Goals: Curated copywriting and story series.
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