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The original excerpt is as follows: "Yin, Muya, its fowl also; Shu, Tsuchiya, and its poultry dogs too. ...... Ugly birds and cattle, not poultry and sheep too. Mu Shengtu, so dogs and cattle and sheep are also served by tigers. Haishui also, its fowl also; Oh, fire also, its fowl serpent also; The son is also water, and its birds and rats are also. Noon is also fire, and its birds and horses are also. Water wins over fire, so it eats snakes; Fire is harmed by water, so horses eat rat poop and their stomachs are distended." Wang Chong also talked about the symbiosis of the zodiac, which became one of the sources of numerology for future generations. 2. Questions about the zodiac, questions about the zodiac have existed since ancient times.
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Zodiac Story Series.
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