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Nanxiatang Street No. 135 Tieshubang Old House
This group of buildings was built during the Republican period and is located on the bank of Tieshu Bridge. In the Ming Dynasty, Hua Linxiang built the Boguang Pavilion here to study. Hua Linxiang (1463-1562), also known as Shizhen (字時祯), was one of the three richest merchants in Wuxi in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, and in his spare time he liked to edit and print his collection of ancient books for his own amusement. Due to the age of the Wave Pavilion, the site was later built as a residence. The house has five bays and three entrances, 1-2 floors, and there is a garden between the second and third entrances, which reflects the layout characteristics of traditional courtyard-style houses and has certain historical and cultural value.
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[return >>>] Historical buildings in Wuxi: the ancient canal side of the South Long Street series, with certain or high historical and cultural value. Now many of them have been rented out by the relevant departments, changed their names and turned into various commercial facades. 😐
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