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Selection of antique gardens in Suzhou during the Republic of China
Republic of China (1912-1949)
Que Garden: Located in Shiquan Street.In 1923, the famous Chinese modern politician and scholar Li Gengen built, there are buildings such as the thatched cottage & Yixiang Hall on the lake, the lake stone flowers and trees in the park, elegant and beautiful, also known as "Qushi Jinglu".
Spring in the building: located in Dongshan Town.1925, Dongshan businessman Jin Xizhi & Jin Zhizhi brother built, the building is famous for carving, also known as "carved building", the garden is located in the north of the building, the layout is scattered.
South Park: Located in Shiquan Street.After the completion of 1929, Chiang Kai-shek's family Yao Yicheng and Jiang Weiguo lived here, the main building is a three-story building, and there are four halls & glazed tile pavilions & pools & rockeries & flowers and trees.
Pu Garden: Located in Gaochangqiao.In 1932, Shanghai businessman Wang Shi built, using the traditional layout, with the landscape as the main scene, equipped with glazed tiles antique four-sided hall & pavilion corridor and other buildings, the layout is sparse.
Tianxiang small building: located in Renmin Road.1933, Dongshan businessman Xi Qisun built, the building is a combination of Chinese and Western, the layout is mainly based on the earth mountain, including Taihu Lake stone, the shape of Xiao various animals, so it is called "the garden of beasts".
Fishing Village: Located in Shihu Scenic Area.1934, embroidery master Shen Shou's husband & calligrapher Yu Jue built, the original name Jue Nunnery, also known as Yu Zhuang, back village facing the lake, there are Fushoutang & fishing pavilion and other scenes.
Qiyuan: Located in Dongshan Town, in 1945, Dongshan businessman Xi Qisun was built, also known as "Xijia Garden".
Note: During the Republic of China, there are about 75 imitation gardens in Suzhou.
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