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Yunquan Temple, formerly known as Yunquan An, is under the Zhaoyin Bridge (Elephant Trunk Peak Immortal Bridge) on Dashi Mountain. In the Song Dynasty, Zhen Protector Zen Master traveled all over the world to Dashi Mountain, and saw that it was an ideal place to practice meditation, so he stayed again and built an an, the name of the temple "Yunquan", because there is a clear spring under the an, the spring falls on the rock cliff, and the water foam is like fog. Historically, Unsen-an has undergone disasters, been repaired many times, and was renamed Yunquan Temple in modern times, and the scene of "Yuji living in Yunquan, temple bell mountain Seli" reappeared in Daishi Mountain.
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[return >>>] Suzhou Shushan Dayang Mountain Gou Wuge Magic Road Loop. Sightseeing: Yunquan Temple, Desperate Valley, Emerald Lake, Qin Yu Snow, Sifei Cool, Quiet Bamboo Sea, Cuiguan Pear, Wooden Plank Road. The whole distance is 9 kilometers, and the climb is about 450 meters. Gou Wuge climbs high and looks far away, and Suzhou High-tech Zone has a panoramic view. 🤗
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