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Qin Yu Snow Accumulation
"Qin Yu Ji Xue" is one of the eight Yong of Hushu Guan in the Qing Dynasty, and is named after Yangshan Mountain nicknamed Qin Yuhang Mountain. The temperature at the top of the mountain is lower than that of the mountain, the first eye after the snow, the red cover, very enchanting, often the snow has melted, the top of the mountain is still snowy, to the beginning of the winter snow, the sunrise in the east, see the snow of the Yangshan Mountain, a special fun.
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[return >>>] Suzhou Shushan Dayang Mountain Gou Wuge Magic Road Loop. Sightseeing: Yunquan Temple, Desperate Valley, Emerald Lake, Qin Yu Snow, Sifei Cool, Quiet Bamboo Sea, Cuiguan Pear, Wooden Plank Road. The whole distance is 9 kilometers, and the climb is about 450 meters. Gou Wuge climbs high and looks far away, and Suzhou High-tech Zone has a panoramic view. 🤗
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