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Guan Gong reads Spring and Autumn
"Romance of the Three Kingdoms" does not directly write that Guan Yu is familiar with "Spring and Autumn", and the previous few times are all brushed off by reading a stroke to say Guan Yu's love: to mess with the etiquette of his princes and courtiers, so that Guan Gong and his second sister-in-law are in the same room. Guan Gong stood outdoors with candles, from night to night, without tire. After going to Xuchang, he allocated a mansion to live with Guan Gong. Xingyang Xingyang Taishou Wang Zhi ordered Hu Ban to burn Guan Gong to death, and Hu Ban sneaked to the front of the hall, saw Guan Gong's left hand and read a few books under the lamp.
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