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The body is divided into head, chest and abdomen. The cephalothorax is covered with a hard carapace called a cephalothorax. The ventral surface of the cephalothorax is a ventral carapace, which is divided into 5 segments and is surrounded by dense villi. The anterior edge of the back of the cephalothorax is the frontal part in the middle; Has 4 frontal teeth; There are 4 sharp teeth on the left and right dorsal margins. There is a pair of compound eyes with handles on both sides of the forehead. The abdomen of the river crab is flat, also known as the crab navel, divided into 7 segments, and the abdomen of the female crab is nearly round, commonly known as the ball umbilicus; The male has a triangular abdomen and is commonly known as the pointed umbilicus. The pectoral foot is an appendage of the chest that consists of 1 pair of strong and densely hairy chelae and another 4 pairs of flattened rounded footsteps.
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