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Lin Zexu
For more than 20 years, from 1835 to 1860, this warehouse effectively served as a disaster relief during the drought year. After the Opium War, Lin Zexu was exiled to Xinjiang. He once again donated money to build the Longkou Canal in Yili, a border region, to benefit the people of Xinjiang and complete the last charitable undertaking in his life for the country and the people.
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"Kindness and charity" has always been a highly regarded virtue in Chinese society, not only the state has long had a system of saving the famine and caring for the elderly and the young, but also charitable relief acts by individuals, clans, and religious groups have emerged one after another. Historically, civil forces have played an important role in disaster relief, especially after the middle of the Qing Dynasty, and even become the dominant force.
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