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I learned all the skills of the teacher, and finally passed five levels and cut six generals, became the champion, and won the second game. The third competition is to write articles, Niu has been trained in writing, the article is particularly literate, it writes a lyrical composition on the theme of protecting the environment; Through animal dialogue, calling on everyone to protect the earth and protect our dependent homes, this round of nature is the cow that won the first place. The fourth scene is to make a painting, the title is "Stepping on Flowers and Returning from Horseshoe Incense", which can stump everyone.
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[return >>>] Wuxi Chinese Zodiac Museum Collection: Shandong Gaomi Paper Cutting, Zodiac Series.
National intangible cultural heritage items. Author: Fan Zuoxin (inheritor of high-density paper-cutting, master of arts and crafts in Shandong Province).

Zodiac Story Series.
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