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The fourth hammer of the eight sledgehammers: Di Ray (Iron Hammer).
Originally called Huazi, he later joined the army under Fu Guang, the commander-in-chief of Kinmen Town, and his martial arts were appreciated, and he was named a vanguard officer and went to Niutou Mountain to rescue him. Yue Fei defeats Jin Wushu in Niutou Mountain and meets Di Lei. Di Lei mistook Yue Jiajun for a golden soldier and beat him with a hammer, but later recognized Yue Fei, fearing that he would be held accountable, and fled in a hurry. The Jin Wushu soldiers invaded Zhuxian Zhen and held Yue Jiajun. When Di Lei heard the news, he rushed to Zhuxian Town with Guan Ling and Fan Cheng to help in the battle, and the three of them worked together to defeat Jin Wushu and break the Golden Dragon Array.
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