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Qing Dynasty: Weng Xincun
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Commentary: Food and clothing are blessings; Shusun Shuko is self-cultivating. The Changshu Weng family started with cultivation and reading, and passed on the family with the fragrance of books. Caring for the people's livelihood of the world, dedication to duty: pure family style, attach importance to moral self-cultivation, diligence and thrift, contentment and happiness. Weng Xincun (1791-1862), character Erming, number Qiuan. Jiangsu Changshu people. In the second year of Qing Daoguang (1822), he was a jinshi, and successively served as a shangshu of the Ministry of Engineering, a shangshu of the Ministry of Officials, and a scholar of the University of Tirenkaku.
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