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Two into the palace.
It is one of the traditional Peking opera "Dragon and Phoenix Pavilion". There are also Sichuan opera of the same name, Hui opera, Han opera, Xiang opera, Yunnan opera, Hebei Bangzi, Jin opera, Qin cavity, Yu opera, Yue tune, qu opera, etc. It describes that after visiting the emperor's mausoleum, Xu Yanzhao (also known as: Xu Yanzhao) and Yang Bo (also known as: Yang Shilang) returned to the harem and played wholeheartedly. Empress Li knew that Xu and Yang were loyal and prestigious, enough to subdue the abbot. So he entrusted the young master to Xu and Yang to consolidate the household.
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[return >>>] Wuxi Museum Collection: Clay Sculpture Yayun, Huishan Color Clay Figure, Jiang Zixian, Chen Yuxiu Cooperation Series.
Jiang Zixian (1884-1957): A native of Huishan in Wuxi, he studied under his predecessors Jiang Sanyuan and Du Jinfu in his early years, and was also carefully guided by Ding Ajin.
Chen Yuxiu (1884-1970): A native of Huishan, Wuxi, he learned to make clay figures from his parents since he was a child, and specialized in clay figure painting techniques from the age of 15.
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