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Zhang Jian (July 1, 1853 ~ August 24, 1926) was born in Menle Town, Hai Chang, Jiangsu Province. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, he was a modern Chinese industrialist, politician and educator, who advocated "industry to save the country". An early pioneer in the field of cotton textile in China. He founded more than 20 enterprises and more than 370 schools in his lifetime, making valuable contributions to the rise of modern national industry and the development of education in China, and was known as a "champion industrialist". In addition to allocating a considerable part of his annual profits as a special charity fund, Zhang Jian is also busy selling words to raise funds.
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"Kindness and charity" has always been a highly regarded virtue in Chinese society, not only the state has long had a system of saving the famine and caring for the elderly and the young, but also charitable relief acts by individuals, clans, and religious groups have emerged one after another. Historically, civil forces have played an important role in disaster relief, especially after the middle of the Qing Dynasty, and even become the dominant force.
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